He’s Soooo Busy

Thank God Surfer Ty arrives in the morning on a red eye from Honolulu because I need him to wear his son out before his son wears me out. Mac is the busiest boy I’ve ever had and at eighteen months he is clever and curious and persistent and creative, as well as a little devious. Although still not very verbal, he can open anything and pull apart everything and has tremendous agility, which means he climbs everything and balances on everything and loves skateboards almost as much as he loves dogs and his daddy.

The photo below was taken of Mac in the Elements store at Bellevue Square Mall and he was riding the skateboard… while it was moving. Okay, it wasn’t moving fast. But I pushed him on the board, backed away, crouched down and took a couple shots while he stood there like a pro, riding forwards, and back, and forwards again without me touching him once. From birth he’s been riding skateboards in his dad’s arms, and then later standing on them while holding his dad’s hand, and now he likes to balance on his own. It’s awesome And scary. This is a kid that’s going to give me a run for my money.


Heading to bed now as I need my rest to keep up with wild child again tomorrow.

Oh, and I start a new book tomorrow. I do need my sleep for that, too, as I have to get serious about my writing and its always tough in the beginning after not writing for a couple weeks.

What are you doing this week? Share 5 things on your to-do list and you’re entered to win of the 3 mystery prize packages sitting in my office. It’s going to be a short contest, running from now, Monday night, until Wednesday night and I’ll announce the 3 winners Thursday morning.

5 things on my list:

1)  Write chapter 1 of new book. (Maybe even chapter 2….)

2)  Exercise at least twice this week.

3)  Work on Christmas cards at night.

4)  Finish wrapping presents that I’ve purchased.

5)  Draw three winners for my contest Thursday and mail their prizes out on Friday!!

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