Back in Bellevue

My little water baby is back in Bellevue and wrapped in warm winter threads, but his blue eyes and happy chortle remind me of Hawaii and the beaches and his dad.

Last night was a big night for Mac in other ways.  For the first time he slept in his crib in his own room and then proceeded to sleep through the night!  I spent the night staring at the baby monitor worried he needed me.  At five I finally got up and decided to start the day.  Mac, meanwhile, continues to dream away.

Now its time for me to turn my attention to writing.  I’ve a deadline approaching end of January and am already feeling the heat as I’ve got a wonderful premise for my story but not enough words on the page.  So as I return to my work outs, my writing sessions, and my determination to lose the rest of the baby weight, I’m curious–what are you hoping to do this month?  Any resolutions made?  Any personal goals?  I’m so glad the new year has arrived.  2009 meant the birth of Mac, but it was also very hard in other ways and I’m ready for change!

Share with me your goals or resolutions and you’re entered to win a surprise winter package that will be fun to open and I promise its something you’ll enjoy.  Blog contest will run through Thursday, Jan 7th at midnight PST and I’ll announce the winner Friday morning.  Hope this time it’ll be your turn to win!


  1. for the life of me I cannot find any comments regarding winners names. I don’t know how I am missing the “comment” section, but, I can’t seem to find it??

  2. Aww, this picture is so cute!

    2009 was a hard year for me, so I’m pretty happy to close the door on it! I feel like I need to change my mindset in 2010 and see the positives more than the negatives!

    Jane you mentioned a book one time on your blog…”The 4 ?”, I can’t remember what the rest of the title was…but I wanted to read it, with my New Year’s goal of positivity in mind. I think it was a spiritual/inspirational book, so if this rings a bell would you mind please posting the title/author again?

    Other than that, I too would like to lose the rest of my baby weight (my baby is 4 now, haha), so I will try to get back into a regular routine of early morning exercise!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Kathy, at the end of her posts she posts again listing winners. After each blog post scroll down and you should find it.

    My resolutions are to be brave, embrace life, and big one for me: Don’t sweat the small stuff. I am a big worrier and that has to stop. 🙂

    Mac looks so healthy! Fresh air and Hawaii did him some good, eh?

  4. So glad Mac is sleeping well. That makes such a huge difference. Since I am 18 weeks pregnant, I’m trying to eat well and exercise frequently. I so don’t want to gain the 65 pounds I did the first time around! LOL! And of course, I am always trying to find ways to be better organized. It’s a constant battle for me. In a future post, I’d love to hear what your workout consists of!! Hugs

  5. My intentions for this year are to relax more, get more organized so that I can relax more, and step up my approach to my three-year-old twins pre-kindergarden education.
    I want to get in a real habit of writing, even if it’s just recording the goofy things my kids do everyday.
    I want to explore this new city I’ve moved to more and all the little towns and ghost towns that surround me now.
    Baby weight? Can I still claim this extra wobbly stuff as baby weight if my kids are 3 now? LOL. OK, I’d like to get rid of the ‘baby weight’ too.
    Happy and prosperous New Year everyone. I hope it’s filled with love and joy.
    Shannon-Nicole in Tucson

  6. Good Morning Jane! My goals for this month are to continue to work out every day and get in a little writing each day as well. I’m also keeping busy planning my spring vegetable garden and I’m anxious to get busy planting it but as it’s only 5 degrees here today, the seeds will stayed nestled in their packets for awhile yet. We have so many things planned this spring/summer and waiting to get started is so hard. Things like painting, remodeling the garage into bedrooms, replacing carpet in the living room…I want it done NOW! LOL

    Hugs to you and the boys!

  7. My goal for the month of January is to be moved into my new apartment. Fingers crossed the snow will stop one weekend so I can move furniture when I”m ready for it. But realistically I don’t see this happening with all the snow we’ve been getting already this year. My goals for the year are to start eating healthier and to start exercising at least three times a week, to finish my masters thesis and to get out more with my friends. I”ve missed my friends this last year as I expanded my business and was so busy with my renovations. I could go on and on and on with all the things I’d like to get done this year but I’ve got things to look forward to doing next year and throughout all the months this year.. I’ve at least got January planned.

  8. Eating better – good thing is that the husband is on board with that. Exercise more – haven’t done much of that. Write more (wrote last night). Read more.

    Why is it I feel like a broken record?

  9. Hi Jane,
    That’s a great picture. My goal for year is to try something new each week, it can be as easy as a new recipe. Happy 2010!

  10. I am getting back to my workouts that I let lapse for a few months when I returned to the workforce after 6yrs of being home. Now I go to the gym at 4:45am just so that I don’t have an excuse. It’s cold and dark but I push my butt out of my warm and cozy bed and of course, I feel better after my workout. So I know the early and long days are worth it.

    Also, I would like to be motivated in the candle business. I am just not lately. So I will be planning my trip to Montana for the spring so I can get my dose of the Montana team there!

    I also need a new car…Remember the van here in Jersey that broke on my way to see you? It’s still here and getting older and older and louder and louder.

    The pic of Mac is adorable…Just makes me want to squeeze those cheeks!! Glad you made it back to Bellevue safe and sound. Hope you are enjoying your new year!!

  11. I don’t really make resolutions or even goals. I tend to not follow through, then I’m disappointed in myself. Instead I will just say, I would love to eat healthier this year. Mac is adorable.

  12. Hi Jane,
    Mac is so darling!!! I don’t really do resolutions but am trying to start to get in shape again. The first few days to this year have been tough already and I’m hoping that’s not what the rest of the year is going to be. I’m thinking positive that it will get better. Can’t wait for your next book to come out.

  13. Hi Jane,
    It is always so startling when the kid sleeps through the night. Rhi usually joins us about midway through the night and when she doesn’t it completely throws my night off.

    My intentions are to start an exercise program. I recently found out I have PCOS and I’m hoping to treat it with diet and exercise instead of having to take medication for the rest of my life. I also would like to start taking little trips around our home area so Rhi can see more than just our little town. Hoping she stays a bit healthier this year which will help.

    Take care and good writing!

  14. Love the pic of Mac! And I have to say that I recieved more comments on your Christmas card of Mac & Ty than on any others! Adorable!

    I turned 45 on Christmas Eve and I am tired of feeling crappy. So we are going back to eating healthier and I am hoping to add in some exercise. We have a home gym (that is rarely used) and my friend is going to offer Zumba classes at his dance studio.

    Of course there is the quest for organization and getting back to my writing. I really want/need to have my rewrite done of my “book” before school gets out.

    I think thats enough to tackle for starters!


  15. so cute! You’re such a good mom! No surprise mac is happy and confident and feels secure enough to sleep on his own through the night! He knows you are watching closely! What a cutie!
    My goals- financial… get more financially secure. And also to simplify my life so I have more spare time for simple things.

  16. I don’t really make resolutions because they always get broken but I do plan to do a thorough house cleaning and get rid of all the stuff we no longer (if ever) use. Am also going to step up the search for a job even if only part time.

    Always love your Mac photos!

  17. Hi there! Happy New Year! My non-goals (I’m perverse; if I set a goal, I’m almost certain not to achieve it. So I’m trying to trick my subconscious by not actually using the word per se) for January are to finish the first draft of my novel. I’m pretty sure I can do it, I have the bones of it mapped out in my head already. After that, I can go back and write the middle section I skipped over, which was all of the relationship building between h/h ’cause I’m lousy at relationships. Then I can start the rewrite based on some excellent critique comments I’ve received recently. Basically, I have a plan (cue evil laughter). Scary.

    Mac looks rosy cheeked and so happy! Have a great week!

  18. Resolutions/goals for 2010.

    Clean, organize and beautify my walk-in closet

    Exercise every day, no excuses.

    Try to reach 100 followers on my blog–am more than half-way there.

    Happy 2010!

  19. I believe I will witness great things in 2010. My friend’s daughter was hurt in 4-wheeler accident and is in rehab now. They have said she wouldn’t walk again, but I believe she is going to prove them wrong. She will be a walking, talking miracle and I can’t wait to see it.
    I think this makes me realize what is truly important in life.
    Enjoy your new year, Jane. I know it is going to be a great one!!!

  20. I am hoping for a big year..I turn 37 on Saturday the 9th, start college on the 14th,and continue to plan for a future without my husband.Weve grown apart and we both know it we just are both not people of change. In 2010 I plan to get to know the woman in me and be a happier person.As for this month I am going out to find Easy on The Eyes today because it looks like I will be snowed in again in a couple of days…

  21. Oh baby Mac–how you totally OWN us with that face. The eyes, the cheeks, the chin…I don’t know how your mommy get anything done. If you were mine I’d just be staring at your cute face every second.

    For the new year I would like to be better organized at home on a daily basis. The barrage of mail, papers and homework that comes through our front door is astounding. I’d like to keep up with it and not let is take over as it often does.

    Exercise more is always on the list; be regular with it.

    Happy New Year Jane! Good luck with the writing.

    Shannon in Tustin

  22. Happy New Year, Jane!
    You sure do have special contests, and they are most appreciated.
    I don’t make resolutions, per se. When I want to do something, I think it through and then start. For example, I’ve learned that walks are best in the mornings to get me going for the day. I’ve learned that concentrating on something is better done mid afternoon to evening. But that’s just me.
    This month/year/decade will be more of the same: more exercising, more friends and family visiting, more attention to what foods go in my body and don’t, and most likely more blogging and reading (not necessarily in that order).
    2009 was a difficult year for me too, so I’m also glad that 2010 has arrived.

  23. It’s funny how we long for them to sleep through the night and when they finally do, we lay awake worrying that they’re okay. Hopefully the sleeping trend will continue…

    I have some weight to lose and since I work in the sports complex at a university I really have no excuse for not availing myself of the facilities… so recumbent bike here I come and I am going to learn to use the elliptical machine.

    I also resolve to finish some of the quilts I have started even though the lure of new fabric is strong… too many projects and not enough hours!

  24. He is so cute!

    I don’t really do resolutions, but this year I decided to find at least one joyful moment in each day. 2009 was a very hard year for us, but I do have a lot of blessings. So I decided I need to remember them each day, no matter how hard a day I have.

  25. I love resolutions because they’re just mini goals to me, and we should always have goals. I’m planning to continue my workout routine and focus on positive thinking. I’m also going to organize/print/file my digital photos!

  26. I resolve this year to be more ‘assertive’ when dealing with ‘not nice comments’ from people. Usually I would let it ride but now have decided I am going to let them know in a nice way that I am not happy with what they are saying/infering about/to me. My friend/neighbour has this habit of saying to me something about Germans which irritates me as I am of German decent. She says I would never want to be a German- look what Hitler did, etc. I finally said to her ‘my Dad was not Hitler’ so I don’t feel bad about the German bit.

  27. Happy New Year Jane! My new years resolution is to be more positive. I really am going to have to try hard with that this year with everything going on, but it can be done! There is also the one that pops up every year: exercise more! This year I am really sticking to it! 🙂

  28. I resolve to eat more fruits and vegetables and get regular exercise in hopes of losing weight. BTW, I just was to pinch Mac’s cheeks, he’s so cute!

  29. Mac is soooo cute!

    I need to start exercising more and get in better shape. Also need to loose weight really bad! My main goal is to exercise more, eat better I think this would help more then anything.

  30. My hope is that 2010 will be the year of the baby for our family. We’ve been married for 9 years now and are so ready to bring a new little one into our lives. So, we are now among the “trying-to-conceive” group.

    I conquered the exercising and eating part last year, so this would be the culmination of all of my efforts and I am so anxious to finally be a Mom that it’s driving me crazy!!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics of Baby Mac. He is so adorable!!! Can’t wait to read what you are writing 🙂

    Blessings to you,

  31. I love the picture of Baby Mac. I know how he feels about the water. I have never been to Hawaii, but we go to Floriday every year. I do not have any resolutions per se, but I need to lose 20 pounds, and I need to get my butt back to writing. I would like to have something finished by September! Now that my radiatin treatments are over, I am going to try and get back to me!
    Amy Fendley

  32. What a cutie pie! Mac’s cheeks remind me so much of my little guy, who is now 12. He has long lost those cheeks but I love to see babies with them!

    I am anxiously awaiting to read Shey’s story in 2010. OK, OK, not the only thing I am looking forward to but reading brings me peace in my chaotic world of full time job/mom/single mom/married mom life.

    My resolution for 2010? Be more patient with my kids. Yup, you guessed it, I blew it in 24 hours of the new year. Yet every day is a new day and I continue to practice being more patient.

    Keep the photos of Mac coming. I love seeing and reading about him. Happy New Year Jane! I look forward to reading your new books!

  33. Your baby is beautiful – and obviously very happy!

    I have all the usual resolutions…but this year I have another one that is really important to me. I’m going to take care of me and truly chill out. I will say “no” to anything that takes time away from my family and/or MY time (or I simply don’t want or have to do). No more guilt. I want to get good at yoga, meditate, and learn the art of patience. I want to be a loving, happy, peaceful & confident role model for my children… a safe haven for both them and my husband!

    I know last year (just from reading your blogs) was tough…pregnancy and time with newborns can be full of exhausting contradictions! I wish you the Happiest New Year possible!


  34. My daughter did the same thing, Jane, when she got to sleep for the first time in her own crib in her own room. If only we had known sooner, huh? :o)

    One of my goals is fix a hip problem so that I can go back to losing weight again!


  35. I plan on being happier with life this year.
    I just want to try and take everything one day at a time and not stress out so much. (I am going to try). I also plan on reading more. Last year I only got in a small number of books. This year I want to increase that amount.
    Glad to hear 2010 is starting out well for you and the little guy.

  36. My goals for this year are to have fun! I am learning that life is just too short. Those trips I have been wanting to take…Australia, Ixtapa…what am I waiting for? I figure I better do it while I’m still here since you never know what could happen. I also plan on reading more (which I plan on doing while on vacation right in front of a pool!) Wishing you the best in 2010 Jane!

  37. Too cute! His smile is very warming.

    2009, sold our house.
    2010, building starts in 2 wks!!! My goal is too not get rattled when my husband tells me “NO…Not that one, choose something else.” (That will be like eating glass.) I can’t help it if the expensive stuff calls my name when I walk by it or if it’s waving at me while waiting on the wall. How is that my fault?

    Feliz 2010 to all readers.

  38. Jane,

    Great picture of Mac, he is adorable.

    This year’s goals are to exercise, eat healthy and focus on my writing. I thought I would do things differently and I actually put together a road map with milestones and deadlines and rewards. This month’s goal is writing 15,000 words, no fast food Monday through Friday and walk the dog regularly.

    Here’s to an awesome 2010 !!

  39. New Years resolutions rarely work for me but my goal is to continue going to Pilates and Yogilates classes and to enjoy our new beach house we were so blessed to purchase in 2009!

    Healthy habits is a healthy way of life…..oh and to read as many Jane Porter books as I can get my hands on! Can’t wait for Shey’s book!

  40. Jane!

    That picture is sooooooo adorable! Mac is just a cutie! All your galavanting around Hawaii, Cali etc really makes me long for the warm sand and beaches! I’m at a point now, with the new year where I’m trying to decide what I want to do. To stay in Washington and continue my carrier with the company I’m with? Or to start my search for a new life somewhere……… less gray!?! I downloaded an app for my phone that actually takes live pictures and changes my backround every half hour from around the world, and whenever Australia’s Bondi Beach is up, or Tahiti I get sad! But realize………. its 2010! Time for changes! Time for new resolutions. So thats what I’m aiming to accomplish. whether I want to invest in a home and purchase here in Washington, or go where the grass is “greener”. Hope you have a happy new year!!!


  41. Right now, my girlfriend and I want to hop on a plane to Hawaii and find a hot surfer dude since we just finished reading Flirting with Forty. But I realized my odds would be better if I first lost the teenage weight (well you can’t call it baby weight when your kids are 16 and 13). I purchased my first gym membership and will be leaner when my husband (who will be the hot surfer dude) and I celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary this year.

  42. My goal is to eat healthier and as a result lose some weight. I also hope to remodel my living room and bedroom this year. Mac is such a cutie. 🙂

  43. I have all of the same resolutions as last year – lose weight, exercise more, yadda yadda. But I also want to focus on the inner me. I want to be more patient, less critical, open to more adventure, and willing to learn new things – like photoshop. I know it’s a weird thing, but I’ve been wanting to learn but haven’t made the time.

  44. Glad to hear that Mac slept through the night in his own bed in his own room – that’s three good things right there! We made the mistake, although I loved it, of having our son in bed with us, and it was a hard habit to break and took a long time!
    Goals for the new year – get started on getting my 15 credits to renew my teaching certificate. Financically I need to go back to full time work, so this is the first step.

  45. What a sweetheart. This year I would like to be more consistent with working out, and more willing to take chances.

  46. This year my focus will be on finding me. I kinda got lost in the whole mom thing… eating what the kids like, doing what the kids like, going where the kids like. Now that they’re teenagers, they like to stay up late even if they need to be up by 6:30 for school, eat junk food and go on Facebook. I must be getting old ’cause I’m tired by 10, junk food makes me feel gross and I rather read a book than do Facebook. But my 3 angels do keep me young and I’ll miss ’em somethin’ awful when they’re all out of the house.

  47. I think it is going to be a challenging year, so my goal is to stay positive and try to find the silver lining even when it seems impossible…

  48. Happy New Year! I really want to kiss those cheeks of Mac’s! Scrumptious is what they are.

    My biggest goal is to continue, one class at a time, working towards my Library Technician certificate. I am far enough ahead that I can now substitute for an elementary school library.

    I am so looking forward to becoming a librarian! Books, books, and more books! Kids and books – does it get any better than that?!

  49. It’s been said that the journey to success begins with a single step. You’ve already taken that step by deciding you’re ready to lose weight. I’m hoping to spend the next 359 days focusing on how i feel and what’s important to me rather than obsessing about the pounds i need to lose. I sincerely hope that 2010 brings you all the changes you desire.

    Life: It is about the gift not the package it comes in. ~Dennis P. Costea, Jr.

  50. My goal for 2010 is to get healthy – mind, body and soul. And to hope for greater things to come!

    Happy new year to you and your family, Jane! Thanks for keeping us in your world.

  51. My goal for the New Year is to dig out from all the clutter I allowed to accumulate in our home this past year – a daunting task, but it will give me peace of mind!

    Mac sure is getting big & oh, what a cutie!

  52. My biggest goal this year is to open my own business, something I’ve been in the process of hoping/trying to do for a bit now. I want to have no regrets about the decisions I make in my life!

  53. Hi Jane ~ Happy New Year!

    Mac looks great in that picture, what a happy baby!

    I am determined to lose the 10 pounds I have gained. Each year it seems to be more and more that I have to lose. With working part-time this year my days are full and I have to make myself schedule workout time.

    I also hope this is a financially sound year for us. 2008 and 2009 were full of job ups and downs and I am ready for a quiet year with both of us employed all year!

    And of course I also look forward to reading some great books in 2010!!

  54. My resolution is to not get caught up in the little irritants that can spoil a day so fast- so I can focus on all the happiness and love that is in my life.

  55. i resolve to hold my tongue more often =D, kidding… actually it’s close enough. i am endeavoring to have a better attitude about everything, sort of like a ‘don’t sweat it’ view. seems to be working. i take things in stride and do what i can; i feel lighter and am smiling more. happy new year, Jane. Mac is just tooo cute for words!

  56. That’s an adorable picture of Mac, thanks for sharing.

    For the last few years I’ve had the goals of getting some work done on my house and then hosting parties. Well, I got the work done last year so now I need to have the parties. 🙂

    Happy new year.

  57. Hey Jane! Happy New Year! :0) Glad you made it back safe to Bellevue.

    I will be back at sea tomorrow after 7 years away, riding the USS Missouri back to her pier (they did refurbishing on her). I am so excited!! So one goal down.

    2010’s other goals are to: concentrate on good health, de-stress, continue with my degree studies, get my car On. The. Road (it’s so elusive). :0) Maybe meet somebody nice (Tucker was nice on the eyes, lol). Oh, and also get to where I am pain free (my neck and back have been kinked up since the holidays, pinching nerves) so I am able to exercise again consistently. Their not such lofty goals, I just need to (lol) stay the course. Be dauntless ~

  58. Hi Jane,

    I am so happy for all of those firsts!!! That is awesome. I am working hard to get my career off the ground. Spending a lot of hours networking and trying to get my name out there! 🙂

    Don’t worry about that deadline. You’ll make it! Happy writing friend.



  59. Good morning everyone! I’m back and I’ve drawn two winners:

    #15 Eileen


    #62 Laura

    Eileen and Laura, send me your addresses as soon as you can and I’ll put your goodies in the mail. Also, please send me the title of one of my books that you’d like me to autograph for you and that will go in your special mystery box, too! Congrats and I hope you both enjoy.


  60. Hi Jane-
    I know you have been busy and just settling in, but did you realize that it is only Thursday the 7th today?

    I have been off a whole day this week also as I had Monday off of work and it really changes my routine.

    My resolutions are to be more organized and dedicate time to myself.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  61. Oh, darn, it seems I am too late! I see you have picked winners already! Anyway, my New Year’s Resolution is to be more understanding of both my daughters – especially the “tween” daughter with the mood swings! Also, losing 30 lbs would be great! I am on a calorie-counting and exercising plan that I really intend to stick to.

  62. Great where I see the blog contest running through midnight, Thursday, Jan. 7th…just in time. Am doing the weight lose program again this year…again and again. I see where you have done wonders and wish you continued success. Good luck with the book to. Mac is a happy camper wherever he goes…great parents do it…Ruth

  63. I want to be more organized this year, and write down the names/authors of books I read. As always, I want to keep in shape and hike every weekend and enjoy the outdoors and my family.

  64. I am going to eat more chocolate, drink more tea and sleep until I wake up more often. This is the year I will embrace not what to give up but what to enjoy.

  65. Hi all, well, I’m obviously juggling way too many balls and am functioning in hyper speed as I posted winners Thursday morning thinking it was already Friday. (No wonder my kids couldn’t understand why I was freaking out about the trash going out yesterday morning…it wasn’t time yet!!!).

    I am still going to honor the two winners I previously picked:
    #15 Eileen


    #62 Laura
    AND to make up for me being such a dolt, all 5 people who posted AFTER my comments will also get a fun goodie box. So comment #66, 67, 68, 69, and 70, along with Eileen and Laura, please send me your addresses as soon as you can and I’ll put your goodies in the mail.

    That’s 7 winners, and 7 boxes of goodies but you only have one week to send me your addresses or you miss the chance to get a prize.

    Also, you 7 winners, please send me the title of one of my books that you’d like me to autograph for you and that will go in your special mystery box, too!

    Congrats everyone and I hope you all enjoy and sorry for my flub. I’m crazy at the moment!!


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