Little Steps

January 18th I changed the way I worked out.  After getting on a scale and seeing that I’d only lost two pounds since August and I was working out nearly every day–and the workouts were grueling, too–I made a decision to go back to what I knew.  What I loved.  And what I enjoy.

I love weights.  Lifting heavy, fatiguing at rep 8, or 11 on the way to 12.  I love doing three sets, and struggling to complete each set.  I love resting 30 seconds to a minute between sets, or immediately shifting to an alternating body part.  Leg extensions and dead lifts.  Bench press and seated row.  Bicep curls and tricep push dows.

I have a garage full of free weights, bench presses, cable machines.  And so three times a week I head to my garage and I blow it out.  I’m also keeping an eye on calories but am not fanatical.  And guess what?  In three weeks I lost five pounds.  I know, it’s only five and I still have at least twenty to go but after six months of no progress to have progress feels fantastic.

I feel fantastic.  My deltoids and lats and glutes feel fantastic.  Muscle is me.  I’m a little bulldog.  I need to carry muscle, need to see definition, need to feel strong.  And the way I work out isn’t for everyone.  Some people respond better to intense cardio, or boot camp circuit training.  I need weights.  I love weights.  They feel…sexy.

Funny, I feel sexier, too. 

So I’m savoring my little success and patting myself on the back.  And while I’m doing that, I’m admiring my lovely new muscles.

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