Blog Blip

Hey everyone, I’m getting your emails and comments and know you’re all wondering:

1)  who won


2) where the rest of the comments are

Well, I know #1, and am wondering about #2.  Unfortunately, my web team is off today and I won’t be able to get the blog issues fixed until tomorrow so I’m going to hold off on announcing the winners until tomorrow morning.

However, in honor of the Blog Blip and Superbowl Sunday, I’m doing a one day contest with 3 winners.  I’ll announce all three winners for this contest AND the Olympic contest tomorrow, in each of the appropriate comment secionts (i.e. down below for BLog Blip and on the Olympic Blog comment section for that one).  This means tomorrow 7 winners will be announced between the two different blogs. 

I’ve been saving this new contest for awhile, too.  The Blip Blog  prize is very fun–a signed copy of The Literary Feast: The Famous Authors Cookbook (I’m included with my fav brunch casserole recipe)a cobbler or crisp mix, and lots of other cool and yummy goodies.  All you have to do to be entered is tell me what you’re reading right now, or if you’re watching the Superbowl in ah….minutes?

So, I’m sorry about the disappearing comments and other blog issues but in the meantime, have a wonderful Sunday and I’ll be back in the morning as soon as I can post my terrific winners names!

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