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January 18th I changed the way I worked out.  After getting on a scale and seeing that I’d only lost two pounds since August and I was working out nearly every day–and the workouts were grueling, too–I made a decision to go back to what I knew.  What I loved.  And what I enjoy.

I love weights.  Lifting heavy, fatiguing at rep 8, or 11 on the way to 12.  I love doing three sets, and struggling to complete each set.  I love resting 30 seconds to a minute between sets, or immediately shifting to an alternating body part.  Leg extensions and dead lifts.  Bench press and seated row.  Bicep curls and tricep push dows.

I have a garage full of free weights, bench presses, cable machines.  And so three times a week I head to my garage and I blow it out.  I’m also keeping an eye on calories but am not fanatical.  And guess what?  In three weeks I lost five pounds.  I know, it’s only five and I still have at least twenty to go but after six months of no progress to have progress feels fantastic.

I feel fantastic.  My deltoids and lats and glutes feel fantastic.  Muscle is me.  I’m a little bulldog.  I need to carry muscle, need to see definition, need to feel strong.  And the way I work out isn’t for everyone.  Some people respond better to intense cardio, or boot camp circuit training.  I need weights.  I love weights.  They feel…sexy.

Funny, I feel sexier, too. 

So I’m savoring my little success and patting myself on the back.  And while I’m doing that, I’m admiring my lovely new muscles.


  1. Way to go!!!
    I started running a few years ago and dropped 20 lbs. I keep wanting to add weights, but just never do. I think toned arms are great.
    Have a great trip to Hawaii!!

  2. Yay! Thanks for posting honestly about your struggles with post baby weight and finding what works for you. I really appreciate it as my “baby” turns 1 and struggle with my own weight issues.
    I really wanted to like running. I started when my son was about 6 months and told myself I would train for a 5k. A lot of my friends love running and I thought that was a good sign.
    I dropped some weight (not a lot, but some) and managed to run flat out for 5k once. I got up the next day and tried to run again and I couldn’t do it. No b/c I was exhausted or worn out, but b/c I simply didn’t enjoy it and couldn’t force myself to do it. I tried for a few more weeks and finally gave up. I’m not hard wired for competition and a 5k to me wasn’t motivating or even interesting.
    What I’ve rediscovered is my love of walking. I’m training for the Avon Walk, not b/c it’s a competition but I find the idea of walking long distances inspiring. I would rather walk for 4 hours that run for half an hour. Seriously!
    My friends that love running love the freedom of lightness and freedom it brings, the rush. And I understand it even if running doesn’t make me feel that way. I love the chance to slow down, observe, and meditate that walking brings. The walking has only caused small physical changes so far, but it has brought big mental and emotional change now that I have that “me time.” Just different strokes for different folks!
    Keep lifting!

  3. I love working out with weights too and with all the snow we’ve been having in the mid-Atlantic states it’s all I can do right now. I’ve been so frustrated with my lack of weight loss, it’s hard to keep my head up and plug on. I need to look at all these snow days and unstructured time with a new attitude and get in the basement and use those weights more often.

    Thanks for always saying what I am feeling!

  4. Fantastic, Jane! I stopped going to the gym because of all the guys grunting and posturing with the weights. Doing it on your own is a great idea, do you listen to any special music when you work out? I am doing ok but would like muscles and definition so I might give your method a try.

  5. Keep it up Jane! Remember the feeling, the burn and the excitement, it will keep you motivated! I am soooo excited for you!

  6. WTG Jane.
    You are going to be bikini ready at in no time.
    I also like pumping a little. Nothing defines the muscles as much as free weights do. Plus, I enjoy just feeling strong.

  7. That’s great Jane. I love working out with weights too. Before my wedding I did the Firm workouts w/ weights and lost a ton of weight. Thus began my love affair with weights.

    Take care.

  8. Yay Jane!! Now take your sexy on over to Hawaii. Have a great trip. How long do you get to stay this time? Are the big boys on one of those mid-winter (ski) breaks?

    Shannon in Tustin

  9. Funny you should post about weights….I found a hand weight of Ron’s and I started using it but I think I have to join a gym. I also have a bench and weights I’m tryihg to get rid of for free and do you think anyone wants it? NO,, if you live in Seattle,it’s yours

  10. I started using weights and my bone density test came back better than the last one, so weight are good for all kinds of reasons! Way to go Jane!

    BTW I watched the DVD of Flirting With Forty–what a good movie, but not the same as reading the book. I always like the book better though, so no surprise. Your words and my imagination are hard to beat, but Heather Locklear and crew did a good job.

  11. Oh man, I love free weights. I really do. In my 20s, when I was working out regularly, I starting on the machines b/c I was a newbie and couldn’t wait till I could graduate to the free weights. I know exactly what you mean about the deltoids and the biceps and that feeling of strength. When I used to kick box and lift, I felt invincible.

    I used the terms used to and when because it’s been a long slow fall for me into morbid obesity and these days I look at my 5 and 10 lbs barbels and marvel that I once did rep series with them when now carrying a gallon of milk takes effort. The internal oomph that’s required for me to reenter that incredible satisfying but incredible hard work lifestyle overwhelms and saddens me. So I am glad to see you reclaiming that core part of you, thrilled that you’re living strong again. Enjoy!

  12. Good for you Jane! You are so great about working out! My 24 hour Fitness card is sitting in my purse. Unused and pretty much ignored. I blame my laziness on the vog. Bleech. But wow, you should post some buff pics!

  13. You go girl!!!!
    More muscle burns more fat!

    I still haven’t gotten to our weight set. But the Zumba is helping! I bought a pair of jeans from American eagle on a whim when my daughter was ordering jeans and they came today and they FIT!!!! I feel so good!

    Good luck!!!

  14. That is too cool…you figured out what works for yourself and you are the winner. You’ve got a win win situation going with morale and weightless…am so happy for you. You go girl…enjoy your Hawaii stay 🙂

  15. Congratulations on the new muscles. So glad to hear you found something to get you off the weight plateau. Here’s hoping your muscling your way into new, sassier territoy. Keep up the good work!

  16. That’s AWESOME! I hate weights though–or the thought of them! I like the elliptical because I can read at the same time and it feels like I am flying or skiing or something.

    But I admire you for lifting weights & finding what you love & what obviously works for you.

    Good job!


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