Flirting with the Holidays

It’s Saturday, December 5th, and I’ve jut received an email letting me know that the movie Flirting with Forty will air on Lifetime tomorrow on December 6th.   It told me that the movie was one of the top Lifetime films to air in 2008 and based on the book by Jane Porter.

I smiled then.

I still think its odd and funny and wonderful and surreal that one of my books became a fun film loved by many.   The movie premiered Dec 6th last year.  I remember the weekend so clearly.  I was going to attend a movie party at Kelli’s house but I came down sick and had to spend the day in bed.  I’m lucky so many of my friends and readers tuned in to watch it though.  I felt blessed by all the love and support.  I still do, as the party at Ooba’s and then the signing at B&N this last Wednesday was awesome.  So many friends and readers came.  There were new faces and familiar favorite faces and I loved it all–meeting new people and celebrating the season with all.  How lucky I am to have such great people in my life!

Little by little I feel the old me return.  In large part it’s been due to increasing my exercise program.   I’ve stepped up my workouts to 4-6 times a week, and they’re pretty hard core workoutss.   I needed it for my sanity–never mind the fact that I’m not dropping the weight like I’d hoped.  However, every time I work out my spirits lift.  I like the feeling I get when I’m finished.  More up, more energetic, more positive.  Need those positive emotions as the winter days are short here and it’s dark so early in the day.   Need those endorphins to help with the stress of every day life.

Fortunately I’m also finally getting on top of my Christmas shopping and have been wrapping and boxing gifts to mail out to my family this coming week.   Surfer Ty and I also took the boys to see Santa last week and get the requisite photo.  The big boys didn’t want to go, but in the end they gamely agreed to appear in a picture with their baby brother for Mac’s first Christmas.    The boys might not gush about having a baby in the house but I think they secretly love how much their baby brother adores them.  When Jake and Ty are around, Mac has eyes for no one else.

So how are your holiday preparations going?  Started that shopping?  Doing any holiday baking?  Bring me up to speed and you could win my Flirting with the Holidays prize–a signed copy of Flirting, the Flirting DVD movie starring Heather Locklear, a box of Chocolate Macadamia nuts, a $10 B&N gift card, and lots of fun JP goodies.   So share with me what you’re doing and how you’re feeling and you’re entered.  Contest runs through midnight Monday night, Dec 8th and Ill announce the winner Tuesday morning the 9th.   Good luck!

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