Flirting with the Holidays

It’s Saturday, December 5th, and I’ve jut received an email letting me know that the movie Flirting with Forty will air on Lifetime tomorrow on December 6th.   It told me that the movie was one of the top Lifetime films to air in 2008 and based on the book by Jane Porter.

I smiled then.

I still think its odd and funny and wonderful and surreal that one of my books became a fun film loved by many.   The movie premiered Dec 6th last year.  I remember the weekend so clearly.  I was going to attend a movie party at Kelli’s house but I came down sick and had to spend the day in bed.  I’m lucky so many of my friends and readers tuned in to watch it though.  I felt blessed by all the love and support.  I still do, as the party at Ooba’s and then the signing at B&N this last Wednesday was awesome.  So many friends and readers came.  There were new faces and familiar favorite faces and I loved it all–meeting new people and celebrating the season with all.  How lucky I am to have such great people in my life!

Little by little I feel the old me return.  In large part it’s been due to increasing my exercise program.   I’ve stepped up my workouts to 4-6 times a week, and they’re pretty hard core workoutss.   I needed it for my sanity–never mind the fact that I’m not dropping the weight like I’d hoped.  However, every time I work out my spirits lift.  I like the feeling I get when I’m finished.  More up, more energetic, more positive.  Need those positive emotions as the winter days are short here and it’s dark so early in the day.   Need those endorphins to help with the stress of every day life.

Fortunately I’m also finally getting on top of my Christmas shopping and have been wrapping and boxing gifts to mail out to my family this coming week.   Surfer Ty and I also took the boys to see Santa last week and get the requisite photo.  The big boys didn’t want to go, but in the end they gamely agreed to appear in a picture with their baby brother for Mac’s first Christmas.    The boys might not gush about having a baby in the house but I think they secretly love how much their baby brother adores them.  When Jake and Ty are around, Mac has eyes for no one else.

So how are your holiday preparations going?  Started that shopping?  Doing any holiday baking?  Bring me up to speed and you could win my Flirting with the Holidays prize–a signed copy of Flirting, the Flirting DVD movie starring Heather Locklear, a box of Chocolate Macadamia nuts, a $10 B&N gift card, and lots of fun JP goodies.   So share with me what you’re doing and how you’re feeling and you’re entered.  Contest runs through midnight Monday night, Dec 8th and Ill announce the winner Tuesday morning the 9th.   Good luck!


  1. Oh I’m so jazzed to see the movie again.

    I’m feeling sick – a cold. At a time that I can’t afford it with Christmas preparations underway. Ah well, just like every year it’ll all get done. The glass IS half full!

  2. Jane, I’m glad to hear that Wednesday was a success and that the you are feeling more like yourself. The holidays are always such a busy time for all that we often forget to take time for ourselves.

    Wishing you and your boys a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. I’m so glad that you’re doing the exercise, Jane! I, too, feel like its my natural anti-depressant as I work off the baby weight (and moving weight and overall stress weight).

    Right now I’m trying to work on a book that’s a different genre from me, and I’m trying not to freak myself out with how hard it is keeping all the layers straight and interesting and comprehensible!

    But at least the Christmas shopping is done, the presents have been sent to the relatives that live far and wide (that pretty much encompasses everyone), and the Christmas cards have been created, wrapped in a Christmas letter, and dropped off. Woohoo!

    So I’m feeling accomplished (thanks to the Christmas gifts/cards), frustrated but motivated (thanks to the book), a bit pressured (thanks to the dirty bathrooms I still have to get around to cleaning but don’t have the energy for), but overall destressed (thanks to the butt-kicking workout on the elliptical today).

    Happy Holidays, Jane!


  4. I am excited to watch FWF again tomorrow! I loved the book and the movie!
    I am so excited for Christmas this year. We just moved into a new home. Even though we still have tons of things to go through and unpack, my Christmas decorations were one of the first things up! My husband has been wonderful and got our Christmas lights on the house last night. I really need to get with it when it comes to my shopping and baking. My kids went to see Santa today and had a blast. I love this time of year and I love spending it with my family! There is so much to be thankful for!!
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Jane!!

  5. Hi, Jane.

    Loved Flirting With Forty–the book and the movie! 🙂

    I enjoy exercising, too, and while I don’t have baby weight (my daughter is in her 20’s), I do find that that ten pounds I gained a couple of years ago is very stubborn so I can relate.

    As far as Christmas, I’m 98% finished shopping, have wrapped over 40 gifts, and have decorated several rooms. I plan to decorate our large tree tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas,

  6. Jane,
    I spent yesterday and today cleaning and decorating for Christmas and entertaining my friends for dinner. Had a lot of wine and a lot of fun. The tree is not decorated yet but will be tomorrow. I don’t have a lot of shopping done and will be stressing out shortly about it. But I think the wine is helping that tonight! lol Can’t wait to find out what time it Flirting is airing here in Jersey so I can watch it tomorrow!!


  7. Hey Jane, Happy Holidays!! I have not decorated or shopped yet, but am feeling festive with a mini club Christmas party tomorrow. And I got to enjoy the VA snow today living vicariously through my sister who sent a pic to my cell phone. :0)

  8. Hi Jane!

    Exercise always makes me feel better too. Well, after at least. 🙂

    I’m getting over being sick, so I’m behind on shopping. I’ll get on it this week though. Right now I’m celebrating Alabama winning the SEC championship. I had a bit of a Flirting With Forty moment after the game by running outside in my shorts to yell “Roll Tide” lol.

    Hugs, Zara

  9. Soooo glad you posted, Jane. I’m going to tivo it again so I can see it another time.

    Also glad to hear you’re getting your groove back. Exercise is good for everything, so then why is it so hard to get to??!!

    Not entirely sure when things will get decorated in this house. Wish me luck!!

    Shannon in Tustin

  10. I am finally getting into the spirit. Last night my husband and I went to a holiday concert at the Westminster Chapel where a co-worker sings in the choir, and it was a joyful and awesome experience. Then today my niece Donna drove up from Salem, OR for a visit and we went to the tour of homes in Seattle ‘s Mt. Baker neighborhood which is 100 years old. It was a treat to get to see the inside of those old mansions in a sometimes overlooked area of Seattle. It was a gloriously sunny December day, and it ended after a family dinner with a trip to see Snowflake Lane, a visit with Santa with two of my niece Michele’s children and then to top it off, seeing and singing along with the Christmas ships at the local beach. Tomorrow we are sleeping in but will Donna and I are going to the afternoon performance of “White Christmas” at the 5th Avenue. I don’t have a daughter, but am blessed with some wonderful nieces and treasure our good times together. It will be a relief to go to work Monday to rest! I have lots of shopping still to do but enough time to get it done – memories of family and precious moments like seeing a 13 month old boy and his “big” 3 year old brother can’t be beat! I love the holidays!
    Jane, I am so sorry I missed your book signing on Wednesday, but I had to clean and decorate the house and with everyone coming for dinner Saturday, and the concert Friday evening, I had to buy groceries and get the house decorated and ready Wednesday and Thursday. Timing didn’t work out but thank you for posting how successful it was. Last year I was able to walk over to B&N on a bitingly cold December afternoon and buy Flirting with 40 for Donna’s 40th birthday and maybe tomorrow night we can watch the movie together as she is driving home Monday after I go back to work. Won’t that be cool! We love you, Jane, both big fans!

  11. Hi Jane, the chocolate mac nuts would really help give me a kick towards getting the tree decorated and the gifts wrapped and sent. My festive motivation is not quite there yet, but I am trying. I have everything organised, just those last minute things, wrapping the gifts, sending the cards – and the shops just seem to be bursting with people. Think I will make a wee list, and try to achieve one small thing a day – small steps towards a happy festive season.
    Happy Holidays 🙂

  12. I am so looking forward to watching the movie again today. Had a nice snow dump here yesterday in VA which would set the normal person in a holiday spirit, but it’s not moving me much. I’ll get there, but I got a few weeks left…o my. Always fun to hear about little Mac, such a little doll person. This is gonna be a grand Xmas for you and your group and I am so happy things are coming together for you in a very positive way.

  13. It is a perfect day to get in the spirit! The weather is cold and snowy. I may make some cookies today or maybe not. I am going to take it slow, listen to holiday music and smile. The joy of the holidays is spending time with family. I did just that yesterday. I talked, really talked, with my 16 year-old daughter yesterday. It brings tears to my eyes. She is my stepdaughter but this talked reaffirmed that we are closer than just the step role. This was the best gift I have ever received. I am so blessed….

  14. Hey, Jane! Great to hear from you again!

    Put up the tree and lots of decorations yesterday (although still need to hang ornaments on the tree today) … wrote Christmas poem/newsletter and have distributed several so far (but will finish printing/mailing them by tomorrow) … went Christmas shopping last night and managed to top up the presents quite well (as I buy throughout the year when stuff is on sale, or when I see something that is absolutely perfect, but hopefully both at the same time, LOL!) … exchanged presents with my BFF a week ago (to be opened Dec 25, of course!) … and hosted our family Christmas a couple of weeks ago at my mother-in-law’s apartment building. What’s left would be buying a few special gifts, wrapping everything not given so far, and having friends over for meals (including baking, of course!).

    As for how I’m feeling, I think the word is focused. I have had numerous health scares this year and am awaiting news on my latest (hopefully before Christmas). It has pushed me into being more focused than ever before: I blog less, I read less, I sleep more, and I’m sorting through years of stuff here at every opportunity. These are all things I should have been doing before anyway, but now I’m motivated to follow through more often.

    Good luck with your holiday season! May you and your family have the best Christmas ever!

  15. Hi, Jane – Congratulations on yet another success for Flirting with Forty. Definitely one of my favorite movies and stories – especially since it’s based on your own real-life love story with the gorgeous Ty. Started off the Christmas season last night with the 100th Anniversary of the Perkasie Tree Lighting in our daughters’ hometown. A light snow was falling as fireworks went off, followed by a Horse Drawn Carriage ride singing jingle bells with our group of 12 consisting of family and friends and then santa arrived to light the tree and toss candy canes for the children. Doesn’t get much more magical than that. Hope you and your family have a wonderful time this holiday celebrating Mac’s first Christmas. I will have a new grandson to cuddle in February and I can’t wait.

  16. I am way behind. I still haven’t gotten my pictures for my Christmas cards…so they may actually end up being New Year’s Cards!!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better and out of the “haze”!!

  17. It’s fun to read the comments!

    I found Flirting with Forty last week while I was doing searches on my DVR and set it to record – I haven’t seen it yet. I am looking forward to it and didn’t want to risk missing it. Flirting with Forty was my first JP book I read it this summer during the heat. I have read each one and have been passing them out to friends and neighbors – they are all now hooked. It’s funny how each of us can see diffent parts of ourselves in the characters. I am having a hard time waiting until next August!

    I grew up in a mansion in the Mount Baker neighborhood – I left abruptly as an early teen and have wished many times in the past 30+ years that I could go back and see the house as an adult. I wonder how I would feel about it then…

    Yesterday my 12 year old had a new school friend over for the first time. I baked gingerbread cookies while he was here so they could decorate them in case there was an uncomfortable ‘slow’ time. They were together for 7 hours – when the other boy’s parents came to pick him up, they were both disappointed. They could have been together for days and not run out of things to do or talk about. They never decorated the cookies – fortunately my 9 year old son likes to decorate.

    We have our tree up and decorated (since the day after Thanksgiving) as well as most of the outside lights, but still need to finish the rest of them as well as the mantle. The first thing the boys do when they get up in the morning is to turn on the lights – I love coming down the stairs to see the tree lit up!

    I have made our Christmas cards for many years – I have been told by many receivers that they frame them as works of art. It makes me feel bad (and guilty) that I will not be making the cards this year. I have enough to do with two growing boys than to stress myself about something that I could easily change. I will most likely continue the tradition next year after my break, needless to say, I am having a nice peaceful holiday season so far!

    Oh, and my 9 year old is wishing for snow. Ho ho ho!

  18. Can’t wait to watch FWF tonight! I’ve seen it 5 or 6 times already, but it’s become a Christmas tradition. Last night I watched White Christmas, another Christmas tradition. Loved seeing the pictures of Baby Mac…boy he’s got a head of hair – very handsome! Enjoy the holidays!

  19. Well I’ve got part of my shopping done. I’m going to try and finish Monday. I’m going to bake some cookies this week for my grandkids. I’m not sure what we are doing for Christmas this year as we usually go to my sisters and she just had a total knee replacement on the 2nd, so I don’t think she will be up to it. So we will probably have a small meal with just my kids and grandkids this year. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season.

  20. I’m trying really hard to get in the Christmas spirit. I’ve done a little shopping online, but need to tackle the mall.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

  21. almost done with all the holiday preps + shopping- yeah! been busy with birthday preps too. cant wait to see the movie again, its a fun film!

  22. Oh, goodness…Christmas shopping is done – minus one gift for my brother-in-law. I had a really good time shopping at 4 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving! I’m one of the crazy people who actually enjoy that – just so long as I get the bargains I got up so early for!!!

    As for baking, my 3 year-old, Ty, was just eating some crackers and the smell of them made me think of peanut butter Ritz crackers dipped in almond bark. Mmmmm…my favorite thing to eat at Christmas-time. I might head out to the store and pick up the stuff to make some for the neighbors – and maybe some for myself, although I really do not need to calories!

    I had a baby 3 1/2 months ago and have actually gained weight since losing weight initially! How this happens, I do not know! Frustrating! I even went to my doctor to have my thyroid checked! Got the results last week and guess what? The thyroid is fine!

    Anyway, I was so happy to catch Flirting with Forty today. I got to see the beginning of it last year and didn’t get to finish it. It was wonderful!

    Hope you have a great Christmas! I’m going to try to order the book now!!!

  23. Hi Jane,
    I have been shopping and think I’m doing pretty good on Christmas, although I have some stuff still to buy. We haven’t gotten our tree yet so I think that will be next week and then I have to drag the decorations out. It sounds like things are going really well for you and your family.

  24. I love the Flirting with Forty movie, it was so cute. Heather Locklear is such a cutie and she is one of those beautiful women that seems like she is still nice and sincere. I love that.
    My Christmas preparations are going okay… I have been working so much because this is our busiest season it hasn’t left much time, but I really better get going! I have 50% of my big gifts out of the way, but none of the little ones. Those seem to take the most time too. Those little “finishing touches!” 🙂
    Hope you have great week, Jane!

  25. I haven’t done any Christmas shopping and won’t be doing much this year. My husband is in the mortgage business and it’s been crazy (not in a good way) these last few months. We’ll make due and it’ll be fine – just a hiccup this year. We’ll buy for our son, but that’ll be it. Just the way it is. I am looking forward to baking though! I love baking Christmas cookies. I saw some great snowflake designed sugar cookies in a magazine and will attempt to make some that look similar. I am also going to make fudge and the traditional peanut butter with a peanut butter cup on top (it’s supposed to be a candy kiss, but we like the mini peanut butter cup).

  26. Darn! I guess it’s already aired today– missed it! That’ll teach me to check your blog more often!
    I have been in complete denial about Christmas this year– I have zero gifts. I did manage to decorate for my little boy’s sake but I’ve had a hard time getting into the spirit this year. Maybe making a big batch of gingersnaps will get me in the spirit. {{hugs}}

  27. Not done a lot for Christmas yet, there is no sign of snow this year, so it is tough to get in the mood. My girls are disappointed because they like to go in the woods and pick up the tree for the house, but it does not make much sense to do it when there is no snow.
    Hopefully it is coming soon, just in time for the holidays.
    We are busy anyway with different Christmas events. Today we took the girls to a Christmas party organized by my sister’s club and we are getting ready for my oldest daughter 5 Christmas concerts where she is going to sing a big solo part. We are very excited.
    Best wishes for the holiday season to you and yours.

  28. Hi Jane, sounds like you had a great weekend. Well my Xmas shopping will begin this coming weekend. I plan on traveling to the outlet malls in San Marcos, TX and do some damage. My sister lives there as well and plan on getting into some trouble with her as we usaully do. I will be fun. My baking will begin the weekend before the holiday and that is when I get busy. Turn my Bose on, put on my favorite Xmas cd’s (Elvis) and I do not look back untill I am done. I have been playing around with a new cupcake recipe and I cross my fingers they taste as good as they look in my head. Wish my luck…

    And in between shopping and baking, my 7 yr old is playing basketball, I am team mom and have to prepare for practice on Wed’s and games on Saturdays and Sundays. And she has a project due Tuesday which isn’t even started. 🙁 YIKES.

    I hope you and every one of your readers have a peaceful holiday season.

  29. Well, I had my three daughters and a boyfriend in tonight to decorate the tree… my son couldn’t make it as he has a biochemistry final tomorrow at McGill. We had fun, though, they are great girls and so different and so dear.

    I’ll decorate the rest of the house bit by bit this week. Baking will start this weekend… have to have buttertarts! I’m taking the whole week of Dec. 21 off, which will be nice.

    Shopping to complete, a few Christmas cards to mail out. It’s always such a rush…

    Good on you for stepping up your workouts… you’ll soon see the results you want. I have started again too, don’t want to gain too much over Christmas and I’ve been feeling like a slug.

    I don’t get Lifetime here, so I hope Flirting With Forty will air on a channel I do get…It was the first Jane Porter novel I read and it is a favourite.

  30. Christmas cards are done and in the mail, tree is up, house is decorated, and most presents are wrapped. Life is good!

    I do wish I was in Hawaii though, as opposed to northern Canada…I would prefer +20C to -20C.

    Hope your holidays are great!

  31. Hi Jane, I think I’m all caught up. Christmas cards have been sent out, outside decorations are up, inside decorations are up,(yes, the tree, too – I have an artificial one cause I really hate to chop one down and I’ve never been able to tend to the prepotted ones – I always manage to kill them), presents are all done, I just have to wrap the last few. I’m trying to get back to my daily exercise routine and I don’t have any more excuses. And you’re right, exercising makes me feel so much better; I feel rejuvenated even though I’m hot and sticky.

    Have fun with the Christmas preparations with your boys!

  32. Hi Jane-
    The decorations have begun to go up and that always makes me feel like it is Christmas time. This year shopping will be simple as the years progress so do the costs of the requested gifts. That makes it actually much more simple. They each get what ever their burning desire is and a few little things here and there. It really does take all the guess work out of it.

    Getting another chance to see the movie is wonderful. I have not seen it to date and can not wait to catch it.

    Happy holidays to you and your family.

  33. Hi Jane,

    For the first time I have completed all my task early for the season. I have finished all the shopping, wrapped all the pressies, put up the tree and decorated, baked all the candy and treats, sent packages that had to be posted and placed the partridge on the pear tree!! Just kidding about the partridge on the tree but it feels great to have it all out of the way. Now all I have to do is enjoy the merriment of the season.
    I was doing great with the workout and exercise, but I did take a break during Thanksgiving. Right after Thanksgiving, I got back into it, and so glad that I’m right on track. I also feel my spirits lift after a workout. I feel all those things that you feel, energetic, positive and more focused. Specially right now with the husband deployed, I need to keep my spirits up during this season. I don’t have my family nearby, it makes it even more difficult that they are on a different continent but I have few great friends that keep me company.
    I was so glad that Flirting With Forty was playing today, it’s one my favourite movies and novel. It really cheered me up. I always get that mushy, falling in love feeling after watching it.
    Good luck with the workouts, enjoy the Christmas and have a festive New Year!!
    Cheers to all!!

  34. This Christmas is going a little different for me. Having emotionally split from my husband I have been choosing to love putting deco and tree up myself. I always usually did but was so sad doing it. Now I am finding great pleasure from the activities with my children and other family members. Yeserday I baked cookies and cleaned house. I also lit a new scented candle in my crystal holder. With the lights off and the tree flickering in the back ground I stood back feeling calmer and more whole then I have in years. In the evening my sister and her children came over from a nice meal. We had the baked chicken , mashed potatoes, corn and stuffing. Can you say carbs? Oh and of course cookies for desert. After our dinner and light conversations in which our teenage boys choined in we all gathered in my huge van and drove through Winter Wonderland. It is a wonderful fundraiser for TARC. For a donation you and your family get to cruise through the Lake lights exhibit. It was beautiful! I hadn’t been in years.My favorite display was the Lighthouse and Dragon.The Dragon sits in the lake and the lighthouse on the shore. From the lighthouse elves are shooting arrows at the dragon. As the arrows fall in the lake, splashes of blue light simulate the water splashing,as the arrows of light miss the dragon. Amazing and for a good cause.
    I know what you mean about the workouts. Of course its been only the last 10 months that I have been regularly working out, I always feel greatly refreshed and energized like I could do anything when I finish each one. Sometimes I grumble all the way to my wieght room but I am humming and smiling as I leave. Anyway I am rambling on… Have a great Holiday filled week Jane!

  35. Well I finally am getting into the spirit of the season.
    I almost have all my shopping done. Just my oldest daughter to shop for now. My youngest is easy. she bookmarks everything in catalogs or the internet for me.
    I need to get out my Christmas cards this week.
    I also saw where Flirting with Forty was on TV again.
    My thoughtful husband let me know the show was coming on.
    I also spent the entire Saturday shopping with him. It was fun.
    I am glad to hear that you feel like the old you again.
    It takes a while to get it all together.
    Here is to a great week you guys.

  36. Glad to hrear that you are energized and inspired with your workout. That is the best therapy for all. We have been cooking and baking for the holidays. Have a wonderful week and enjoy this special time.

  37. I plan on going out this afternoon to do some shopping! I have been busy decorating for Christmas. I got my tree up then turned it over and everything fell back off and had to start over again. I was one mad lady. Also got my decorations out outside. Its been really busy here.

  38. Tomorrow is the big shopping day! Hubby and I did some scouting the other day and have planned out what to get for the kid. We’re hoping to get it done in one big swoop….!

  39. Jane,

    You always have the best contests! FWF is my favorite book of yours and I love watching the Movie (especially the yummy Robert Buckley!).

    As for our Holiday prepartions, we went and got our tree yesterday. It was fun, but cold!!! My girls helped me decorate our tree. Last night we attended our Town tree lighting. The girls got to see Santa light the tree! I love watching the holidays through “their eyes”. So very precious!!

    Happy Holidays to you and the boys!


  40. Mmm, guess I should answer those questions, huh? 😛

    It’s December 7 and we haven’t purchased the first gift. With six kids, I’m thinkin’ we’d better get on that. At this moment we are most focused on nailing down dates, a hard thing to do with a blended family.

    Oh and I will not be doing any baking. My family will appreciate that, as the oven and I do not get along well. I’ll cook and the husband will bake, we make a good team.

    Now…. that shopping….

  41. You,as always, are so generous!
    I took a different route this year with the tough economical times and ironically I think this will be the Best Christmas ever. Instead of spending a fortune on high priced items…I bought tons of books (my whole family are readers) and picture gifts such as calendars; puzzles; key chains and photo books…things they can enjoy for a long time with their families. Almost wish I had done this in years past…everything has a twist of my creativity and more personal! Merry Christmas!

  42. I LOVE flirting with Forty. I’ve seen it 3 times now, even though I’m too old to be a cougar. We aren’t doing much for Christmas, don’t need anything. Gave to feed people and warm them. Actually my husband and I are having fun decorating farm town and farm ville here on face book. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and all who read this. Hugs, Jean Maurie

  43. Hi Jane,
    I was so glad Flirting with Forty was on on Sat. My friend had just read the book (that you sent her signed) and so I called her to tell her it was on TV on Saturday because she loved the book also. I just passed off Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect to her and need to get Easy on the Eyes back from my mom so she can read that also. So you now have one more new fan. I myself watched the movie again. I think I’ve seen it about 5 times or more and have it saved on my Tivo. I love watching it and seeing places that I’ve been before. It’s a great movie. I wanted so much to get to your party last Wed. but unfortunatley something came up. I hope you will have something again soon.
    Happy holidays to you and all your boys and have a wonderful Christmas in Hawaii.

  44. I took your workshop at National (I think it was in San Fran) and laughed and laughed when you said you’ve sent your modem to school with your son so you wouldn’t waste time. Such an excellent idea.

    My muse has been AWOL lately. Mind you its BICHOK anyway because I don’t believe in muses but its been …bad lately. After seeing the TNT movie of Flirtiing, I went to B&N and bought Easy on the Eyes. It definite helped start the flame again! Thanks so much.

  45. Jane,
    Yesterday was my daughter’s seventh birthday party, Friday is my husband work party (here), and next week a friend and I are hosting yet another party here. I have not even started shopping. I did get the tree up and only a few ornaments on it. I think I need a personal assistant to help me get things done. In a nutshell, Jane, I am overwhelmed!!

  46. I still have a good bit of shopping to do, a little decorating, some baking, all my Christmas cards and all of my wrapping left. Gulp! I’m behind this year! I usually like to have most of this done by now!
    Beth C

  47. Loved your movie!

    Here in NJ, I’m finishing up my shopping and working on two WIPs. MADE myself workout this morning, although it was the absolute last thing I wanted to do. As usual, I felt better after.

    Have a great xmax. I’ll bet it’s beautiful in Hawaii. Can’t wait for your next book!

  48. Oh how I love Flirting with Forty. Both the book and the movie. And I think it’s just the coolest that it premiered on my birthday last year and they are playing it again on my birthday this year. It’s an awesome gift to me! hehehe
    Congrats on the new exercise regimen. I’m getting started AGAIN. My sister got a Wii so we are going to make it a habit to exercise together each morning with Wii Fit. Yeah!

  49. When I didn’t feel like putting up the Christmas tree this year, my husband reminded me that our 5 year old daughter would love it. Well wasn’t that a slap up-side-the-head! I realized I was feeling sorry for myself and here was the greatest joy right in front of me. It made me realize I need to put my focus back on others and get it off my sorry self! haha So, this morning I decorated that (to me ugly) tree and my daughter kept saying “Isn’t this fun?!” over and over again. It makes you realize how important people are (not presents!). I was bummed, because I really don’t have a whole lot of money to spend. When I posted on facebook that I was feeling down, I received a lot of responses from caring people. So, to all of you—who read Jane’s and our comments—have a blessed Christmas season and a bright New Year ahead! Merry Christmas Jane!!! (P.S. You look fantastic! Keep up the good work!)

  50. I have the fire going and I’m watching the snow fall on the mountain as I type. My dad is doing a ginornous christmas/holiday newsletter, so I’m letting myself off the hook for cards this year! Whoo-hoo. The tree is up and my children keep re-decorating it. The ornaments are very lopsided. I’m putting away my inner Adrian Monk and just letting them have thier tree.

    I’m so sorry I missed the movie the other day. Last year, I put everyone to bed, including the husband, and stayed up late to watch it. I remember to this day the feeling of happiness and optimism I came away with when it ended. It was the same after I read the book. Just felt happy.

    Thanks for what you do for us,

    Shannon-Nicole in Tucson

  51. I wanted to see that movie but missed it yesterday. Hopefully they will replay it again soon. As for Christmas i’m kind of a mixed bag. I have half my presents bought, I have my christmas card and picture ready to go but i have to get it put together and i have nothing wrapped yet. I have decorations in my front yard but nothing in my house. One way or another it will all get done question is when?? lol I’m in Michigan and it looks like we’re going to get our first big snow this week so then it’ll feel like winter for sure. Hope you have a great Christmas Jane and family!

  52. have all the christmas shoping done. i suffer from crohn’s disease so i try to get things done as soon as i can, in case i don’t feel well. i have quite a few dr.s that take care of me, so i stay quite busy with that and whatever life throws my way with raising two boys…(have two grown children. we always put the tree up the first saturday in dec., so that is done…and it looks beautiful. happy holidays to you!!!! thanks for writing such wonderful books…

  53. All that exercise and sweat sounds amazing… I miss it. I really miss spinning classes! It’s a great way to get your butt into gear. So hoping to re-join a gym soon.

    Cabin fever has set in here and the high today is around negative 3 degrees. ugh. It’s truly amazing how not exercising or being active drags me down. I can relate to that positive high you get after you have had a good work out.

    I’m looking forward to taking my kiddo to zoolights and to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at a local theatre here in Billings.

    Merry Christmas Jane!


  54. Jane, I envy you. I’ve done hardly any shopping and just started decorating. I feel lousy with a sore throat. Too cold for me to go outside. I’m trying to finish my inside decorations today. Haven’t sent any Christmas cards yet. I always do a lot of baking and prepare Christmas Eve dinner for my family. Grace

  55. Definitely getting into the spirit here. We had some rain/snow mix on Saturday and it was fun to take the kids to a craft fair and shopping for a tree in the snow! Got the tree up without too much hassle, although a trip to Target for more lights. Almost done shopping and ordered copies of pictures of the kids for my cards yesterday. All this has made me put exercising on the back burner, so I hope to get back on track soon!

    Glad to hear things are going so well there Jane!

  56. Hi Again!

    I made sure it was taping yesterday as I didn’t want to be disappointed later. I will make some time before the week is up to hunker down to enjoy your wonderful story and the ever-hunky Robert Buckley (the puppy as I’ve heard him to be–wink wink).

    I’ve saved with a check mark so it won’t be erased for yet ANOTHER episode of “Phineas & Ferb” or “Wizards of Waverly Place”. Seriously–if I had a dollar for every episode we have recorded (and re-recorded) it would probably cover the month of groceries!!

    Happy Monday, Jane. It’s pouring here today in Orange County but we sure need it!

    Hugs, Shannon in Tustin

  57. Jane!!!!

    What a weekend! Soooooo Cold! I’m spending my time wrapping gifts, packing stuff as I’m moving………… again! LOL. Baking? Oh sure! If you consider the Otis Spunkmeyers you buy ready made at Costco and pop in the over! Mmmmm. Yummy fresh cookies in just 10 minutes! 🙂 I missed your Ooba Tooba night (Probably spelled that totally wrong) I had my bestfriend lined up to go with me and last minute ended up having to work. Darn corporate USA! 🙁 Anyhow- I’m ESTATIC that 2009 is almost over. It’s been a year I can’t wait to be past! Here’s to 2010! And I hope you have a Happy Holiday! Enjoy Hawaii!

    Kit B in Everett WA

  58. I celebrate Hanukkah, which is coming up this Friday! I have my special oil candles for the menorah, bought gifts for my own kids, niece, nephews, cousin and sister-in-laws (the ones that are more like nieces). We’re planning to spend the beginning of the holiday with my in-laws in Baltimore. Then a good friend is visiting the following weekend and we’re going to make latkes for her and some other friends. 🙂
    I love the warmth of Hanukkah and the meaning behind why we light the menorah and eat latkes. In fact, I love the smell of latkes. It’s so comforting. It’s even more fun to share it with my kids. And this year, I’ll also be sharing some of our traditions with my son’s classmates at school.
    Congrats about your movie! I saw it a few months ago and really enjoyed it! Heather Locklear really brought Jackie to life. You should have movies made of your other books too.

  59. Happy Holidays! I always watch Flirting With Forty when I see it is on Lifetime. I can watch it over & over so I should own the movie! 🙂
    I have not even begun my Christmas shopping (except for myself) and I am just now starting my Xmas cards. On Friday I will be baking cookies & doing a cookie exchange with friends. Tree is up and decorated.
    Merry Christmas!

  60. I missed the movie last year. Hopefully it`ll come on again this year (I missed last night’s as well).

    Other than feeling a bit under the weather due to our changing weather, my holiday preparation is going great. Christmas shopping is almost complete, and I even tested my recipe for cookies (of course, I was the only one around to taste test them :)). I just have to gift wrap everything and I will be able to sit back and enjoy the season.

  61. Hi Jane,
    Congratulations on the Flirting news…tree is up and have decided not to do so many decorations this year – trying to simplify things. Have a great week!!

  62. I start the holidays baking my favorite cookies and doing the decoration for the Christmas tree. I am still doing the Christmas shopping for my kids and my family. Hope everybody is having a good time on their Christmas activities!!

  63. No decorating or wrapping just yet. Procrastinators unite…tomorrow. 🙂 Lack of funds has me making gifts this year. That’s okay…it’s all from the heart.
    Happy holidays to all!!!

  64. Hi Jane,
    I wish I could say that I have to holidays under control – but I don’t! I still need to do my shopping, wrapping & decorating. At least I have a shopping list made. It’s just the actual physical shopping I have to do.
    Happy Holidays!

  65. shopping for gifts is done; more baking to do; inviting friends over next week; dh’s staff party is in Jan.; some gift wrapping to do AND today I went to my Radiation Oncologist and he is happy with my treatments and I don’t need to see him until 4 months away.

  66. I LOVE the holidays. I have been getting ready by teaching my two year old all about the season. Already did my cookie baking and are freezing the sugar cookies to decorate later!

    Would love to win this special prize! I don’t have cable so I haven’t seen the movie!

  67. Darn – I missed the movie and I love that movie so much. I’m a little late this year getting prepared for Christmas. But it appears you are not and Jane – I don’t know how you do it all – you are amazing. Three boys, full time job plus, maintaining all that besides being under construction – you are one organized lady – notice I didn’ say crazy lady eyes – I love that line from Surfer Ty. I am so glad for you that you are feeling almost like yourself again. Happy Holidays from my family to yours!!!

  68. Hi everyone,

    I’m here to announce the winner and it’s #72 Robyn L. Robyn, please send me your address so I can get all the goodies out in the next mail.

    BUT I also have two more winners from blog prizes that have gone uncollected. So these are mystery prizes but I hope you’ll enjoy!

    And the two winners of the mystery prizes are:

    #1 Linda Stamps


    #17 Mo

    So Linda and Mo, will you also please send me your mail address and I’ll send you these mystery prizes are still great prizes.

  69. I just discovered your blog and am excited to read “Flirting with Forty” as I am nearing 40 and used to live in Hawaii.

    I am making it through the last of the December birthdays (my oldest turns 16 today!) and then will begin to focus on Christmas. Only one gift bought so far as we have 5 December birthdays to celebrate first!

  70. Hello! I’m getting my Christmas cookies done. I make several different varieties to keep at home, give to neighbors, and bring to work. The favorites seems to be a tie between cream cheese cutouts and sweet pie crust!

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