The Best Hour

I’ve just spent the day writing and I have candles burning and music playing.  With my head phones on I’ve been listening–over and over–to songs I downloaded from last Sunday’s Grammy awards.  It was probably the best Grammys I’ve ever watched and the music has stayed with me.

I loved the tribute to Michael Jackson and then there were those amazing performances…Lady Gaga, Pink, Green Day,  Black-Eyed Peas, The Dave Matthews band among others.

I’ve been writing to all of it and with my scented candles burning and flickering and the music playing I feel transported. 

It’s not that the writing is easy, but I am easy.  I am happy.  I love music.  I really love music.

I am lucky.

This has been the best hour.


  1. Jane,

    So glad to hear you so happy and in a great writing zone. May this be the beginning of many more amazing days for you. Happy writing!

  2. Jane,

    Good for you! Sounds like a productive time.

    Our library just bought the DVD Flirting With Forty, so I get to see it. We don’t have cable at home–would rather read!

    Looking forward to reading your next books.

  3. Jane,

    I totally understand what you are saying. I love getting lost in the music. I do everything better with music. Cleaning, driving, I downloaded even more music this morning. I think I am a little obsessed. But there a lot worse things I could be obsessed with and if this makes me more productive then I am ok with it. Looking forward to reading what you are writing!


  4. Hi Jane!

    I love it! They say music is good for your mood & I think you can attest to that.

    I try to remember that sometimes when I am blah. I’ll turn on the radio or iPod and before ya know it, I’m singing along or dancing around. It’s great.

  5. Funnily enough, I’ve been doing some of those things today too! I downloaded Pink’s song from the Grammy’s along with Christina Aquillara and J. Timberlake performances from the Haiti telethon last week. I’ve had them cranking on the ipod most of the day, got my eucalyptus candle burning, and am click-clacking my way across the keyboard. Plus, my Monty Python bunny slippers are spurring me on (they have teeth). It feels good to be productive!

  6. So glad you are having a good day! I like to play music when I am doing things around the house! When hubby is home I can’t do that because he has the TV up so loud.

  7. Music IS magical, isn’t it! Sounds like you were in the groove, musically and mentally. Good for you! ROCK ON!

  8. I love reading the comments in your blog. I just read Library Lady’s, and never even thought to try to find your DVD there…I live on books. We have a TV but the truth is with all the gadgets hooked up to it and the different remotes, i don’t know how to turn it on so I’ll watch it on my laptop.

  9. Everything is better with music! 🙂 It’s good to be in a groove! My writing groove lately has been to the movie Cars or Lion King! lol Music can be inspiring to writing too! I have gotten great ideas from songs.


  10. Glad the hour has worked out great for you Jane! :0) My muse was working to music yesterday (The Corrs) and I got quite a lot accomplished too. I love that song by P!nk. I bought her cd last year around xmas and that one she sang at the Grammy’s from it was my favorite. Enjoy your Sunday! – Go Saints!

  11. You are such a joy to know! I have always survived life’s hardest times and celebrated the good times with music. My husband’s dad passed away yesterday but Carrie Underwood’s song, Temporary Home, has helped me get through the sadness. I believe God gifted the world with music to soften the edges.

  12. My daughter and I were listening to some of her tunes today. It is an amazing thing. We like a lot of the same music…she is 15 tomorrow and I am 50. It’s because we both have such great taste. 😉 Glad you are having a nice Sunday.

  13. I loved the Grammys this year too! But, I’m dying to know…what are you writing now!! I’m very excited (as always!).

  14. O wow wow wow… must know how totally dlteghied I am to win this. LOTV was my first love when I started stamping a few years back and I have never looked back. You still are number 1 in my books and the latest release is just the best. I had to ration myself to the new tags, grunge sentiments, a pad and the oval bauble angel but now I can have a splash out. Thank you SO much girls….you rock!I also love the daily posts…so much inspiration from so many talented ladies,Thanks again, hugs,Jane x

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