Little Angel

Tomorrow we show the house for the first time. It’s not even formally on the market. I’ve been working on getting the house ready to list for weeks and am tired.

And then, just when I think everything is finally perfect and ready for tomorrow morning’s showing, Mac opens the spice cabinet and unscrews the lid off the Dill Weed and sprinkles it on the floor. My arms are full of trash and so I race outside to dispose of the recycling and when I return seconds later, Mac has pulled a fast one–he’s put the dill weed back and has now dumped the entire Garlic Salt onto the dill weed on the floor.

While I shriek, he rubs his feet this way and that in the salt. It must feel like sand.

Oh, oh my little angel.


He is the same angel that drew green lines on my white office carpet Thursday night–less than a week after all the carpets were cleaned. He is the same angel that took marker and colored the bathroom floor. He is the same angel that can unfasten his highchair in the middle of his meal and fling it–and everything on it–across the room.

He is the same angel that drops everything he can through the bannister railing upstairs onto the hardwood below.

He is the same angel that will flush a half roll of toilet paper just to see it disappear. And then clog the toilet. And then make the toilet overflow.

He is that angel. He is his father’s boy and more.

I thought one Gurney was a handful. I should have known that two would be impossible.

Did I mention that I was tired?

And for the other tired women out there, I have two Mrs. Perfect prize packages with signed copies of the book, and fun Mrs. Perfect bubble bath, soap and other treats. Feeling perfect? Or in my case, less than perfect? Then tell me about your weekend, or the past week, and you’re entered. Contest will run through Tuesday and I’ll announce the winner Wednesday morning.

And now that I’ve got the kitchen floor swept and mopped, I’ll wake my angel from his late afternoon nap and see what other fun activities little Gurney has planned for me.


  1. No worries! Our homes always sold to the buyer that came when the house was at its worst! I think there’s a subconscious trigger that when the house looks lived-in, the right buyers feel at home. πŸ˜€

    My little angel (2 yr-old- grandson) will be moving with his big brother and mommy into their new home next week! It’s and awesome new life for them in Sandy, OR.

    Stop stressing, rest. OH – don’t enter me in your contest, I’ve already read and loved Mrs. Perfect, and won copies that I have then sent on to new readers for you.

  2. My week was good! I started classes, which was a welcome to me because I was starting to get bored! πŸ™‚ Good luck with the showing and get some rest!! πŸ™‚

  3. Just got home from a great day trip up north to Concrete and the eagle festival. Weather was nice (no rain), lots of fun activities and exploring around the historical town, and we saw 30 eagles in the trees, the most we have ever seen at one time. Mt. Baker even poked out between the clouds in its lofty white splendor long enough to give us a thrill.

    Last night we watched a 2 year old and a 4 year old for 3 hours and we got tired – and you have Mac 24/7! Good luck with the open house. A house full of love as your has been will have great vibes, and should sell quickly, though we really hate to see you leave us Puget Sounders at all!

  4. I think Mac and my younger son have been contacting each other in secret. Last week, my younger son poured all the body wash into the bathtub (the wastefulness was what bothered me more than having to clean the tub) and then cut up a check belonging to my husband. We can’t turn our backs on our toddlers! My weekend has been low key. My older son is sick so we stayed home all day today. Hoping he’ll feel better tomorrow so we can see our cousins and watch the playoffs together. I may live on the east coast but I still hope the Bears win. (I’m a Chicago girl at heart.)
    Hope you’re having a nice weekend.

  5. Oh, precious Mac, and your quest for knowledge and endless experiments!! Say “But Mom, I’m just tryin’ to find out about life, and gravity, and how toilets work, and how garlic salt feels kinda like the sand at Waiks on my little toes”….lol!! Hang in there Jane. You’ve got a boy with a lot of curiosity about life, and as much work as that makes for you, it’s a beautiful thing. =)
    Good luck with the house!

  6. lol I have to tell you in 10 yrs or so you’ll all be thinking about that picture above and what happened and laughing and you’ll wonder where your baby went. For me it seems wherever i am in the house cleaning my angels are somewhere else making a mess. Monday i took my youngest to the Walk in clinic when he came home with a few hives on his face from school and two hours later his whole face was covered. Thought we got rid of them but no they kept coming back so now we’re on a benadryl regimen until Monday and we’ll see if they’re gone for good. I keep trying to remember why my alarm clock is going off in the middle of the night. Then i remember the hives. sigh..

    Lisa B

  7. Wow, I bet you are tired Jane! I remember days like that…it is one BUSY age and they are always into something. I still know when my two girls are really quiet, they are up to no good! πŸ™‚
    This week hasn’t been the best. My daughter has been sick and found out today it’s bronchitis. Now my other daughter is starting to have the same symptoms. I’ve been totally drained and feel like I am getting sick now. To top it off, it was a beautiful sunny day here today, and we couldn’t really enjoy it. We live in OR, so to see a day like that in January, well that’s a pretty big deal! πŸ™‚ I’m ready for summer!!!
    Good luck with the showings. Hopefully Mac wont be making anymore color changes to your carpet or masterpieces for you. πŸ™‚

  8. What a healthy and active little boy Mac is. It is tiring and hard to keep up with his antics. Wishing you luck on selling the house and your upcoming move.

  9. Truly an Angel. You will survive. Wait till you get the new house and he can explore a whole new ‘playing’ field…poor you! We’re meeting our son for dinner today, really looking forward to it and of course not cooking. Good luck showing and selling the house, not to worry when they see your little angel, they’ll understand ‘everything’…LOL

  10. hi jane. baby mac is certainly an active little man. i wouldn’t worry about the showing; i am sure it will go well. (i didn’t even know the realtor was showing mine one day when it was for sale. i was sick, laying on the couch in my pj’s. i apologized and told them the house speaks for itself. they decided that day to make an offer!). today i go to see my best friend and celebrate her daughter’s 1st birthday. her little angel who for today will be a princess…

  11. Yes, Mac sounds like a healthy, normal little boy to me. I remember days like that with my son. He dumped a whole box of cereal one day while I was in the shower. When I got out, he was stomping his feet in it making even more of a mess.

    I’m sure yor showing will go well. We have always been told a little ‘secret’ is to bake cookies before a showing, that it helps sell the house. Never tried it, but it would probably make a house more appealing for me!!! πŸ˜‰

  12. Hi, Jane! Mac is just doing his job as a kid–and doing it very well, indeed! He is making lots more memories for you to take from the old house to the new house. If he had used the green marker on his toes, and then danced around in the dill and garlic, we would have to call him “pickle toes” : ) I wish you much happiness in your new home!

    As for me, I have had a pit-sucker of a last week or so–more fallout from losing my job over a year ago. With no health insurance, I have had to be inventive with how to handle medical care for my numerous chronic health problems. I am not really sickly or disabled, but I have to take a handful of different prescribed medications every day. Some of them solve one problem and cause others. I just had to switch from a drug I had been on for over ten years to a cheaper alternative. My supply of the original medication has been out for a while, and I was able to obtain some samples and trial packs. However, they are no longer available, so I asked for a new prescription. When I went to fill the new prescription without insurance, the cost was more than $10 for each pill. Almost $4,000 a year. So, I am now on a different, much cheaper drug for hypertension. It sucks big time to lose your job and your health insurance through no fault of your own in the middle of a global recession! I don’t mean to be such a downer, but I am going through the “nitty gritty” of life. Most of the time, I wear my game face, but it’s really hard sometimes! I know men go through a lot of the same life experiences, but women have menstruation, childbirth, and menopause, and…we also have to deal with men ; )

    Give your husband a hug and kiss your babies. Enjoy those little “pickle toes” while they wiggle : )

  13. Thank haven for little boys. I had one of those angels to about 20 years ago. One that threw a glass bottle of ketchup out of the grocery cart and broke it because he decided we didn’t need it and also a dozen eggs one time, will never forget it. I have been sanding dry wall this weekend getting ready to paint. Rough job.

  14. Mac is at a wonderfully curious age. If we could only sit back and watch and enjoy all the things he is doing and learning and not have to worry about cleaning it up or having it ruined, etc, now that would be a perfect world. I love the picture with him standing in the spices and feeling them with his feet. It’s always so much more fun listening to stories of little one’s adventures or observing them when I am not the one in charge. You must be exhausted, not just tired. I really like the “village” approach to raising little ones where there are many people there to take over when one adult is tired – sharing the load.
    The sun was out in Olympia yesterday and it was so nice to get out and wash the dirt/grime off of my car – but not good to see the rain back, especially when I have to travel on the freeway today. Goodbye clean car!
    I’ve has somewhat of a quiet weekend so far. It’s kind of odd that my son is getting older and doesn’t need me around so much anymore. He went to the movies with friends on Friday night and last night he spent the night with a friend, so it’s been quiet in the house. Quiet is good to let me recharge for my week with kindergarteners. πŸ™‚

  15. Oh, I remember those days…I still have a picture of my angel, age 2, covered in baby powder with a guilty grin spread across his impish face. He had decided to decorate by sprinkling an entire container of baby powder across every surface of his bedroom. Luckily (for him) I decided to grab the camera instead of his behind.

    Five years later that photo holds the prime real estate on my fridge.

    Our weekend was pretty tame. We hid inside from the frosty Florida weather reading, writing, and eating big bowls of popcorn while watching Harry Potter movies.

    Gotta love little boys…and the big ones they take after…

  16. ROFL!!! sorry Jane, I had to laugh. Isn’t he a precious angel? Don’t worry, over the years, you’ll think back on this moment and say – I miss those days! He will certainly keep you on your toes and keep you young. Hey, all that exercise you get running around cleaning has to burn some calories. My weekend was spent shopping to furnish my apartment. It’s so exhausting but I feel accomplished. I still have quite a ways to go, but I’ll get there. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and enjoy your little angel πŸ™‚

  17. This too will pass. Keep telling yourself that. It is both a good thing and a bad thing, so to speak.
    My weekend? Bought groceries, attended a 50th birthday party dance (and danced the night away), and now trying to find my house.
    We have a dog who stays with us for weeks on end. On one of his first visits he got into our lazy Susan, dragged out my plastic bag of grated parmesan cheese, and proceeded to eat the plastic (which was upchucked the following morning). Needless to say, we now childproof/dogproof our house for this 14-year-old golden retriever.

  18. Oh, Jane, sounds like you need a hug! Enjoy the moments that you have with Mac when he is being his most “angelic”. You know how fast kids grow up and these are little moments that you will look back on and smile about. Here’s hoping that the showing goes well and that you have a good week.

  19. I’ve been there Jane! When my daughter was four/five she colored herself and our white haired dog in permanent red marker. Hands, feet, face, legs, you name it. We scrubbed and scrubbed. The very next day she did the same thing with a black Sharpie!!! And when my son was three/four he smashed eggs all over the house. Twice. Gotta love kids LOL.

    This weekend we had friends over to visit and have spent the rest of the time inside relaxing and having family time.

    Hope you have a great week Jane πŸ™‚

  20. What a cute post! So real to all of us mothers and fathers out there πŸ™‚ Our week was great but busy. Ice hockey six days a week and schooling at home. A warm, bubble bath would be awesome!

  21. Well he still has the smile of a real angel.

    I have battling a headache all day today. I could use some bubble bath to relax in.

    Yesterday I was worried. the town my daughter lives in and attends college is without water.
    Some electrical problem with the water treatment.

  22. Mac is too cute. It’s freezing here, so I stayed home all weekend. Watched some tennis and some movies on DVD.

  23. Hey my friend!

    All of this will be entertaining later when you are not tired πŸ™‚ It is funny that Mac picked the dill and the garlic salt. I betcha it did feel like sand. There is an area of Nimitz beach that smells kind of like a field of dill along the edge of the Barber’s Point air strip. Both probably made him feel equally at home :0)

    I was going to say I haven’t been there, but actually when my nephew (now a senior at FSU) was two, I left my 35mm camera with him in the bedroom. When I came back in, he had opened the back of the camera and had ripped out all of the film; just kept pulling it and pulling it. Surprisingly enough, the pictures actually turned out!!

    I am trying to motivate myself to finish up homework. I really want to re-arrange my apt, but I don’t think I have quite that much energy, lol. So in the interim I will just watch the final playoff games!

  24. Oh Jane! How I remember those days. My little angel, when he was about 2, along with his little cousin, found the chocolate syrup in the fridge while I was switching the laundry- the costco size gallon jug of hershey’s chocolate syrup- and proceeded to dump the entire jug on the kitchen floor and plop down in the middle of it. I was cleaning up sticky syrup off the floor, cabinets, walls and kids for two days. What a fun mess LOL! He’s 17 now and still loves chocolate syrup. πŸ™‚

    My weekend was wonderful- spent the evening with very good friends at Pizza By The Pound in Paducah- the best pizza in the state! A very great time was had by all.


  25. I wish you luck on selling your house and I hope you found one in California while you were there. Nothing much going on here this weekend. I babysat my youngest granddaughter yesterday and she is a handful. I enjoy my time with her though. Today I bought groceries and now I’m just relaxing for the rest of the day.

  26. Hi Jane,
    My weekend was completely bombarded with football, basketball, and graduation stuff but yet, so much fun.

  27. I’m sorry but I had to laugh. Boys will be boys. Seriously, I hope he decides to behave for a while. My weekends not so great. I’ve been fighting with my husband most of it. Some days I just don’t know how to make him happy. i even worked in the yard with him to try to put him in a better mood. But, it didn’t work. Good luck with the house showing. I hope it sells fast for you.

  28. What a cutie Mac is. He sounds like he has unlimited energy. My son was home from college this weekend and it was bitterly cold so I spent the weekend at home with him and the family cooking and catching up with what’s going on with my son

  29. Will have to stop laughing first and enter the contest later! So glad you took a photo of Mac doing this…and shared it with us. LOL still!
    Your angel’s photo and stories bring back so many memories of my little ones in like predicaments when they were that age!!!I’ve got to forward this to “the boys” now!

  30. Last week, my youngest colored a crayon mural on the bottom of the master tub! Thank God it was crayon.

    Friday was mother/son ice skating for the PTA – I went with son #2…it was hilarious. He’d never been on ice skates – looked like a drunk sailor, but he kept getting back up! It was like a train wreck on the ice – watching all the southerners try to ice skate:). But after a 30 year hiatus, for me, it was like riding a bike, so I got to show off for my son.

    Saturday was me day – gym, coffee, shopping, and went to the movies, by myself. Country Strong was AWESOME! Not sure what the critics didn’t like. Garrett Hedlund is HOT. Don’t know how I’ve missed him before?! Would totally fit in with She’s Gone Country!

    Today was girl’s day with my daughter, we saw Tangled…it was adorable. I’m boycotting football, since the Pats lost:(. I was supposed to be in Foxboro at this VERY moment watching them win the AFC championship… I think I’ll go to bed after this….

  31. Mac and my 2 year old would be fast friends. She loves to draw on my walls, windows and tables any chance she gets. She is also a big fan of the salt and pepper shakers. As for the weekend, we enjoyed relaxing at home. It was too cold to leave the house! I finished Susan Elizabeth Phillips new book. It was great! Good luck with your showing.

  32. My two youngest daughters were like Mac… partners in crime. They are 18 months apart in age and I had my hands full… from zincofaxed toilets and walls, to jello powder mixed with brown sugar and baking soda on the floor, to a cat that was whiskerless many times and numerous self inflicted haircuts (not to mention holes cut clothes and bald Barbie dolls) they did it all. We even had a campfire built on a bedroom carpet. But it gets better… and they made me laugh a lot.

    It has been the coldest weekend of the year here so far in Montreal; it’s going down to -30C tonight and hasn’t been that much warmer during the day. Thank goodness for a lovely fire, tea and good books. I did the bare minimum of housework, knitted on my scarf and read. I don’t feel like going to work tomorrow… I’m almost hoping my car won’t start with the cold!

    I’m sure you’ll have a successful showing for your house, have a nice rest of the weekend.

  33. Oh Jane, I love hearing all of the Tales of “Mac the Toddler Boy.” He is so darn cute, oh so sweet and 100% boy! He reminds me of my own son who tried my patience and owned my heart. Kane had had 3 sets of stitches before he was 2.
    Now that I watch my 17th month old granddaughter TuesDae I think back and don’t know how I did it having 5 kids including a set of twins. Somedays TuesDae challenges me to the max; she chases the poor dog, kicks her feet when you change her diaper and loves to throw her food too. Even when I’m at my wits end she smiles, flashes her big brown eyes and says, “Mammie I soorry,” and I melt. One thing I do have over you is that I get to send her home at 5:30 everyday. And everyday at 5:30, I thank God I had my children when I was younger because there is no way I could do it now!
    Good luck with your showing, take care and big hugs are being sent your way, Lisa

  34. Love it. Love those fun little tricks they play at that age. I think tired is my middle name right now. I am due in the next couple of weeks and have too much left to do. I wish the laundry would put itself away and the dishes would load themselves into the washer. Friday I spent the day with the toughest little sister there is, Saturday was laundry day with a 3 year old that insists on “folding” and a 9 year old going on 13. Sunday husband out of town and me entertaining with a sleepover my niece and my kids. Hmmm My weekend actually doesn’t sound that tiring. Guess its just me!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!ughhhh.

  35. ((((HUGS))) Jane!
    I think each generation of babies gets sassier and thinks of more evil things to do because they are smarter and more curious. I think Mac does all that because he is so smart!
    It will go by quick and some how you will all survive. Too quick!

    I am sad you are not coming to Wisconsin this spring but I hope we can have you another time. I missed that you were moving. Good luck selling your house! I couldn’t sell my house when we were living in it, so we moved first. Rented it a year and then tried to sell it. Needless to say we are renting it again. Your home is gorgeous I am sure and it will sell quick I bet!

    Take care honey!!!!

  36. I’ve a rough week, both my daycare kids were sick with colds plus my self. It was a long 4-day week. Maddie who is trying to potty on her own she is my miss independent,she never wants help pulling her pants all the way down so she wet herself 3 times so I had to wipe the bathroom floor while Penelope wanted to play in it. I had 2 wet kids, no fun when your not feeling well. I got the bathroom cleanrd and them both in clean clothes,of course Penelope had to get the toilet paper roll and it was going down the hall way, Maddie was laughing and all I could do was start laughing too…at least it was only one roll..I’m finally feeling better and I finished a paper that was due on friday but was aloud to hand in on saturday. I surew hope this coming week is better..Penelope has a double ear-infection and Maddie just a cold but is feeling better,too. I love them both like they are my own kids.They both get alot of attention but in a good way. I hope that I get some more kids in my daycare for I need them.I hope all goes well for you and your family, little Mac is just a busy little boy and he keeps you on your toes, my 2 kids do the same when they were little. Hope you have a good week!

  37. Well, first off, congrats and good luck. Your little man sounds like a handful, but I bet you wouldn’t change him for anything. Even at their punkiest, our little ones still keep us wrapped around their little fingers. And truth be told, I’m guessing we wouldn’t want it any other way. πŸ™‚

    And for the draw….

    My weekend consisted of hanging out with my hubby and two little girls, getting haircuts, playing games, watching movies, and generally just having fun. I love being a mom and all that comes with it, even the less than pleasant moments we all must deal with from time to time.

    Here’s to a new week ahead… cheers!

    littleminx at cox dot net

  38. My weeks are always hectic, and this one was no exception. Two basketball practices, two baseball practices, one basketball game, work, homework, etc. Laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, Tooth Fairy, etc. But I wouldn’t change it any more than you would! Just breathe! Have a great week!

  39. Looks like that little guy keeps his mama busy! Just remember (as you well know) that childhood goes by so fast. My past week has been a roller coaster like most everyone else’s. The highlights were visiting my parents & taking my mom to see “The King’s Speech” and returning home to watch football with the hubby.

  40. I had a wonderful weekend. We got to spend time with our 2 grandchildren, ages 4 and 7 months (yesterday). Love teaching 4-year-old Rachel things – I do it every time I see her. She is really good with her baby sister. Megan is teaching me. She refused to eat peas by clamping her mouth shut and would not give in until I unstrapped her. She also started letting us know when she wants to get up. She starts playing with the restraining straps or raises her arms up to get up. Love these precious moments! They will grow up way too fast. My husband and I watched Avatar last night – we were blown away. Stayed up until after 1:30 – couldn’t go to bed until we finished it. I also finished reading a book – Kristin Hannah’s Winter Garden. I wish I could read all day, every day!!! So many of you fantastic authors out there. I love all the posts too. You do so much for your fans.

  41. Hi Jane! Your little angel is quite the handful, but so adorable! I just registered my daughter for her first year in high school today. She’s quite the handful, too! Don’t worry, Jane, someone is sure to love your home and it will be sold in no time. Blessings to you and your family.

  42. Well, my weekend started out after working out….I got in the door and can’t find my husband. It’s a small house, should be tough…after calling his name over and over, he comes upstairs from the basement as asks if I think the house is cold. Now, I will say that we’ve had subzero weather lately, but I also know that my husband is ALWAYS freezing and let’s remember that I’d just gotten home after working up an amazing sweat,, so I told him that I didn’t think it was cold at all. Then when I found out that he hadn’t started sinner (which is fine, but we talked about it moments before I went to workout) because he “was cold”, I just got more frustrated. After peeling potatoes and cubing them, I went to turn our stove top on to boil them…NO GAS. I know have to listed to the hubby about how right he was, as I’m trying to find the number to call the gas company. I get it, here was something wrong, I still answered the question honestly. So, after being told by the gas company that someone would be over by 11pm (it’s 6pm now)…) my husband is asking me about dinner. We obviously can’t make anything unless we use the microwave. He gets to pick where we order out from since he was right and now we wait. In the meantime, I still need to make a batch of cookies and get ready for my family’s belated holiday gathering for Saturday (many things caused the delay) and we have to catch the bus(es) to their place at 9am, so I am hoping we’ll have gas to cook soon. Food arrives and as the delivery driver mentions that our house feels cold, I have sunk to the depths of depression. Fortunately shortly after we eat, there is a knock at the door. Yahoo, we are saved and it’s not quite 8pm. Oh no, the gentlemans walked in, asked where our furnace is and when he realizes it was the gas, says that he’ll “try whacking” the meter outside. Did I mention it’s cold outside? So we see him get a huge wrench, and hit the meter twice. He comes back in and tells us that he has to get a meter guy out, but that is should be before 11pm. Ugh. So at 10pm or so, another gentleman shows up and can’t believe that all the first guy did was “whack” the meter. He then asks when we got the new meter. The new what???? He says that the gas company should have left a note. Well, they didn’t and when it’s cold and snowing we just try to make sure it’s not buried… So, we rips off the old one (the gas company people installed it incorrectly) and while gas smell fills our home, he attachs a new meter. It was so cold, I offer him hot chocolate, he politely declines (he was having a long day he told us) and then off he went. Finally, can start my cookies and get things gong for Saturday. In the meantime my husband made the hot cocoa I had mentioned to the meter person and as he hands it to me, I realize hoe hot it it (and grabbed it from the cup part, since he was holding the handle) and proceeded to drop it drop myself from the heat. I am now screaming, my husband is screaming, I feel like I’m on fire and he is cleaning up our being carpet and sofa. I run in the bathroom to put sold water on my stomach and hand, but it hurts too much for water to touch anywhere but my hand, so just sit holding a cool cloth near by skin. Once we both calm down and talk, he takes neosporin and slathers is everywhere. Finally some relief (you should see my gross lizardish type burn), all while scolding me for hurting myself. Because I am in too much pain and am exhausted we are finally in bed at eleven pm. I wake up at 5am to bake cookies and get all the gifts together. Get everything ready with only few minor mishaps, some flour that exploded from nowhere and needed chocolate chips that had disappeared because my husband got hungry…and off we go. It’s still sub zero temps. Fortunately the bus rides out there were uneventful and it was a nice time, but I was in the pain and trying to check my burns the entire time, not fun at all. We missed a connecting bus on the way back but didn’t stress since another one would be around in twenty minutes. Oh no, almost an HOUR later, the bus shows up The driver is upset, and apologizing as the bus broke down and she had to wait for help. Did they give her a new bus? Oh no, and the one she had did not have the “bell” pulleys that worked, so she had to stop at every stop in case some wanted to get off. Finally walking the half block home, we collapse, only to get an angry call from my parents for not letting them know if we’d arrived home safely yet. So, today has been taking care of wounds while working on my to do list of gathering task forms, writing thank you cards for the gifts and doing laundry. I think I deserve a “do over’ kind of weekend!

    Good luck with your house, I’m sending positive thoughts your way!

    1. Poor, Dear! What an adventure…You should be in one of Jane’s books. Hope you are feeling better and tomorrow brings wonderful times for you.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind reply. It’s funny…already it’s been a rough work day. The computers have been down all day. It’s a secret benefit since once we got all the non-computer work done, we have nothing to do but surf the internet! πŸ™‚
        Have a wonderful day Mary!

  43. Oh boy! And Oh Boy! He is all boy! I can’t say my kids did that, instead I was usually left exhausted by the nonstop stream of conversation and questions coming from my daughter. This week I’m tired because like Taylor, I can’t/won’t/am unable to say no. Art teacher wants me for 4 hours instead of 1? Sure! Technology teacher needs me to coordinate other volunteers? No problem. And on and on. Top it off with multiple doctor appointments, soccer games, softball practice, baseball tryouts and at least one migraine…yep, I’m tired, too. I hope your open house goes well, and all this ridiculous rain lately does not impact it. Nothing worse than trying to keep a house pristine so anyone can drop by at any time. I had to do that with a toddler, too, I feel your pain! Hang in there!

  44. he’s a keeper =) My week and weekend weren’t as cute, but we did get to play in the snow with the kids a bit

  45. Always fun to see Mac’s pics πŸ™‚
    our weekend was great. Hubby helped me so much with housekeeping things. From made the breakfast, launch, did the laundry, went to the market. so i could fully concentrate to our 3mths (almost) baby πŸ˜€

  46. Wow! And I thought I was busy and tired!
    We have a new “baby” in the house, a 3 month old German Shepard( we lost our 13 year old girl we rescued 11 years ago), I forgot all the work that goes into them. My poor hands are scratched, from his nipping, my legs are sore from picking up stuff. All weekend it was continuous cleaning!
    Tomorrow is my long 10 hr day at work, so I am trying to rest up!
    Good luck with selling your home! maybe your little guy is going to be an aspiring chef, mixing his spices!

  47. Oh man. I thought those things only happened to me!

    Crazy busy work – at home full-time with our little guys, working part-time, volunteering sometimes, part-time student, first math exam in 22 years this Thursday and BAM – entire family down with the worst stomach flu known to man.

    Any control I thought I had of this life went right out the door … teaches humility, I suppose! Ha!

    1. Thank you Mary N., Mary J. and Lanett C. I try to not to complain (really, what good does it do?), but when Jane wanted to hear our “less than perfect” days, I knew I had to share!

  48. Hola Jane,

    Oh my, I would have to agree with Mary N. Staci wins! I thought I had it bad since I have been on call since Monday.

    Have a good week everyone…

  49. Those are the stories that make our lives full and rich. And make us all smile. πŸ™‚
    My husband and I drove over 750 miles from Puyallup to Santa Rosa yesterday and are recuperating today. Yes…recuperating by driving around with the windows rolled down listening to Fleetwood Mac. Then back to the ranch to have pizza and beer with my father. Life is good.

    And my girls tell me it’s mighty cold back home where you are… Soon enough it will be YOU posting about this weather, eh?

  50. Oh Jane; he is a cutie pie. Smart, smart little stinker!!

    Kinda freaky that you posted Mac’s spice cabinet foray…not two days ago I was remembering the time when Joey got into the fridge and dropped raw eggs on the floor one at a time. I don’t think I got to him before 3 or 4 were smashed on the kitchen floor. We had a young puppy (please don’t ask me what possessed me to add a puppy to the family when I had a 2 yr-old).

    The eggs were slippery and gross, the dog kept trying to eat them. I could only panic over how sick the dog might be after eating raw eggs. It was one of the hundreds of messes my adorable baby boy has made. He’s now nine and he still makes messes. They’re not so intentional anymore…I’d say he’s more like Pigpen from Peanuts.

    I hope your writing is going well; eyes on the prize baby!!

    Hugs from Tustin,

  51. I agree that Staci does need something good an positive like a prize!
    Well my week was the usual crazy busy at work (I work in a medical clinic, lots of sick people) My weekend was pretty mellow just doing the normal catch up things like the grocery and laundry. My parents and I had decided to do a thanksgiving style Sunday dinner since my parents had been out of town for Christmas. I went and bought everything and mom put the turkey in the oven. I thought wow maybe I could take a nap, that is when my Dad decided he needed to go to the ER. Now mind you I had tried to take him all weekend (he had a super swollen leg and was having difficulty walking.) But he was being stubborn and refusing to go! So I left mom to mind the turkey and got dad into the car (no easy feat since he is a foot or so taller and out weighs me by quite a bit.) Dad is a retired Marine (hence the stubborn streak) so he can’t just go to the nearest ER, no he has to go to the one on Camp Pendelton. So it is a half hour drive to the ER. They do not make it easy to get into the ER so basically I had to “drop” him off at the ambulance entrance and then park the car and go back and find him. Well 4 hours later we are ready to leave after every test they did came back negative and basically the stumping the ER Doctor. Dad and I head home, he still can’t walk and now has pain script and is told to come back if it gets worse. We did call mom and she finished up the rest of the dinner fixings and it may be 9pm on Jan 23rd, but we had Thanksgiving dinner as a family! It was delicious!

    I am sure everything will go just fine tomorrow with your house, your little Angel was just trying to remind you to have a little fun!

  52. Spent today in bed with a migraine but got up to go to the Chi Omega house to help with the girls exec. meeting for Monday nite. I found a sympathy card for my beloved and lost Klaus dog and a thank you card for my time spent helping them with their initiation. Young women growing up who make me proud. I love them like they were my own. I love being their personnel advisor.

  53. Hi Jane. Your little angel already likes to create and discover! God made toddlers extra cute so it’s hard to get mad at them. LOL

    Had a great afternoon out this past week with a good friend from Michigan who came to Florida to visit her parents. Got together, along with our Moms, and shopped historic downtown Venice, had ice cream cones, and went to the beach. Caught a play later at the Venice Theatre which was hilarious! So why did I still manage to feel guilty for doing something fun without my kids?

  54. Oh my gosh- i love it! my kids never did anything like that. they were not very adventurous toddlers!!

    not to complain but the weekend could of been better, here’s to a fresh start of a new week.

  55. My past week was horrible. I had ear infection in both ears, sinus infection, and bronchitis, all at once. They were afraid it would lead to pneumonia. Doddged that bullet! So now I am almost recovered…but there is a silver lining…being so sick, I lost 10 lbs! WOO-HOO!! πŸ™‚

  56. Well you can always list as a postive aspect that your house has been child tested and has passed the test with flying colors. Oh he is adorable !!

    Hope today is better for you.

    Take care

  57. We still had snow on the ground this weekend which was nice, except I HATE the cold. I’m feeling a little less than perfect…lol

  58. I have a 4yr old(boy) & a 5 yr old(girl) who have been bugging me to go back to school. We’ve had SO MUCH snow here that school keeps getting cancelled! And they can’t even play outside in it because it’s as tall (soon to be taller with the next storm coming) as they are! Not to mention below freezing temps today. Thinking I may pour a little salt on my kitchen floor to feel ‘sand’ in our toes! : )

  59. Oh my gosh, Jane. He is TOO cute. You must have your hands full with him — can’t imagine how happy you must be:) As for my own week, you know the story; school, rugby conditioning, blogging. Thrilling, ain’t it?

    Hope you have a safe and happy week.


  60. Have to laugh or you would cry so cute but not too cute those are the days you will remember when your kids are old like mine are and have a little giggle.
    Had a girls weekend with my best friend and it was so nice and relaxing, ate, shopped and drank wine and talked ahhhh it was great not having anyone ask me to drive them make them something or tend to anyone’s needs but my own….these weekends are few and far between love them but also love to go home and know that I am needed!!!

  61. No big stuff happened this past weekend. Saturday was grocery shopping and laundry. Sunday I visited my parents.

  62. Through all the trials and tribulations, isn’t wonderful that they are soooo cute! Some how neither would survive otherwise!

    Oh the memories this brings back!!! LOL

    Hang in there, some day you really will look back on this and laugh…maybe not today but some day! XO

  63. This was a great weekend! My brother and I qualified for Junior Olympics and I qualified for the Southern California meet in February. And guess where it is Jane??? La Jolla! I will keep you posted if we see any great houses for sale!

  64. As a mom of three, I find our life is full of chaos – constantly! Jane, I’d love to say it gets easier, but as they get older it gets busier and busier. I wouldn’t change it for a million bucks. I love our chaos–we have so much fun and it is worth it.

  65. Can so relate to this post. I have INTENSE fantasies of a house with terry-cloth/washable furniture and a concrete floor with a giant drain (with safety cover, of course) and a big hose.

    Screw perfect. πŸ™‚ If you were perfect, you wouldn’t be such a GREAT WRITER!

  66. HaHaHa… sometimes I think we live parallel lives. Your story reminds me of the time right after I had my youngest boy. I remember being on the couch nursing him while my oldest, then 2yrs old, was playing with his trucks in the kitchen. The next thing I know I hear a whoosh (something that sounded like sand pouring out) I jump up infant in arms and find my 2 yr old had dumped a WHOLE bag of sugar in the kitchen floor and had his dump truck in it!

    Great Memories! Its funny to think about now but at the time I just wanted to cry.

  67. Hi Jane! I had a really nice weekend. My ex came over and for the first time I didn’t get upset or drawn into a long discussion of how sad I had made him.Good thing too because, it was the start of my weekend being it was Friday night. I just kept cleaning my house and said, “Will that be all? See you next weekend.” For once my kids didn’t have to start their weekend on a sour note. Saturday we headed out to baseball practice, to pick up my son’s girlfriend and then to basketball games. After basketball and a nice taco and burrito dinner, ( which Alex’s girlfriend started before I got back to the house) we loaded up to go see The Season Of The Witch in theaters for Alex’s 16th(25th) and my 38th birthday(9th). It was a nice movie. Later we drove her home and settled in for the night. Sunday we loaded up for dinner at my mom’s. I helped her prepare fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn. We had a wonderful time. I can’t remember how long it’s been since my boys and I went to her house and spent time together.It’s the day before his actual birthday and since Alex has Pep Band at tomorrow’s basketball game we are having cake and ice cream tonight.I am so sorry for Staci’s weekend. I always feel just a little guilty when my weekend goes so well because it reminds me that somewhere someone is not so lucky. The next time I do have a bad weekend I think I will use Mac’s trick and see if feeling some spices between my toes will send my soul to the Florida coast where I always feel at ease.

  68. Hopefully he won’t find the glitter glue! “But Mommy, it looks so pretty!” sigh

    Inhale deeply, the exhale, then inhale….and hang in there. You’ll make it, Jane!

  69. Hi Jane,

    That is just such a lovely picture. Thanks for sharing.

    We finally took a romantic get away to Portland. Checked in at the Hilton and got pampered. Just what my husband and I needed.

    We are getting ready for a move and I know everything about trying to get the house cleaned.
    And while I try to enjoy my second trimester IΒ΄m struggling with having enough time for everything and a nap.

    I now have two weeks left to get packed and cleaned.

  70. Hi Jane,
    That is a hilarious story about Mac. Sorry..can you tell I don’t have children? It’s been an tiring weekend. I flew back from Alaska and went straight to work. I am flying back up this weekend as my mom isn’t doing so great.
    Hope you get some rest and your home sells quickly so you can start your new adventure in Southern Cal!!!

  71. Little Master Gurney is going to keep you on your toes forever Jane, he is an energetic cracker. He’s going to add funny situations in to your books without you even knowing until whammo, he is the child of one of your characters. Unintentionally of course! Major good luck with the house-selling, I’m sure it will sell like a hot-cake and you’ll be moving house before you know it. And yep, I’m real tired too – 2nd week back at work and it feels like I never had a holiday at all. Major sigh! All the very best Jane – get some rest, have a nice cuppa and some yummy chocolate πŸ™‚

  72. Lol. I remember when my boys were little oh the messes they could(and still can)make. My week started out good and went down hill fast…I am redoing a house was hoping to move in next month but plans were spoiled when on Thursday I cut my thumb along with two tendons having surgey on Friday to repair. After 3 months recovery I should be able to finish my work….. Argh!! Lesson learned by my shear stupidity though……..

  73. Mac is definitely keeping you busy LOL

    I had a great weekend- on Friday I went with my mom to the farmers market but we were disappointed since there wasn’t a big selection of fruits and vegetables so we just want to the mall to do some shopping LOL
    On Saturday I drove with my parents to visit my younger sister at school (she lives about an hour away from home) and we had lunch in a restaurant and it was really nice.
    Later that day we went to my grandma’s house for a family gathering and it was really nice.
    It was a busy weekend and too bad it ended so fast and I had to go back to work on Sunday πŸ™

  74. I la la loved this post! Too cute. Well written! My “weekend” was awful! I left for a vacation to San Diego Saturday. (Beeeautiful there!) We drove up to LA on Sunday, hit Santa Monica and shopped at the promenade. Now you may be wondering- hows that awful? Well Monday we decided to do Disney. We get there and my best friend and I get into a petty fight. (SUUUUUUUPER petty.) So she storms off with our group into Disneyland and leaves me outside without my entry ticket or wallet. (Ticket in her hand, wallet in backpack she was wearing.) So I sat OUTSIDE of the happiest place on earth for 4 hours, yes, 4 hours, before they finally came to get me. (Can we say horrible?) I tried to talk to her, apologize, (Although of course I was not at fault) and fix things. She decided she was done. With our friendship as well. SO she gave me back my wallet and I left. Stuck in LA by myself, no car, nothing. My stuff is at her families house where we were staying and I was not wanted. Ouch. So I walked to Disney Hotel, caught a shuttle to LAX, bought a one way ticket home and here I am! Her husband keeps apologizing and assures me she will bring my stuff home…… but at this point its just clothes. I’m just sad that my best friend of 16 years would do such a thing. πŸ™ Think I’d rather clean up some garlic powder and dill weed than sit OUTSIDE of Disneyland for 4 hours lol. OH! But I did meet Amanda Peet while she was waiting for Valet at Disney Hotel. Such a sweet lady! Cutest little girls too!

  75. He’s an adorable angel! Creating great memories!

    Had to work part of the weekend. Watched a movie and did some housework.Not an exciting weekend but I was glad to have at least one day off.

  76. Cute pic!! You will look back on these moments and laugh.
    I am already looking forward to next weekend. No big plans. Just nice to relax for a couple days.

  77. sounds just like my little angel at home!

    I had a fun weekend! Friday night was Mom’s Night Out Dinner & a Movie, then Saturday was date night with hubby!

  78. So excited for you and your move! Keeping a house clean and ready for showings, especially with kids, and while working, is difficult!!

    This weekend my son had sports and his birthday party. It was a good time!

  79. Hi all,

    Jane’s unplugged from the internet, working on her book but she asked me to announce the winners she picked for this contest. πŸ™‚

    The winners are –

    #15 Vinobaby
    #43 Staci

    Congrats, ladies! Please email Jane with your mailing address so she can get the prizes out to you soon!

      1. Thank you Shannon and everyone! It’s been a long week, but I just remember it can always be worse! And I won, so that makes my day better already! I’ve always had intereting and crazy things happen to me, I think I’m a just a magnet for things that provide stories afterwards (good and bad!).

    1. Hi Lee,

      I sent my info to: jane at janeporter dotc com was that where it needed to be sent?

      Thanks so much!


  80. Oooh…little angel. Good choise of words! πŸ™‚
    My little angels drew giant circles in crayon on a white wall of a place we were just moving out of and had already cleaned from top to bottom.
    My niece (then 3) spilled a drink on a carpet as she and my sister were about to lock the door for the last time.
    This seems to be a theme with kids! At least we can laugh about it now.

    (Don’t enter me in the contest. I’ve already won a lot!)

  81. Oh my goodness…. I remember when mine were little angels! lol

    Today has been a really unusual day. I’ve thoroughly wasted the day at the computer. It’s been very enjoyable though! It’s been a gray, quiet day and every now and then it works for me!

    Good luck with all the house related/moving tasks to come!

  82. Howdy, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam remarks? If so how do you protect against it, any plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me crazy so any assistance is very much appreciated.

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