Olympic Games Vancouver Style

We spent last weekend in Vancouver, BC, just 12 days before the Winter Olympic games are to open there.  We’d gone north for Jake’s water polo tournament in Surrey and then stayed in downtown Vancouver to sight-see.

I’ve always loved Vancouver and seeing the city transformed for the Olympics made the weekend even more special.  Canada Place had been turned into an Olympic Village and during our lunch at the downstairs food court we sat with probably a hundred  Olympic athletes, coaches, press, and volunteers. 

The only downside of the weekend is that I lost my new camera after taking dozens of fun photos.  Worse, I hadn’t downloaded any photos since I bought this camera in November to replace the one lost in Laguna Beach.  So all my Christmas, New Years and Hawaii photos taken over the holidays are also gone.  I have so few pictures of Mac’s first year!  It just doesn’t seem fair.  I couldn’t even cry I was so mad at myself.  I’ve never lost things…am never so careless.  What’s going on?!?   So our last day was spent with me calling every place we’d been, hoping against hope, my camera might have turned up, or that maybe someone had turned it in.  Unfortunately, it’s gone.  I’m still sad when I think about it. 

But on the bright side… I did pick up some little souvenirs for my blog readers while I was in BC.  I’ve got really cute Vancouver Starbucks drink cards and Olympic souvenior pins, along with some yummy Cadbury chocolate to give away.  Want to win?  Tell me if you watch the Olympics, and if so, do you prefer the Summer or Winter games?  And are any of you going?  I have friends who are traveling up for some events and I’m so envious.  Lucky, lucky them!  So share with me in the comments, and you’re entered in my Olympic Games contest!  The contest ends Saturday midnight PST and I’ll announce the winners Sunday morning.  Good luck!

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