Carlsbad & Mother’s Day Plans

When my son Ty heads off to college in seven years or so, Mac and I will be relocating to San Diego and Ty Gurney will open a surf shop there and we’ll finally all be under one roof in one house. Ty will keep his Hawaii Surf School & Board Shop but he’ll also have some California locations and I like to think that I’ll one day open a fun indie bookstore that’s next door to Ty’s Board Shop called “Beach Girl Books” and it’ll be a store full of fun reads–romance, romantic suspense, women’s fiction, mysteries, popular commercial fiction. I will be hosting signings and throw fun theme parties and make sure writers who write great beach reads know they are welcome any time.

While in San Diego we took drives and walks and ate more burritos than we should have. One day we headed to La Jolla with Ty’s parents for lunch, while on another day Ty looked and looked for a cool Bing or Hap Jacobs board but in the end bought an amazing new Becker long board to keep at his folks house so that when we’re visiting he can surf. After finding the board, Ty surfed twice and the second morning while he surfed, I pushed Mac for a walk along the Carlsbad seawall. Mac pointed and called to every single dog….and there were a lot.


Mac and Mom in La Jolla overlooking the cave.


Mac testing out Dad’s new surfboard.

We headed to Carlsbad to celebrate an early Mother’s Day with Ty’s mom but now we’re back in Washington and getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day with my boys this weekend. I see a box has arrived from one of my favorite stores and brunch reservations have been made for Sunday. Mac is now over his cold and so much fun again! I’m so excited to be sharing Mother’s Day with all three boys and Surfer Ty this year.

Tell me what you’ll be doing this weekend–either for Mother’s Day or just weekend plans–and you’ll be entered in my Mother’s Day Contest which is really really good this year as one of you will have the chance to win a bound galley of She’s Gone Country. That’s right. This is your chance to get a much anticipated look at my new book about Shey and her family—now. There will be one grand prize winner that gets the galley and sweets and treats and fun goodies, and then there will be two other winners that get great goodies but no book. Want a chance to win? Share with me your weekend plans, make sure to enter by Sunday night midnight PST, and Monday morning I’ll announce the winners Monday morning.

Good luck and I do hope it’s going to be a wonderful weekend for all!


  1. well i am hosting a brunch for all the ladies in my family. so fri and sat i will be shopping, cleaning, and cooking for sunday. then we will see what dad and the little one have planned for later….happy mother’s day to all

  2. My oldest daughter has to work both Saturday and Sunday so we will probably get together Friday evening to celebrate Mothers Day. I’m sure dinner will be involved. My youngest daughter is expecting baby #3 in a little over a month (if she makes it that long) so I’m sure it will be a quiet celebration of motherhood. Then on Sunday I will call my mother and my best friend Nancy to wish them a Happy Mothers Day. Nancy and I were both divorced mothers so every Mothers and Fathers day we call and wish each other the best since we were mostly mother and father to our kids. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend.

  3. Hey Jane,
    No big plans for Mother’s Day. I’m due a gift certificate for a pedicure, but I’m not actually doing that Mother’s Day.
    I just wanted to say I love your bookstore idea! I wish more independent bookstores featured women’s fiction.
    You can find some that feature mystery or science fiction (both of which I enjoy) but one with romance is rare. . .

  4. Iron Man 2 for Mum’s Day, and maybe just enjoying the weekend instead of rushing here and there trying to get things done for the addition.

    Enjoy your Mum’s day.


  5. My young adult kids are away for the weekend. My husband is off work for a change. It’ll probably be just another day with my MIL visiting and going out for supper, although I plan on reading at least one book and having a long soak in the tub later on!
    As for all your plans, I applaud you! I’ve never been one to make long-range plans, but I imagine with your businesses, husband, and kids, it is a necessity. I’ve gone with the flow, trying to be flexible through the years. If it ain’t broke, I don’t fix it! I’ve been fortunate to live under the same roof as my husband and kids all these years (married 29 years), plus we have all of my husband’s siblings (x5) within an hour’s drive from our home. Yup. We’re lucky.

  6. What delightful and sweet photos. I enjoyed hearing about your future plans. They sound wonderful. For Mother’s Day I am planning a brunch outside in the backyard. Sunny, warm day with family around and lunch in the beauty of the garden.

  7. I will be sending packages to my Mum and my mother-in-law… not sure yet what they will be though! For myself, my four kids generally get it right with cards, garden stuff and books, and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed this year.

    And finally, I am treating myself to six days in Halifax, Nova Scotia, visiting my best friend. I leave on Wednesday and I can’t wait. A visit with Laura is always great girl time… she has a lovely home on a lake, a jacuzzi and makes marvelous margaritas. We go for dinner, shop, go to the movies and the Atlantic ocean is 20 min away so a walk on the beach is in the offing. And we talk…. I can’t wait and this is my mother’s day treat for me!

  8. i’m getting the best of both worlds this weekend. a trip away from the kids, the hubs is running in the mini marathon down in indy. we come back on sunday to celebrate with the kids 🙂

  9. I haven’t really made plans for the weekend other then getting my MIL something and maybe visiting them for a while! I have been moving my son home from college so I am still trying to get thing put away from that. It has been a job!

  10. Happy early Mother’s Day!
    I’m getting a massage Sunday morning!!! Then we’re going up to Baltimore to see my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews. My mother-in-law will be there too.

  11. I love your long range plans to move to San Francisco…and book store. It’s a beautiful goal! I would have trouble waiting 7 years.

    My husband asked me last night what I’d like to do for Mother’s Day…I told him, “I’d like to have your Mom and my Mom for supper, Sunday…it’s already organized!”

    I don’t need a big deal on Mother’s Day, just the amazing crafts my kids make at school, a card from my husband, and having the family all together. And oh yes, I just bought myself a pretty silver chain with “Mom” charm…my mother’s day treat to myself!

    Have a great Mother’s Day Jane!

  12. P.S. Ooops, I forgot to mention that the bound galley of your new book would also be a fantastic Mother’s Day Gift!

  13. This weekend for Mother’s Day I will packing our house. We have recently bought a home and are getting ready for the move. Not glorious but neccesary. So my weekend will be filled with cardboard boxes, packing tape and Sharpies! 🙂 I know you are all jealous! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!!!



  14. So glad you had a fun trip Jane and are now back home. Your future plans sound fantastic! Hope you have the best Mother’s Day yet this weekend. No big plans for us with one grown son and DIL in CO and the other one out of town, but I don’t mind. I know they love me and I love them! My husband helped me make lasagna today and we had fun being together in the kitchen. I say enjoy your good times when they come along!

  15. This year, I’d love to have a quiet, simple Mother’s Day. I’m inviting my mother over for brunch which the children will cook (They’re 10, 11 and 14), rent “The Blind Side” as I still haven’t seen it, and just sit back, relax and enjoy doing a whole lot of nothing (which is so very unusual!). 🙂

    PS: I love your bookstore idea! That would be amazing!

  16. Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you get to enjoy and spend the day with the ones you love.

    I’m planning to work in the yard and go out to dinner. Also planning to do some reading while sitting out in the warm sun. Looking forward to it all.

  17. Well i actually have no plans. My hubby who is a truck driver will be home monday night so maybe there is some surprise lurking for me then but i’m not counting on it. lol More than likely i will be doing laundry and cleaning Sunday. My youngest( age 7) already gave his mothers day present a cute painted picture of flower he made at school. The older two i’m not even sure if they realize it’s mothers day this weekend. My oldest has prom Sat so i’m hoping to take him and his girlfriend to lake Huron ( 10 miles from my house) for some nice beach pics.

    That’s about it.

    Have a great mother’s day weekend Jane. Mac is so darn cute you just want to hug him.


  18. Hi Jane!

    I loved hearing about your future plans, sounds wonderful!

    No big plans for the weekend here. Hubby is out of the country. I know the kids already have cards. We have a baby shower to attend and church on Sunday. Hope to relax and enjoy the nice weather out on the back deck. Would love to read Shey’s story early!

  19. No big plans for us, except to enjoy some family time (hopefully outside in the sunshine since we’re supposed to catch a break this weekend in the Seattle area). I imagine my 6 and 2 year olds will be making me breakfast with Daddy’s help. Jane, I love love LOVE your plan for the booksstore in San Diego. What a beautiful vision to hold in your heart and look forward to!

  20. Jane,
    Oh…San Diego looks like so much fun. I love that place and to be able to move there would be heaven. Your ideas sound so wonderful.

    For the weekend – can’t spend it with my mom as she is in AZ but will do a mothers day with her at the end of the month.

    I will spend it with my two beautiful daughters and they suggested the brunch or dinner and I asked if we could just do a movie – so that’s what we will be doing, after celebrating my daughters birthday Saturday night and the fact that she just found out she is pregnant. Yea!!

    Happy Mothers’ Day Jane.

  21. Hi Jane! You guys look so great. Mac is such a cutie. And such great plans for the future. I pray it all works out exactly the way you want it to.

    We’ll be going to church on Mother’s Day morning then after that I’m not really certain what the plan is for the day. I’m hoping for my children to be kind to each other for the whole day but that’s asking a lot LOL! I have one starting college in the fall and 3 more to go 🙂 They’ll all be graduated high school in 6 more years…I can do it!

    Be blessed my friend!

  22. I am pretty bummed. I HAD huge plans for this weekend. My Mom’s Birthday is Saturday and my Dad’s in Sunday. I had planned to have them over for dinner Friday evening. I invited a ton of people to come and surprise them and celebrate. Unfortunately, me and my kids are really sick and I had to cancel. I’m so sad, but will try to make it happen in a couple weeks. Since we are sick, I am just planning on having a nice Pajama day on Sunday…well, maybe all weekend. 😉

    I hope you and all the other Moms out there have a fabulous Mother’s Day! Love the pictures, Jane! This sounds like the most amazing giveaway, I can’t wait to get my hands on SGC! Happy Mother’s Day!

  23. Sounds like you had a great trip – busy but fun! On Sunday my husband and daughter will be cooking dinner (and hopefully cleaning up!) but have no big plans aside from that. Would definitely love the chance to read She’s Gone Country before it hits the bookstores!

    Happy Mothers Day to you.

  24. Love the pictures! It sounds like you have a great time in San Diego- I hope to visit there one day.
    Since I live in Israel it’s not Mother’s Day here but I do have plans for the weekend- tomorrow I’m planning to just sleep in late and read and if I won’t be too lazy I’ll go and do some shopping.
    On Saturday there is a very important soccer game and I plan to watch it- hopefully my team will win and they’ll be closer to winning the championship.
    I have to say that we don’t have Mother’s Day anymore- it’s called now Family Day it’s one day for all the family and not just for mom or dad like you have in USA.

  25. Wow Jane I love your posts. I feel so optimistic and a little romantice I guess when I read them.Mac ia adorable and am glad you are getting ready to spend a nice weekend with your boys. As for me I don’t think there are any plans. My soon to be ex never really celebrated Mother’s day so my kids don’t know to do a whole lot.If it is nice I will load a picnic and some fishing supplies and head to the lake.My youngest two are getting closer to me lately so I’m sure I will get momma snuggles.I think California will be a great place to be. I will look forward to visiting your shop in 7 or so years.I will officially put that on my list of goals..College, divorce,Florida, Career and then vacation in California to meet Jane. Have a Nice Mother’s day Jane.

  26. My plans for Mother’s Day are, Church then taking my mother out to eat and give her her Mother’s Day present.

  27. My Mother’s Day plans are, Church then take my mother out to eat and give her her Mother’s Day present.

  28. Hi Jane ~ Your plans sound great for this weekend! We plan to take a drive to a nice shopping center about an hour from where we live so I can take my son to see “Oceans”. Afterwards, we will go to dinner. This sounds odd, but I think we are going to a burger place. My husband and I have both lost weight over the last few months and are ready for a good burger!!

    I loved your San Diego plans. I can really see you operating your “Beach Girl Books” and thoroughly enjoying it. I hope to visit your store someday!!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  29. I love the pictures you posted! Sounds like such a lovely and relaxing time in San Diego. The weather was beautiful this week, wasn’t it??!! So glad for you.

    I can’t believe in 7 short years you’ll be in (short) driving distance. That will be awesome, Jane. I can pop by Beach Girl Reads whenever I am in the neighborhood! Fun stuff.

    I wanted a family beach day on Sunday, but our weather isn’t looking too cooperative. We’ll have to come up with other family plans. One thing that will NOT in my Sunday plans is cooking.

    I hope you have a great Mother’s Day with all your guys under one roof.
    Shannon in Tustin

  30. I will be at my son’s travel baseball tournament at 9:00a on Mother’s Day!!! I <3 BASEBALL, so that is ok. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  31. Precious pictures, Jane! For Mother’s Day some of my friends and family are getting together for brunch. I have a surprise mani/pedi and massage scheduled for my daughter’s after brunch. Should be tons of fun. We are going to just relax at home for the rest of the evening with a couple good movies and take out. Sounds perfect to me!
    Wishing all of you hard working, beautiful, strong, loving moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  32. Hi Jane!
    I haven’t posted anything in a while. Just busy with life and the beach house. Not complaining because I do love my life!

    This will be my first Mother’s Day without my oldest daughter being home with us! She is a Junior at Cal Poly, SLO and has to work ~ to she will be missed. I will be spending the day with my wonderful husband and my younger daughter, who is still at home with us and in high school. Going to a lovely brunch at my favorite little restaurant in Tulare, CA and later movies with my own mom and dad!
    No matter what we do the rest of the day……my life is as perfect as it can be and I am blessed to have 2 beautiful daughters and have them call me <3 MOM <3.
    Best title ever!
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day Jane!
    Your friend in the Central Valley!
    Kim Taylor

  33. Hi Jane! Happy Mother’s Day to you! I love Mother’s Day! This year it’s a bitter-sweet day. We are having a dinner for my mother-in-law. She just recently found out she has lung cancer and will have surgery on Tuesday. It’s a dangerous surgery and she will have to undergo chemo and radiation after besides being in assist care for 2 months. I hope to be able to spend some special time with my mom and of course my kiddos and my sweet little tater-bug of a granddaughter TuesDae’. Have a special day with yours, Lisa

    P.S. Mac is adorable!

  34. Happy Mother’s Day to you and hope you have a wonderful day with you boys and Ty. I’m not of my plans yet, but probaly spend them with my son Kenny and daughter Marian. Kenny has been fishing lately so he’ll probaly cook dinner for me. I’d love to spend time at the beach if the weather is nice, after we all go to church. So thats my plans for the day.

  35. Love the photos!

    Not sure what weekend plans we have. I leave Mother’s Day up to my dh and kids. With dh being recently laid off, I’m sure it will be a homemade Mother’s Day and that’s just fine with me.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  36. Final exams are finally over as of today, so I’m going home to spend the weekend with my mom!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful mother’s day!

  37. What great pictures! And I love your plans for the future, though they will take you away from all of us here in Washington who love you! We’ll all just have to come visit…keep the guest room made up. LOL!

    For Mother’s Day…I spent last night with my mother and grandmother, and Sunday, I plan to go to the Farmer’s Market in town and check out the new produce. Just a leisurely day with my family!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Jane!

  38. Jane,

    Saturday is filled with teeball and softball games and on Sunday we are going to a bbq at my little sister’s house as it is her first Mother’s day. My parents are driving up from down south NJ and my other sister will be there too. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

    Hope you enjoy every moment with all your boys this Mother’s day!!


  39. We are spending Saturday with my mother and mother-in-law for an early Mother’s Day and then will be home to spend Sunday together as a family. Hopefully the weather will stay as beautiful as it has been here! Enjoy your weekend!

  40. Breakfast at church hosted by the Knights of Columbus (and my husband) followed by a nice nap. 😉

  41. Great pics!!! Won’t be long til Mac is on a surf board.
    Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. I plan to enjoy a quiet weekend at home. We have not planted our garden yet. Hopefully, a sunny weekend to catch-up outside.

  42. Great pics!!! Won’t be long til Mac is on a surf board.
    Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. I plan to enjoy a quiet weekend at home. We have not planted our garden yet. Hopefully, a sunny weekend to catch-up outside.

  43. Hi Jane,

    Happy Early Mother’s Day to you.

    As for my Mother’s day, I plan on spending it with my kids hanging out at the house. Not much else planned other then to web chat with my mom back home.


  44. Well, Mother’s Day is also my daughter’s birthday. She was born on Mother’s Day 17 years ago. I can’t believe how fast the years fly by. I really can’t! We will have a Birthday & Mother’s Day combo celebration in which I don’t have to cook! My one requirement for the day. Instead we’ll be heading to our favorite Hibachi place.

  45. You sure do have your life all planned out and it is wonderful. I don’t have any plans but I have a great family with three boys, so you never know. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day to all.

  46. Jane, it sounds like you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! I am off to visit with my Aunt for Mother’s Day. She lost both of her children in different car accidents. It’s something no mother should ever have to go through and we couldn’t believe it happened twice. I am going to try and keep her busy and help her get through this weekend. It’ll be a very emotional time, but I wouldn’t want to be alone. Everyone should remember how blessed they are to have family and children. You never know how long they’ll be around. Tell them how much they mean to you! Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  47. My Mother’s Day plans have unfortunately been altered this year. Every year the past 3 years, I have been in VA with my Mom for Mother’s Day. (My father passed away on Mother’s Day in 2007) and it has always been our tradition that I would be there with her and the rest of the family (I live in SC). However, I had surgery done on my left hip this past Friday and will be unable to head up to be with the family. In fact, it looks like I won’t be able to really make a 6-7 hour drive until June! So, my Mom and I are planning on celebrating Mother’s Day on Father’s Day this year.

    My current plans for Mother’s Day involve giving Mom a call that day and then probably reading while I continue to recover!

    LOVE the sweet pictures you included! Mac has gotten so big!! And I love your plans for the future…so awesome!!! I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day!


  48. hi jane. love your pics. happy mom’s day to you! i am being taken to brunch on sunday by my boyfriend and my four kids. with the two oldest working later that day, we can all be together and have some good times before they have to leave. i will also be remembering my mom and remembering our last mother’s day together 13 years ago,(she passed on june 21 that year), and wishing she were here.

  49. Just plans to be with my hubby & kids. Will be lobbying for b’fast in bed and a back rub as that’s all it takes to make my day!

    Loooove your photos. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  50. Beautiful photos: Mac’s looks like he’s ready to go surfing with Dad.

    No big plans this weekend: just get together with the kids, Saturday yard cleanup, Sunday dinner.

    Enjoyed your interview on Montana this Morning: You ARE COOL!!

  51. I LOVE the idea of Beach Girl Books!! I would definitely hang out in a place like that – what fun. I have never been to San Diego but have heard it is beautiful. Wouldn’t that be a good time to go down there when you open your bookstore! Yes! It would be a fun “girls’ weekend” destination.

    I will be spending Mother’s Day with my mom this year. She recently moved into an assited living retirement community, my dad too. It’ll be good to spend some time with her. I think I’ll go and buy her some yummy candies she likes.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you and all your readers this Sunday.

  52. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Jane. The picture of you and Mac is adorable, what a cutie he is.

    On Saturday, my daughter and I will help assemble midwife kits for Tanzania at our church. Then she has a volleyball game. We’ll spend the rest of the day goofing around. On Sunday, she’ll be selling carnations at church to help finance her summer camp trip. We’ll probably go out for lunch somewhere that serves french fries since she’s a french fry fanatic.

    Have a great weekend, Jane!

  53. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day! My son said that maybe he & my husband would make me breakfast in bed this weekend. All I could do was laugh, because our big hound sleeps with us @ nite, and who wants to eat in a hairy bed? I politely suggested that breakfast be served at the table…

  54. Ooooh! Pick me! Pick me! LMBO I can’t wait to read it!

    We are driving to Oregon on Saturday, taking my mom to Izzy’s in Albany for dinner. That would be me, my husband, two daughters and granddaughter in my Saturn. LOL Fun times ahead.

    Sunday will be a bbq at my house with my family surrounding me. And since it has been such a gorgeous day here in Puyallup I am hoping the weather will be good Sunday, too.

    I am sorry to hear of you leaving our beautiful state but REALLY happy to think of all of you under one roof.

  55. Isn’t it great to make plans and work toward such a great goal! How exciting for your family. My son is out of the country but I got something in the mail today and we will Skype Sunday evening. I love that I will get to see him even though he is thousands of miles away. My husband and I are going to go visit with his 88 year old mother Saturday and stay with her to spend Mother’s Day together.

  56. No plan so far, but usually we’re gonna visit my mom’s house, and have big lunch there. with my mom homemade cooking 🙂

    i would really like to have the bound galley of SHE’S GONE COUNTRY, it’s a perfect gift ! 😀

  57. We have plans to go on a weekend trip so I’m very exited about that.
    We plan to drive the Cascade Loop so I’m looking forward to lots and lots of Nature.

    Have a nice weekend 🙂

  58. Sounds like you had a great quality time. I have a full weekend. Friday night we have tickets to see the San Antonio Spurs. Saturday my daughter will be making her 1st Holy Communion with a lunch to follow. The entire family will be driving in from San Marcos and South Texas areas. And the for Mother’s Day we will go out to eat. My mom wants to see a movie and my husband will be taking his parents to Sunday’s Spurs game.

    Busy, but fun. And with family!!

    Feliz Dia de las Mardes! or
    Happy Mother’s Day! to all.

  59. We get to go to my parent’s house that will be going up for sale soon and move some excess furniture to my house. I will use it to re-do the gameroom and ‘grow it up’ into more of a teenage hang-out kind of space. With a 10 and a 12 year old, they are SO ready for a change!

    I have no idea what my husband has planned as far as ‘Mother’s Day’ activities. I finished reading ‘The Opposite of Me’ (recommended by someone here) and truly enjoyed it. I have started ‘House Rules’ and hope to get some reading time in.

    I love the plans for your family’s future. I would love to go to your book store when in California!

  60. Most of my immediate family has passed away, so holidays are tough for me. My great grandmother, my grandmother and my mom are all laid to rest in a little cemetery “out in the country”. It’s a nice drive, and a peaceful place to visit. I do have a great aunt, who has been like another mother to me. I have sent her flowers, and I will call her on Sunday. Since I was always a caregiver, I never married and had my own family. My cat-children and I will celebrate Mother’s Day in our own way. Last year, for Mother’s Day, they left me an “offering” outside the front door. No need for them to repeat : )

  61. Hi Jane,
    your little man is adorable!
    Love your plans for a small book sore next to Surfer Ty’s Surf Shop. Carlsbad is beautiful!
    This Mothers Day I will be spending it with my Mom in San Diego and my Son. It will be bittersweet, this is a month after my Aunt passed away. So there will be many memories and feelings. I am determined to make it a happy one for my Mom, and looking forward to sharing and talking books with my Mom.
    Have a Happy Mothers Day!

  62. Hey Jane! LOVE the pics… Mac’s little cargo pants are just too cute!

    No major plans on my end. I’m sure my sister and I will speak and wish each other a Happy Mother’s to Cats Day :0) – after talking to my mom of course. Then I will probably hit the beach (get some tan on this white-on-rice).

    I’d thought about sending my mom flowers but it seems like such a waste of money. So decided on getting her something she wants. Then I remembered she’d asked me for one of my drawings of Europe, so I’m going to send that along with a gift card, so she can purchase whatever frame she would like for it (the drawing’s a bizarre measurement, so the frame’ll have to be specially made). That’s my game plan for this weekend – one that is safe because she is computer illiterate. 🙂

    You have yourself a great Mother’s Day with all of your guys!! Enjoy it to the fullest ~

  63. Saturday is going to be extremely busy as my daughter is in the Jr Lilac Parade, Open Ceremonies for Baseball and their first game.

    I am hoping to have a nice quiet day at home for Mother’s Day. Just lounge around the house and relax. Maybe do a little yard work. We will see.

    Jane – Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

  64. I’m happy to be spending the weekend with my Mom this year. Had to be away from her last year. Planning a small cook out where it will most likely rain but made ok by wine and good company!

  65. My husband and I visiting his mom on Saturday and visiting my mom on Sunday. So, it is all about the moms this weekend. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms.

  66. Today I’m headed to Fresno to celebrate Mom’s Day and my sister’s b-day. As for my own personal mom’s day, I’ll probably just hang out with the boys and put my feet up (My swelling has gotten much worse from the pregnancy and now have carpal tunnel in both hands). But it is a very special mother’s day as I never thought I would get the chance to have another baby, and he’s almost here!

    Can’t wait for your store in SD! I will be there!

  67. Jane,
    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Good luck with your future dreams & plans! I love them! It’s hard to believe that I will have kids in college in 3 & 5 years! It goes so quick!

    We have a busy weekend! Saturday is our Godson’s First Communion. We are very excited for this! Sunday we will take my Smother-in-law out to breakfast and then I think shopping is planned. The only draw back is that both days we have to be an hour away EARLY! lol Saturday out of the house by by 8:30 and Sunday by 7:30 since I could only get 9am resvervations!

    I don’t know what I am getting. I told my 15 year old she should write me a long heartfelt letter about what an amazing, fabulous, loving, cool, helpful mama I am since I have helped her so much with school projects. LOL My hubby has hinted about getting me a new lap top so I can work on my book all over the house instead of the 12 year old dinosaur Gateway I use or fight for his lap top.

    Happy Mother Day to all the mothers & especially you Jane!!!

  68. I have the weekend off work, so I plan to do as little as possible!!! HA! Yeah, like that will happen….my kids 20 & 23 both live with me again so I NEED A GOOD BOOK TO ESCAPE!!!!! Pick me please!! : ) Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, Jane!!

  69. We are going to take our 14 week old puppy up to my dad’s house to play with his dogs. Also, I hope to make some soy candle. And if I am lucky, my husband and kids will not forget it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday 🙂 They kind of, sort of, did last year.

    Happy Mother’s Day Jane!

  70. Happy Mother’s Day Jane! Enjoy what looks like is going to be a fantastic day!

    My 97-year-old grandmother, my dad’s mom, was put back into the hospital last week but is doing well. My mom and I are planning to go down to Philadelphia on Sunday to spend the day with her as, at this point, it may be her last, though of course we hope not. And if anyone would prove us wrong and hang in there for 5 more years or so, it’s my Nana.
    It looks to be a beautiful day on the east coast on Sunday, which will make the drive through Northwest Jersey and into PA a lot easier to manage. Windows down, music up, hair flying.

    Wishing you a marvelous Mother’s Day!

  71. On Saturday night, I’m Going Country! I’m going, with a bunch of girlfriends, to see The Zac Brown Band! Sleeping in on Sunday….and I’ve been told that I will have 3 hours of uninterupted reading time on the porch, on Sunday! Yeah! Then family time and a homemade feast!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. You will have the BEST time! I *LOVE* The Zac Brown Band. My husband and I went when they were in Seattle – my husband didn’t think he would like them, he only went for me since I *LOVE* them. My husband was surprised what good musicians they (including the friends) are and is now a fan too. He doesn’t *LOVE* them like I do however…

      Have a really great time!

  72. Not sure exactly what we’ll be doing this weekend or how we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day but whatever we’ll be doing it will be with my girls and that’s the best!!

  73. Sunday is not only Mother’s Day but, it is also my birthday! It will be a very busy weekend. My daughter & granddaughter play a double-header volleyball game. We will come straight home so that I can bake a birthday cake. I also have 2 friends that have May birthdays and we are going to get together Saturday evening to celebrate. I was nominated to make the cake. Seems weird to make my own cake but, it will be nice since it is also for my friends. Sunday I will be making a layered potatoe dish with sour cream, bacon & cheese then a side dish of corn to take to my sister’s house. We are having a family get together with my sister & her family, my mother, my children & my grandchildren to celebrate all the mothers and my birthday. It will be an awesome weekend with great friends & an amazing family! Glad you get to spend it will ALL of your boys!

  74. Enjoyed your pictures Jane! I will be enjoying Mother’s Day with my bestfriend, my mother. We will be shopping, lunching, just spending time together. Winning any of your prizes would be wonderful…BUT….the book! Oh my gosh! I would be doing cartwheels! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day Jane!

  75. Jane, the pictures are so wonderful! Feels like we’ve known you a while now, feeling your warm, familiar smiles. We only had a little while at our MT meeting and then B & N signing, but it was great meeting Ty and Mac in the children’s section. Our grand baby is 10 mo, so I was delighted with 12 mo. old Mac!
    My week-end will be one of missing my girls; one in NYC (where my husband is visiting this week-end) and one (a new mom) in NH. I plan to go out for brunch with my cousins on Sunday. Maybe birdwatching after that, if it doesn’t snow again! 🙂

  76. Today was my mom’s birthday and we went out to dinner and I think on mother’s day we are going to see a sneak preview of Letter’s to Juliet. I’m very excited to be spending a fun weekend just focused on her…so Happy Mother’s Day Ladies and Jane. I hope you all have a great one with you families. 🙂

  77. I will spend my weekend walking! I got a pair of those tennis shoes that are supposed to firm your legs and bum. I started walking to lose weight just this week and now I can’t stop. lol! I just want to walk to California. 🙂

  78. Happy Mother’s Day Jane!!
    Well the weekend will be very busy. My Daughter has prom. So all the girls will be getting ready here. Then the boys will be picking them up. SOOO Cute!
    I plan on taking lots of pictures!! Then they will off for a quick little photo shoot, one of the parents got a photographer,then dinner and then prom!

    We may hit a movie tonight.
    As for tomorrow we have a brunch planned here at our house. My husband is awesome, and loves to cook!
    I also have some homework this weekend, I also plan to take time out to read.

    Sounds like CA was GREAT!
    Love the pictures!! Oh so sweet! Love your ideas! I will have to come down and check out the New Book Store and Surf Shop. Sounds Awesome!

    Enjoy your Mother’s Day weekend!

    Got to run… need to send some Mother’s Day e-cards.

    Thanks Jane for sharing!

  79. I’m spending the wkend with my grandkids, might try to go out to eat with them and my daughter tomorrow,but she works, so may go to see a movie and treat myself.

    Happy Mom’s day all. 🙂

  80. Congratulations on having long-range plans and goals–one of the things you do to keep so energetic and focused!

    I’m in the land of carpel tunnel and cubbies as I work overtime, but I have already warned my husband that Mother’s Day had better include Surprises and Chocolate.

    Happy Mother’s Day to ALL!

  81. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms, grandmas and moms to be out there!
    It is my Birthday today, and even thought I am not thrilled to be getting this old, we have a fun day planned. We are going to do a mini getaway to the Oregon Coast. Weather is beautiful, so it’ll be nice. Also going to go watch my Grandkids’ T Ball games today, plant some flowers and go out for lunch with some friends. Fun day and weekend ahead for me. Have a great weekend everyone!

  82. I’m going to mom’s house and I think I’ll cook her a nice dinner. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  83. Even though I’m not a Mom, I loved this post, Jane. I absolutely love the California coast near Carlsbad, and I loved your photos. I will be your first customer when you open that book store for beach reads! What a fabulous idea! You can tell by the number of posts how many of us are waiting impatiently for “She’s Gone Country.” 🙂 Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  84. I spent the day at a writers’ workshop and tomorrow, my husband and daughter have decided that they will make fish tacos together for Mother’s Day lunch.

    I’m looking forward to it.

    Have a great Mother’s Day!

  85. Sadly we have no Mom so we won’t be celebrating; she has passed away. Mom-in-law lives a 6 hr. drive away and our daughters-in-law don’t have me over for anything or the daughter either(step by the way) but still.

    I believe we’re helping a friend move the rest of her belongings out of her house that she’s sold.
    On Saturday I’m going to a flea market locally.

    Have a great day everyone.

  86. Hi Jane- Happy Mother’s Day to one and all. This morning I’m heading over to spend Mother’s Day morning with my gramma. She just turned 100 this year.Then my parents are coming to my house and we will have lunch with two of my teens and then one will go off to work and we will have dinner with another teen who will just be getting off from work. Plus I will probably be getting some new flowers to plant as we do every Mother’s Day. That’s the day!

  87. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Jane! Looks like you will have a wonderful day. The trip to CA sounds like it was great. It will be a quiet Mother’s Day weekend here as my mom does not enjoy the holiday without her mom. I took her to Atlantic City for a little gambling on Saturday and it will be a relaxing day on Sunday.

  88. Today we had the baptism of the son of very good friends. So we had a great party celebrating everything, also the first special Mother’s Day for my friend. Yesterday we celebrated my godson first communion so I am really partied out. Ate too much also.
    So not looking for tomorrow going back to exercising to try and burn all the extra calories!
    Hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful. Loved the pictures and the stories about your fun time in CA.

  89. Happy Mothers day Jane and all. Wonderful news about San Diego. It will be so nice to have you here in CA.
    For Mothers day we went out to a Basque restraunt. Interesting and fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Have you ever been to one? Hope you had a wonderful time with your boys.

  90. I am here to announce the winners of the Mother’s Day Contest, with the grand prize being a sneak peek at SHE’S GONE COUNTR! I’ve drawn three names, and all three get goodies but only the first gets GONE COUNTRY. The other two get signed copies of MRS. PERFECT.

    Drum roll please…..

    The grand prize winner is #39 Cindy H.

    The two other winners are:

    #13 Natalie


    #85 Karla

    Cindy, Natalie and Karla, would please all send me your mail addresses so I can get your prizes out?

    And for those of you who are disappointed you didn’t win–and are still hoping for a sneak peek of GONE COUNTRY–well, I’ll be giving another one away in the next couple of weeks so keep reading my blog and entering when you can win!

    Much love to all,


    1. What fun that contest was! Thanks for doing all this and I definitely WILL get in on the next one for another try! I’m feelin’ lucky! :>D – Gay

      1. I think since I screwed up, it’s only fair to give away another prize so that both Karla and Dee (numbers 85 and 87) win since I mixed up their numbers/names. So Karla and Dee—send me your address so I can send you a Mrs. Perfect prize package!

        Sorry about the confusion. I’ve always struggled with numbers….!


  91. Thank you so much, Jane! What an amazing surprise, I’m soooooo looking forward to receiving my autographed copy of Mrs. Perfect! I just sent you an email with my mailing address.

    Thank you again, and have a great week!

    1. Theresa, I did indeed find your post in the spam filter of my Word Press which is what runs my blog. I also found two others in there as well so good thing you told me! I don’t check the spam on my comments often as I get over 100 spams a day just on my blog. Thankfully most comments do get through, but Theresa, if you see this, send me your mail address and I’ll send some fun goodies your way!


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