Little Angel

Tomorrow we show the house for the first time. It’s not even formally on the market. I’ve been working on getting the house ready to list for weeks and am tired.

And then, just when I think everything is finally perfect and ready for tomorrow morning’s showing, Mac opens the spice cabinet and unscrews the lid off the Dill Weed and sprinkles it on the floor. My arms are full of trash and so I race outside to dispose of the recycling and when I return seconds later, Mac has pulled a fast one–he’s put the dill weed back and has now dumped the entire Garlic Salt onto the dill weed on the floor.

While I shriek, he rubs his feet this way and that in the salt. It must feel like sand.

Oh, oh my little angel.


He is the same angel that drew green lines on my white office carpet Thursday night–less than a week after all the carpets were cleaned. He is the same angel that took marker and colored the bathroom floor. He is the same angel that can unfasten his highchair in the middle of his meal and fling it–and everything on it–across the room.

He is the same angel that drops everything he can through the bannister railing upstairs onto the hardwood below.

He is the same angel that will flush a half roll of toilet paper just to see it disappear. And then clog the toilet. And then make the toilet overflow.

He is that angel. He is his father’s boy and more.

I thought one Gurney was a handful. I should have known that two would be impossible.

Did I mention that I was tired?

And for the other tired women out there, I have two Mrs. Perfect prize packages with signed copies of the book, and fun Mrs. Perfect bubble bath, soap and other treats. Feeling perfect? Or in my case, less than perfect? Then tell me about your weekend, or the past week, and you’re entered. Contest will run through Tuesday and I’ll announce the winner Wednesday morning.

And now that I’ve got the kitchen floor swept and mopped, I’ll wake my angel from his late afternoon nap and see what other fun activities little Gurney has planned for me.

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