Brand New Reader Dinners Planned!

As you can tell from the picture below, I really really enjoy meeting my readers and sitting down and having a meal and a drink and just chatting.  To me, nothing is more pleasurable than relaxing with friends over a good meal and that’s what I’m planning on doing as much as I can in the first half of 2011!

Jane with reader Lanette and her crew at lunch in Georgetown
Jane with reader Lanette and her crew at lunch in Georgetown

I can tell you right now I’ve got plans being hatched and events being discussed for:

  • Ann Arbor
  • Chicago
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Green Bay
  • Milwauke
  • Kenosha

Are you in any of these areas?  Does a Girls Night Out or a Reader Dinner sound fun?  Make sure you keep checking back for more details, or email me to ask that you be put on an event invite list so I can make sure to get you all the details once we’re ready to go.   In some cities I’m speaking at a library, other places I’m doing an RWA workshop, and other places I’m joining a book club, but if I’m coming to your area, I’m also trying to plan a dinner with you!

For my Canadian friends…I do think we need to put something together for you all.  I’ve been studying my reader mailing list and I’ve a great group of Canadian readers and I want to see you.  Let’s figure this out!

Lastly,  because I have three unclaimed prizes from my contest last week (why don’t you folks check back to see if you won?!?), I’m going to give them away now.   This is a super short one day contest that starts tonight and ends Tuesday morning at 8 am PST.  Want to win one of these cool Mystery prizes?   Tell me 5 things about a person you love and you’re entered!

I’ll get you started with my own 5 about my middle son Ty, a sixth grader:

I lovethat Ty’s his own person and likes what he wants to like without caring if it’s cool.

I love his  shaggy blonde hair and the way he smiles

I love how he wants to live with me  in my basement when I’m old (I don’t have a basement).

I love that he was more afraid of sea turtles than sharks when surfing

I love that he’ll tell me he loves me a dozen times a day.

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