Friends, Mondays & Realities

I just got my 15 year old out the door in a hurry. Mac is talking in his crib and I need to get my 6th grader up in a few minutes but I have a moment to myself and I’m going to grab it. I need to regroup and take a deep breath and prepare for the new week.

Last week was a hard week. A really hard week. And it all got crazy starting with last Monday.

I can’t  even go there again–just suffice it to say that I don’t want a week like that again anytime soon. I’m still a little low from the week’s ups and downs (probably 10x more downs than ups) but the fact that the kids are okay and I’m here and making progress on my novel despite the week….well, that’s something. Right?

Close family friends Craig and Lisa Johnson took the two older boys and me to dinner last night in Seattle and then to Jazz Alley to hear the 1970’s band, War. I was grateful for a dinner out as a family. I appreciated the love and support probably more than they know. Sometimes I’m a pretty tough chick, and then sometimes I need friends badly.


Friends really get you through. I don’t know if I tell my friends enough how important they are to me. (In the picture above I’m with two friends from my book signing in Laguna two weeks ago–Shannon Schell from Tustin, and author friend, Megan Crane/Caitlin Crews.) But I should.

So to my friends from growing up in Visalia, to my room mates at UCLA, to the fellow moms who pushed strollers with me when our babies were cranky, to the writers who get the creative crises, and to the friends who read my books and care–thank you.

Whether its a good week or bad week I know I can’t do it alone. And frankly, I don’t want to.

May today be a great day for all and let’s kick off an even better week!


  1. My Grandmother Eva Mae always told me “sweetheart the most important lesson I can give you is to always have friends.” I’ve been on this earth for 45 years and let me tell you FRIENDS are worth their weight in gold! Jane hang in there, you have all your friends and family who love you I’m sure of it. And don’t forget you readers who are die hard fans of your wonderful books who just adore you as one of their favorite authors. Here is a big hug from Texas and yes this will be a better week.

  2. Ugh! I am so sorry you had such a tough week. You are such a good friend to so many that I’m glad your friends were there for you. I am keeping you in my prayers and please let me know if I can help in any way!

  3. Jane, I’m sending good thoughts your way, and prayers upward on your behalf. I’m sorry you had such a rough week. I hope that this week goes much, much better for you!

  4. Someone once told me that we have downs so that we really appreciate the ups.

    Here’s to a fabulous new week!

    And, Shannon in Tustin-GREAT picture! It’s nice to put a face to you after all of these years.

    Shannon in Tucson

  5. Hi Jane!
    Breathe. That is the most important thing to remember.
    Oh and This Too Shall Pass……

    Hugs from chilly Tulare to Bellevue! So glad we have become friends this past year. I love your work and I love that we share the common bond of going to high school in the 80’s and being from Visalia! MW and RHS class of 1982 rocks! ha ha
    Hugs my friend!

  6. My friends get me through so much…sometimes their help is unintentional, yet priceless.

    I’m sorry you had such a crappy week. Don’t look back…just look up and take a breath. Keep moving those feet (or fingers) one step at a time.

    I had a less-than-stellar weekend as well, so I’m all about having a good week. Kiss Little Mr. Angel, too…those sweet chubby cheeks!!!

    Love you, Jane. Keep your head up,
    Shannon in Tustin

    P.S. Hi back, Shannon-Nicole. :)Thank you for that lovely compliment. Thanks to Liza Palmer for taking that amazing photo.

  7. You are so lucky to have good friends and you look great in the picture.
    I hope this is a better week for both you and me. I have been have a bad time too but I don’t have any one to call.

  8. Hi! Just wanted to say hello and that hope your week goes better than last week. I don’t have many friends who are close anymore so I have really no one to vent out my troubles too. I go into my little laundry room-office where I study since i started going back to college. Anyways, I go in their and talk to God and pour my heart and soul to him and cry, and I put on music to make me feel better. I just know that I found that whatever happen yesterdsay is over and tomorrow willbe better..just can’t dwell on what already happened, and God id with you all the time. glad that your friends are nearby, and you cherish them dearly. I feel like your my friend and go thru the same things. Have a wonderful week…

  9. hope that your week goes well for you. this past week was another one for remembrance and prayer. a dear friend of mine “lost” her brother-in- law. things just got too tough for him and added on top of his depression, the outcome wasn’t a favorable one. just got home from his funeral. so sad, only 44 years old. and i wonder if he knew how many people truly cared for him, how many people that loved him, how many people cried over his death, how many people took the time off work and out of their day to come and pay their respects to for him and to his family. so i was reminded again, that life is precious and we should all try to make everyone know that they are special. you never know how much something small you did in a day means to someone else. take care and be blessed jane…

  10. I hope this week will be better for you. I wish I could say I had friends to rely on during the times I needed them. But, mine are all internet friends. The only one I really have is my husband and some days he just doesn’t want to help. I’m not close with my family either. But, I have to say, I have the best internet friends that do listen and offer advice. I just wish there was someone to do things with sometimes.

  11. Hi Jane,
    I am so sorry to hear about your week. Perhaps it is the moon or something in the water. I had one of my worst weeks at work last week. It started Monday and progressively got worse until a huge bomb on Thursday. It was so bad that I actually took a half day on Friday to play golf. I couldn’t take it anymore. I am just so grateful last week is gone and the new week brings promise.

    I hope all is well with you today. I am sending you hugs from chilly Colorado.

    Take care,

  12. Jane,

    When I have tough weeks, I do rely on friends to get me through and hope for sanity…no matter how little is left!! I think it was in the air to have tough week last week as I did too! I also find that taking an hour or so with a good FUN book helps a lot too:)

    Remember you are loved and supported everywhere!! And you are always welcome to call and vent if you need a friendly ear to listen!


  13. So sorry to hear that you had a tough week – it sounds bad. I hope you are doing OK and I’m sending strength and positive thoughts your way to help you through it. I’m glad you have supportive friends to lean on.
    Close friends are so wonderful and such a blessing. I’ve gone through a tough time lately and I feel so fortunate to have my close group of girlfriends and their support and love. They’ve helped me so much, and sometimes it’s been just knowing that they are thinking of me that gives me strength.
    I love reading all the previous comments made before mine – there are some wonderful women out there! 🙂

  14. Jane, sending you hugs and love! I hope your week is 10000x ups and 0.00001% downs. Yes, friends make the bumpy roads less bumpy and the downs aren’t so bad . I second the great day and the start of a better and wonderful week!

  15. Sometimes it’s not anything in particular, but everything in general. Then…..ah ha…it’s nice to read a sad book, see a sad movie and have the biggest crybabies of all. Puffy eyes, got it out and then move on. Until the next time….o boy, life is good though. You will survive and prevail. Kids are wonderful at all ages and it is really fun to have them at different stages in your own life as I did…they keep us going. Get the shoulders back up and remember to change the things you can and accept the things you can’t. You have a great following and it’s so nice to have so much, especially at the low times. Last week is gone, get busy with the book and TRY to keep up with the angel with spices in his feet and hope it’s not a spice that you need for that special dinner. You are very special.

  16. …one more thing: I must tell you how much I love the band, WAR. This child of the 70’s remembers them well. (:
    They had more hits than some remember.

  17. Just got home from a party for a co-worker whose last day is today and she is so loved and such a good friend! Her name is Becky, she is the best!
    I am dreading going to work tomorrow and not seeing her at her desk next to mine, not listening to her take on the world and qoonfun things she always has to say, and not having her there to just help me get through the days, especially the tough ones! She lifted me up and I tried to do the same for her. Jobs can come and go, but friends are forever!!
    Thanks, Jane, for bringing up friends and how important they are just when I am feeling it so much. Have a better week, we all made it through January and just have to hang on and make it through the rest of winter.

  18. Jane,

    Sorry you had such a tough week. Sending you big hugs and positive vibes for a better times this week. Enjoy your birthday month and I hope that you have some smooth sailing with the writing. ((((hugs)))

  19. Aloha Jane! Sorry to hear the last week has been off the chart crazy. Sending you many hugs. Thought about you today when I was going through pics from the year 🙂 and thought I’d check in. Thank you for some great pick-me-up moments and I hope that you are in better spirits my friend ~ <3 Janelle

  20. The last couple of years have been really tough for me, don’t know how I’ve kept going, but I have, and friends are the best thing a girl could ever ask for when just needing a chat or a cuppa, so I’m hearing you Jane and hope you can perk yourself up again as you are a wonderful person. Check out Becky Higgins blog and her Project Life, I think it’s a great thing for us all to do, you can do the project however you like. I did it last year simply to prove to myself that I do have a life and I do lots of fun and interesting things. Sometimes we need that kind of validation to get us through.
    Take care 🙂

  21. Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough week. I’ve not had the best last two years hoping it gets better with 2011. Not to many friends anymore but I do have a close nit family. Lucky for me my older sister is my best friend and we vent to one another a lot!! Hope this week is much better for you along with the months to come!!

  22. Where would we be without our friends… such special people and so needed in our lives. My two best friends are far away (one in Toronto and one in Halifax), but are never farther than the phone, thank goodness. I’m making plans to head down east in March or April to enjoy a week of girl time in Halifax.

    Sorry you had a tough week. Keep your family close and your friends clloser… you clearly know the value of good friends and I’m sure they all appreciate you.

  23. LOVE YOU JANE!!! I hope this week goes better than the last one. You are amazing and wonderful. So glad you got the chance to have a family dinner to help center yourself after the week you had. Peace and love, always, my friend. We are Ohana (I think I remember that correctly).

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  24. Hi Jane! Greetings from Oxford! I’m so sorry you’ve had such a tough week, and here’s hoping that things are looking up! And congrats on the progress on your book…that’s great!! Also, I haven’t been able to comment since I’ve been so busy packing for / settling in in England, but congrats on your upcoming move to CA as well!! I’m so happy for you! =)

  25. Jane,
    I hope you are having a better week this week. Sending you lots of positive/good vibes! And yes, I agree, friends really do help carry us through rough days/weeks.

  26. You’re someone who brightens the world by being in it! Hope this week is so fantastic that last week becomes a distant memory!

  27. Hope this week is better Jane!

    I know the feeling though. With no family near us and my husband frequently traveling, I would never make it without my friends.

    Thinking of you and wishing you a stress free happy week!

  28. Hope this week goes better for you Jane. So far for me its been rough, I am trying to paint the living room right now. Alone with everything else I am getting a little done here and there. Maybe I will have it finished by the end of the week.

  29. I’m on my way back from California to home in Puyallup later this morning. Here it is 1 a.m. and I am up. Crazy considering the 14 plus hour drive ahead.

    On the way back I am stopping in at Izzy’s in Albany and seeing old friends. Two I have not seen since I was around 17!! Facebook brought us back in contact…another friend I have known since 4th grade and another dear friend I haven’t seen in about ten years…It should be crazy fun..and a bit nerve wracking. But they are all friends and it will be good.

    Hugs, Jane…glad you have people around you that care so much. It really helps.

    And WAR? Really? Lucky girl.

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