He’s Soooo Busy

Thank God Surfer Ty arrives in the morning on a red eye from Honolulu because I need him to wear his son out before his son wears me out. Mac is the busiest boy I’ve ever had and at eighteen months he is clever and curious and persistent and creative, as well as a little devious. Although still not very verbal, he can open anything and pull apart everything and has tremendous agility, which means he climbs everything and balances on everything and loves skateboards almost as much as he loves dogs and his daddy.

The photo below was taken of Mac in the Elements store at Bellevue Square Mall and he was riding the skateboard… while it was moving. Okay, it wasn’t moving fast. But I pushed him on the board, backed away, crouched down and took a couple shots while he stood there like a pro, riding forwards, and back, and forwards again without me touching him once. From birth he’s been riding skateboards in his dad’s arms, and then later standing on them while holding his dad’s hand, and now he likes to balance on his own. It’s awesome And scary. This is a kid that’s going to give me a run for my money.


Heading to bed now as I need my rest to keep up with wild child again tomorrow.

Oh, and I start a new book tomorrow. I do need my sleep for that, too, as I have to get serious about my writing and its always tough in the beginning after not writing for a couple weeks.

What are you doing this week? Share 5 things on your to-do list and you’re entered to win of the 3 mystery prize packages sitting in my office. It’s going to be a short contest, running from now, Monday night, until Wednesday night and I’ll announce the 3 winners Thursday morning.

5 things on my list:

1)  Write chapter 1 of new book. (Maybe even chapter 2….)

2)  Exercise at least twice this week.

3)  Work on Christmas cards at night.

4)  Finish wrapping presents that I’ve purchased.

5)  Draw three winners for my contest Thursday and mail their prizes out on Friday!!


  1. Mac sounds a lot like my 2-yr-old grandson. Not too verbal yet but fearless and curious beyond compare. It’s like he KNOWS all about balance, aerodynamics, gears and magnetics. He’s ready for anything his big brothers already do.

    Since I’m 51, I’m glad to send him home to his mommy. She turns 30 in a few months and still has energy to burn. LOL!

  2. Oh my, he’s gonna be a daredevil for sure!

    Five things on my list this week…
    1. Write out Christmas list and begin shopping
    2. Start Christmas cards
    3. Finish a project for class that is due Wednesday
    4. STUDY
    5. Fight off this awful cold/sore throat that is attacking me right now.

    Good luck with your list!

  3. As always, a sweet picture of Mac. 🙂

    My list.

    1. Make breakfast food
    2. Do something with bananas (there may be overlap between 1 & 2)
    3. Go to Whole Foods
    4. Watch and clear shows/movies on DVR
    5. Clean house

  4. He’s sooo busy and sooo adorable. You are truly blessed.

    My list:
    1. Get paperwork to school for open enrollment for daughter.
    2. Purchase gifts for Armful of Love.
    3. Get a Christmas list to my sister.
    4. Put up Christmas tree/decorations.
    5. Wake up my daughter for school.

  5. 5 things on my list:

    1) Try to get everyone to eat Thanksgiving leftovers…which there are a LOT of.

    2) Haul out the Christmas tree!

    3) Study and take all my midterms 🙁

    4) Start making my Christmas shopping/wish list (I know, I’m late..)

    5) Not stress out too much!

  6. Unfortunately, work is getting in the way of the fun things I would like to do this week: decorate yard, decorate inside of house, decorate tree, decorate my micro cubicle at work, and bake for the work Christmas party on Friday.

  7. 1. Get my holiday hours figured out.
    2. Begin SHOPPING!!
    3. Call my family to make Christmas arrangements
    4. RSPV for all the holiday parties (including the Jingle Ball!)
    5. Go skiing if it snows more

  8. Mac is adorable as always! He sounds a lot like my son. I am still not sure who has the better work out some days.

    My to-do list should be much longer than 5 items! LOL
    1. Take items to Goodwill
    2. Take recycle in
    3. Pick a new book to read
    4. Finish knitting my Christmas gifts
    5. Find a better hiding place for Christmas gifts

    Have a wonderful week. AND…. what is that new book going to be about???

  9. That has got to be the cutest picture I have ever seen. Mac is so cute. Hopefully he doesn’t give you too many more worries as he gets older. On my week’s list, I have

    1. get back to working out this morning and get the Thanksgiving weight off
    2. finish writing out my Christmas cards
    3. wrap the Christmas gifts
    4. get the house cleaned up
    5. get caught up on the emails

  10. Great picture!

    My five things:

    1~ Get caught up on laundry. Only about 50 more loads! 🙂
    2~ Get in at least 30 minutes everyday on the eliptical machine.
    3~ Read at least one book
    4~ Weed through toys and clothes and clear out the clutter
    5~ Make my kids smile everyday

  11. My list:
    1. Work, work, work!
    2. Also wrap gifts.
    3. Plan Christmas party and dinner..hmm
    4. Shop for winter clothes.
    5. Maybe go for a jog sometime…need the excercise!

  12. 1. Wrap presents!
    2. Put up the tree
    3. Go holiday shopping
    4. Buy last minute presents…for those I forgot to buy gifts for 🙂
    5. Visit my grandmother at the hospital

  13. Hi, Jane! I love seeing Mac growing up – and so quickly too! Good luck with “keeping up with him” – I don’t think it can be done, LOL!

    Top 5 to-do list for today:
    1 – Find.My.Desk!
    2 – Organize books
    3 – Determine a special supper, then make it!
    4 – Put clean laundry away
    5 – Find floor of my office

  14. So many more than five, but these come to mind first:
    1 – Bake sugar cookies
    2 – Start Christmas card project
    3 – Shop for presents
    4 – Decorate 2nd tree
    5 – Get glasses so I can “rest” my eyes from contacts

  15. Too cool! My 9 year-olds can’t even do that.

    5 Random Things, from my very long To-Do List

    1) Finish unpacking/organizing the house.
    2) Christmas Cards
    3) Figure out an experiment for my daughter’s kindergarten class – I’m the Mysery Scientist this week.
    4) Get ready for the twins birthday party on Sunday (and buy their presents!).
    5) Catch up on some much needed sleep.

  16. Hi Jane.

    Mac is adorable.

    Things to do:
    1. Exercise 1hr
    2. Prep for class lecture
    3. Do the dishes
    4. Wax eyebrows
    5. Clean off desk

    Of course I have more, but if I hit at least that, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something.

    Take care.

  17. Mac is so cute.
    My to do list is:
    1. Wash shower curtains and rugs.
    2. Pay bills that are due.
    3. Search for items online for people on Christmas list.
    4. Sort shoes to decide what needs to be given to Goodwill
    5. Decorate for Christmas

  18. You can just see the energy Max has when listening to you, lol.

    1) bake Shortbread cookies
    2) get my awful sore throat under control
    3) make Cheerios/Nut mix for Christmas
    4) rearrange the living room
    5) do some more Christmas cards/mailings

  19. 1 – help with a local bake sale
    2 – Christmas shopping: presents and cards!
    3 – Actually write and mail out the gifts/cards
    4 – put up our tree
    5 – get a haircut

  20. Mac is such a little doll, I bet he is hard to keep up with. I’ve got a granddaughter like that,she’s fearless. My to do list for this week.

    1. Finish my Christmas shopping
    2. Get out my decorations
    3. Get all my wrapping done
    4. Either get over this wretched cold or go to the doctor.
    5. Get more reading done.

  21. Oh my goodness, Mac’s certainly starting early! My five things (actually there are lots more!)are:

    1. Finish up some ear bonnets for people who are leaving to horse show in Florida
    2. Finish my Christmas decorating (with the exception of the tree)
    3. Start some of my Christmas baking (to be frozen)
    4. Find some time to quilt…
    5. Try and keep my hands off the copy of Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants that I ordered for my husband for Christmas that just arrived today!

  22. Hi Jane!
    I LOVE Mac’s picture ~ he is getting so big!

    Here’s my top 5 things I need to do asap:
    1 ~ finish my letter to you so I can send you my donation for World Vision
    2 ~ follow up w/my son’s teachers
    3 ~ finish putting away laundry
    4 ~ begin decorating
    5 ~ keep getting on the treadmill (I just started again yesterday!)

    Good luck writing today!
    Love ya,

  23. wow, watch out tony hawk!! 5 things i need to do:
    1. mail out Christmas cards.
    2. take boys to counseling.
    3. put Christmas tree up.
    4. read at least one book.
    5. relax, and hope this cold i have goes away…
    have a great day jane, and good luck as you start writing…you are the best!

  24. I love the way you described Mac’s personality. It makes it so easy to picture what he’s like.

    My List of 5 is:
    1. Pick my car up from the shop
    2. Figure out at least one good idea for my mom for Christmas (she’s impossible to shop for)
    3. Find time to get together with one of my friends
    4. Attend at least one Zumba class
    5. Begin the process of reorganizing my room and purging things I don’t have space for or don’t use.

  25. What a little doll Mac is.
    1. Tell Jane to get helmets for Mac in various sizes…LOL
    2. Unpack my suitcases from the last two trips.
    3. Pay all the bills.
    4. Wrap Xmas gifts.
    5. Clean out at least one closet for suits and gowns.
    Help is on the way for Mac, so hope you’ll be able to collect your thoughts, in the quiet.

  26. Oh boy! Mac’s preteen and teen years are going to be interesting!

    This week seems really busy but as I look at my calendar there is a lot of driving. Why does it seem that everything I do is for somebody else?

    1. Drive. (Orchestra and Band practices, Violin and Flute lessons, Ham Radio Club Meeting, afterschool carpool.

    2. Put up Christmas Tree.

    3. Re-do outdoor Christmas lights (I finally found replacements for some that really need to be replaced).

    4. Return a pile of phone calls.

    5. Check Jane’s Blog!

  27. Hi Jane,

    On my to do list is:
    1)Writhing Christmas cards and mailing them as soon as possible.
    2)Finishing up Christmas packages and mailing them as weel.
    3)Start to exersice again after a to long brake.
    4)Bake Christmas cookies
    5)Decorate for Christmas

  28. My to-do list:
    1. Get the Christmas tree up!
    2. Do some more shopping.
    3. Bake 2 pies for Christmas luncheon.
    4. Exercise.
    5. Go through newspaper and magazine piles.

  29. Cute pic.
    1. Pay bills.
    2. Revise Christmas gifts list.
    3. Grocery shopping.
    4. Reply to emails.
    5. Return library books.

  30. 1. Begin Christmas shopping 🙂
    2. Plan Christmas meal
    3. Laundry…always
    4. Study for History class
    5. Clean house…always

  31. mac totally rocks!

    my five things:
    1. get birthday party ready for my almost 6 year old. [next tuesday]

    2. decorate christmas tree and rest of house.

    3. finish christmas shopping + wrapping presents.

    4. cook a homemade meal this week- at least 2 or 3 times.

    5. win a mystery prize from one of my favorite authors ; )

  32. Five things to do this week:

    1 – Hopefully sign up for my first triathlon, if the registration goes live this week
    2 – Work out at least four times
    3 – Visit with my Pi Phi little sister who is in town from Japan
    4 – paint my fingernails
    5 – do some more Christmas decorating

  33. Wow! I can’t believe how much your baby is not a baby anymore. I’m excited about the new book you’re working on!

    Things on my to-do list:
    1. Study for anatomy exam that’s scheduled for tomorrow.
    2. Study for anatomy lab practical that’s on Thursday.
    3. Finish double unknown microbiology paper to submit before 7:00am Thursday.
    4. Study for quiz in microbiology on Friday.
    5. Study for finals next Wednesday.
    Whew! Maybe I should take a nap. 🙂

  34. Amazing sense of balance for your skateboard rider.

    My list:
    1. get extra sleep
    2. start christmas shopping
    3. make gingerbread cookies
    4. write outline for my next project
    5. short editing session each day

  35. Haha, hey Jane!! That is awesome about Mac; “Wild child,” love it!

    My five things actually started today:
    1- Be a witness on a Courts Martial (done! Just got back actually).
    2- Write up Packages for two people I think are awesome at work (and they are!)
    3- Finish all the assignments I am late on for my class extension that ends tonight at 7pm local Hawaii time (thinkin’ that should have maybe been #1, or #2 now).
    4- Get my Dress Whites uniform ready for the Courts Martial again tomorrow.
    5- Tell Jane how awesome she is 🙂 and then relax Thursday & Friday since my boss will be out of the office :0)

  36. Cute pic!! Mac is so ready for action.
    Things to do.
    1. Run daily
    2. Go to Walmart
    3. Clean house
    4. Make soup
    5. Go Christmas shopping

  37. Mac is so cute! I had a daughter first and had no idea the difference in energy level from boys to girls. Now my daughter (9)is very dramatic, and my son (6) is still as much a daredevil now as ever. In fact, he had stitches in his forehead at 18 mos. from running and falling in the house! Poor guy. Anyway, boys and girls are just so genetically different its funny. Good luck with the little guy. Here’s my 5 things…

    1. Decorate for the holidays
    2. Clean the house
    3. Go to the post office
    4. put together a xmas card
    5. make a dentist apt.

  38. Boys are busy and so physical. But so much fun.
    1. Work presentation
    2. Parent/teacher conferences
    3. Exercise!
    4. Prepare for my son’s birthday party
    5. Start Christmas shopping?!?

  39. He’s so adorable and cute!

    1. work
    2. unpack some moving boxes
    3. clean house
    4. go shopping
    5. clean out the garage

  40. Mac is so cute and I will bet you have got your hands full.

    1. Did my shopping today to cook a dinner this weekend.
    2. Make a cheese ball tomorrow
    3. Set with father in law tomorrow. He is getting in bad shape and can’t stay alone.
    4. Set with father in law on Thursday and try to get some housework done. Also order Birthday cake from bakery.
    5. Lay out Turkey breast and do my prep work for dinner I am cooking for my sisters birthday.

  41. Hi Jane! Hope your new book is off to a great start! And that pic of Mac is too cute! My 5 things to do are: 1) Study for finals, 2) Study some more for finals, 3) Try not to panic about finals, 4) Start packing up things to bring to Oxford, 5) Buy Christmas gifts for family and friends.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful time with all your boys!

  42. Here’s my to do list!
    1. Bake cranberry bread
    2. Decide on the Christmas cookies I will be baking for giveaway
    3. Start writing Christmas cards
    4. Decide on the books I will be taking on my vacation
    5. Find a place to take yoga classes

  43. First off – I love that little Mac on the board! He’s born to do this! It’s in his genes. 🙂

    My to do list:
    1)Turn our darned mattress again! (& hope it is better on the other side, again!)
    2)Get my hair cut & color it
    3)Wrap gifts for grand daughter and mail box
    4)Call contacts to get candle orders in so I can order them
    5)Send gift cards to the church for the Alternative H.S. kids’ Christmas gifts

  44. well, this is my list ;

    – Catch up some sleeps. (with 3 wks old baby, i just can’t get enough sleep 🙂

    – Bake Brownies to my 4 yos son. He keep asking me to make one 🙂

    – Do the laundry

    – Clean the house

    – try to win some great books to read for the weekend !

  45. Gosh, I bet Mac makes you feel so alive.
    My list

    1. Put up Christmas tree by this weekend.
    2. Get back on the treadmill
    3. Wrap presents and try to finish up Christmas shopping.
    4. Address Christmas cards
    5. Paint front door

    You enjoy little Mac. He is just hard at work making memories for you.

  46. My list…
    1. Attend a Hospital Fnd. Board meeting for the guest house we are trying to build
    2. X-mas shop
    3. Swim Klaus the boxer dog @ Hydro Hounds
    4. Start reading a Jane Porter book, I have many from my friend Judy Parks.
    5. Wrap my white elephant gift for bunco…it’s a bowling ball!

  47. Such a cute story & picture of Mac!

    My To Do List:

    1. Make Rocky Road Candy Bark for cookie exchange on Saturday

    2. Water poinsettias so they do not die!

    3. Finish decorating the Christmas tree

    4. Buy a birthday gift for a friend

    5. Mail a package to my blog giveaway winner for my Thanksgiving contest

  48. 5 things on my to do list:
    – put up Christmas tree
    – send out Christmas cards
    – pay bills
    – start buying Christmas gifts
    – go grocery shopping

  49. 1. Catch up on two weeks of computer things.

    2. Force myself to try something at Rover’s when my husband takes me there. It’s French, we won the dinner but rabbit? Quail? Seafood? Sigh..

    3. Decorate for Christmas

    4. Send out Christmas cards.

    5. Put together 6-7 cookie/treat platters for people.

  50. Hola Jane! Mac looks like is has no fear at all.

    5 things to do this week…
    1. Take Isa (my 8 yr old) to the 9th Annual Candlelight Remembrance Service for the Alzheimer’s Assoc where she will sing with her choir.
    2. Take Isa Friday nite down to the San Antonio River where she and the school choir will sing on the barges.
    3. Go with my husband Friday nite to his company’s Xmas party, semi-formal wear!
    4. Work Saturday morning till noon.
    5. Drive to San Marcos to Sights and Sounds!

    It’s not even Saturday nite and I already need an adult beverage.

    1. Jane, holidays are approaching fast and I am getting ready to send my order for Tamales, are you still interested in some Texas style tamales? I think you said you were going to personally come pick them up 🙂 and if not, I can send them your way.

  51. What a cute mover & shaker you have there. I love your posts about your kids!

    Boring, but you asked for it 🙂 –
    1. Finish 1st draft of writing project
    2. Grocery
    3. Get car fixed
    4. Finish book I’m reading in time to return it to library
    5. Make dentist appt

  52. Hi Jane, I love the photo you took of Mac! He looks so sweet on the skateboard.

    My to-do list is a mile long but the top 5 things are:

    1. Laundry duty;
    2. making xmas cards;
    3. preparing the next night’s meal;
    4. xmas shopping; and
    5. xmas baking.

  53. 1. Finish buying Hanukkah gifts.
    2. Start preparing food for Shabbat since in-laws are coming in.
    3. Organize some more in the house…especially the kitchen!
    4. Work on interview questions for blog.
    5. Take glucose test for pregnancy…have to drink the yucky orange stuff. 😛

    Hope you accomplish everything on YOUR list!

  54. Boy, only five?
    1. Gather candy, breads,and cookie recipes. Don’t forget to study!
    2. Finish shopping.Don’t forget to study!
    3. Get Christmas tree and finish decorating the house.Don’t forget to study!
    4. Make holiday treats to packeage and deliver.Don’t forget to study.
    5. Start and finish wrapping presents.Take my fall finals!

  55. Hi Jane,
    1) finish my work website
    2) decorate my home
    3) finish my work website
    4) smile
    5) finish my work website

    My work website launches on December 24, yay me! Cross your fingers for me that all works out and I will actually get to enjoy my holidays!

  56. Mac sounds like he has a fantastic personality, but I have a nephew just like him and I know how exhausting that can be! Consider it “exercise”, and now you can cross one thing off your to-do list!

    Here’s mine…
    1. Finish cataloguing Top 20 books for library reading program.
    2. Finish Christmas shopping, gifts for 3 little girls, gift cards for 3 young men, and find more gifts for the 2 families my work staff have adopted for Christmas!
    3. Mail last Christmas parcel and Christmas cards.
    4. Oops, do Christmas cards first!
    5. Find a dress for Friday’s Christmas party.

    Realistically, I’d be happy to accomplish 2 of those before the end of the weekend!

    Have a great week Jane!

  57. So many busy people! My to-do list is here:
    1. Get Peppermint Jo-Jos from Trader Joe’s.
    2. Prepare holiday card list, which subsequently means:
    3. Make holiday cards.
    4. Haul out the decorations, which also means:
    5. Get the little clips by 3M that stick to walls (so I can string lights along the walls).

    I hope everyone has beautiful and delicious holidays!

    1. Ooh! I didn’t know 3M made those (though I’m not surprised–they’re very inventive!). I’ve been wanting to string lights inside our sunporch, but my husband doesn’t want to put nails in the beams–these will be perfect! Thanks!

  58. Mac sounds like a handful,my son was the same way and still is..always trying different things,loves a challenge. Kenny is 20yrsl old and he keeps me young…my 5 things that I need to do: 1.start making banana bread and cookies for my Christmas baskets.2.Christmas shopping 3.finish my term paper 4.put tree-up 5.time for”ME”

  59. These are my real “to do” lists.

    1. Quickly practice some commands with our puppy before the trainer realizes that I haven’t spent 10 minutes a day working on them! Luckily he is a smart pup.
    2. Play a board game with my son who is off sick today.
    3. Try to get some work done before playing board game 🙂
    4. Start looking on line for gifts that can be wrapped and sent – ready to go.
    5. Book some time out with friends before the holidays and my trip to Hawaii (yahoo!).

    Wishing you a very happy and relaxing holiday season.

  60. That is one little busy guy!

    Here is what I have to do.

    1. Take car to get inspected since I got a ticket for not having it inspected and I have to do that this week!
    2. Buy a new coffee pot since mine started smoking this morning and set off all of my smoke detectors.
    3. Find a recipe for something yummy to make to take to alumnae club meeting next Tuesday for our annual Angel exchange.
    4. Write grocery list for daughter to do grocery shopping on Friday.
    5. Get tree decorated so that we can enjoy the entire month.

  61. 1. Finish shopping for my husband’s Christmas gifts.
    2. Pick up a Taco Bell gift certificate for my sister-in-law’s gift (her guilty pleasure).
    3. Call Audi USA and complain about the &$^#*^ electrical system that’s going to cost us $2000 to repair.
    4. Go to HeiferInternational.com to make contributions in my cousins’ names (for their gift).
    5. Go to the dry cleaner.

  62. Only five things?! 🙂
    1) Finish up the school art contest.
    2) Team soccer party!
    3) Work on the disaster that is my office (note I did not say “finish”!)
    4) Make Christmas cookies with the kids.
    5) See the new Harry Potter movie.

    I hope you get some rest! Keep Mac busy and you’ll do better – still be exhausted, but he won’t have time to get into trouble! Enjoy it!

  63. Wow there are so many things on my list right now! lol Here are the top 5:
    1. Finish Christmas Gift List
    2. Start my Christmas Cards
    3. Start my Christmas cookie list (yummy)
    4. Wrap Christmas Gifts
    5. Make sure I don’t forget to do my Wii! Since I have to taste test all my cookies!;)

  64. My to do list:
    – Exercise twice this week
    – Clean house before my holiday shopping open house this Saturday
    – Write up my list of Christmas gifts for family/friends
    – Write up goals for this month for my Arbonne business
    – Take photo of me & pups for holiday greeting cards.

  65. I know your hands are full! He’s such a cutie!
    1. Decorate for Christmas
    2. Clean house
    3. Call the plumber – at least I had plumbing problems BEFORE the holidays!
    4. Set up for 2 vendor shows
    5. Mail Kathy Patrick my check for Girlfriends Weekend booth – hope to see you there again this year!

  66. OMGoodness I love that picture of Mac on the board. YAY 🙂

    ok, 5 ( I have lots more but you asked for 5) things on my To Do list:

    1. Exercise 3 more times this week.
    2. Start wrapping presents for under our tree.
    3. Take care of my husband who had a colonoscopy this morning and is still pretty groggy.
    4. Finish my latest book I am reading by Janet Evanovich.
    5. Give tremendous thanks to God for my wonderful family, friends and life that I have in the Central Valley. I am blessed everyday.

    Have a great day Jane!

  67. What a cutie~ I love the picture of Mac. And boy, do I miss that mall. I bet it’s all decorated for Christmas beautifully.

    I am scattered in a million directions this week.
    1. I am trying to sort through all the various programs for teaching my child to drive. Confusing to figure out and scary idea!

    2. I am trying to decorate for Christmas, but also holding back because of #3.

    3. Waiting (with fingers crossed) for a piece of furniture for my living room. It’s been promised & rescheduled several times! Not happy about that, but just hoping that tomorrow is the day.

    4. Getting ready to go out of town this weekend to see family and have some fun.

    5. Hoping to win a JP contest at last! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  68. 1. Get out Christmas decorations

    2. Groceries at WalMart

    3. pay bills (a thankless job at best!)

    4. wrap Christmas gifts

    5. read a good book

  69. 5 things on my To-Do List…

    1) Do my homework..quit procrastinating about it…

    2) Have my first ever mamogram test taken on the 2nd on Dec.

    3) Make my christmas cards and get them mailed out.

    4) Read a good book, always at the top of my list.

    5) Go to the movies with my friend,get my car washed and get blood lab work done.

  70. My List

    1 – Write literary criticism paper
    2 – Revise essay for writing workshop
    3 – Write holiday letter
    4 – Work on Christmas cards, and gifts
    5 – Be available for my husband who is struggling with a ton of stress due to work.

  71. 1. Join an hour con call with the kids running around home for late start.
    2. Build my business, make calls set up Dec shows, etc. (www.lifesimplifier.com )
    3. DO at least 10 loads of laundry
    4. get in an hour workout
    5. grocery shop before the kids get home from school.

  72. 1. Study for two finals next week.
    2. Finish Christmas shopping and wrap presents.
    3. Mail Christmas Cards and Christmas Party invitations.
    4. Plan a birthday party for my soon to be 14 year old.
    5. Enjoy some quite time with my honey.

  73. I’m just getting over a bout of bronchitis and am way behind in everything. My top 5 to do list items are:

    1) do laundry
    2) get groceries … I’m down to saltine crackers, some apples and ginger ale
    3) start christmas baking
    4) study for the final exam in the class I’m taking
    5) put up the christmas decorations … so far the place is bare, involves some re-jigging of furniture etc.

  74. Mac is such a sweet and smart little human…he just want to be part of your tribe 😉
    Today is on hold, kids at home from school. I will: do 2 loads a laundry + fold the 2 thats already sitting from last night. Start working on the holiday cards. Start sorting thru kiddos art dresser. Take the same kiddos out to lunch (dim sum) Hang with the bookclub tonite…not bad at all. All the tedious stuff will just have to wait (again)Happy December 1st.

  75. 1. Get rid of cough & cold I came down with this weekend
    2. Start Christmas shopping
    3. Decorate house
    4. Decorate tree
    5. Celebrate finishing this crap with a drink!!!

  76. Five things to do:

    1.) Try to fit all the empty Christmas decoration boxes back under the stairs (requires puzzle-like skill).
    2.) Plan Christmas dinner menu.
    3.) Plan holiday day/night trips for the kids – looking at lights, possible concerts, etc.
    4.) Take a picture of kids to insert into the Christmas cards and start writing them out.
    5.) Watch all my favorite Christmas movies, including “Holiday Affair,” starring Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh, “The Bells of St. Mary’s,” and Albert Finney’s “Scrooge.”

  77. 1. visit my memories of Vaisalia from last month
    2. create a CA. Christmas card vs.Hi
    3. cook hot soup
    4. look at snow
    5. watch the goat chase the deer

  78. My top 5 to do list items are:

    1. buy my mom a birthday present.

    2. return books to the library

    3. go visit my grandma

    4. go visit my baby cousin.

    5. find some time to read all the books on my TBR pile

  79. Only five things!? OK…

    1. Address and mail Christmas cards
    2. Finish Christmas shopping
    3. Update resume (!)
    4. Go for a walk when this rain stops
    5. Decorate house for Christmas

  80. 1.Put more items on ebay

    2.Try to get stains out of Christmas dress

    3.Do taxes for ’08 & ’09! ASAP!

    4.Try to get at least 1 tree up & decorated

    5.Call my sisters & sister-in-law & a friend who’s starting chemo.

    1. I have to amend my list. After I wrote my list this morning my husband lost his job and my sweet, sweet little dog tinydancer died. I am devastated.I haven’t figured out my new list yet. I will still probably try to get our taxes done.I will look for a job and try to be a good supporter to my husband.So that’s 3 things.I guess, I will add more things when I can think better.

  81. 1. Play with my kids in the snow each day.
    2. Finish Christmas cards and mail.
    3. Go to the gym 4 times this week, half way there.
    4. Celebrate my son’s 4th birthday tomorrow, ok all week!!
    5. Think about all the things I am blessed with each day, because there really are a lot if things I have to be thankful for!!!

  82. Seems like everyone is super busy right now. mac is just adorable! My 3 boys were all a handful at that age lol.

    Let’s see 5 things.

    1 Put my tree up

    2 finish my Christmas shopping. I only have a few things left but it gets tougher every year with the boys

    3 Christmas cards

    4 wrap Christmas presents

    5 read of course. A friend of mine from Portland sends me a box of book once or twice a year and she surprised me with a box Monday which I’ve already dug into. Reading friends are the best!

    Hope you got plenty of rest Jane!

    Lisa B

  83. He is so stinkin’ cute!

    5 things on my list for this week/weekend:
    1. Hydrate
    2. Carb load
    3. Stretch
    4. Sleep
    5. Run my first MARATHON on 12/05

    Best of luck with your week! Can’t wait to hear more about the new book!

  84. 1. Christmas shop! I have so much to do still.

    2. Bake and make fudge.

    3. Clean out my kitchen pantry so I know just exactly what’s in there. It is it’s own little hoarders world.

    4. Get our tree!

    5. Clean my bookshelves before the next round of books.

  85. love the skater boy pic! When I was in high school I was skater girl. Really I just kinda rolled around on my board looking at the cute skater boys. lol

    Top five things on my list
    1) Give my Mom a hug she is having a hard week
    2) finish a sewing project for my best friends birthday (so what her birthday was in Sept. it’s the thought that counts, right? She know I love her and this is just how I roll)
    3) hopefully find a new home for our sweet pet goat since we are moving into a neighborhood
    4) more packing
    5) hopefully have a dirty Shirley with some girlfriends (that is a Shirley temple with vodka. YUM!)

  86. I love seeing pictures of Mac! I love hearing that you’re starting a new book! It’s hard to choose five things, but I’ll take a stab:

    1. Make room in the garage for the Christmas stuff to come down from the attic.

    2. Get to bed early (ish)tonight so I can exercise in the morning.

    3. Get the oil changed in my car and get it washed.

    4. Buy Candy Cane green tea at Trader Joe’s.

    5. Figure out where I want to go for my birthday dinner.

    Good luck with your list, Jane!

    Hugs from Tustin,

  87. 1. Catch up with things and reading blogs now that our granddaughter and her parents do not need us around as much!
    2. Take the last of our garden vegetables to the homeless shelter in town
    3. Christmas Cards must get done!
    4. Finish wrapping presents
    5. Give thanks for so many blessings!

    Loved seeing Mac. He is really growing and has fantastic balance for his age. Glad you are getting some time to write. Looking forward to the next Jane Porter book!

  88. Kids can really zap an adult’s energy! They can also make messes, hence my list:

    1. Do dishes
    2. Do laundry
    3. Mop floor
    4. Do laundry
    5. And do more laundry!

  89. 1. Work on my story.
    2. Buy a baby shower gift.
    3. Mail out a birthday card.
    4. Set up the Christmas tree.
    5. Take the dog to have her nails clipped.

  90. He is just adorable! My top five items on my to do list:
    1. Pick up new Christmas cards now that the incorrect ones mailed to me have been fixed :(.
    2. Label and mail out said Christmas cards.
    3. Exercise at least four times this week (I am on a diet so exercising really helps!).
    4. Read a few chapters of the book I haven’t had time to read all week.
    5. Start wrapping Christmas gifts because it is December already!

  91. 1. Upload and order pics from Shutterfly.
    2. Laundry
    3. Clean house
    4. Meal plan and make a grocery shopping list.
    5. Plan activities for my 3 year old, who is just as active as your Mac!

  92. I’m 10 hours into Life After An 8-yo’s Birthday Party, so my priorities for the remainder of the week are, in this order:

    1. Get some overdue sleep.
    2. Get some overdue sex.
    3. Catch up on emails.
    4. Write Chapter 7 of the new book.
    5. Wax my legs…

    … though now that I think about it, perhaps item 5 should come before item 2. Then again, who in their right mind would choose a wax job over a b-job???

  93. 1. Run at least once (took a week off after my Thanksgiving 5K).
    2. Go through the Christmas decorations and get rid of those we no longer use.
    3. Put up my Christmas tree.
    4. Create and order my Christmas cards.
    5. Figure out what to buy everyone on my list for Christmas.

    Good luck with your new book! Can’t wait!

  94. This week is a FUN week since we are on vacation at the OR coast!

    1. Celebrate my Aunts 70th Birthday tonight!! Can’t wait! 🙂
    2. Christmas shopping..I want to finish it!
    3. Finish my Christmas cards and get them in the mail.
    4. Make Christmas cookies and candy for the neighbors and friends.
    5. Take the kids to get their Christmas pictures taken.

  95. My list:

    1. Get ready for a Beta Club fundraiser on Saturday.
    2. Buy gifts for our office adopt and angel by tomorrow at lunch time.
    3. Wish my neighbor, Lynnette, a happy birthday.
    4. Get myself ready to turn another year older.
    5. Find last year’s Christmas pictures for this year’s Christmas cards.

    Your little boy is too precious girl!!! What a personality 🙂

  96. Hi Jane,

    1. Tie up the loose ends on my desk at work.
    2. Make my very short Christmas gift list.
    3. Balance my check book.
    4. Call my sister-in-law.
    5. Call my Mom and Dad.

  97. 1.Put up Christmas tree
    2.wrap gifts already bought
    3.shop for coat for husband to gift to me for Christmas
    4. Decorate the house for Christmas
    5. Find all the decorations and tree stored in the back bedroom amongst all the junk my husband has pilled back there. That should be number one , Huh?

  98. 5 things on my list:
    1) put up hooks on front entry way to hang lights from
    2)Make picture collage for november 2011 calender page
    3) Second half of Christmas cards to get addressed and stuffed
    4) Get serious list done-what I have bought, what I still need to buy!
    5) Watch survivor tonight. Not taped. Sit down and watch it!

  99. The picture of your little guy is adorable!!
    My five things planned are:

    1. Shopping for next weeks Secret Santa at work

    2. Decorating the house

    3. Getting list for Christmas gifts done

    4. Helping my son paint inside his house to get ready for his Future in laws visit 🙂

    5. Finding some time in here to read!!!
    Have a great week Jane 🙂

  100. I’m adjusting my list ‘casuse of you:

    1. BUY JP BOOK! (it was a sign from above, or from a pen I never paid attention to)

    2. Write addresses of family and friends (not for the Christmas cards mind you, but for my son’s Wedding Invitations)

    3. Plan Office Christmas Party (that one has a ton of SUBlists)

    4. Make sure the Boss signs off on Christmas Bonuses

    5. Have a drink (before I create another list)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  101. 1. Write software documentation; boring but necessary.
    2. Finalize 2011 benefit package for employees
    3. Prepare to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 87th birthday on Sunday.
    4. Help finishing remodeling the Mary McClinton Home for Women in Seattle so they can move in before Christmas.
    5. Install a new dishwasher.

  102. 1. celebrate hanukah tonight
    2. enjoy some home cooked meals
    3. work with the darlings in my class
    4. love all “my boys”
    5. watch some great basketball and wrestling that my boys are playing!!!!

    happy december to all

  103. Umm let’s see…

    1. Write Ecology Paper
    2. Write Social Psych Paper
    3. Play with Megan
    4. Revise for finals
    5. Play with Megan…

    Good luck with the book Jane. Do you want to write my papers for me… :-”


  104. awww. . . he’s so adorable. I saw the pic of him learning to surf in his diapers on FB. Your sons are so precious, Jane.

    5 of a million things i have to do:

    -file for unemployment
    -finish raking the backyard
    -send out my Christmas cards
    -don’t lose my mind, LOL! start Christmas shopping (I know, I’m late this year)

    Off to do #4, read (I don’t have to do the list in order, do I?)

  105. HI Jane,
    Your little guy is so cute! I enjoy the pictures you post – amazing seeing this little dude on a skateboard!
    5 things on my “To Do” list:
    1. Report cards
    2. Finish the book, Sarah’s Key – EXCELLENT book!
    3. Go grocery shopping
    4. Go shopping for a baby shower gift.
    5. Put money in a savings account.

  106. On my To Do List:

    (1) Finish one manuscript
    (2) Wrap Christmas presents
    (3) Read Screenwriting for Dummies
    (4) Clean out my (email) inbox
    (5) Enjoy the holidays without eating too much chocolate (is that even possible?)

  107. Such a cute picture!! I have a very long to do list, but here’s the top 5:

    1. Put up our holiday decorations.
    2. Cut down our Christmas tree.
    3. Get my master bedroom ready to be painted this weekend.
    4. Finish buying all the supplies to paint my master bedroom.
    5. Get back online and return many emails!

    Guess I will be busy LOL!

    Can’t wait to hear more about the new book- happy writing, Jane!!!

  108. My list 🙂

    1- Finish my Christmas shopping
    2- Make candles
    3- Make cookies
    4- Close out November stuff for work
    5- Clean my house, so I can decorate for the holidays.

  109. Wow my to-do list is long this week…but here are 5 things…

    1. Complete 2 more strength training sessions this week.

    2. Run at least 10 more miles this week.

    3. Finish painting my friends’ porch.

    4. Get some serious housecleaning done.

    5. Read…desperately need some reading time!!!

    Mac sounds like he’s a handful but so much fun!! Glad Ty is on his way to help out and let you get some good writing time in!!!

    Blessings to you!

  110. Mac is adorable! It seems this new breed of babies are verrrry busy! LOL I watch a couple of them!

    1. Write Christmas letter & Address cards.
    2. Decorate Christmas Tree
    3.laundry — it never ends.
    4.Find my front door wreath and carriage light swags.
    5. Make a garland for the livingroom fireplace.

  111. To Do List:

    1. Order Christmas cards
    2. Finish 2011 photo calender for grandparents
    3. Replace the microwave I blew up
    4. Wrap gifts
    5. Make some special memories with my kids

  112. To Do List:
    1. Bake for Autumn’s School Concert.
    2. Christmas shopping
    3. Wrap Gifts
    4. Downtown Christmas Caroling
    5. Finish decorating the darn tree

  113. 5 things:
    1. Work boutiques at each of my kids schools Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri.
    2. Keep house clean while not even home.
    3. Do Laundry
    4. Start Christmas Shopping
    5. Cheer on my daughter singing at town Tree lighting Saturday.

    Have a great weekend, Jane! The pic of Mac is adorable.


  114. I’m too late for the contest but wanted to let you know how cute Mac is. Sounds like he’s his father’s son, for sure!!!! I will share what I did this week. Cyber Monday!!!! Shopped online at Kohl’s Department Store then in the store then online again. Spent 2 hours in the store again last night while waiting for my daughter to be done with her xlass. I took pix of xlothes and texted to son, then bought a bunxh of stuff for him to try on at home. He was busy finishing up some xollege applixations. He only wanted to keep one sweatshirt and one pair of jeans so baxk I go today to return the rest. Weeeeeee!

  115. Wow, what a busy boy. You deserve kudos, Jane, because I’m not sure I could do it all again at this stage in my life. My kids are all teenagers and they exhaust me, I can’t imagine throwing a baby into the mix.

    What am I doing this week?

    1. braving the attic to drag down all the Christmas decorations.
    2. Deep cleaning before we get the tree up.
    3. planning next week’s lesson for my Wednesday night youth group class.
    4. Write at least another 1000 words of my book.
    5. Try to get some relaxing in.

    Big hugs to you my friend!

  116. 5 Things To Do Today:
    1. Finish grant application
    2. Grocery Store
    3. Make chicken stock, dinner, and freeze leftovers for later.
    4. Apply for one job.
    5. Read book for book club!

  117. I am here to announce the winners! And true to form, I can’t just pick three….so I’ve doubled it and have 6 mystery prizes ready to go. These 6 prizes are all a tad different since they are prizes never claimed but they are ALL great. I promise. 🙂

    I will ship the boxes out as soon as you the winners send me via a private email their name and address.

    The 6 winners:

    #1 Terripatrick
    #46 Mariska
    #48 Nancy English
    #64 Sharon A
    #90 Erin Fisk
    #115 Melissa Parks

    Congrats to all the winners and send me your addresses pronto! With the holidays approaching I must make early trip to post office so you have 1 week max to get your info to me otherwise prizes will be given to other warm, eager bodies!

    Happy December all!



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