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I am so excited about this blog.  It’s a really special one for me as this Cover Girl blog is all about my cover model for She’s Gone Country!  That’s right. I’m featuring an interview with Rebecca Jones, the model featured on the cover of She’s Gone Country.

I “met” Rebecca when she emailed me while I was in Hawaii and I was delighted to hear from her. We began emailing back and forth and I loved hearing what she had to say and thought all my readers and friends would enjoy meeting her, too. So without further delay, meet the beautiful Rebecca–model, wife, and mom–and get an inside scoop on the cover story!


Rebecca, how did you get started in modeling?  What was your first assignment?

I started modeling at the age of 3 doing print work for major department stores. At the age of 7, I was in my first mother/daughter fashion show and knew it was what I wanted to do. My only problem was that I was timid and shy off the runway, which is something that does not present well in the modeling industry. Throughout growing up I continued to work off and on with different local agencies to help me with my self-confidence. I grew to 6’1 in my teen years, which made me stand out even more. I did not become “me” until the age of 20, when I married my wonderful and outgoing husband and we had our first child. Only then did I become a proud, self-confident individual.

Do you only model for book covers or can we find you in other print sources as well?

I model in newspapers, magazines, clothing websites and fashion shows. I am most comfortable on the runway, and wish it were a part of my daily life a long with cooking, cleaning and taking care of my two wonderful children.

Do you read the books you’re the cover model for?

This is my first book cover, and I am so proud it’s “She’s Gone Country”. I have read the book and I love it! I can relate to Shey in so many ways; and what woman doesn’t like a little spicy romance.

What do you love most about being a model?

I love the way I feel when I walk out onto the runway or get in front of the camera. The excitement before, during and after, it is amazing! I also love to travel and meet new people.

scan0008Is there a downside to this profession?

In my experience as a model, the area in which I live is a factor. There is not enough modeling work to keep me busy in the industry full time. I married a third generation potato farmer, which will keep my hometown, St. Augustine our permanent residence forever.  Family is very important and I respect that for our children. However, I do have the opportunity to travel to find international work. As of now, the past seven years have been pretty occupied with family, and occasional modeling when I receive the work. I have been enjoying every moment of raising my children; the time is so precious and goes by so quickly.

Do you follow a strict diet or exercise regime?

Running after my children ages 7 and 2 is pretty much exercise in itself. I am lucky enough to be tall and slender and I try to work out in order to stay fit. I also try to eat healthy in my daily routine, not only for myself, but to be a good influence for my children.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

There have been a lot of highlights in my career in which I have thoroughly enjoyed. With every new assignment, I feel it opens another door and I continue to exceed my personal goals. I believe that I am known locally in my career and I feel that I have built and exceeded the expectations of clients and agents with whom I have worked. I am so pleased and I feel so fortunate to be on the cover of “She’s Gone Country.” This is definitely the top highlight in my career!

What are your career goals for next few years?

I hope to continue receiving work, not only throughout my community but with other agencies as well, local or international, to have more modeling opportunities. As my children are growing, I am finding that I have more time to concentrate on my career and will continue to focus on my bright future in the modeling industry.

Thank you Jane and your publishing company for placing my photo on the cover of “She’s Gone Country”. It has been an honor and part of my life I will never forget.

Xoxo, Rebecca*


sgcThank you, Rebecca! I’m thrilled you’re here and love that you’re the model on my book cover.

And to celebrate Rebecca my cover girl, I’m doing a really awesome giveaway. There will be three prize winners total, with three fun She’s Gone Country prizes consisting of a signed copy of the book, a $15 Barnes & Noble gift card, a $10 Starbucks card, chocolate, and lots more fun treats. Want to a chance to win one of these Gone Country prizes? Then comment below! You can ask Rebecca a question, comment on the book, talk about the modeling world, or whatever interests you. The Cover Girl contest runs through Sunday night and I’ll announce the winner Monday morning. Good luck and have fun!

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