Friends, Mondays & Realities

I just got my 15 year old out the door in a hurry. Mac is talking in his crib and I need to get my 6th grader up in a few minutes but I have a moment to myself and I’m going to grab it. I need to regroup and take a deep breath and prepare for the new week.

Last week was a hard week. A really hard week. And it all got crazy starting with last Monday.

I can’t  even go there again–just suffice it to say that I don’t want a week like that again anytime soon. I’m still a little low from the week’s ups and downs (probably 10x more downs than ups) but the fact that the kids are okay and I’m here and making progress on my novel despite the week….well, that’s something. Right?

Close family friends Craig and Lisa Johnson took the two older boys and me to dinner last night in Seattle and then to Jazz Alley to hear the 1970’s band, War. I was grateful for a dinner out as a family. I appreciated the love and support probably more than they know. Sometimes I’m a pretty tough chick, and then sometimes I need friends badly.


Friends really get you through. I don’t know if I tell my friends enough how important they are to me. (In the picture above I’m with two friends from my book signing in Laguna two weeks ago–Shannon Schell from Tustin, and author friend, Megan Crane/Caitlin Crews.) But I should.

So to my friends from growing up in Visalia, to my room mates at UCLA, to the fellow moms who pushed strollers with me when our babies were cranky, to the writers who get the creative crises, and to the friends who read my books and care–thank you.

Whether its a good week or bad week I know I can’t do it alone. And frankly, I don’t want to.

May today be a great day for all and let’s kick off an even better week!

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