Surfer Baby

Mac loves the water.  He’s always loved his baths but now he’s discovered the ocean and thinks its pretty awesome.  He’d never been all the way in until yesterday–just dipped up to his chest before–but in Waikiki while Jake and Krysia surfed with Ty, Kathy, little Ty and Mac and I hung out on the beach.  Kathy read.  (I’m so jealous….haven’t read a book since I arrived in Hawaii!)  Ty played in the surf.  And Mac and I chilled.

And then we went swimming.

Mac wasn’t sure about the waves at first.  But after a bit he enjoyed Mom holding him,  jumping around with him and helping him float on his back.  A couple times he drank some sea water, but he’d just wrinkle his nose then ultimately smile.

Worried about so much sun exposure, we went back under our beach umbrella where I lathered him up with more sun screen and then we returned to the water again with a sun hat. 

Once more we played and he giggled and laughed, especially when his brother Ty swam over and dove in and under the water around us.  After awhile Mac stopped trying to yank off his sun hat.  But he hadn’t let go of it.  he was still holding tight to the brim.  I asked little Ty to look at Mac’s face and let me know what he was doing.

Ty bent down to look under the brim of Mac’s hat.  “His eyes are closed, Mom.”


Ty peeked again.  “They’re closed.”

“He’s asleep?”  I’m incredulous.  We’re neck deep in the ocean and waves are breaking all around us.


I start laughing and carry him out of the water and back to our chairs beneath the umbrella where he sleeps in my arms until his dad returns from surfing. 

I knew Mac was mellow and I knew he loved the water, but I had no idea just how mellow until now.

He’s definitely all Ty’s.  A true surf baby.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!  May 2010 be the best yet.

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