Another Bug

Apologies for not posting a new blog sooner but I’ve been sick–and traveling–for the past week and am still congested and snuffling and coughing. Mac, of course, came down with the cold, too. I knew it Saturday when he started to act a little crankier than he normally is and then Sunday he was feverish and slept most of the day.

I forgot how little guys pick up everything and pass everything on. So far no one else is getting hit as hard as I am. Not sure why. Immune system might not be as good as it could be.

On the positive side, since I can’t focus long enough to write, I have been working on book tour for the fall and doing some pre-book publicity stuff. I’m really looking forward to the week I’ll spend in Texas in mid-October, and then I’ll return to Dallas again mid November for the DFW Tea Group’s Readers’n’Ritas weekend.

So far I have late August events scheduled in  Palo Alto, Sacramento, Fresno, Pasadena, and Las Vegas. And then in September through November I’ll be doing events in Bellevue, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Katy/Houston, with possible events in four to five more states. Keep an eye on my events page here on my site for full details, and of course, I’ll share info here, too.

Mac is yanking on my t-shirt as I type and howling up at me so I better go be a good mom and give him some TLC. But first,  please do tell me how you are, what you’re doing or reading, and just like that, you’re entered in my Another Bug Contest. I’m going to draw ten winners for this one, and I’ve got great prizes, so you’ll want a chance to win. Contest runs through Friday night and I’ll announce the winners Saturday morning! Talk to me and stay healthy!

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