Olympic Games Vancouver Style

We spent last weekend in Vancouver, BC, just 12 days before the Winter Olympic games are to open there.  We’d gone north for Jake’s water polo tournament in Surrey and then stayed in downtown Vancouver to sight-see.

I’ve always loved Vancouver and seeing the city transformed for the Olympics made the weekend even more special.  Canada Place had been turned into an Olympic Village and during our lunch at the downstairs food court we sat with probably a hundred  Olympic athletes, coaches, press, and volunteers. 

The only downside of the weekend is that I lost my new camera after taking dozens of fun photos.  Worse, I hadn’t downloaded any photos since I bought this camera in November to replace the one lost in Laguna Beach.  So all my Christmas, New Years and Hawaii photos taken over the holidays are also gone.  I have so few pictures of Mac’s first year!  It just doesn’t seem fair.  I couldn’t even cry I was so mad at myself.  I’ve never lost things…am never so careless.  What’s going on?!?   So our last day was spent with me calling every place we’d been, hoping against hope, my camera might have turned up, or that maybe someone had turned it in.  Unfortunately, it’s gone.  I’m still sad when I think about it. 

But on the bright side… I did pick up some little souvenirs for my blog readers while I was in BC.  I’ve got really cute Vancouver Starbucks drink cards and Olympic souvenior pins, along with some yummy Cadbury chocolate to give away.  Want to win?  Tell me if you watch the Olympics, and if so, do you prefer the Summer or Winter games?  And are any of you going?  I have friends who are traveling up for some events and I’m so envious.  Lucky, lucky them!  So share with me in the comments, and you’re entered in my Olympic Games contest!  The contest ends Saturday midnight PST and I’ll announce the winners Sunday morning.  Good luck!


  1. I’m so sorry about your camera… I lost months 2-4 of my son with a camera (this is going waaaayy back) and a roll of 36 film that didn’t advance.

    I am Canadian and while I have visited California several times I have never been to the Canadian west…. but am planning to go to Vancouver in April when my husband goes on business.

    I love watching the Olympics, both summer and winter, although I will admit that my favourite sports (equestrian, gymnastics and diving) all take place during the summer games. I find I watch sports during the Olympics I would never watch at any other time.

    I was fortunate enough to go to some Olympic events as a teenager here in Montreal in 1976, but haven’t been to any games since.

  2. my poor Jane, how awful for you; I’m sorry.

    I love watching the Olympics on TV; would love to go but am too far away. (though I’m in Canada).
    I love watching gymnastics in the Summer one but love figure skating, 2 man bob sled, and now curling at the Winter Olympics.

  3. So sorry you lost your camera, maybe if you avertised in the paper with a reward maybe some honest person would at least send the SD card back to you. You never know about things like this. I hope there are still honest people in this world. I would say the reason your loosing things is because you have to much on your mind to do and its hard to keep up with it all. With a baby is very hard to keep up with everything you need to get done.

    I usually don’t watch the Olympics, I would reather read. I guess if I was watching I would watch the winter ones.

  4. Jane,
    That is awful you lost your camera with all those pictures on it. Sorry to hear that.
    I love the winter olympics – love the ice skating and the skiing. Wish I could get up there for the Olympics but can’t really afford those prices.
    Have a great week.

  5. I use to love the olympics when I was younger but now I don’t really follow them…maybe I will this year. I’m sorry to hear about your camera but I’m glad you had fun. Happy almost Friday. 🙂

  6. Nice to see the Olympic spirit spreading, Jane! I live in Whistler and the town has transformed here, too … we have just hung Canadian flags off our deck and in the trees as the torch relay is coming down our street tomorrow afternoon. the family is volunteering and we have managed to get tickets to several X-country skiing events (my fave!)and awards ceremonies. I’ll wave to the cameras 🙂

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your camera. Pictures are precious… But, spilled milk and all that.
    I’ve watched (TV) the Olympics since I was nine, and it was the winter games in Lake Placid. (1980) The Winter Olympics is for me a lot more interesting than the Summer Olympics. A huge difference, actually. I guess it has everything to do with Norway always competing on the top shelf in skiing… I am looking forward to the games, and to see TV pictures from Vancouver, a city I love! (I have a seres from the chinese garden there on by blog. (May 2009). I’m going to watch the opening ceremony, with the athletes marching in, and I’m going to cry. I always do. Not to mention the medal ceremonies, when flags are rised and anthems played…

  8. I love Vancouver, too. We were actually at Whistler last February. We were there on the 12th when “Good Morning America” and others were there to kick off the 1 year countdown until the start of the Olympics. It was very exciting. I can’t wait for the games to start, but wouldn’t want to be there now. Will be watching them from the comfort of my house here in Lakewood,WA

  9. Oh, that is horrible about your camera! 🙁 I’ve only been to Vancouver once and it was beautiful…can’t wait to go back! I do watch the Olympics when I have time. I enjoy the Winter and Summer Olympics, but I would have to say Summer is my favorite.

  10. That’s terrible about your camera! My husband just got me something called an Eye-Fi card for mine. It automatically syncs your photos to your computer wirelessly when it connects to any wi-fi network. It also does geo-tagging of your photos, so you’ll never forget where they were taken. The Apple Online store carries them and at $49 – it may be worth a try.

  11. I love to watch the Olympics! I think I prefer the summer but, there are many events I love at the winter olympics as well. I can’t wait to watch Apollo Ohno!

  12. Hi Jane –

    So sorry to hear about your camera. Don’t give up hope as there are great stories out there of people posting pictures from found cameras with a “do you know these people?” request. It’s their intention of finding the owner and a williness to put in the effort. People of BC have great hearts; maybe you’ll get lucky!

    As for the Olympics – in the summer I swear I love the summer games. Now we’re looking at the winter games and heck if I won’t be watching with the same excitement. I’m just so grateful they are in our time zone so the internet doesn’t go spoiling the results!

    I really love the staggering of the summer and winter games so we don’t go too long without “Countdown to the Olympics” in the media!

    Cheers, Jane – thanks for taking the time to blog … so many of us enjoy it and feel connected to you. Hope that’s not a scary thing!! 🙂 Have a great weekend and enjoy the Games!

  13. A computer crash wiped out five months of photos of my son’s first year, so I sort of feel your pain.

    We adore any kind of Olympics and are desperately telling ourselves (who cannot afford a family’s worth of plane fare or hotels) that watching from home on a bigscreen tv is infinitely better than freezing our buns off onsite. None of us are believing ourselves.

  14. We love to watch the Winter Olympics on TV, this has been something to look forward to in the month of February. Jane, sorry to hear about your camera, I liked the idea of posting the reward for the memory/sd card, would be worth a try.

  15. Seems like each time I had a child I lost something important or misplaced it and did not find it for a long time. Wonder if that is a mother thing? Hope you find you camera.

    We like the Winter Games the best at our house!

  16. ah Jane I’m sorry about your camera. To bad someone wasn’t honest enough to turn it in. Sorry about your pictures. Perhaps some of your other family might’ve taken some pictures during Christmas etc and you can get some doubles made.

    I like both summer and winter Olympics but i favor winter more. I like to watch all the different ice skating venues and some of the other winter events as well. As a kid i would pretend i was at the olympics when i skated. Not that i was really very good at skating lol but it was still fun.


  17. Oh, I am sooo sorry about your camera! That just sucks plain & simple.
    I don’t watch too much of the Olympics since I am not very sporty–ha ha! I do like to watch figure skating though, so I must prefer the Winter Olympics.

  18. I’m so sorry about all your pictures. I sure hope they turn up.As for the games, I like the summer games more. I love volleyball so, that’s what I love most about the summer games.I’m sure I will catch some figure skating on t.v. though in between my night classes.

  19. So sorry about your pics. I know that is so painful to lose.
    I am looking forward to the Winter Games. I like the speed skating and ice skating.
    Hope you week goes great!

  20. Love all Olympics but prefer the Summer ones as I used to swim for my high school team and love to watch how the sport has evolved.

    Not lucky enough to go to the games but do have friends going to the Ice Hockey events…. jealous.

    Hoping to get to Vancouver after the Olympics and experience some of the post-Olympic buzz!


  21. That’s too bad about your camera
    I do watch both Summer and
    Winter games. I enjoy them both
    but if I had to pick one it
    would be the Summer ones. I have
    a small collection of pins and
    postcards from various Olympics.

  22. Uh oh, just lost my post! I’m sorry about your camera. That stinks! I can’t wait for the Olympics, as I plan to watch with my 9yo son. He’s very excited to watch. I don’t prefer summer over winter – I love events from both!

  23. Oh Jane, such horrible news about the camera!! I’m so, so sorry. I know the angst of that, as I’ve experinced the loss of camera (hubby lost it at my brother’s wedding and I had 2 months of photos on it) and also lost 18 months of photos by totally blowing it with copying them onto a CD (I deleted before they’d been “written” to the CD). It’s heartbreaking. I shed many tears over the photos I accidentally deleted. When I lost the other photos, I was bummed, but my kids were bigger. The ones I deleted were two Christmases and many other special events when they were about 3 and 7. Time will ease it a bit, but I still feel your pain.

    When you get your new camera, consider etching your name and cell number onto the back. I also stick a piece of paper in my camera bag that has my name and cell number. Heck, I’d even put “reward for flash card” on it on the off chance someone would get it back to me.

    Olympics–I’ve fallen off the Olympics wagon over the past few games, but I think I like winter best: figure skating, skiing, etc. This year I’ll try to tape the snowboarding and skiing for my son. I know he thinks its way cool.

    Hope you’re feeling better (about your loss) soon.

    Hugs, Shannon in Tustin

  24. I am so sorry about your lost camera. I enjoyed this lovely post about Vancouver, my favorite city of all. I traveled there many yers ago and fell in love with it, the setting and beauty is incomparable. I will be watching the Olympics for sure and I enjoy both summer and winter.

  25. feel so bad for you on losing the pictures that were held in your camera. maybe somehow it will turn up, or the person who finds it will at least get your precious memories back to you! i have always enjoyed watching the winter and summer events, but i think the winter olympics keep my attention more, so much action and beauty! haven’t ever been to see any of them, but love to watch on the t.v. in the comforts of HOME. many blessings to you and yours.

  26. I enjoy watching both the summer and winter Olympics. I love watching the gymnastics, diving, and track (running) events in the Summer games. I enjoy the ice skating, skiing, ski jumping, and ice hockey in the winter games.

  27. Sorry to hear about your camera. Like all Olympic Games…but prefer summer, except for ice skating. Maybe curling makes me laugh for a little while. I know it’s a sport, but I can’t help giggling at it.
    It’s probably because I am totally snow and ice challenged.

  28. I love the winter Olympics, hardly ever watch the summer games. I especially like figure skating, glitz and all!
    There was something in the newspaper a while ago about a camera found and how the person tracked down whose it was by the photos but it took a while Wouldn’t that be neat if it would happen for you – it isn’t too late..

  29. Hi Jane-
    So sorry to hear about your camera! I hope that it turns up soon.

    I don’t watch the Olympics at all! I’m just not a sports watcher unless it’s my own children.

  30. I love the winter Olympics. When I was younger, I only watched the figure skating. Now I love the luge, speed skating, and down hill skiing. I’ve always been an avid Olympic watcher summer or winter, but I really love the winter. Most likely because we are stuck inside because we have such horrid weather in the winter and during the summer we’re enjoying the sun and heat.

  31. You and I have the same luck with lost cameras. I use disposable cameras for travel now.
    I enjoy the winter games more than the Summer games.
    Ice skating, all forms are my favorite. I love the Luge, bobsleds, short track skating. My list goes on and on. The only sport I really skip is Curling. I still don’t understand the appeal of that sport. Kinda like watching paint dry.

  32. Sorry about the loss of your camera, I can only imagine the good in the person who might have found your camera loaded with precious memories and trying to locate it’s owner. Since this just happened just recently, might be worth trying to post a lost ad in the Vancouver newspapers and check their found ads or even post something in the Craigslist which is very easy to post something quickly or even check their found ads. I know it seems like a longshot but you never know.

    As for the Olympics, I will certainely be watching as much coverage as I possibly can and cheer for our American athletes. I enjoy both the Winter and Summer games. Any events that show the top American medal contenders is worth watching.


  33. Jane,

    I feel for you and the lose of your camera. At my sisters baby shower this summer her camera disappeared and it had all of her pictures from the birth of her daughter (5 1/2 wks early), her husband arriving from Iran and going to the NICU to see her and everything. And they are lost. She even posted a reward for the media and said they could keep the camera.

    On another note, I just love watching the Olmpics. We just had the Ice Skating Champions in Spokane and I got to watch the Men’s Senior and they were awesome.

  34. Oh, Jane… so sorry to hear about your camera!! Not that it’s any comfort, but when I went to San Francisco over the summer and took tons of pictures, I accidentally bumped one of the buttons on the back side of the camera with my nose, and somehow erased every one of the pictures I took. We’ve all been there … sad, but true! At least you have your memories ~

    Regarding the olympics, I LOVE the winter olympics. Something about the luge!! I like the speed skating event also :0)

  35. So sorry about your camera!!! That is so sad!

    I like the Winter Olympics the best. I remember when we were little and it was so exciting! The whole family watched them every night! The last Olympic games in Salt Lake City were exciting. We got our kids the hats that Roots designed for the athletesOne of my daughter’s friends was from Salt Lake and they went to visit their family and were able to go to some events.

    Vancouver is beautful I hear. They film so many movies there.

    Take care!!!

  36. Hi Jane!
    It’s a bummer about your camera, i would be crushed it I lost mine!

    I love the Olympics!! We had hoped that our son would one day be complete in Weightlifting. We spent a lot of time at the Olympic Training Center in Colorodo Springs and talked with many of the athletes. He made it to the trails twice, but he was young and his body was not quite mature back then. He decided to take a break for now. We do love our Olympics, both summer and winter. Go Apolo Ono! He’s so cute in person!

  37. Hi Jane,
    sorry about your camera..
    I will be watching the Olympics this year, but it will be with alittle sadness. My cousins son,
    Danny Davis was on his way in Snowboarding, but was in an ATV accident after celebrating his last win from Shaun White, with an almost perfect score in Mammouth CA. He is now recouping from 2 surgeries, but is expected to make a complete recovery. You can see his videos on utube.
    Vancouver is beautiful, I have not been there in over 25 years!

  38. Sorry about your camera, Jane. I would be so sad to lose all of those special pics.
    I do love to watch the Olympics. I enjoy summer the most, because I love volleyball. But either way, I’ll be watching and cheering the US on! I haven’t been to Vancouver for over 28 years! I think it’s time I go back to see how it’s changed!

  39. That sucks about your camera. Maybe it will show up? Hopefully?

    Anyway, I watch the Olympics less the older I get but I do like the ice skating and with Apollo Anton Ohno, I could watch speed skating. Summer Olympics it’s gymnastics and diving. So, I guess I watch both but only specific events (probably more than listed but that’s what comes immediately to mind).

    Have a great weekend!

  40. I’ll bet your friends have pictures of baby Mac on their cameras or cell phones. Send out a request for them to download their photos to you. I know, as a mom, I feel like I’m the only one who takes pictures, because I would rather take pictures than be in them…but I’ll bet other family members have a “MAC” file or two they can send.

  41. I’ve never been to Canada but it sounds beautiful. While I like both the winter and the summer Olimpics, I tend to watch more of the Winter ones because the summer ones make me feel as if I need to get up and do something.
    Hope you find your pictures on that site another commenter posted. And I hope it was lost and not pickpocketed.
    Shannon (jeez we have a lot of Shannons on here!)

  42. First, thank you for the little package that came today in the mail…very generous of you. Who doesn’t love getting packages?

    Second, so sorry to hear about your camera.

    And, lastly, I only watch the Olympics if nothing else is on. Not that I don’t like them, just never pay much attention to the lineup.

    Have a great weekend.

  43. Third one is the charm with buying new cameras! I feel your pain especially losing captured moments. Thank you for the JP goodies (generous girl), you are the best. Yes, we watch the Olympics, summer and winter. We really enjoy the ice skating, keeps us on edge. Kids are so talented, aren’t they and we also enjoy watching Shaun White. Seems too funny they need to pump up some snow over there, have been to Montreal but never to Vancouver, although my son skis there often. Maybe on your next camera you could get it engraved with name and address.

  44. Hi Jane-
    What a sight to see. I can only imagine how electric the area must be with such a buzz.

    So sorry to hear about your camera, as I know the pictures can not be replaced, nobody can take the memories from you!

    Try this perhaps…place an ad on Craigslist.org…or add in the local paper in the lost and found?

    Wouldn’t be something if who ever found this recognizes you and your beautiful family and contacts you? I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. There is nothing like having those pictures.

    My family and I love the Olympics. We especially enjoy the opening ceremonies. In addition, my daughter already has a list of what she would like to watch.

    Besides watching such talent play out, I love the stories behind how the individual has reached their goals of making it to the Olympics. It just makes you appreciate the performance that much more. It makes you believe all things are possible.

  45. I love all the Olympics, both summer and winter. And this winter, I’m going to the Olympics! 6 years ago we went to Whistler and fell in love with it. Since the Olympics were going to be in Vancouver we decided then & there to go.
    My husband, myself & our 17 year old son (who is a elite level hockey player himself) will be attending 4 hockey games & 1 medal ceremony. Can’t wait!

  46. Hi Jane,
    My heart aches for you and your lost camera. I understand your pain in losing the camera and the memories. It is a bummer.

    As far as the Olympics go, I am getting excited as is my son. He keeps talking about the Olympics and all the events. I attended the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles and it was spectacular.Gives me chills just thinking about it.

    I will be watching the winter Olympics rooting for the USA to go for the Gold. Especially Lindsay Vonn, women’s skier. She is amazing!

    Big hugs to you, Jane!

  47. I like the Summer Olympics. The Winter Olympics are not that interesting to me… I don’t like cold weather, and so I don’t care for things that remind me of it. I am strictly a warm weather girl.


  48. Yay Canada!

    I love watching the winter Olympics. In 2002 I was off work and told to put my feet up and rest while waiting for baby #1…I watched almost 2 straight weeks of the Olympics and I’m hooked since then. I’m sure being there would be an amazing experience, but I also love the TV coverage, because you get all the highlights and commentary.

    Just spent my lunch break loading up on Canada/Olympic souvenirs for kids, because now they can’t get enough of the mascots!

    I sure hope your camera turns up, I would be devastated too!

  49. Jane,

    What a disappointment for you to lose your camera or more importantly, your photos. That is so upsetting. I watch the Olympics sometimes and I enjoy the figure skating. Enjoy your weekend, Jane. We are expecting blizzard conditions here in NJ.


  50. while i love watching snowboarding and a few other winter sports my heart goes to the summer. i use to be a swimmer and its just cool to see how times, literally and figurally, have changed.

    {total bummer about your camera- hope/maybe a jane porter reader recognizes some of the pics and returns it to you!}

  51. Oh, I hate it when things like that happen. When my youngest was little (before dig cameras) several rolls of film didn’t develop. I missed a couple of years’ worth of photos..her birthday parties, etc. It still bothers me. And why can’t people turn things in? Grr…

    I could DREAM of going to the Olympics. How cool would that be and they are right above us in Vancouver!

    My favorite is the winter olympics but my favorite sport is gymnastics.

  52. Oh Jane, I am so sorry for lost pictures. Replacing the camera is easier than recovering those moments.

    Olympics –yes, both Summer and Winter. I’m partial to gymnastics, volleyball, swimming and track for summer games. Love the ice skating, speed skating,bobsled, slalom races. I did see Shaun White on TV the other day and how much time he spends developing and practicing his moves on the half pipe. I may be watching that as well.

  53. I like both, the summer and winter Olympics. In the summer I like the gymnastics but I really don’t like to watch the balance beam since I’m always afraid they will fall and get really hurt. In the winter I like the skiing but can’t watch the skating since…once again I’m afraid they’ll fall and lose their chance to make their dreams come true. Keep calling all the places about the camera or even the local police dept. We have found so many things over the years and we always turn them in. Maybe someone will turn yours in too. I hope so 🙂 Good luck.

  54. Bummer about the camera. I hope others were present at Thanksgiving and Christmastime so you can get some of their pictures.

    As for the Olympics, I definitely prefer watching the winter ones, as I enjoy the figure skating competitions. I tape them, but I’m so far behind on my tapes, that it’ll probably be almost summertime until I get to them. Since I’m Fifty and Forgetful, I won’t remember who won anyway, so no big deal. (Still would be nice if I caught up on my tapes, though. I’m on Sept 14/09 right now. I’ve just seen Jay Leno’s first show and the MTV awards with Kayne West grabbing Taylor Swift’s microphone. Jeesh!)

    As for attending, I could only do so if I won a contest. I haven’t heard anything yet, so I guess the television will have to do this year!

  55. Aww Jane, I know how it feels to lose cameras and film rolls. It’s easier to replace the camera but those memories can’t be recovered. Maybe someone else took pictures?

    I enjoy both summer and winter olympics. Summer events – gymnastics, swimming, volleyball and track and Winter- skating, bobsled/luge, speed skating and slalom. I recently saw a feature on Shawn White and how much time he spends developing and practicing on the half pipe and I may just keep an eye on that event, too.

  56. Yikes!! I can’t even imagine how I’d feel if I lost my camera. I take TONS of pictures (probably too many as my husband has affectionately dubbed me ‘Paparazzi’), mostly of my wee ones. How utterly devastating! Don’t give up hope though, it’s a small world. Maybe whoever found your camera will be familiar with your blog and recognize someone in the pictures, perhaps surfer Ty or Baby Mac? I’ll be praying for a reunion with your camera and beloved photos.

    As for the Olympics, can’t say that I favor Summer over Winter or vice versa. I love to watch the swimming, diving and gymnastics in summer and the ice skating, speed skating and ski jumping in the winter.

  57. Hi Jane,

    I’m so sorry to hear about losing your camera! How awful!

    I guess for most people having the Olympics held in their hometown would be exciting…I’m just worried about the aftermath…the costs for us taxpayers picking up the tab. Oh well…I’m planning to watch it all from the t.v. I don’t care for the crowds and I’ve made other travel arrangements to work so hopefully the 2 weeks will go by fast!

  58. Hi Jane,
    Sorry to hear about your camera, that stinks! I have never been to Vancouver! I hear it is beautiful and I would love to go there someday! I do watch the olympics. I prefer the summer but I will be watching the winter olympics too! My favorites are swimming and gymnastics. Have a wonderful weekend!

  59. Hi Jane! I missed the cutoff of the contest but thats okay! I just got your other prize pkg you ended up sending to all the people that posted! MY tummy thanks you! 🙂 I enjoyed a great Venti Passion Iced Tea from Starbucks today………. on you.

    In regards to your camera! Try posting something on Craigslist for Vancouver. Maybe someone found it and is looking for the owner on there? Worth a shot?

    As for Olympics- I hate watchin! I know that sounds lame but I’ve always been a do-er so I have a hard time watching others compete. (Sports, etc.)

    Have a great weekend! 🙂


  60. Hi, Jane.
    Weren’t there any others taking pictures too (like at Christmastime)? Bummer. Real bummer, but keep in mind there are worse things in life. Besides, lesson learned, right? I have lost photos that were saved on my crashed pc, so I now save to my USB stick OFTEN. Actually, I save to TWO USB sticks just to make sure, as pictures are the most important information on my pc (other than work-related files that are backed up daily).
    I enjoy the winter Olympics, as I tape/watch figure skating. Mind you, I’m running almost five months behind in my tapes (as I’m never home when they’re “live” on tv), but better late than never. Being “Fifty and Forgetful”, I won’t even remember who won by then and will still be able to just enjoy the skating.
    As for attending the Olympics, the only way that could happen was if I won a contest. Since I haven’t heard anything, I’m guessing I didn’t win!

  61. I have lost a camera before too and it is an awful feeling…

    I love watching the winter olympics for the skiing and skating.

    We live close to Squaw Valley, and it is so fun to go there and see the pictures from the early winter olympics that took place there.

  62. I have lost a camera before too, and it is an awful feeling.

    I love watching the skiing and skate, so I would say that the winter olympics are my favorite.

    We live close to Squaw Valley, and it is fun to go there and see all the stuff from the 1960 winter olympics.

    Have a great week!

  63. Hi Jane!

    Sorry to hear about your camera. It’s even worse, I think, to lose those pictures! Ugh.

    We used to live in Seattle. I wish we had gotten to visit Vancouver when we lived up there. One of my regrets, but we just weren’t there long enough to visit everywhere we wanted.

    I’m looking forward to watching the Olympics and seeing the scenery of the area, as well as the events. It’s almost time, isn’t it?

    Enjoy your weekend!

  64. This is long sorry.
    Sorry to hear about your camera. When things like that happen, you are equally angry and sad – you kind of war with your emotions.

    I’m partial to the winter Olmpics, but that’s probably because Salt Lake was a host in 2002. The Olympic spirit is unbeleiveably catchy.
    Watching folks from all over the world come to our state filled with its amazing vistas (I’m so partial to anything in the west, its sooo beautiful out here!) and completely immurse themselves in the joy of competition and being hosted. Our hearts filled watching and cheering them on. My personal fave is watching Apollo Ono. He is grace and strength in motion.

    I have been in a training and a system switch-over for work and for weeks now haven’t had much time to treat myself to the couple of sites I visit, and had so much fun catching up on your blogs.
    I’ve been so very stressed with work, and for some reason being on your site, and reading your blogs was very calming. And the turtle idea I like very much. One of my very favorite animated characters is Crush, from finding Nemo. Remember him? The very cool sea turtle? I have many life changing goals I want to accomplish this year, and having a “Crush” turtle attitude and determination I think is just the ticket. See you awesome lady you, you inspired without even trying.

    And then I clicked on your link and spent quite a bit of time looking around Ty’s website. Looks VERY fun. I want to surf. Now. With a dog.
    Thank you for the link, and thank Ty for the gynormus smile he brought to my overstressed mind.

    peace out

  65. I have lost a camera before too & it is an awful feeling.

    I love watching the skiing and skating, so the winter Olympics are my favorite.

    Have a great weekend!

  66. That breaks my heart about your camera! We had one stolen in a burglary – my Dad told me it was a great opportunity to upgrade my technology. It doesn’t sound like you needed to upgrade your technology though.

    We don’t watch the Olympics much. We look forward to the run-down and the highlights so we know what happened, but don’t watch the events.

  67. It’s such a shame to lose your camera and pictures. 🙁

    I am going to be watching the Olympics as much for the scenery as for the events.
    We used to live in Seattle and I regret that we did not get to go visit Vancouver. It seems like such a beautiful place.
    Glad you got to go so close to Olympics time. I’m sure the city really shines right now!

  68. Jane!

    So sorry about the camera! I tried posting this morning to suggest you place a post on Craigslist……. maybe somebody found it and is looking for you? It’s worth a shot! 🙂

    As for Watching Olympics? Hmmm……. I’ve always disliked it actually……… I think its more because I’m a do-er than a watcher. And I’m too competitive. So get irritated when who i’m rooting for doesnt win. so I stay away from all that! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed BC! Miss Robson Ave!

  69. I love ALL the Olympics. I WISH I was going… This year I am looking forward to my 2-year old son wearing his footed jammies and “speedskating” alongside Ohno. I hope he likes it!

  70. I love Vancouver for many reasons. I was there last July while on vacation in Seattle. I miss there already. Glad to hear that you enjoy your little trip there. Im sorry that your camera is lost. I have to ask you where do you usually put camera when you take a shots? I havent lost mine. I kept camera in my purse or pocket so it wont fell out.

    Looking forward to watch Olympics this winter.

  71. I’m so sorry about your camera! I love the summer Olympics the best but I watch the winter, too. I especially enjoy gymnastics.

  72. Hey Jane,

    Quick side note on the Vancouver blog – it shows there are 79 comments but it only lets you see the first 50. Clicking on ‘view more comments’ recycles you back to the same 50 … just in case you were wondering why you hadn’t heard from your blog winner. :0) Thought posting a comment might snap it out of its funk, lol ~

  73. Sorry for the test, Jane.

    I can’t seem to see comments beyond Feb. 5th at 10:36 a.m. (Maureen). The “newer comments” link just takes me to the top of the first page.

    Wondered if I’m doing something wrong, or if there is a glitch with the link.

  74. I can’t seem to get in to see all of the comments today! It will only show me the first fifty comments. Not sure whats going on.

  75. I have to say, I’m partial to the Winter games. Probably b/c of the figure skating. And then, when I was studying in Oxford in ’94, I got into the ice dancing b/c of the big Torvil and Dean thing. And I secretly love the skiing – so fast and gutsy and all those staggering vistas and scary jumps. They make it look so easy! I love to ski but was never able to do it a lot or well b/c of my bad knees, so now I just like to watch in envy and awe.

    Good luck finding your camera! I once lost a whole roll of film from St. Patrick’s weekend in Dublin in 1999 and I’ve (clearly) never gotten over it.

  76. Good morning and Happy Monday everyone! I’m back–and able– to post the winners for this contest so let me get right to it. There are four winners and they are:

    #8 Sarah
    #31 Annie
    #58 Kirsten
    #77 Christy

    You guys have 3 days to get back to me with your addresses as I leave Friday for Hawaii for 10 days and prizes must be mailed before I go. So send me those addresses and enjoy!


  77. OMG! I am so excited! I don’t know which makes me happier..I won or that you get to go to Hawaii. I am such a romantic and HAPPY for you!

  78. OMG! I am so excited! I don’t know which makes me happier..I won or that you get to go to Hawaii. I am such a romantic and HAPPY for you!

  79. I know this is an old post and most likely you won’t see it but…hm..its hard not to leave a comment when someone is talking of Vancouver, where I grew up.
    The 2010 winter Olympics was one big party for us.It was so much fun sharing with the world. That said? you could only imagine all the lost items found-they had something on the news about it back then (lots of camera’s) sorry to say. Hope your visit wasn’t marred too bad by the loss of your camera.That said? I’m going to the Linden Fair this Friday! I love it there and haven’t been since LiL was a baby.I’m so excited:)

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