It’s Saturday and Mac and I just spent the afternoon hanging out in his dad’s board shop in Waikiki.  Mac loves to be anywhere his dad is and the surf shop is especially exciting with all the surf instructors, music, visitors and activity.  Gracie, James’ bulldog, hangs out at the shop most days which makes Mac very happy, too.

The shop’s grand opening went great Thursday night.  Big turn out, lots of cool folks came by, lots of great food and drink and Ty was simply stoked.   I was so happy to see him so happy and thank all of you for your good wishes and support.    

I’ve got a fun contest planned giving away some of Ty’s shop’s surf gear and party swag bags so keep an eye out for the blog post which should be coming  soon with pics, news, and some killer giveaways.  And until then, enjoy your weekend and know that Ty and I are so grateful to have you all as friends!



  1. So glad the opening went well and you’re enjoying your time in Hawaii. Mac is still as cute as can be! Looking forward to future updates on Ty’s success. I’d love to get to Hawaii one of these days and test out my surf skills (which are probably non-existant haha). Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. I can’t believe how big Mac is getting! He is simply adorable! Glad to hear the opening was a success and you guys had a great time! I bet you’re exhausted!

  3. OK so when I think of myself trying to surf, I think of Flirting With Forty and the hilarious description of your first surfing lesson on land.. That was one of my all time favorite parts of a book and keeps me laughing every time I re-read it. Glad the grand opening was a success and your Mac is totally adorable

  4. love the picture!! isnt amazing how fast they grow? that’s great the opening was such a success. enjoy the rest of your time in hawaii….

  5. Just getting ready to go to bed and what a treat to see your posting and the cute pic of Mac! What a cutie! Glad the big opening was a success.

  6. Hey Jane! Had a blast at the opening of Ty’s shop :0) Super fun time… you weren’t lying about it being a “crush”!! Did anybody take a head count?? LOL, soooooo many people. It was truly awesome!! Sorry I missed out on the shrimp platter.. heard it was killer today, lol. Love the pic of Mac too!! I can’t believe how long his hair is getting – but no surprise there. He’s such a cutie!! Have a safe trip back stateside ~

  7. So glad the opening went well. I wish you both continued success.

    Love the pic of Mac…he is so adorable.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  8. So glad you checked in with the precious pic of Mac and to let us know the big success with the party. I think Ty will have one hot shop (fun in the sun and income too!) and the grand opening will always be remembered by all who went there. What a special group you are…Ruth

  9. Happy to hear Ty’s opening went well!!

    Mac is such a cutie! He’s getting cuter and cuter as he gets older.

  10. I am so happy everything went well with Ty’s grand opening!

    Mac is really growing up, he is such a cutie! Take care!

  11. Congratulations on a wonderful grand opening! Mac is just a doll. I can just imagine that he is the center of attention. A happy child is a direct reflection of its parents!

  12. Congratulations on the grand opening success. Mac is getting even cuter, if that’s possible. They grow so fast, don’t they?

  13. So glad the opening went great! sooooo wanted to be there 🙂 Congratulations!and very cute pic of Mac! Have a great week!

  14. Yay on the opening going so well. I hope all continues to go smoothly with the shop. Mac is getting so big. He looks like he’s ready to go surfing! Has he been on a board yet?

  15. so glad to hear the opening went really well. mac is an angel, and he is growing up so fast. take care and enjoy!

  16. Sounds like a fun time was had by all! Hope that the shop continues to be a success and hope I someday get to see it for myself!

    Always love seeing Mac! He is just too cute for words!

  17. Awesome to hear about the event going well… Can’t believe how big Mac is getting. I miss those days with my kids… Enjoy the rest of your stay with Ty…

    Take care,

  18. glad to hear ty’s opening went well, not sure how else it will go…now for pics of “the boys” on some boards woulf be a nice post. hope all your boys, bigger and little, are doing great and keeping you busy.

  19. So happy that it went well. Mac is adorable and I think you both are so lucky to have him. And he is lucky to have you two. He is a little surfer boy!! Enjoy your time there. Wish you all well. Cannot wait for the pictures and all the news of the opening. Bet your fans were happy to see you too. Bye for now. cat

  20. Jane, I am do glad the opening was all you and Ty hoped for. I am with Mac the surf shop has got to be the coolest place for a little guy to hang out. I bet you can’t wait for summer to spend most of your time in Hawaii. I don’t know how Mac does it, but he just keeps getting cuter.

  21. What a grea picture of Mac, he’s such a cute baby!!

    I’m glad to hear that the grand opening of the shop went so well.

  22. Glad everything went well… little Mac is growing so fast, good looking little guy! Enjoy the rest of your time in Hawaii!

  23. Really, really wish we could have been there for the opening, but so glad it was such a success! And those cheeks of Mac’s………..they are so stinkin’ kissable!

  24. Jane! It was so fun to see you last Thursday! I have to say that the shop is definitely in a good spot (so close to the beach!). I’m happy it was a great success. I’ll definitely be stand up paddleboarding soon, since I was so inspired! Cute pic of Mac! Take care, Shaun

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