Christmas Cards & Games

It’s that time of year… and something I love getting… and enjoy sending…. Christmas cards!

But there’s a little problem–although my cards have gone out to my readers, I’m getting quite a few back! Apparently I don’t have current addresses for some of you. (Or even a mail address at all!) Have you moved in the past year? Are you on my mailing list? (You would have gotten my She’s Gone Country excerpt, bookmark, recipe card for Grandma’s Lazy Day cake, and pen mid Summer if you were.)

If you didn’t get it, or you’re new to my JaneBlog I’d love to make sure I have your current mail address. Please send me a private email with your snail mail address and I’ll make sure you get a Christmas card this year, which includes a couple more of my favorite She’s Gone Country recipe cards. I have 7 recipe cards total so keep an eye out for chances to receive all 7.

And now that I’ve got that bit of business handled, let me wish you all–particularly those in Australia and New Zealand–a Merry Christmas as its already your Christmas Eve. I’m currently sitting at the New Orleans airport with my boys waiting to catch a flight to Houston where we’ll connect to a flight to Seattle. It’s going to be a very busy few days as we head back for a fast Christmas at my Bellevue house and then on Christmas Day sons Jake and Ty head to Arizona to join their dad, and Mac, Surfer Ty and I head to Hawaii til early January.

New Orleans was amazing. Lots of adventures–some good, some not so good–like the 6 hours Mac spent in ER being stitched up for a fall he took in the hotel room. He leaves New Orleans with a special souvenir–a big fat scar in his chin–but at least there were no bones broken and he’s back to being as busy as ever.

And  what would the holidays be without a chance to win something fun? I’ve got two festive Christmas boxes with Christmas themed novels and treats for two of you.  Tell me what you’re doing for Christmas and you’re entered. Contest runs through Christmas morning 8 am PST and I’ll announce the winners Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays all! Thinking of you and sending love.

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