Surf Shop Party

Well, I promised the pics from the party and here they are!  You can find a ton more on Ty’s surf school facebook page as well as various other places, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites here.  It was a great party—although on the hot (sweltering?) side–but so fun to see all of Ty’s friends there.

insert caption here.
Jane, Kellie, Janelle, and Ty
insert caption here
Ty playing bartender
insert caption here


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Also as promised–a fun contest for those of you who don’t live in Hawaii.  I’ve got two of the swag bags from the opening night celebration, plus chocolate macadamia nuts, plus coffee, plus more good stuff that I know you’ll love.  How to win?  Just post a comment and tell me how you’re doing or what you’re reading and that’s it–you’re entered!  Contest will run through Saturday night midnight PST and I’ll announce the two winners Sunday morning.  Good luck and aloha!


  1. I wish I could have been there…the shop looks great and I could definitely use a break from studying for final exams! Hope you’re having a wonderful trip!

  2. I just finished “Sophia’s Key” and “On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” and loved them both. I have started another one but it isn’t grabbing me. I wish I had “Gone Country” to jump into but I will have to find something else for now.
    The photos are great – love your dress, the fancy halter neckline is stunning! You and Ty are a beautiful couple.

  3. Heya Jane!! *waving* Oh I wish I was there! You guys looked like you had a wonderful time. Big Crowd! You were dressed really cute too. The shop looks great. Yeah, you two did it! Fantastic!! 🙂 I’m so happy for you!

    I think I’m SEA-SICK!! 🙁 I hear the ocean calling my name. I need to be near my ocean; I need to feel the breeze, see the wave and hear the of sea gulls and the ocean waves One thing you can do for me please Jane….Wiggle your toes in the sand for me. LoL! 🙂

    1. JANE

  4. Hey there, Jane!
    Nice books piled up at the end of the bar! Great idea!
    I am finding my house today (and preparing food), as two girlfriends are visiting tomorrow. I will also be finishing a poem and card for my sister’s 40th anniversary (where does the time go?), working on our income taxes (not due till April 30th in Canada), and getting ready to play in a badminton tournament with my daughter on Tuesday!
    I just started reading Barbara Hannay’s EXPECTING MIRACLE TWINS (and hope I get back to it by Wednesday).

  5. Looks like a fun time was had by all. You looked great Jane!
    I’m reading True Colors by Kristin Hannah. Looking forward to reading SGC (She’s Gone Country)this summer.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Love the pictures! Looks like a fun time was had by all. I just finished reading Gotcha! by Christie Craig and couldn’t put it down, a real page-turner. Hoping to relax a little this weekend.

  7. What a nice looking couple you and Ty make! How exciting for him to open his ship.

    I’m currently re-reading Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips!! I needed a lift, and she’s always so funny.

  8. I’m reading Tough To Tame by Diana Palmer right now. I’m also trying to overcome my spring allergies right now, so coughing and sneezing are the order of the day. I would love to visit Hawaii sometime, it looks beautiful.

  9. Great pics! Looks like it was a wonderful party. I’m currently reading Wake Up Dead by Roger Smith. It’s a pretty gritty mystery.

  10. Hi Jane, the pics look awesome. You don’t have to enter me in the contest. I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I really enjoy coming to your blog so I could learn more about you and your books.

    I am reading lots of books right now: Evanovich’s Fingerlickin’ Fifteen; Robyn Carr’s Moonlight Road, it is so hard to let go of those characters, so I am holding on to them as long as I can; Total Control by David Baldacci; Tempted by Kristin and P.C. Cast; Lavendar Morning by Jude Devereaux, and a couple more. I like variety. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  11. Hi Jane!

    It’s so great to see these wonderful photos of Ty’s surf shop party and especially that gorgeous one of the two of you together! Thanks for sharing. I have to say it’s awesome to hear that you’re so happy.

    I’m doing fine, thanks. I’m looking for a full-time job, blogging quite regularly, spending some quality time with my family because I may be moving back to Toronto this summer, and am very excited about going to see my beloved Craig Ferguson do his stand up comedy show at Massey Hall in Toronto next weekend! This weekend I’m participating in a ragweed allergy study at Kingston General Hospital to earn some money for my trip to Toronto – what I won’t do to myself for Craig Ferguson! We’ve had a very early spring in Kingston, Ontario and the pollen in the air has been torturing me for weeks now but I haven’t been able to take anything for it because of the study. As soon as I leave the hospital on Saturday afternoon I’ll be swallowing some Reactin finally!

    It’s also my 7-year-old niece and nephew’s 1st Communion on Sunday (their father is Catholic so they are being raised Catholic) so it’s a big affair followed by a family luncheon at my sister’s home so it should be fun.

    I’m reading several books at the moment including A Band of Roses by Pat McDermott, Thaw by Fiona Robyn and The Saint and The Fasting Girl by Anna Richenda (the first two I’m reading in .PDF format on the computer and online in a blog). My stack of to be read books is getting higher and higher all the time.

    Well, that’s probably more than enough for now! I finally figured out how to operate a Google Reader so I won’t miss out on any of your blogs anymore.

    Take good care and have a fantastic weekend!

    Love Christine xox

  12. Beautiful pics!! Your dress is gorgeous. Ty and you look so happy. Wish I could have been there.
    I am reading Espresso Shot by Cleo Coyle. This is my first book by this author. It is a mystery. I think I am going to like it.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather in Hawaii.
    We are expecting a beautiful weekend here. So–I will be outside enjoying some sunshine!!

  13. What great pics. Ty’s shop looks fabulous. I am reading The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers by Angie Fox.

  14. Congratulations! Your happiness is contagious–has Ty quit smiling yet? I love the picture of the two of you together. You make us all smile : ) Jane, your dress is fantastic with that unique neckline. You look stunning! I wish you both much success and continued happines!

    Here in Virginia, “Spring has sprung”! Just enough rain to turn everything green, and the grass seemed to grow six inches in one night! So much to do, but I will still find time to read and access my PC! My cats are already back outside most of the time now, lazing in the sun and looking most content!

  15. looks like a fun party! thanks for sharing the pictures. right now i am reading chesley handler’s book. it is keeping me entertained at the moment!

  16. First let me say I LOVE reading your blogs. I feel as though I have friends all around the world when I step into these blogs.It’s nice to leave Kansas even if it is only briefly in my imagination. Hawaii sounds wonderful I can’t wait to go there one day. It is on my list of goals for after I finish college around my 41st birthday. Right now I am preparing for finals in my first semester of college.I still need to read My Favorite Mistake by Beth Kendrick(my sister snatched it while on spring break)and write a 3 page persuasive essay for Eng.1

  17. Jane, it looks like you guys had a blast-Congatulations! I am doing fabulous today, it’s my Birthday and my daughters don’t have school. So we will be having a fun filled day! 🙂 Right now I am reading “The Shack” by William P. Young.

  18. Hi Jane,
    Looked like a great party! I’m looking forward to the weekend…I love weekends. I am reading In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner. This is a book I have had on my shelf forever and just never picked it up. I am really enjoying it. I love it when I find a book by an author that is new to me and I get hooked. Thank you for sharing your talent. I love to read!!!!!

  19. I’m sorry I missed the opening!

    I am currently reading ‘The Memory Keeper’s Daughter’ (Kim Edwards) and have ‘Everyone Else’s Girl’ (Megan Crane) and ‘The Opposite of Me’ (Sarah Pekkanen) in the line-up. I have such a hard time picking books that I would enjoy, I am always happy to check out what others here are reading!

    As soon as school and an Honor Society meeting are over this afternoon, we are off to the Washington State Math Competition. This should provide a big block of time to get some reading done. Good luck to the competitors!

  20. as of right now i am waiting to take my little one to preschool to come back home and enjoy some quiet time!

    saw the pics over at facebook and it made me super jealous- would of loved to have been there and can’t wait till my next trip to hawaii!! {whenever that will be 🙂 }

  21. Looks like a fabulous party! I have been very busy lately with spring come a lot of yard work but I love it! I am reading Fire at Midnight right now and loven it! You are looking good Jane!

  22. Great shots, looks like a fun party!

    I just picked up my much-awaited copy of Mrs. Perfect from Chapters yesterday…. and I read it! I loved Marta and Tiana in Odd Mom Out and Easy on the Eyes and am impatiently waiting for Shey’s story. I hadn’t realized until a couple of weeks ago that Mrs. Perfect was related and I had to order it as it wasn’t in my store (now they have four copies).

    I really enjoyed it. Love the women in this series of books, love how they evolve and deal with their issues. One of my favourite passages is when Taylor and Lucy leave the book club… the sentiment of not doing something because it’s no longer fun hit me… we do too much stuff because we feel we have to rather than because it’s enjoyable.

    Anyway, since I gobbled up Mrs. Perfect, I think I’ll revisit Ken Follett’s World Without End this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend yourself.

  23. Hey Jane – looks like an awesome time!
    This weekend, I’ve got a special event with NJRW with Madeline Hunter doing an all-day seminar. Looking forward to it. I’m listening to the audiobook for Lisa Kleypas’ SMOOTH-TALKING STRANGER, a slow-going process as 1 year ipod kicked the bucket this week and I’m in the molasses pace of waiting for its replacement to arrive.

    Have a marvelous weekend!

  24. Ty’s shop looks great! Still wish we could have been there to celebrate.

    If you haven’t read anything by Adriana Trigiani, go now and get one of her books! I just finished Lucia, Lucia! and I really enjoyed it. Her stories (at least the ones I’ve read so far) tend to be very bittersweet, but satisfying. Really, go read one now!

  25. Hey Jane,

    Glad to see it all went well. It was great to see your updated blog and pictures. You look great even though you mentioned that it was very hot.Love your sundress!

    I have just picked up a copy of Odd Mom Out and I plan on starting it this weekend.

  26. Great pictures. Congratulations on the opening night.

    Just finished Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife . . . now I’m off to see grandbaby!

    Have a great weekend!

  27. Jane,

    We are busy here in NJ with baseball and softball starting up. Which will make my schedule truly hectic. But it makes my kids and hubby happy so that makes me happy 🙂 And I will see you in 2 weeks!! Can’t wait! Almost want to start packing now!! Probably won’t have too much time to read anything until my plane ride across the country!! Thanks for sharing the pics of the party. Everything looks so nice. The pic of you and Ty is so sweet. See you soon!!

  28. What a great room – beautiful and so many beautiful people tooo…sigh…great dress too! Right this instant I ought to be cleaning up …the whole house, instead I am sitting here goofing off and nursing some very sore glutes and biceps from a body pump class (trying not to think of chocolate) I’ve been reading “The Wisdom of Meno pause” by Christiane Northrup. A fantastic book, and I need to get her other ones too! So much I did not know and really need to know. Arthur C Clarke “Songs of distant earth” too and a third read of Neal Gaiman ” American gods”. And are waiting for “She’s gone country ” Yeah !!

  29. Wow, great pics! Looks like you and Ty had tons of fun! I am getting over a horrible cold, so I’ve been better. The worst thing about being sick, is I can’t see my Grandkids. I snuck out last night and watched a few min. of my Grandaughter’s T-Ball game. So cute and fun! 🙂 Right now I am reading “The Lovely Bones.” Pretty intense!

  30. The opening looks like a big success. Congratulations! I have been doing a lot of yard work since everything is growing like crazy.

  31. Oh, how I wish I could have been there. That would have been a wonderful excuse to visit Hawaii! Looks like it was a complete success! Right now I am not reading anything. 🙁 I need to make a trip to the bookstore soon. I’ve been consumed with work lately. Now that the weather is starting to get nice, I can’t wait to get out and plant some flowers and a vegetable garden! I love Summertime!

  32. Looks like you all had a blast. Glad to here and see it was a great evening.

    Reading…I have 2 sides.

    Mommy time reading with my 7 yr old would be the 2nd book of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Funny, can’t help but laugh out loud. And my other side would be “adult” reading time. I just finished reading about Rou and Zayed last night. Loved it! Haven’t chosen which team I’m on yet. TEAM ZAYED or TEAK LUKE!

    As for this weekend, 2 softball games and the start of “Fiesta San Antonio”. 11 days of fun, eating, music and several parades. Basically San Antonio shuts down. Tonight I plan on going to ‘Oyster Bake’ @ St. Mary’s Univ. to see Loverboy. One of many concerts, Sunday it will be Pat Benatar @ SeaWorld. Can’t wait.

  33. Getting ready to make about 18 pounds of strawberries into freezer jam! And tomorrow heading to ToysRUs with a zillion other kids to watch my granddaughter have fun. Busy, tiring, and yet exhilerating.

  34. Hi Jane,
    I am just about finished with Under the Dome by Steven King – it’s a long one, but interesting.

  35. Hi Jane!
    Great pics. Wish I could have been there. When we do get to Hawaii I am definitely taking surfing lessons from Ty’s shop!

    I just finished Get Lucky by Katherine Center.
    Have a great week!

  36. Dear Jane,
    My mother loved meeting you last night and thank you for the nice note and autograph. I look forward to meeting you too. I hope you can come to one of my book club meetings and talk to the other girls. Mom said you are very inspiratonal. It would be great to meet a successful female author live and in person!

    I really like the photos and I love your dress. I hope to surf in Hawaii with Ty someday like my best friend’s mom Julie did. Hang ten!

  37. Jane, you look fantastic in those fun pictures of the successful opening. Yea!

    You don’t need to count me for the prizes either. I just couldn’t sit by and not say something about the new shop–really nice–and the pictures of you and Ty–such a cute couple!

    Also, thanks for all the book suggestions from others. I am reading The Elusive Bride by Stephanie Laurens right now. It is the second in her The Black Cobra Quartet. Like everyone else, I am so looking forward to She’s Gone Country when it comes out.

  38. Jane…Looks like you guys had a very fun time! I miss chatting with you and need to keep in touch with you more often! I am so excited for your next book to come out I cant even keep calm! Right now Im reading a book called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Sometimes in this day of life ya just need to stay grounded and united with the Lord and keep a good heart! Hope all is well and kiss that gorgeous baby for me!

    Blessings, Heather from Montana

  39. looks like it was a fantastic time and great party; kudos to you and Ty.

    love the swag bags idea; would love one myself.

    I am so much better now that what they found on my annual mammogram wasn’t a concern but am to have another one in 6 months. Cancer was scary enough once, thank you.

  40. Getting ready to start reading a Jane Austin Novel for Ethics class.

    Really exicted though for tomorrow as my daughter’s cheer team is performing at the Spokane Shock half-time show!!!

  41. Hi Jane,

    Looks like the opening was quite a success! I finally took a night off from school work tonight and went to the staff softball game then out to dinner with the team followed by playing games at one of their houses. It reminded me just how important it is to continue to make time for friends even when I feel like I need to give all my attention to school work. I am glad there’s only a few more weeks til graduation so then I can improve the balance of work time and me time. Hope all is well with you!


  42. Hi Jane! Great pics! I saw them when Ty posted them on his FB and it looked like a blast! Makes me want to be in Hawaii real bad! I’m in the middle of 50 hour work weeks. 🙁 I should be grateful I suppose. Its exhausting though. I’m in the middle of “EAT, PRAY, LOVE” Can’t wait till the Julia Roberts movie comes out!!!! Hope you’re doing well! Mac is just a-dor-a-ble!!!!! Take care.

  43. Thanks for sharing all the pics and looked like you all had a great time. I am happy for all of you. Wish the new store well. You both make a lovely and fun couple. Loved your dress and especially the neck piece. Right now I am in my nightgown and so thankful to have a night off. I work oncall 15 hours overnight 5 nights a week at a local hospital and I am busy every day. Tonight I am off and am on purpose ignoring all the housework and laundry etc in my messy house. Oh well. Only the cat sees it! hahaha What am I reading…well, I am surrounded by all these wonderful different genre books and have no time to read. I have one of yours ordered and it is on the way. I almost finished one by Cathy Williams…afraid to type the title…”The Mutli-Millionaire’s Virgin Mistress…better than it sounds. About to start The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and a few others….some from the eharlequin site and others from mystery to mainstream to the mystical. Romance to murder…anything that intrigues me I buy and try. Tonight I have been reading a story online by a few unpublished writers that I follow. Some of my favorite stories the last few years have been on the internet written by those who have no interest in publishing but write for the sheer love of it. I contribute with a valued critique but my own stories languish in notebook limbo. Too tired to care right now but am okay with that..for now. Again, best wishes. Have fun. Take care. radcat38

  44. It seems like an AWESOME party Jane ! Congrats to you and Ty 🙂

    I’m fine here, after one week of my Grandma passed away, everything seems getting back to normal.
    I’m reading Firespell by Chloe Neill at this moment. And i love it !

  45. Aloha, Jane…What a fabulous party! Congrats once again to Ty on the opening of his surf shop/school! You two look wonderful…and even more so together;) I had a delightful…no, “enchanting” day with my Son and 3 month old
    Grand-baby-son this afternoon when they came to visit. Hugs all around…such smiles, cuddles, and “talking” sounds. Finished reading “Drive” by Daniel Pink yesterday. Getting ready for a visit here Saturday night and Sunday with another terrific Son and his lovely Fiancee. Life is good…really Great even though being in Hawaii would be therapeutic, soothing,… I can hear the music now and smell the sweet fragrance of plumeria…ahhh. Hope you are enjoying every minute of your time there. Aloha

  46. Great pictures!
    Right now I’m reading Touch Me by Lucy Monroe and so far I’m really enjoying it. I rarely read historical romance but Lucy Monroe is one of my favorite author so I try to read all her books and I have all 3 books in the series for years now but for some reason never found the time to read them until now.

    Good luck to Ty with his new store!

  47. Since I’m at work in the land of cubicles and carpal tunnel, I’m staring enviously at the surf shop photos. Mighty congratulations on Ty’s new shop. I know you’re a big part of his happiness and success.

  48. Great pictures! Gorgeous couple. I’m recovering from the Bon Jovi concert. I have NO VOICE! I bet some sun, sand and salt air would bring it back….

  49. I’m reading Sweet Temptation by Maya Banks. I really like this series. Looks like a great party! Awesome pics!

  50. Hi Jane, Looks like you had a fun party. Thanks for the great pictures.
    I’m reading King of the Desert, Captive Bride, while waiting for She’s Gone Country 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

  51. Wish I could be in Hawaii…

    Wish I could be reading too. Instead I have been working up to 12 hours per day 🙁 I have been reading the same book, “The Last Song”, for over a month… absolutely not like me. I am hoping that things will slow down soon… but it doesn’t look too promising.

    Have a great week!

  52. Hi Jane! I love the photos, looks like such a great party. I wish Ty’s surf shop was in Laguna or La Jolla or even Malibu as that would be SOOO much easier for me to get to than Oahu!! Oh well…

    I am reading House Rules by Jodi Picoult; so far its very good. I’m loving the style of this book where each chapter is written from the first-person perspective of each of the characters. This is the first I’ve read of her novels (I know–where have I been?).

    I’ve made a new friend who’s an avid reader. I’m finding we have a lot in common, so it’s been fun getting new reads from her.

    Today we have Little League and tomorrow church and homework with my middle schooler.

    Have a great weekend with your guys!!
    Shannon in Tustin

  53. Hi Jane,
    It looks from the pictures that the party was a success.
    I am so glad it all turned out as you hoped it did.

    Today I took my mother grocery shopping.
    I have been reading Sandra Hill’s Viking in love. It is a really fun story.

  54. Looks like fun! hope to get to Hawaii some day and visit. We are spending the weekend at home and getting caught up with some housework and yardwork! Re-reading a favorite Nora Roberts trilogy!

  55. What a great time everyone was having. Many well wishes to Ty for continued success!

    I have been reading Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song and Three Weeks With My Brother. Fun easy reads. I must get these done because as I am getting ready for a new book coming August 23.

  56. Jane, you look gorgeous!!!! Love your dress.

    I spent the day dusting everything and anything that stood still because I got this cool new microfiber dusting wand.

    I’m reading my first Michael Palmer book–Silent Treatment.

  57. I’m so happy for you and for Ty! I’m planning a 5 day girl’s surf trip for Labor day weekend. Will definitely check out the shop, and tell my friends who live there. Hope it’s a huge sucess!

  58. Have really enjoyed following your blogs after discovering your books! Glad the party was a success! Looks like fun was had by all. I am finishing up the Sookie Stackhouse novels (Dead and Gone) by Charlaine Harris. Looking forward to Shay’s story this summer.

  59. Love the pictures! I have a friend heading to Hawaii in a few weeks and I told her that she needed to stop by Ty’s shop! 🙂 As for what I’m reading right now…just started “Believe” by Victoria Alexander. I’m only about 5 pages in, so no idea how I like it yet…lol Have a great weekend, Jane!

  60. Today is my birthday so I’ve been celebrating by going shopping with my daughter, then went to dinner her treat, had a really goodtime. My son came home from fishing and gave me cash for me to do whatever I want. Now, I’m relaxing, reading a book called Like A Hurricane, by Roxanne St. Claire. I like all the pitures but my favorite is of you and your husband, you make a cute couple. All three brothers called from a place that I worked at in Ill. a good place to eat, it was a surprise to hear from them and to talk with a few old friends, too. It made my day! It looks like your having a great time.

  61. I wish I could have been in Hawaii, too, Jane! What a wonderful party! I’m currently reading the latest Jodi Picoult book, House Rules. Her books are very thought provoking and a change of pace from what I usually read. I can’t wait for “She’s Gone Country”! 🙂 I can’t wait to get back to Hawaii, also. Have a great rest of the weekend!

    1. Hi Kay:
      I just started that book earlier this week (about 100 pages ago); I love it!! I wish I wasn’t so worn down because I could easily read and read and ready…sleep usually wins out eventually.
      Happy Reading,
      Shannon in Tustin

      1. Hey, Shannon!

        Congrats on winning one of the bags! I just had to let you know that I am having a hard time putting down “House Rules”. I noticed in your post that it is the first book by Jodi Picoult that you have read. I have read a lot of them and I like some more than others. The first one I read was “Change of Heart” and it is still one of my favorites. They are all thought provoking, but that one is incredible! I definitely recommend it if you get a chance to read it. Happy reading to you, too.


  62. Loved the pictures Jane. Especially the one of the two of you. Congratulations to Surfer Ty for following his dreams…….

    Busy weekend cleaning, organizing and getting ready for a big family BBQ tomorrow, celebrating my mother in law’s 70th birthday.


  63. Loved the pictures Jane. Especially the one of the two of you. Congratulations to Surfer Ty for following his dreams…….

    Busy weekend cleaning, organizing and getting ready for a big family BBQ tomorrow, celebrating my mother in law’s 70th birthday.

  64. Happy Sunday, everyone!

    I am here to announce the winners of the Ty Gurney Surf School & Board Shop Grand Opening party swag bag winners!

    As you know I always want to give away more than what I’m supposed to so I’ve put together a couple extra ‘runner up’ prizes so I could give away more goodies than planned. We still have the two original winners, but now we have 4 runner up winners who also have won swag bags…just smaller!

    So without further delay, here are the 2 winners:

    #8 Kieran

    #58 Shannon

    and the 4 runner up winners:

    #2 Kathy Gee

    #30 Mary Norman

    #50 Mary J

    #65 Karen

    Will all 6 winners please send me their mail address as soon as possible so I can get your TGSS swag bags in the mail!!

    Congrats and aloha!


    1. Hi Jane!! I’m SO excited to have won!

      I feel like you and I have a lot in common. I too had a island romance with a much younger Hawaiian surfer, which sadly, ended recently. I’m a screenwriter in LA and the title of my first script was “Gone Country”, and my best and oldest/dearest friend has the same birthday as you! Aquarian girls make good friends. 🙂
      Thanks for the goodies, I’m looking forward to them!
      Mahalo and Aloha,

    2. Hi Jane, I was so excited I just went ahead and wrote a note without having hit the “Reply” key…so please scroll down to #74. It may be in the wrong place but it is still sincere! MJ

  65. Yippee! Thank you sooo much, Jane!
    Just like Karen, “I’m so excited to have won”;) How exciting also to read your latest blog about your keynote address…will be looking forward to seeing the photos and would like to read about what you said in your talk. Thank you in advance for the goodie bag…being #50 was really good luck for me with Hawaii being the 50th state. (p.s. We had a fabulous time Sunday with our Son and his Fiancee.)

  66. I’ve been really busy planting my flowers and pulling the weeds I think at times they grow faster then the flowers..
    Can’t wait until your new book is realeased in Aug.
    Wow I can’t believe your son is 1

  67. I’m currently reading Susan Wiggs “The Summer Hideaway.” The party looks like it was fun.

  68. Hi Jane!
    I have read all of your books as of last week, having just finished Easy on the Eyes. It was great! I can’t wait for “She’s gone Country” to come out. I already pre-prdered it. I guess I will need to re- read one of your books until it comes out!
    We are in southern New Jersey, enjoying thew nice weather after the blizzards this past winter.
    We had only one miniature horse baby this year, as one of the mares lost one. Pics of Coastal Storm(Stormy) are on my web site… gee, I wonder where that name came from after this winter!
    Keep up the great writing, but take time out to ENJOY!
    Robin Russo

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