Texas Round-up


I arrived back in Seattle late last night and Mac couldn’t cope with sleeping in his crib in his own room.  I tried to let him cry it out since it was after eleven pm but after 30 minutes of him crying hard I retrieved him and put him into bed with me.  He clung to me for a long time absolutely terrified from being in his room on his own after nine days of sleeping with dad and mom in various hotel rooms. But now it’s time to settle back into our Bellevue routine and hopefully some sleep because I’m tired!

I did have an amazing Texas Tour though, as you can tell from the fun Katy Pi Phi alum crew that joined me at Katy Budget Books for my Western party. The Buckaroos, the band that played during the party was awesome and I think I enjoyed the BBQ and music more than anyone. Such a fun party and a great kickoff to my Houston area events.

At every Houston event–particularly the Mom’s Morning out at Blue Willow Books on Monday morning– I met new people as well as greeted readers who’ve kept me company on my blog and through email for the last few years.  It’s always so interesting to hear how readers first found me, too.  Lots of my readers discovered me through Redbook Magazine‘s excerpt of Flirting with Forty in the summer of 2006 while others happened across Odd Mom Out or Mrs. Perfect in a library or bookstore. Regardless of how you found me, I’m so glad you did.

And now that I’m back home I’m gearing up for another half dozen events. I’ll be doing special reader lunches and dinners in these cities below so stay tuned for details if you live in or around:

  • Spokane, WA  (Thurs, Oct 28th)
  • Atlanta, GA  (Thurs, Nov 11th)
  • Frankfort, KY  (Sat, Nov 13th)
  • Wachtung, NJ  (Sun, Nov 14th)


  1. Hi Jane ~

    After reading your post, I thought I’d tell you how I found you.
    The first book of yours that I read was Flirting with Forty. I felt self conscious picking it up because I wasn’t near 40 yet. lol. But, we had recently moved away from Seattle and I was intent on reading books set in Seattle. Somehow, I found your book. That was several years ago. I have re-read it several times and still love it today. I think I have mentioned this before, but I especially love how it can take me back to Seattle. We lived on the eastside and there are so many references. I love it for that and it’s a great, entertaining story.

    Have a great day, Jane! Enjoy being back home (at least for a little bit!)

  2. Welcome home! So happy you had such a delightful time. Sending comforting hugs to you and Baby Mac…how wonderful that he had so much attention in the evenings during his Texas adventure. Looking forward to seeing photos of the BBQ. Really like the sign on the desk about “climbing in the saddle…be ready for the ride”;)!

  3. That is fun that you were able to meet up a Pi Phi Alumnae Club in Texas. You should have a book event in Salt Lake City, Utah and visit with the Pi Phis here!!

  4. It sounds like your tour was a lot of fun. Poor little Mac, I bet he did get used to sleeping with y’all. He’ll get used to being in his crib and room in no time. My first book by you are Flirting with Forty too (been hooked on your books since then). I really related to the book. So much was like my life at the time, being divorced and a Hawaii trip for my 40th birthday. I loved how they did the movie. It’s one of my favorites.

  5. Welcome home, Jane!!!! Glad you had a ball in TX!

    I hope Mac settles back into his routine soon. Have fun on the next round of tours. Hopefully, I can catch up to you in November, when you hit NJ!!!

    Colleen got her book today. Thank you for sending it along so quickly.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  6. Sounds like your book tour is going well. So sad for little Mac though. I’m sure he’ll adjust back to his own crib at home before long. Excited you’ll be visiting the East Coast. Watchung, NJ is about 2 hours from me, so don’t think I’ll be able to see you there, but wondered if you have any events scheduled closer to Philadelphia in the near future. Will stay tuned to your blog and Facebook page and cross my fingers that you have plans to visit our neck of the woods soon. In the meantime, have fun and enjoy those beautiful boys.

  7. Whoops – p.s. I first found you by reading the article in Redbook and then when I saw the movie advertised on Lifetime, I said “Wow – I remember reading that story in Redbook” Curious – have you been featured in any other Redbook articles since then?

  8. Welcome home, Jane! Were you just so darn happy to see your bed? Nothing like it…

    Poor Mac; I’m glad you “gave in” and put him in bed with you. He needed the comfort of mom more than the comfort of his crib. Hopefully today is better and tomorrow better, still. Great to see your big boys too, I’ll bet.

    I found you in Redbook, went and bought the book so I wouldn’t have to wait another month for the third excerpt. Then I put them down for a while. By the time I came back, you’d done Mrs. P and OMO…I was hooked!!

    Hugs from Tustin,

  9. i enjoyed reading all your blogs about your book tour, you sure had alot of fun! I liked all your picures and seeing you stand on the horse was something else, haven’t been on a horse in about 15yrs. But I bet its alot of fun! sorry to hear that Macis having trouble sleeping, I hope he’ll adjust soon for you, I know its rough for we all need a goodnight sleep. I can’t say for sure but maybe I’ll beable to meet you in Altanta in Nov.11th but its something I can think about. I’d really would like to meet you. Have a good week, and welcome back home!

  10. really hoping to see you in frankfort on the 13th of november….so glad you had a great texas tour…and so glad you have decided to be in kentucky at the book fair!

  11. Sounds like your Texas trip was fantastic! Poor little Mac. But there’s still no place like home, right?

    VERY excited to hear you’ll be in Watchung, NJ soon. It’s a little less than an hour from me and with the kind of driving I’m used to doing, that’s nothing. So Yippee! See you then!

  12. There’s no place like home. Glad you had a good trip. Hopefully once you’re back into a routine, little Mac will be sleeping soundly at night in his own room.

  13. I too fell in love with your writing after reading Flirting with Forty.Although I love the movie so much I pop it in just to fall asleep to it, nothing compares to my favorite passages in your book. I plan a trip to Hawaii for my fortieth I am 37 and divorced. I will finish college shortly affter so it will be a trip to celebrate my life.

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