Leapin’ Lizard!

While I gasp at the 109 temperatures predicted for today’s high in Fresno, Mac’s in Hawaii with his dad…wearing baby lizards on his head!  When I say we’re raising a wild child, I mean it!  Mac is so funny and silly, and built so much like our English bulldogs I think he is one!


I had to leave Sacramento around 4:30 am this morning to make my Great Day interview at the Fox station in Fresno this morning, but the interview’s done (it went really well!  yay!) and I’m heading to my hotel room to nap for a couple hours before I get ready for tonights Margarita party at Chevy’s at 4:30 and then the booksigning at Barnes & Noble at 7 pm.

I know its swletering out there in the Central Valley—109!!!!–but I guarantee that if you make it to Chevy’s at Happy Hour, the margaritas will be icy cold.   So do come if you can!

PS  And for all of those who aren’t in Central California–I’m going to do a contest just for you!  Tell me your favorite way to stay cool on a blistering day and two of you will win wonderfully refreshing prizes AND a signed book of your choice from my backlist.  So share your stay cool tips and you could win!  Contest runs through Friday night PST and I’ll announce the winners Saturday morning.


  1. HI Jane,
    I live in Arizona so I have many ways to beat the heat! My favorite is to lay in my lounge chair with a good book, my mist fan, and an icy cold glass of lemon water. When it gets a little too hot then I cool off in the pool and then go back to reading. It’s so relaxing and with a good book you don’t even notice the heat!

  2. Lemonade, snow cones, popsicles, chocolate chip ice cream and lots of sweet iced tea help keep me cool in this southern heat and humidity.
    I also turn the ceiling fans on high to help the air conditioner cope with the high temps.

  3. I live on the East coast in Delaware, and while summers are usually somewhat mild due to the ocean breezes, this summer has been a scorcher w/temps well over 100. To stay cool this summer and entertain my 2 1/2 year old daughter I bring her baby pool onto the porch so it’s in the shade, dump in some ice cubes and plop right in w/her. We make regular trips into the house to cool down and grab some homemade ice pops outta the fridge too.

  4. I like to find a hammock in the shade with a nice breeze (preferably with a good book!), but if that isn’t available, you’d probably find me in the pool.

    Glad to hear the book tour is off to a good start. Too bad you aren’t headed to the DC area anytime soon. Have fun at Chevy’s!

  5. Minimal clothing, air conditioning, ice cream & sorbet & popsicles, iced tea & iced coffee, and don’t leave the house if I can help it!
    And pray for Fall!

  6. favorite way to stay cool on a blistering day: go to louisville, and go to the speed art museum, or muhammad ali center, or louisville slugger museum, something that is inside that has AWESOME air conditioning. or it i am @home, stay in with the air conditioner and a good book! have a great day today jane!!!

  7. I fill my kids little pool and watch them play and splash. You KNOW you can’t sit by a kids pool without getting splashed!! Everyone stays cool this way. 🙂

  8. I live in Southern Minnesota, so the heat isn’t usually too bad, but the humidity is! Nothing can beat the humidity other than AC, But we always look forward to the annual Cabin trip up north. Then nothing is better than a good book, a comfortable lawn chair, feet in the lake and of course a very cold beverage of choice.

  9. Usually on those HOT Indiana summer days, I’m floating in the pool with a book! That’s what I love to do all summer and thank goodness I’m a teacher and I get summers off!! Unfortunately our pool had issues the whole last month off summer and we couldn’t use it! Not to mention I wanted to read my new Jane Porter book!! So it had to be read INSIDE! :O)

  10. Well we are having HOT weather right now in OR. Luckily, we are spoiled and have A/C. My two little girls still want to play outside, so we like to run through the sprinkler with them. Just enough to cool us off a little! 🙂 Why not, right?! Squirt gun fights are one of our favorites too!

  11. Hi Jane! Mac is sooo cute! When the heat and humidity get high here, I love to cool off by pulling a home grown watermelon out of the ice box and serving up some fresh slices. Yummy

  12. Hey Jane, Have a blast at the signing tonight. Mac is a cutie. I was checking out your book tour and I see that you will be hanging Robyn Carr. Love her. She’s really awesome. Enjoy all the legs of your journey. You don’t need to count me in. I just wanted to pop in a show some love. Wish I could be there.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  13. Absolutely the pool is the best way to regulate in Southern Arizona. I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the temps today and we were 2 degrees COOLER than my grandpa’s house near San Francisco.
    Your Margarita Party sounds so fun! Have a blast.
    BTW, just finished She’s Gone Country and loved it. Thanks for another great read.

  14. I play badminton inside a non-air-conditioned gym, so it is often over 100F. I pour water on a towel and then wet my head as if I just got out of the shower. I hold the water bottle up to my neck for a little while, and then I gulp it all down. I drink about 5 bottles per night — of water!

    At home I’m lucky to have central air, so my husband is warm and I am frozen. Figures.

    When I’m outside in the heat, a nice cold vodka cooler does the trick for me. No fuss, no muss! I don’t drink alone, so it’s a great excuse to have some friends/neighbours over!

  15. Hi Jane,

    I live in Florida so I’ve become a pro at cooling down on those hot, hot summer days. We live in an area that hads lots of natural fresh water springs whos tempature is a consent 74 degrees. Nothing feels better then a cool, refreshing dip in a natural spring and if I’m lucky sometimes I get to see one of the local manatees cooling off also.

  16. My secret for staying cool if I’m not luxuriating in the comfort of my air-conditioned apartment eating ice cream is to hang out in a lake somewhere, floating on my back while looking up at the sky and occasionally heading back to shore for a margarita or maybe a Corona with lime. Hhhmmmm…

  17. We have had 13 days straight of 100+ temperatures and finally today it was only 96! Whew, we break out the banana popsicles for the heat waves.

    Stay cool Jane! Such a cute picture of the lizard on Mac’s head!

  18. Hi! I’m so happy that your having a goodtime and your book is getting High reviews, I love the picture of Mac, even though its the back of his head, he’s a real cutie…wish I could be in Fresno, but here in Fla. were having hot..humid weather and I stay cool by making my own drink, with cranberry juice, pineapple juice and vodka over ice. Went to an enagement party and drank a few and molitio’s. I had a really swinging time. Have a great time on the road.

  19. My favorite is an ice cold drink or chilled watermelon. I also love visiting my sister’s house…she has a huge pool. I work outside, so I could really go for the pool right now! Currently 95 in good ol’ Boring, OR!

  20. Hi, Jane! Mac might be leaping with lizards right now, but just wait until he starts “feeling froggy”. He’ll have you all hopping!

    Since I live in somewhat rural small town, we “head to the river” to cool off. That’s right–“we go country” : )Pack your cooler with drinks and sandwiches, and throw a pile of inner tubes in the back of the pickup. Bring along some tunes and reads. Float in the shadiest spot on the river and let the gentle current carry your troubles away.

  21. Mac is such a cutie, my youngest daughter liked critters too. Well I’m in Missouri and we actually had a decent day today, I think it only got to 87. It was like a cold front compared to the over 100 heat indexes we’ve been having. I’m ready for fall, it’s my favorite time of year. I keep cool in the heat by staying indoors in the air conditioning with a cold drink and a book. If I have to get out, I drink a lot of water and stay well hydrated.

  22. It’s been over 100 here for several days. We set up the water slide for the kids and friends. I kept cool by jumping in the pool and skimming grass out of it from all of the kids’ feet. They all had a blast, so it was fun for me, too.

    BTW: can’t wait to hear your talk at Vroman’s tomorrow!

  23. A cone of Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream or a visit to the community pool. It has finally cooled off here into the low 80’s with low humidity – we can finally enjoy being outside. Enjoy your margaritas and stay cool!

  24. Jane,

    Hope you are staying cool!! I like to either hang out at the pool at the gym or the beach. I think the breeze off the ocean is incredible. Hope you had an incredible day in Fresno!!


  25. Hola Jane!

    San Antonio had a record high yesterday of 105*. Yikes. I enjoy a cold glass of Shiner Bock. Dark beer if you are not familiar with it. Enjoy your tour.

  26. I like to cool down with a bottle of cold water or ice cold Coke. Sometimes I stick my head in the freezer for a few seconds.

  27. Hi Jane! We’ve had many hot days this summer in New Jersey, so the best way we stay cool is to swim in our pool w/the outside coolers fully stocked w/ice cold beverages. And, if that doesn’t keep us cool, we retreat inside where my husband keeps the house at a very cold 68 degrees!!! I wish I was in California w/you & I love Mac’s picture!

  28. Nothing works as well for me as ice tea – a tall glass with lots of ice! Of course getting into water – in the lake, at a pool, or just sitting in the plastic kiddie pool (I did that when my son was small) makes even 109 ok. Air conditioning is a must in central California. I went to the University of the Pacific in Stockton one year and couldn’t believe how hot it was in September, and how little it rained the whole time I was there. I had to scoot myself back north due to finances, and now only go there on the way to visit Yosemite/Lake Tahoe and the Bay Area. Too da** hot!

  29. It has been such a hot summer. I have stayed cool with cold drinks, ice cream, AC plus ceiling fans, and good books to escape into.

  30. Its been very hot here this summer! I stay cool with popsicles, cood watermellon, there is nothing like coming in from mowing the lawn to a nice piece of cold watermellon. The best thing to do is curl up with a good book in the aircondition.

  31. Jaaaane!

    Best way to stay cool?

    VENTI Passion Iced Tea from Starbucks, Windows down, music up, and driving…………. usually hit up Snoqulamie Falls, or The North Bend outlets, or Redmond Town Center, or…. you get the gist! 🙂

    Enjoy Cali! I love love love it there!


  32. The picture of Mac is so cute! He’s just going about his business thinking, who cares if I have a lizard on my head. When the heat and humidity get too high here in Charlotte, a big glass of ice water with lemon, ac, and a good book in my favorite chair is how I stay cool.

  33. we either hit the beach or the pool here in washington, but it doesnt get too hot here, maybe for a week or two we have “hot” weather…then we bust out the fans, clothes the blinds, and bring out the cold beer..or we go out in the boat for a nice costal breeze. oh and end the hot day w.a jane porter book 🙂

  34. I parade around in my bathing suit and while it’s really hot out, my house in the mountains stays really cool even without AC. Those margaritas sound so good…I can’t believe how busy you are, you’ll have to get home so you can have a ‘real’ vacation. Mac is a doll, lizards or not!!! Be safe….Ruth

  35. Thanks again for answering my questions for Chick Lit Central’s interview this week. I had fun learning more about you. 🙂
    Anyway, I usually find that an ice cold glass of lemonade does the trick. Swimming can be good too. We don’t have or belong to a pool so we go the sprinkler route and I let my kids run though it. I get the mist though. 🙂 Central A/C is also a blessing in disguise!

  36. The best way to stay cool on a hot day is being in the water. Or somewhere inside that has AC – not my house, unfortunately! Drinking sometime of slurpy or frozen slushy drink is a good way to stay cool also. Ice cream is good too!

  37. I so wanted to come see you in Fresno, but my son has football practice and I just don’t feel right asking someone to take him, pick him up, and let him stay the night.

    In fact, it’s really hard for me lately to not enjoy every single minute I have with him because it’s flying by and it makes me sad.

    I kind of had an anxiety attack this weekend as I held my 10 year old in the pool. Wait..what happened… he was no longer the little boy I used to just pick up and throw in the pool. This was a little man, with developing muscles, who wasn’t so easy to get my arms around and just toss.

    It’s all going by so quickly. I know I can’t stop it, so I have to do what I can to be present. Not easy, but well worth the try.

    Anyway…totally went off on a tangent there..sorry.

    Hope it went well. Maybe next book!

  38. How did that boy get a lizard on his head??? lol

    I live near Houston so it’s ALWAYS hot here. Ice cold drink and air conditioning work for me. 🙂

  39. Great pic!!
    Have fun on your book tour. Sounds like you will be busy!!
    I like a glass of lemonade to drink while sitting under the shade tree reading a great book.

  40. I was lucky enough to go to Maine every summer for a visit and there is nothing like the ocean in Maine to cool you off… it wasn’t until I went to Florida one summer in my late teens that I discovered that the normal temperature for the Atlantic Ocean was not 56 degrees!

    Otherwise poolside and an icy margarita to the trick … and a good book.

    BTW I bought and read She’s Gone Country on Tuesday. Loved it! Hoping we’ll see more of Marta, Taylor, Tiana and Shey sometime!

  41. Usually in OR we don’t have very much hot weather. I find it hilarious how if we have 2, 90+ degree days, all the news talks about is our “heatwave!” Seems a little silly when some states have this weather all summer long. When it is hot here, I like to have squirt gun fights with the kids. Sometimes the whole neighborhood of kids come over and it’s a full on war. Pretty fun and a great way to cool off!

  42. I have found that the more I do the more I sweat so my favorite thing it do on a blistering day is to relax, read and have an ice cold drink.

  43. Hmmm.that’s a good question.

    Lately, I’ve just been heading to the mall to do back-to-school shopping for the kids and being able to stay cool at the same time.

    Stay cool Jane! You rock!

  44. Your pics of Mac always make me smile. How nice he can stay in Hawaii with his daddy.

    My favorite place to beat the heat is our front yard. We have three HUGE sycamore trees that cometely shade the front of the house. I swear that it’s 15 degrees cooler there than anywhere else around the house. You will find me and my kids out there reading books on summer afternoons in our beach chairs or in my hammock chair which hangs from one of the trees. Great book mandatoy…iced tea is optional!!

    Big hugs to you and safe travels.

  45. I am down in Santa Rosa taking care of dad again. It hit over 100 and all I could think about was getting back to Washington.

    I drank a lot of water and sat with a fan on my face. Plus took a very cold shower. LMBO I don’t do heat so I am very happy to see it’s getting cooler.

  46. The heat’s been brutal on the East Coast too where the humidity will chew you up and spit you out like a wet rag – literally. To beat it back, I like to sit in a pool and – I know this will shock you – read. Recently, I did this while on vacation in the Pocono Mountains where the heat wasn’t too abysmal, and no one bothered me for five whole days. Bliss.

    Now I’m back to the real world and work. Bummer.

  47. For me, here in the midwest, we have had temps and heat indexes over 112 this summer. My favorite thing to do is head out to the farm of our good friends Doug and Amy who have a great pond. The guys pretend to fish while we share cool drinks and lots of laughter. Even if the heat is hot, the laughter seems to cool us off.
    The second best thing is ICE CREAM…I love my ice cream no matter what season it is. Oh and Iced Tea…yum!!

  48. Hey Jane!

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your travels so far & interviews – and of course the margaritas!! :0) To cool off I would love to make one of those but, 1: no ice 2: no mix. So… I always resort to my favorite drink, a Snakebite (one whole bottle of Hornsby’s Cider and 1/2 of a Guinness filtered in with a pouring spoon). Always tasty!!

    I would prefer to have the ability to jump into the fridge like my cat Cassidy, but sadly that is not possible, lol.

  49. My favorite way to cool off – relaxing in the shade with an iced Starbucks coffee and a good book! Mmm…heaven!

  50. Hey Jane,
    It’s Friday night I better type fast.
    We are the same time zone, but we are not in CA.

    All your pictures are always adorable! Especially Mr. Mac!

    Sounds like you having a Great time on your tours! : )

    I wish I could of made it to Sacramento! I was pouting on Tuesday, all day, knowing I wasn’t going!:(

    I did find time this week to get a pedicure! And well needed! So I am Happy!

    We had temps of a 100 this week! Suppose to cool off over the weekend!

    My Ideal Hot Summer Day would be cooling off at the Lake or the Beach ( with my umbrella and my beach read and watching my kids & taking pictures) with some thing icy cold like Ice tea with lemon or a margarita on the rocks. And I did manage to have a few of those days this summer.

    It’s also nice to have air conditioning! and so is a dip in the swimming pool!

    Hope I will be able to catch up with you in October!

    Best Wishes!

  51. I’m late posting the winners for this contest. So sorry! The winners are –

    #25 – Mary N.
    #63 – Dee

    Thanks so much to everyone for sharing such ‘cool’ tips! Winners please send me your mailing addresses and everyone else please stay tuned. More fun stuff coming up!!

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