Bozeman, Montana was awesome.  Had an amazing time there these past few days.  I loved meeting with Kari Andersen’s Mia Bella group and Ty and I so enjoyed exploring the area.  As snow fell we drove to Big Sky and West Yellowstone and saw tons of wildlife, although Mac’s favorite animals were the horses his dad let him pet.


Right now we’re at the Seattle airport getting ready to board our connecting flight to San Diego.  I loved the beautiful crisp weather in Montana but am looking forward to the warmer temperatures in Southern California.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  Much love to all.


  1. Hey Jane,
    You are a busy Lady! Sounds like you had a blast! Montana is beautiful, the last time we went through Montana we saw big huge buffalo. The kids went nuts!

    Mac is just so adorable! I can’t beleive a whole year has gone by already. Enjoy every moment!
    Happy Be-lated Birthday to Mr. Mac!

    I am interested in checking out Brenda’s Auction and your Hawaii Get- Away. You are so kind and generous! And for such a worthy cause!

    Enjoy the warm weather in CA and rest of your weekend!
    Love to you and yours!

  2. Warm weather is definately awaiting you. We have had beautiful weather reaching in the high 70’s. Wishing you safe travels and get ready to pull out your shorts!

  3. Woah check out that snow! lol Ah spring so unpredictable. I saw your Hawaii trip on Brenda’s auction site and it’s doing so well already! You are so generous!

  4. Jane! This picture is amazing! Literally, I’d probably buy it framed as art work! Kudos to you!


  5. It was so fabulous to see you this weekend!! And to finally meet Ty and Mac. Your men are adorable! Can’t wait to start planning and looking for a book store!!! Hope you are traveling safely…It was 90 degrees when I landed here yesterday and pouring and 70 today…lots warmer than Montana! Think I might wear my Ty Gurney tshirt today!! Take care!

  6. Wow!!! It’s beautiful there. I’m glad you’ve had the opportunity to see and enjoy the snow. How cool. Have a safe trip home!

  7. Jane – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being a guest speaker at our Montana Event…You were FANTASTIC and ooh so inspirational. Mom and Dad so enjoyed having the opportunity to have lunch with you, made her day! ;0)
    Glad you are heading back to warmer weather but had a chance to share Montana with Ty and Mac.
    Thanks again -Love ya

  8. Beautiful photo Jane! I’ve always wanted to visit Montana, maybe one day.

    Come visit us in Canada sometime… Montreal is a great city, lots of stuff to do, festivals all summer and fabulous winter activities.

    Travel safe!

  9. Love that photo with Mac and Ty–so sweet! I so glad you get to take a trip together. I happen to know that your So Cal weather is going to be GRAND!! Enjoy every drop of sunshine. Safe travels…

    Shannon in Tustin

  10. Just watching the Travel Channel about Yellowstone and want to go there. WOW, love the pic of the horses and the “boys” – with snowflakes- so beautiful! Happy travels!

  11. Hey Jane! Montana looks like it was awesome! The “cold weather” on my plane ride back to Hawaii might have been worth it had I had snow inside with me like ya’ll did there, lol. Sounds like the event was a big success!

    I finally finished “Duty, Desire and the Desert King” on my Oakland flight… it was very, very good!! Loved the build up to the relationship between Rou and Zayed. Looking forward to starting on Khalid’s story :0)

    Be safe and ya’ll enjoy the rest of your travels :0)

  12. While you were experiencing snow in Montana, we were having near 90 degree temperatures in Charlotte. Loved the picture!

  13. Welcome from Dillon, Montana! It’s still blowing & snowing here. Can’t wait to see Country Girl – it’s coming out on my birthday. This is the land of bullriders and horse women. It sounds like another great book!

  14. Jane, it was so wonderful to have you here in Montana. I loved getting to know Ty and Mac better, too. Your speech at our meeting was so inspirational and wonderful and really challenged us. The book signing was a lot of fun! I look forward to you coming when it’s warmer!!

  15. It snowed…how cool!! No pun intended. You all must have had fun. Love the picture with Mac and Daddy Ty petting the horses in snowy Montana. Made me smile. I bet the snow was fun but getting back to the warmth of California will be nice too. Have a good time with family and friends and am glad that you all are enjoying yourselves. I remember my days of traveling for work with my cat all over the US…nice…but kind of nice to stay in one place for awhile. Take care. cat
    PS. How did Ty like the snow? Different from Hawaii. haha

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