Surfer Ty

Surfer Ty’s back in Hawaii where he’ll be until the end of the month as he’s trying to get his new shop open.  It’s a busy time for him, but also exciting.

I was asked just on Tuesday how I handle weeks without seeing Ty, and the truth is, I’d rather be without him, then have him without his passion.  He loves the water.  He’s happiest surfing and teaching surfing.   When I met him he was a surf instructor.  He inspired a book.  He inspired me.  Why would I ever want him to be anything other than himself?  And happy?

With that said–I’m crazy, wildly in love with him and absolutely adore our baby that is beginning to show the Gurney dare-devil side.  Baby Mac loves to be flipped and dropped and does his best to throw himself off of things because the free fall part makes him laugh.  Laugh.

Which I think is insane.

But hey, he’s his daddy’s boy and I’m a mom of sons and I can do this.  I know I can.

And so while I try to keep it together here, Ty’s teaching and welcoming guests to his new Surf & Stay program and getting his awesome beach shop ready to open.   The shop is right across the street from the Halekulani Hotel and adjacent to the beach.  A perfect location that will really allow his business to grow.

To see more of Ty’s world, visit his brand new, beautiful website, and you’ll see just why I think this guy is so wonderful.  And if you get to visit his site, tell me in the comments below what you like best about it and you’re entered to win a $15 Hawaii Starbucks gift card, a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card, chocolate macadamia nuts, and a signed book of your choice from my backlist.   The Surfer Ty contest runs through Saturday night midnight PST and I’ll announce the winners Sunday morning.  So if you can, check it out, and let me know what you think!


  1. Jane,
    Ty’s site is great. I’ve looked at it in the past. It’s got a lot of great information and we checked the site out before we went to HI last October. How cool that he’s opening a shop. It’s right where we hang out and a great location. So happy for him. Sad that he has to be away but I agree with you on you don’t want to take away his passion AND you get the best of both worlds and can live in HI and Seattle. Have a great day.

  2. Jane, I love the surfing pictures. It’s great that Ty used to be a paramedic, I’m sure that comes in handy at times. I really liked the picture of the instructor with the two 5 year old girls surfing. They looked like they were having a great time. And Mabel on a surfboard, how cool is that. She looks to be enjoying herself too. I can see why you went for your surfer man, he is a very attractive man. It’s wonderful that you can both get to do what you enjoy. Everyone should have that in life. And though he might be gone for a few weeks, I’m sure the homecoming is that much sweeter. You have a beautiful family. Enjoy them.

  3. I could say I love the professional-ness (Can I use that as a word?) of the website, but I really like the pics of the surfer guys!

  4. Hey Jane-

    Great to see your post and check out Ty’s surf shop! I’d have to say my favorite part is the video playing in the center of the home screen. My son Joey and I watched it all the way through. Of course, he’s thinking I should take him there and get him a surf lesson. Sure thing, Joey!!

    Joey likes Gracie the surfing dog and I like Surfer Joey! My Joey is quite the no-fear dare devil; he’s a barrel of fun!

    Have a great weekend Jane!
    Shannon in Tustin

  5. I visited the site and I love the videos. It makes me want to go there even more then I already did. The rates look great and the deals with the rooms are very inviting.The videos make it look like you are flying and having a blast!

  6. i love the variety that he offers with the surf and stay and surf safari. if we ever go back this will definitely be something we will look into doing! great website!

  7. Surf & Stay! Surf & Stay! When huby is not working seven days a week and we get to take a family vacation – that’s where I want to go! What an amazing addition to the site and what a great opportunity and deal for a whole week that includes surfing and beautiful views.

    My favorite photo is the first one that pops up with the two people lying down in their boards with their hands over their eyes. That photo says, “You can trust me”. Love it and congratulations, Ty! May your business be blessed beyond measur.

  8. I love the website! I think the footage of Ty surfing is awesome and I also like the fact he “guarantees” you will surf your 1st lesson. That would be something that would win me over…since I’ve never surfed and can’t imagine I could be able to! 🙂

  9. Wow…what a great website. I loved the video and music and to be more specific, the part when he surfs with his dog. So cool.

    I also agree with you on when you truly love someone, why would you want to change them? If you love them for who they are, there is not reason to try to change anything about them. I’ve never understood that.

    Best of luck to Ty and his surf shop! The website made me want to jump on a plane and go there…and I don’t even love the

  10. Mmmm, love the pics! 😉 The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate! Can’t wait until they get some stuff up in the shop section to see what goodies are out there to buy! 🙂 (Can you tell I’m a shopaholic?)
    I have never been to Hawaii but I plan on going someday and can’t wait! 🙂

  11. I checked it out a while back and his myspace page, too. Hey, I had to see who this guy that Jane raved about, didn’t I? The wave whisperer? Hmmm..

    He makes me want to fly right out there and learn to surf!

  12. What a fun site! It almost makes me want to take up surfing…but I’m terrified of any water that’s not in a pool. I know, crazy, but the fear of what I can’t see is too much for me to overcome.

    Anyway, I love the video on the home page, very cool.

    Way to go TY! Congrats on your new shop.

  13. What an Awesome site. It’s fun and easy to use. I love the video that’s playing you can tell they are having fun and love what they do. I think that’s important when shopping around for something like this. The pictures are great too. I just wanna squeeze Mabel how stinkin cute is she!

    Congrats TY! looks like things are coming together nicely.

  14. I love the pictures–they are so personable, especially the ones on the blog. And make sure he updates the blog; it’s a great value-add to the site!

    I just don’t quite know who Ty’s Beach Girl is… Jane? The pup? :o)


  15. I love the website (especially Ty’s famous surfing bulldog’s pic!) and I just learned how to stand-up paddleboard on my birthday (Jan 7th) so I’m really excited to check it out in person! Me and my friend Chase (who is a huge fan of “Flirting”)are going to add this to our “Flirting” walking tour (with just us of course!). The best part? I live in Waikiki so I just take a walk down there when I get a nice day off! Take care Jane!

  16. Congrats on the new store!! The site is great. Really makes me want to sign up for lessons. Loved the blog and pics. I can’t wait to see the items for sale in the store.
    What a wonderful way to make a living!!!
    Best of luck to you both.

  17. Congratulations Ty, on your new shop.
    The web site is really great.
    Love the action video Of Ty surfing on the home page.
    Also, the picture of Mabel on the surf board was really cute in Ty’s Beach girl Blog. I wonder who the beach girl is , Jane?

  18. I loved watching the surfing video. I think that is the closed I have come to watching someone surfing as well as Gracie the dog on the surf board. Awsome! I could hardly believe the dog stayed on the board. And the guys Ty, James etc just sailed away on the surf boards. I tried it once years ago, I wish I could try again. Maybe sometime if I make it back to Hawaii, because the water is warmer than Northern CA.

  19. Hi Jane,

    I love he whole site. It’s amazing. I watched the video and the talent these guys have is incredible. But i do have to say my favorite part is when the Gracie is on the surf board with her tongue flapping in the Hawaiian breeze! Awesome. I am so happy for him on the opening of his new shop. I wish him great success. And you are a brave woman. It would be so hard to have an ocean separating the man I loved from me.

    Talk care. As always I loved your blog.


    Micole Black

  20. what I liked best would be the surfing video; I loved the part with Gracie the dog.

    His site is done in colors that are pleasing to the eye. The print is a size easily read. The info includes most if not all of what one would need to know before signing up.
    I also love the 2 beach front Surf and Stay dwellings. Would love some time in one of them, especially the Bali.
    Jane, you are so fortunate to have met Ty and he is fortunate to have you in his life. Your philosophy on being separated at times is so wonderful; he is blessed to have you in his life.

  21. I loved the website. Congrats to Ty! I think my favorite part were the videos. Makes me feel like I am right there…ok, well, it makes me wish I were right there! 🙂 I know next time I go to Hawaii I will have to look up Ty and get a lesson with the pro!

  22. Wow, it was so much fun to watch the surfing video! It’s great that you and Ty are so supportive of each other so that you can each do what you love.

  23. Hi Jane,
    I am heading to HI next month. staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village while my husband is giving a presentation. Since I’ll have a few hours alone, I am thinking I’ll be doing a little surfing. Is Ty’s school within walking distance from the hotel? I had planned to hang out at the hotel but after seeing the website, I have definitely changed my mind. I guess that’s the best compliment on the site, new clients and generating excitement! It worked!!!

    OK, now I really do need to start working out again. Crud. 🙂
    Have a good weekend.

  24. What a fun site! How I would love to be there enjoying the sun and surf. Ty makes it look so easy.

    So, when so we get to see Jane surfing?

  25. What a great site. I can see that surfing is Ty’s passion other than you of course.
    Congrats and best wishes for living the dream.

  26. Hey Jane! I love Ty’s new website! I paid a visit to his website a while back, but I really like the new graphics and how he’s got the videos set center in the top header. Plus it’s got a nice beach esthetic to it now (with the colors and graphics) – really cool!

    Okay, this is going to be like etch-a-sketch. I was all over the place on the website ‘surfing’ the cool stuff, so bear with the very random thoughts, lol! :0)

    – I haven’t made it yet from “horizontal to standing” in any one swoop with the ‘pop-up,’ but maybe when my sister comes out for a visit we can grab some lessons from TGSS and take care of that.
    – Hah, I love that he was referred to as the “wave whisperer.” That’s awesome! Was that you (TBG)??
    – Oh, and what makes an instructor a blue card?
    – The videos done through 83 East and WVP are top notch; I especially enjoyed recapping (through the link) the recent “Eddie Aikau 30 ft Wiamea Bay Drop” video, awesome! They showed quite a few of those surfers on the news that day eating that white wash.
    – I don’t see how Joey turns his board around like he does while riding the waves, too cool. The shot of the cameraman (James) and Joey switching roles was neat too.
    – And I don’t want to forget Mabel … very adventuresome dog; and very cute!! The video of the dolphins swimming below Mabel rocked!

    Two thumbs up on the website!! And congrats on the store TY!

    m/ O m/

  27. Really great website! Very easy to navigate, great info, pics, visually pleasing! Good job.
    and I really like the Bali room! ohhhhhhhhh! :-)Congratulations on your new shop, Ty! and Jane you are so supportive and so inspiring! Congratulations to you too! 🙂

  28. The video is wonderful and makes me feel right there. The inspiration of writing your book is truly a wonderful love story (saw the movie twice)…living it must be the ultimate. Nice to have the boys to yourself and that life, then wonderful to have them all together. Enjoyed your blog, as usual and hearing about the family…Ruth

  29. It makes me want to get on a plane and go to HI right now!! The pictures are great, especially the ones with the kids and the dog.

  30. Jane,

    I LOVE the site!!! It is so colorful. Love the pics and the video of Ty! Great site…he did an amazing job! Makes me want to learn to surf when I visit Hawaii (my dream vacation!)!

    Congrats to both of you!

  31. Jane, I like the fact that he can teach me to surf in one lesson. It would have to be a long long lesson. It is a good thing to know that he also is a lifeguard, just in case I fall off the board. But the site is great and Jane he definitely is a looker.

  32. In my day job, I help teachers integrate technology into instruction. What I love about Ty’s site is that he is using social networking such as Twitter, blogs, and RSS feeds for Facebook, etc. This is great and helps expand his audience and keep those who following him informed. It’s the way of the future now.
    Of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s in a sunny location with sand and surf when I’m stuck in snowy, cold, and dreary Rochester, NY!

  33. HI Jane! Became a Fan of Ty’s site. Beautiful pictures but what I love most is the 2 rooms you can stay at when you are over in HI.

    I’d like to book one of the rooms and learn to surf! It looks fantastic and the decorating- awesome!

    Right now it is cold and foggy in Tulare, Ca and I am dreaming of our next Hawaiian vacation!

  34. The website is fascinating and I enjoyed the surfing video. The photos are wonderful. What a fortunate young man to do what he loves best. Best wishes and enjoy this precious time with Mac.

  35. It’s an awesome site! Friendly and it has great energy! But the best thing about it is that it actually makes me want to visit Hawaii! I never had any interest in going there. I am happy with the Carribean and South Carolina. Now I would LOVE to go!


  36. You guys have designed a very nice site. It’s “easy on the eyes”, no pun intended. The best part of it is that it’s easy to nevigate. You don’t feel bogged down or lost on the site.

    I became a fan on Facebook.


  37. Sounds great Jane! Love the website and the Surf and Stay options. Sounds like he is doing very well for himself. What a great couple you guys make!

    I’ve been to Hawaii twice but both times just a layover in Oahu and off to Maui. Maybe again in the future….

    Have a great weekend.

  38. I loved the vidio of the surfers. This looks like so much fun, I would love to try something like this but I can’t stand up on roller skates much less a surf board. I guess this is for the younger people. It is really a great site.

  39. I think I loved the video section the best. It gave me a glimpse into his fun personality. So, when will Mac start surfing? And do you still surf? Great job, he should be proud!

  40. Very cool website. I know nothing of surfing. I’m from Michigan and while i live 12 miles from lake Huron i don’t think there is surfing on the lake lol. para-sailing yes surfing no. Haven’t done that either.

    I love the streaming video. Someone like me who knows nothing of surfing the video makes it seems like you’re there. Lots of great option to learn to surf and the prices seem pretty good too. I like the Surf and Stay. If you’re into it and want to vacation what could be better.

    Very nice work on the website!


  41. Jane,

    The site looks great not to much or to little information, pics and videos. Just the right amount make me want to go back to Hawaii so bad. Congrats to Ty on the new shop.


  42. “Wave Whisperer” . . . i think that says it all.

    I like the video on the homepage with Ty surfing. It’s a good confidence builder for anyone wishing to take lessons to see that the instructor is a true expert at what he teaches. The website is easy to “surf” and you get the information you need right off the bat.

    Best wishes on a successful launch of Ty’s school and Jane, I agree with what you said about not having him near without his passion. I think most people forget that part. . . passion.

    Have a great weekend!

  43. Great site – very hard to pick a favorite part but probably would go with either the 2 young girls or Mabel surfing. Also the rooms look so inviting!

  44. Hi Jane!

    Happy New Year! What a great website Ty has. What I really enjoyed were the photos, particularly when Ty surfed past the camera grinning, waving at the camera. I think it was the perfect example of the joy he takes in surfing, in the water, and how he wants those he teaches to share in that.
    With the surf and stay, it should really give participants the opportunity to focus on learning/developing their love of surfing. What a great business for Ty, win/win. Love to all, P.

  45. That is a GREAT website, Jane! Loved looking around it! And as always I love visiting your blog and catching up. So much fun. And great at helping me procrastinate 😛

    (no need to enter me in contest!)

  46. My favorite part is the blog & that there is a picture of Ty with Mabel – oh, so cute!!!! Someday when I make it back to Hawaii (someday soon) maybe I will need to a surf lesson!!

  47. The Website is fantastic, very professional and well thought out and I wish Ty success!

    Dopn’t enter me as I won a couple of weeks ago and love my Hawaiian coffee and goodies.

    Also, ne really needs to have his guests posts on Trip Advisor, etc. to get his reviews up and on the internet!

    Thought of Ty the other day and thought he should become a friend of Trish Wylie’s as she’s also into the “farm” thing on FB! LOL

  48. Jane! Great site! My brother is getting married in Hawaii this summer so its definately a site I bookmarked.

    The part of the site I loved? The book and stay section. The bali one room is gorgeous! I just may have to look into that one! And the dog on the surfboard? Toooooooooo precious!

  49. Seeing the videos makes me want to pack my bag and go. I want to be like Mabel.

    Love it… Job well done, best of luck to Ty and may he be blessed with great fortune.

  50. Great Website on surferguy. I think the best part was the moving video. Since I don’t surf, it really gave me an idea what it would be like as a real person since all you usually see is the big wave surfing not regular wave sufing. thanks. Also, always love your books. Ann

  51. The website is awesome! He sure has been busy with his career and has done a wonderful job with the new website. I was amazed that he has so much to offer in addition to surfing lessons. I love “Mabel” surfing. I’m a dog lover and my daughter takes care of two adorable corgi’s. They sure would look cute on a surfboard! Have a great weekend…

  52. Very cool website…made me think I would definitely enjoy the surfing safari if I ever get to Hawaii!!

    I think it must be hard for you not to relocate to Hawaii!!! It’s so beautiful…

    P.S. I also enjoyed hearing about the daredevil baby Ty!

  53. Hi Jane,
    My husband spent a good hour surfing Ty’s site last night. He loves Hawaii and surfed there many times. It sure made him want to pack our bags and leave right away.
    Can’t blame Ty for loving that corner of Paradise so much.

    Take care,


  54. Jane,
    I checked out Ty’s site and it is very user friendly and the pictures are great. I hope he has much success with his new endeavors!

    Glad to hear you are getting back to familiar things in your home. There is no place like home and comfort foods.


  55. I love Gracie!!! And the Surf and Stay option sounds great… best of luck in his new endeavours. The website is great, surfing videos are wonderful and the music was totally appropriate.

    You are a lucky woman!

  56. I love the fact Ty can teach me to surf in one lesson! Whew, what a money saver that would be in my case!! 🙂 You can also tell he is very passionate about what he does.

  57. I have 2 favorite parts. One is the video where you see Ty surfing. That was very cool…I kept watching it and felt like I was back in Hawaii. Also, I think the Japanese link is great. I used to work in a Japanese company and travelled to Japan. I was wondering if the boys on the surfboard in the Japanese ad were your other two sons. Plus its a great idea to share his store and school with all of us. That’s where I will go next time I take the kids to Hawaii.

  58. Good morning, everyone! I’ve just put Mac down for his nap and have a moment to announce the winners from the Surfer Ty Blog contest.

    I’ve picked three:

    #17 Susan
    #37 Kim Taylor
    #59 Sabrina D

    So you three need to email me ASAP with your address and the signed book of your choice.

    But wait! There’s more. Because so many of you took time to check out Ty’s new site, I want to send a small token of my appreciation to everyone who posted. I have a $5 Starbuck drink card, a Ty Gurney Sursf School pen, and some fun JP goodies.

    So here’s how this works: you’re going to send me a private email with your name, your comment number, as well as the address where everything is to go. Important note–you have one week to do this. I’ll accept/collect names, addresses, etc until one week from today and then I’ll mail everything out next Monday. And then I’m done with this contest because I love to run new ones. 🙂

    So thank you ALL for commenting. You’re very cool and very awesome and Ty was stoked to see the comments. (I think his webdesigner, Waxcreative, was also pleased.)

    So now send me the info needed and congrats to all for winning something. I hope you guys have a wonderful day.


  59. Hi Jane,
    I loved the website!! The music, with the great video of Ty and others surfing made it look so fun! The fact that there was so much information on the site made it even better.
    Next time I’m in Oahu, I would brave it up and try a lesson! And I have a fear of water!

  60. Oh wow, thanks Jane!

    As someone who won a package from you in September, I have to say you really know how to stuff a prize package. Thanks so much!

  61. missed the contest but wanted to say I love Ty’s website! The surfing video is awesome! The surf and stay place is gorgeous! The whole thing screams “LIFE! Embrace it!” I love that!

    I also love your mature love- the kind of love that isn’t out of need but comes from a secure person who loves themselves, is secure in themselves, and loves another person as THEY are! Not just someone that fullfills your needs- but you love that person for their heart and spirit and it makes you happy to see their spirit follow the path it yearns to! I wish I could be in a relationship like that! So many people want you to fit what they want you to be for theri own needs. I have had a hard time finding (and creating) a relationship that is based on that- allowing the other person to be what their spirit yearns for and loving them unconditionally… Good job! Takes 2 really secure people!

  62. Paradise! I’m ready to sign up to stay…oh,no…the times I’d be signing up for are times when the place is not available. Oh, wait…maybe those are the times saved for you and your family. Hey, maybe I could just join you.. I’m fun…and I babysit;)
    Seriously, it does look fabulous.
    Have fun…without me;(

  63. Love Ty’s lunge…
    Don’t be surprised if Ty says “Swim towards that turtle…” he is in tune with wild life, the weather, the current, the waves, the board and toes 2 boards with his feet, this site keeps it real. Like Ty!

  64. Jane, I have to say I love the colors and over all presentation of Ty’s site. What truly caught my interest though was his approach to teaching surfing, “individual” lessons meaning (at least this is what I read) he takes the measure of the student. I think this means that even a 42 year old circuit coach who looks terrible in a bathing suit, could learn how to surf. Now that is just too cool.

  65. Jane,

    I just got back from a week in Hawaii. Saw the new shop and it is really cool! Loved the surf lessons and meeting Ty and all the guys there was great. I saw your books on the shelf for sale and asked about them- I have read your books before but was curious as to why the “beach reads” featured just one author… I was floored when I was told why. I LOVED “Flirting with forty” and saw the movie too.

    Just wanted to say “Hi” and tell you I loved the book (among others of yours as well).


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