Friday Already?

I’ve been writing so much, and working such long hours, that time kind of blurs together and I’m amazed that its already March 18th…that we’re at another weekend…and soon the start of another week.

I’ve been working hard on revising my women’s fiction proposal which has meant shifting books/stories around and starting the series in a different place, with a different sister, and a different conflict.  (Which essentially boiled down to putting book 2 first, and moving book 1 to middle, etc).   I really like what I’m writing but its definitely got an edge to it.  The people that have read it like it, which is good, yes?  Now I just need to get another 25 pages or so completed, tackle the synopsis again and then shoot off to my agent so she can get to my editor.  I would LOVE to have a new contract, and pub dates and stories to share with you, but its a complicated process this time since I’m shifting into new territory with a deeper story line and the 3rd person narrative.

In some ways the writing has been a great escape from the world at large.  I’ve been so saddened by the devastation in Japan.  Having had numerous Japanese foreign exchange students live with us while I was growing up (with one staying permanently and becoming my Japanese sister),  the three months I spent in Japan in college, the years I taught Japanese history to my 7th graders, the fact that my sons are studying Japanese in school has made the destruction and loss so very painful, and personal.   I respect and admire Japanese culture tremendously and wish there was something I could do besides pray and send money.

With Ty in Hawaii for Spring Break Mac has been keeping us all busy.  We Skype with Ty almost every day, and Mac’s favorite thing to say to Ty is “Daddy, home.  Come home.”  It’s sweet and poignant and fortunately he has discovered his brothers can’t resist him when he takes their hand and makes them come play with him, or hold him, or wrestle.  Mac is all boy and the wilder the chase, the rougher the wrestling, the happier he is.


I need to get into my story today as the next two days will be spent in Corvallis, Oregon at Jake’s ODP Water Polo Regional Championship games.  I wasn’t going to go–how do you take a wild 23 month old in the car for 4 1/2 hours and then keep him safe by a pool all day?–but the amazing Jamette Windham is coming over at 4:00 am tomorrow morning so I can jump in the car and make Jake’s first game.  It does mean I won’t see Mac until Sunday afternoon, and I’ll miss son Ty’s lacrosse game.  It’s tough making choices…which child do you support?  which activity do you attend?  which event will you miss?  But hopefully every boy knows Mom loves him completely, unconditionally, forever.

I’ve got 3 awesome mystery gifts sitting here in my office uncollected from my last contest.  (People, don’t you come back to check and see if you won?!?)  I will give away all three Monday morning.  So tell me how your week was, and/or what you’re doing this weekend and you’re entered to win!  I hope you know how much I appreciate each one of you, and thank you for your friendship and the time you spend with me here!  Have a wonderful weekend.  Be safe.  Love hard.  Laugh a lot.  🙂


  1. No plans for the weekend but trying to relax and read some. I’ve been checking Cnn all week for updates on Japan. It’s so sad. It makes you feel better to see the stories about loved ones knowing their family is ok and even when they found the baby that was missing. So awful what happened. My prayers are with Japan.

  2. Good week (other than constantly watching the news). Got 6 new books to read; set aside 6 books I read this past week for my girlfriends to read next. Said girlfriends are coming here in a week, so I’ll have a huge pile of books for them to take. Played competitive badminton better this week than the previous week. Got some pages “scrapbooked”. Cleaned out my fridge and freezers to make room for lots of groceries I bought on sale. Visited mother-in-law. Dusted and vacuumed. Last, but not least, I worked, so the paycheque can pay for all these groceries!
    Thanks for sharing the love, Jane, and I hope you aren’t too tired while driving. (I would do the same thing in your shoes, as you can’t be everywhere at once!)

  3. It’s fun coming here Jane and I just love the pictures of all boy Mac…you’ve got your hands full. My middle son has been suffering from severe nerve problems in his leg due to two herniated discs in his back and they decided last night to operate today. It’s going to be a long waiting day for me but hopefully he’ll be painfree. If all goes well he can go home tomorrow morning. I cannot believe the devastation in Japan, or what those people are going through…they are in my prayers and thoughts constantly. Number 3 is my lucky number, so let’s see if it gets picked for one of your surprises!!!

  4. Lovely photo Jane and I hope that your weekend goes well. I will be spending time with my sons and the wives which is always fun and relaxing too. A lovely meal and time catching up together is special.

  5. This week was spring break here – we usually go somewhere warm but not this year. We didn’t do all that much which is actually fine. Relaxing is always nice!

    BTW do you announce winners here? I’m a little confused. I read every entry and I don’t see any announcement of winners. I think I’m missing something lol

  6. I get to do one of my favorite things this weekend… go to my son’s baseball game. I just love watching him play. Then we are going to try and visit Grandma and Grandpa in Fresno if the coach doesn’t call any last minute practices.

    Sounds like my little baby Vaughn (9 months) is going to be just as active as Mac… Look out!

  7. Mac is a hoot – the curious George shirt is perfect for him :-)For all the hard work they are, folks his age are such wonderful persons to be around, always right to the point, ready to share a joke and never stingy with their affections. One should always have one around to remind one of the moment at hand.
    Today the Hubby and I celebrate 23 y of dating, with a much needed date night (in August we celebrate 16 y of mariage too:-) The weekend will contain lots of hanging with the kiddos and doing stuff in the yard (if only the rain would let up) All of wich is..not that bad at all 🙂
    Best of luck to you sons

  8. I love Corvallis! Growing up in Lebanon, Oregon I am very familiar with the town. As a teenager we would sometimes drive over to check out the guys going to college at OSU. 🙂 And now my 16-year-old is a huge Beaver fan and hoping one day she can go to school there. I am familiar with the drive as I head to the area a few times a year. Have a safe drive.

    Mac is so cute! And growing so fast..don’t they just amaze you? One day so tiny, the next…well, you know…

    As for the devastation in Japan, I was talking to my mom in Oregon when I saw it on the news. I had the sound down and remember gasping at the sight of houses being swept across the land. I had her turn on HER news in Oregon and we sat there saddened by the incredible loss of those poor people. I can not imagine.

  9. This week has been a bit of a whirlwind with finals. I’m now done with the quarter and get a whole week off! Excited to do some non-school reading and relaxing. This weekend has no schedule which I absolutely love. We may, depending on the weather, hit up the dog park to get some energy out of the pups. Love playing it all by ear though. Have a great time in Corvallis!!!

  10. Is it possible that Mac gets cuter every picture? 🙂
    This has been the craziest week of ups and downs.
    Friday I got to go to a big author dinner where I was sat with–get this–Vicki Lewis Thompson and Mary Jo Putney. That was as surreal as winning the Evening with Jane Porter. 🙂
    Sat and Sun was the Tucson Festival of Books. 100,000 people, amazing panels. (And, James Rollins is as cute in person as he is in his picture.)
    I put your name in Jane, on the survey as an author I’d love to see invited next year. And then I crafted a letter to RWA Tucson to put your name on the list for the TFOB Romance Track.Hopefully between the two the Festival will invite you and send you a plane ticket!
    Monday was awful. I registered my twins for kindergarten. It was so bitter sweet. Am I enrolling them in the right school? Should I fork over the $$$ for private? Am I totally destroying their chances at a good college by sending them to public? The stupid loop goes on and on.
    I’m glad I got them this far and that they are ready for school. I’m glad that I’ll have a couple of hours to myself M-F. I’m soooo sad that my babies are growing up.
    Wed- they got their shots for kindy. And got a lot of the side effects. Fevers, vomiting, headaches, etc…one kid was up half the night last night. Things are looking up today, thank heavens. We’re taking it easy and watching a lot of Phineas and Ferb. Maybe see Rango this weekend at the theaters.
    I read my first Robyn Carr book this week. Virgin River. It was really good.

    I am sooooo excited for your new series! I hope the re-working and synopsis go smoothly and we get a pub date soon. Thank you for working so hard so that we get read your books.
    Sometimes when I’m having a bad day your characters are a life saver.
    I’m quoting Laney from above: Thanks for sharing the love.
    Shannon in Tucson
    (no need to enter me into the contest.)

    1. The tsunami/earthquake were just unreal. You couldn’t even believe the pictures and video coming in from Japan.
      I kept trying to get the webcams in Hawaii to come up (and everone else was too.) I kept checking JaneBlog to see if there was any news on Surfer Ty and your house. I was emailing my uncle in Pepeekeo (they are up 200 ft on the windward side so they are fine.)
      I watched the live pictures of the boats crashing in Santa Cruz, CA harbor.
      And now the daily videos of the aftermath in Japan. It’s heartbreaking. I hope your extended Japanese family survived and is well. Hugs to your sister and her family.

  11. Hi Jane!
    I love seeing pics of Mac…what a love. Those rough-n-tumble boys are such a handful, but mine steals my heart every time his eyes light up. My Joey has so much drive and passion and determination, they often take over; but all good qualities in an adult.

    My mom is coming over today; we’ll get some stuff done, have dinner and she’ll see Joey’s game tomorrow.

    Lots going on here as usual. I have a copy of Darien’s new book “Friendship Bread”; procured with a little wit, a lot of determination and a little begging (see where my little apple gets it?). I’m halfway through in barely 2 days; with my busy schedule that’s saying something! It’s so good, I hope you get a chance to read it.

    Have a great weekend, Jane. Good luck to Jake’s WP team. I can’t wait to read the new series. 🙂

    Love from Tustin,

      1. oooh, I’m really looking forward to Darien Gee’s book too. And you got to read it! Lucky Duck!

  12. Well today I set with my father in law and have to set with him tomorrow while mother in law goes to a baby shower. Today was really rough, he has been bad these past few days, he could hardley walk today, about had to carry him to the bathroom. I think he’s coming down with a cold. He just not doing well at all right now.

  13. This feels like the longest week ever.
    I know what you mean when the girls were younger trying to even out all the events they attended was mind boggling.
    I have had to stop watching the news because the devastation in Japan just made me feel so useless. Like you said all we can do is donate and pray that help gets to those who need it fast.

  14. You have to know that as soon as I saw the tip of the photo I had to stop reading and scroll down to it!
    Such a darling Baby! Okay…back to your “letter”:1) I’m excited and looking forward to your next book,2)I was ready to volunteer to care for Mac while you were on your Oregon trip, 3) best wishes for successful fun to your sons in their endeavors,4)your sons know you want to be with each one of them…the son you’re with will share the moments with you directly; the one you aren’t with will remember all the details and look forward to reliving the event with you…and he can choose which elements he wants to include;)On another note, so to speak, I just finished writing a note to thank you for the fabulous “Mardi Gras”package you sent to me and came up to the computer to look up your mailing address and found your latest blog. Looking forward to making beignets and brewing coffee with friends next Sunday. In the meantime, I’m reading the book and wearing the mask!!! (…and of course, I’m taking myself out of this contest)

    1. To Shannon, Shannon-Nicole, Katie, Kathryn, and Mary M: thank you for your congratulations and good wishes. I’ll be sure to raise a “toast” to you with a beignet when I make it to N’awlins!

  15. Hey Jane! Glad to hear things are going well and that writing has allowed you to escape in a way. I think I have needed an escape like that this week.

    My dog Brinkley had 3 seizures on Monday night, which led the vet to believe we were facing a possible brain tumor. Thankfully after some bloodwork, x-rays, MRI, and spinal tap, we’ve found out he does not have a tumor. He’s been diagnosed with epilepsy, which is the best news we could have gotten.

    Other than that, I’ve been incredibly grateful for my friends this week. They’ve been super supportive through my dog’s ordeal as well as some other personal issues I’ve been facing this week. They’ve helped me remember that I deserve the best and shouldn’t settle for less than that.

    It’s been a really rough week, but I’m glad the weekend is here and hope to start next week on better footing. I hope you’re able to enjoy your weekend as well!

  16. had an awesome week especially today! my parents own a pizza joint thats not doing so hot but today i got a local radio station to come and do a pizza challenge. it was great fun and the guys could not finish the big pizza we made for them. [it had to weigh at least 9 lbs!]

  17. My thoughts & prayers go out to the people (and animals!) of Japan.

    Let’s see–my weekend–tomorrow – vet appointment for my Pug, Noodles, & Siamese cat, Brie, followed by lunch with lots of good friends at California Pizza Kitchen. Yum, Baja Fish Tacos! Then the Auto Show with my husband because I love to look at Porsches. Later that night, a 40th bday party for a friend. Sunday I am helping my neighbor choose colors for her bathroom so paint samples, here I come. Finally, I must stop at Coldstone Creamery and try the flavor of the month – Pistachio Pudding Ice Cream!

    Happy Weekend everyone!

  18. I have been working lots…but my thoughts and prayers go out to the Japanese people. Also, to all of their families/friends that live in Hawaii. This is so sad to me.

    I’m going to get out this weekend and have some fun.

    Sending my hugs and aloha to everyone! 🙂

  19. I was in a week long class for work this week. Catching up on house work over the weekend. My freshman son has decided to play lacrosse for the 1st time. He did a winter league to get familiar with the sport and now at school. Mom and Dad have alot to learn about LAX. 🙂 Have a good weekend Jane!

  20. My week wasn’t so great and I can’t believe I’m actually telling you (and everybody else here) this. 😉 The only reason that comes to my mind is that I when I really love a book, I feel like I have a personal relationship with the protagonist or the author. Finishing the book, then actually feels like losing a good friend. So here I am.

    I spent a lot of time on CNN. What a horrible nightmare for the people of Japan. Times like these make us revalue our lives and our goals and dreams…

    My middle child was sick and home from Kindergarten. He is usually a sweet and amazing child … let’s just say feeling bad did not bring out the best in him this week. His little sister is not really the one to stand back when the situation is somewhat confrontational – and unfortunately, neither is the Teenager – so: I’m glad it’s Friday!

    I did not get enough work done. For some reason I find it hard to concentrate on translations when I’m asked to cut up an apple every 2 minutes but that’s OK, I chose to work from home.

    This weekend I plan on laying low. My 6y old’s body still needs time to recover- his mind is already set on basketball, playing Wii and running as fast as he can. My teen has a bunch of homework and goes to a dance tonight and my little one is fine with everything, as long as it’s not cleaning (Saturday morning tradition). She hates that from the bottom of her sweet little heart. I hope to get some work done but mainly I need some rest and a good book. The last few I read were not that great (no friends there for me) so I’m longing for something that really catches my mind.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  21. Wow, Mac is getting so big! That would be really tought to hear him say “Dad, home!” But it is so great you guys can skype! That’s gotta be the next best thing to actually being there!

    Good luck to Jake this weekend in Corvallis! I’m sure he’ll do great. Yes, it is hard to chose which kids’ games to attend…but I’m sure they know just how much you love them and I’m sure they realize you’d love to be at all of them. I have 2 daughters and I often wonder how I’m going to decide the same thing when they are older. My youngest (who is 4) doesn’t do sports right now, so it’s easy. I know things wont stay that way! 🙂 Have a great weekend!! I am going to be at baseball practices and trying to re-organize the house.

  22. I’m anxious to read your new books in the new format. It should be exciting. I know it will turn out great just like the other books have. I know it will be hard for you not see Mac until Sunday. But, it sounds like he’s in good hands. I’ve been worried about the people in Japan too. My former mother-in-law lived there for many years. I wish i had the chance to visit while she was there, but we never got around to it. I also worry very much about the animals too. My cats are my kids and if anything happened, I don’t know how I would react. So, I know everyone there is worried about family and pets and how they will survive. It’s just devastating and has really taken a toll on all of us who care so much. It just sickens me to see someone just shrug it off like it’s nothing because they don’t know anyone there or it isn’t here. I heard people talking the other day and they were saying oh well. I wanted so bad to speak up, but I held back (and that was really hard for me to do). I wish I had some way to help out, but all I can do is pray for them. And, I’ve been doing lots of that the last week. Other then that, not much happening during my week. have a great weekend!

  23. You are a great parent Jane and your guys are so blessed to have you for a mother. With parenting our philosophy was to do our best and make the best decision we could at the time. Sounds like you are doing your best and making good decisions.

    This weekend we are going to work in the garden and continue to pray for those affected by the earthquake and aftermath in Japan.

    Good luck with the new books. Looking forward to reading them.

  24. I’ve had a pretty bad week actually. My sister-in-law flew in from Texas and was going to stay here one night (tonight) so I needed to do some serious house cleaning. Yesterday I vacuumed the second floor and washed the rugs. All I had left to do was the stairs and I was so exhausted that I didn’t want to drag the vacuum down. I decided to just leave it at the top of the stairs and use the hose. I was on the very last stair and just about done when BAM! The vacuum flew down the stairs, cracking open on my head and cutting my finger. Not to mention that since it broke everywhere that I was going to have to redo the stairs. It was so painful! Then today my SIL came and ended up having to leave because she was having an allergy attack from my dogs. Ugh! But my step-father was able to fix the vacuum for me so that was a plus 🙂 I definitely need a calm weekend.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Jane!

  25. Only two more weeks till * week old boxer, Otto comes! So I am beginning to puppy proof the house. I just got back from Chi Omega’s Leadership Institute last weekend. I am doing P.E.O. officer training this weekend. Busy, busy, busy. I too am counting myself blessed as those in Japan continue to struggle with their catastrophes. Many prayers to them.

  26. I was SO ready for Friday this week… it’s been a busy week of 05h30 mornings and late nights. I’m very glad it’s the weekend.

    I’m hoping to start Ken Follett’s latest book FAll of Giants. It’s been in the house since Christmas, but it’s a big book and when I dive in I know I won’t be coming up for air anytime soon… and I didn’t have the time to spare to read it. I also hope to do some quilting and the regular housework and baking. It’ll be a quiet weekend, but that’s just fine by me.

    We love you too Jane. This is one of my favourite blogs to visit, always interesting, great thoughts and photos and you appreciate us so much it’s really nice. You know the feeling is reciprocated. Have a nice weekend yourself!

  27. Hi Jane. Glad to hear you are making great progress with your writing. I’ve had a busy week getting report cards done and I am glad to say that they are finished, printed, and now my weekend is free! I have no plans, which I kind of like. I just want some down time. Three books were ready for me to pick up at the library and I have two more waiting to be picked up – why do they all come at the same time? I am not going to have time to read them all. Oh well.
    I love that it is starting to look and smell like spring in the Pacific NW – now we just need some sunshine to go with it!

  28. Hi Jane 🙂 This week was emotionally tiring and stressful – ugh! Don’t ya just hate weeks like that? I just need to curl up and veg out for awhile – lol. Hope your weekend is awesome. Take care.

  29. Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate Jane. A break from the news coverage is good though. It’s heartbreaking to watch and it’s everywhere. My week has been spent feeling kind of yucky and head achy. Might be the weather. Here in Michigan the temps keep going up and down raining then snowing etc. It’s spring time weather or the beginnings of it anyway. lol Poor Mac. My husband is a truck driver and my kids have a hard time with him gone too. Thank goodness for cell phone. Hope your weekend goes smoothly.

    Lisa B

  30. I am currently taking a class that will hopefully lead to a career change. I stressed thus week about my midterm grade but got good news today that I did better than I thought.

    It is very Spring like this weekend but unfortunately I have to work this weekend. 🙁

    It will be okay though. I look forward to your blog updates, Jane. The new book sounds interesting 🙂 can’t wait until it is complete.

  31. My week was so-so. Mid-week I ended up sick but I’m doing better today. This weekend I will be running errands, cleaning and writing. Yay!

  32. There are so many hard choices involved in parenting!

    We had a busy week. My son finished 5 years of cub scouting and crossed over to a boy scout and he and my husband are on their first campout with the older boys this weekend in Jamestown. My daughter and I are looking forward to some quiet time and time to work on a school project she has coming due.

    Work has been crazy and I crave a full day off with no errands especially grocery shopping. But we are blessed that my husband has a good job at least for the moment and the weather was absolutely fantastic today, sunny and 78! Love it!

    Have a great weekend Jane.

  33. Hi Jane, Collin got home from Hawaii today and we were so glad to welcome him home but he had the best time ever!! He enjoyed his time with Surfer Ty and the gang at Ty Gurney Surf School and also being with his brother. He said it was the perfect guys’ trip. I was sick most of the week and was in bed blowing my nose! ha! Collin had the better time for sure.

  34. Working all weekend here. But it’s ok..that means I get next weekend off!! Yeehaw!! i mean..YEA!! I used to live in Arkansas..that was the redneck coming out LOL. Anyway, if I win I promise to come back and check after work on Monday.

  35. Hi Jane! Mac is growing into such a big gorgeous boy! Thanks so much for sharing pictures of him now and again. I love to see how big he’s getting.

    My heart breaks for Japan as well. My grandma lived there for years. I never got to visit her there but she always wrote the most wonderful letters telling us about the people she met and places she went. I so admire the quiet strength the people are showing in such difficult times.

    My weekend will be full of running my girls around to various fund raisers so they can go to church camp in South Carolina this summer. Next week will be more of the same as the last couple of weeks as we’re in the midst of construction on our new shop building finally. Hopefully the weather will hold for us a bit longer as we pour concrete for the floors.

    Big hugs to you and the boys!

  36. Hi Jane. Love hearing stories about your little one. My Michael was and still is a ” wild one”. They try your nerves but steal your heart. This week has been spent trying to juggle the needs of loved ones. Can’t be there for everyone but how to you juggle everyone’s needs. Kids need to be at different activities, need help with homework,need love and attention. Parents need attention. And then there is the poor husband who gets whatever is left over.
    Enjoy Mac and can’t wait for the new book

  37. Hi! I love to hear how your writing is going and that your writing another women’s story,i know that it willbe terrfic. I had to get a new e-mail address for my computer crashed. Its our springbreak this coming week so were(daughter)are looking at a college on our way to see my dad in Jensen Beach fla. its going to be a fun week and alot of relaxing on the beach.And reading..I know all about little boys for my so who’s 20 now was into everything,still is, like all kinds of sports and mud boggin…loves the mud! Mac will keep you on your toes, and its hard to juggle which event to attend at times I had to flip a coin, I still do for I have classes that I’m taking and my daughter’s volleyball game was at the sametime, couldn’t miss class. I feel so bad for all the people in Japan that losted everything, I can remember hurricane Andrew and we losted our house and others, you feel like you can’t go on but you fine the strenght to go on. I pray for them everday. Glad that Hawaii didn’t get hit and Ty is safe. Thanks for all the good books that you write for I’m a big fan of yours. Have a nice weekend watching your son play water polo..have a safe trip home.

  38. I sent my daughter off to Chicago (with her grandparents) for an Ellen Schrieber book signing! She’s beyond thrilled and I’m glad to have some quiet time to myself. Nothing to do but catch up on my enormous stack of books to read.

  39. I am going to visit my trhee favorite 11 yr olds! Sunday is their birthday. Their mom and I have been best friends since highschool…30+ yrs!

  40. Hello! this weekend i plan to do some writing of my own and i have promised my little girls we can do some baking. The smell of the sausage rolls is already taking over the house and keeping hungry bellys hovering around! We are meant to be getting so rain this weekend so i hope to take another walk in the rain on the beach… i love it!

  41. Since my brother always makes corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day and since he was out of town on business this week, we are having a late celebration on Saturday. I’m thinking that Sunday is reading and relaxing day.

  42. well lets hope the whole family will be getting well soon. so not too much is happening in this household this weekend. you know what its like when the husband gets a “man cold”…

  43. Hahaha, I just went back through the last few blog posts you’ve had to make sure I didn’t miss winning anything!! I think I’m usually pretty good at remembering to check! 🙂
    I had a GREAT week! It was spring break for me as well and I spent it doing a lot of relaxing and was in Omaha yesterday for an awesome concert!
    Have a great weekend, Jane! 🙂

  44. It’s the start of Spring break which means one thing. writing. Promised to get the edits to my agent at the end of March, so I will be one busy girl!

  45. It’s the end of spring break here. We haven’t done much, but sometimes that is ok. We are looking forward to summer and several activities planned then.
    Good luck with your new story!

  46. Just got home from a dinner with 3 friends. I love them and we have been busy at work and haven’t had any time together in a long time. We laughed a lot and it was so great and a great way to start the weekend spring arrives. Now bring on some sunshine!

  47. It was a great week – a week of vacation, mostly relaxing! Tomorrow is “organize the garage and put together new shelves” day, then church Sunday. Gonna squeeze everything we can out of these last two days before returning to real life again. Have a safe tip to the water polo game!

  48. Busy, busy times! I have a son playing Majors baseball in Cal Ripken, and a daughter running 8th grade track, and she’s also starting water polo next week! Ugh! So busy! I fully “get” the being split, and I truly believe kids understand that their parents must sometimes miss important things, but we still love them! Have a great week!

  49. I am spending the weekend in our Pismo Beach home, listening to the rain come down on our skylight. Fireplace is going and wine is on the table. Love spending time with my hubby at our dream home and feeling so blessed at my life.

    I remember the days of having to split time between volleyball games and water polo games. Both of my daughters know how cherished they are and how important they are to their dad and I.

    Just keep doing what you are doing Jane!

    Happy days!

  50. Hi Jane,

    What a cutie! Can’t wait for your new series! I am planning to just relax this weekend! The last few weeks have been so stressful at work, a lot of sick patients and staff. I have been working non-stop, so of course I got got a little under the weather too. I plan to be in PJ’s all weekend as well as reading to escape and rejuvinate myself!

    My heart and prayers go out to all those effected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I had to start limiting how much I was watching……it just breaks my heart.

    Have a great weekend and upcoming week! May you be Blessed as you have Blessed all of us with your wonderful books!

  51. I am reading Jodi Picoult’s latest. I’m hoping to find a couple of hours of “me time” to spend with it!

  52. Hi Jane – I can’t wait to read the new books. The story ideas sounded great when we talked about the books and the whole process, last fall. I hope it all goes smoothly. I can relate to juggling the kids. While not to the same degree, I have some of that this weekend. Baseball vs. softball, with a little bit of cub scouts thrown in for good measure. I can’t be in three places at once, and I can accept that I have to make choices. It’s the other (adult) people that I don’t choose who don’t seem as understanding. I just take a deep breath and smile and stick with my decision, and know they will survive without me. But it does make me wish for a long vacation where I don’t have appointments and my only decisions are which icy drink to order.

    Enjoy your weekend, I hope the boys have great matches. I’d say stay dry, but ugh, the rain never ends lately! At least water polo will be indoors!


  53. HI Jane,
    I had a great week. My boss is gone so I got so much work done. I am working the weekend then heading to Alaska to visit my mom. She isn’t doing that great. I am looking forward to the long plane ride so I can get some reading done. If you choose me I will definitely check back to see if I won!!! Have a great weekend. Be careful on the drive.

  54. Hi Jane! I worked 7 nights in a row & am looking forward to having the weekend off! YAY ME!! 🙂 Not doing anything special…just laundry & catching up on housework. But at least I can sleep at night those 2 nights like a regular person, and THAT is a rare treat. I need a hobby! HA! Have a wonderful weekend!

  55. Hi Jane, and cute Mac 🙂

    one of my cousins is getting married today. we’ll going to wedding ceremony this evening (it’s saturday afternoon here) and after that Hubby had planned to have a dinner outside. still don’t know where but I’m just gonna enjoy the Saturday nite with my little family 🙂

  56. Hi Jane,
    This week I was taking it slow because I had to take new medication that hopefully will work out, and had to some tests at the hospital. Luckily I still had a bit energy to take a zumba class and read a lot!

  57. Mac is just too cute- no wonder his brothers can’t tell him no when he wants to play with them.

    I have a 3 day weekend since Sunday is a Jewish holiday so I’m very happy for the long weekend and I plan to relax and be with my family and also try to catch up on sleep and reading.

  58. Hi Jane! Hope the writing is going well and you enjoyed your son’s Polo. Today will be spent going through my daughters summer clothes to see what still fits as we are going to Disney in a few weeks and are very excited! Then it’s time to work on the posters of pictures for my friend’s 40th birthday party next weekend. I have collected lots of pics through out her 40 years and will make giant posters for everyone to look at at the party.
    I am only tuning into the news once a day since Japan’s disaster makes me sick to my stomach with worry and fear. It’s just horrifying to think that is a natural disaster and all those poor people who lost their families. Have a fabulous weekend, Jane!

  59. You are SUCH an inspiration~you are an amazing author, mother, friend, etc. I enjoy reading your blogs as much as your books! I am excited to read the books you are working on. Thank you for sharing your talent and your home life with us. 🙂

  60. It’s been a long week and one that I’m glad is over and done with! Lots of cleaning and organizing to be done this weekend. I’d much rather be reading!

  61. Hi Jane,
    Sounds like you are very busy. I’m sure all your boys know how much you love them. It’s hard when you can’t be in three places at once. My weekend is going well so far. I just finished “Life’s A Beach” by Claire Cook very cute book. We have had a string of nice days here in Michigan. Very spring like which is nice. I’m looking forward to when you get over this way. Take care

  62. Another busy week here! We have been redoing our kitchen and have just a few finished touches left. This week I did our tile backsplash myself! I only needed a little help from my hubby cutting around the outlets. It has been great doing all the work ourselves and now seeing the finished project-love it!!!

    Mac is just so cute and I love seeing all the pics you put on here of him. Glad you are all doing well!

    Sending many hugs:-)

  63. Can’t wait to read one of your new books. I blew through all of your current ones quickly after discovering She’s Gone Country.

    Patiently awaiting spring here in PA and alternating between visiting my aunt in a nursing home after a frighteningly fast healthcare nightmare that seemed to be leading to the worst case scenario. But true to form she seems to be doing it all on her own terms and making her way back to us. I only pray she continues to improve and comes back to us fully or as close as she can.

  64. I’ve got a memorial service in Sacramento to attend this morning, church tomorrow morning & a visit in the afternoon with a dear friend. But what I am really excited about…is getting back to ODD MOM OUT…halfway through & I’m pet sitting for my neighbors, so I have plenty of time to read on this rainy weekend. Thanks Jane. Keep writing…we love you!

  65. This week has been a wonderful week in so many ways.
    Something happened at the end of last week that now means I can finally go to bed and sleep a full night (5 1/2 hours) without waking up a few times and just lying watching the clock with all kind of thoughts and worries running through my head.
    I can only hope and pray now, that in time, this event will make a huge difference in the lives of both my beautiful daughter and I, and while I wish I could tell the full story to everyone reading this blog (because I would definitely love to stand on my soapbox and tell the world!), for the moment, it is still something I have to keep to myself until it is completely finalized or as I would normally say…All done and dusted!
    Either way…the words of the Gloria Estefan song “Coming out of the Dark” finally sing true and we can definitely “See the Light”.

    To conclude such a good week, going back to my daughter: I have to say that I have been truly blessed by having her in my life and everyday day she makes me so very proud, especially when I have the opportunity to say, “She’s my daughter!” (Sorry Bragging!!!)
    This week, my parents, a few friends and I attended a ceremony at the high school that welcomed her and several other teenagers into National Honor Society. (I was so proud that I could have cried!)

    So this week, the sun has shined in more ways than one for me and I think it is time for a new challenge!!!!

  66. Hi Jane!
    So excited about your new books!
    This last week was my kids spring break. They had friends over almost every day which was wonderful! Love a house full of laughter! I need to work on my next post for my new blog under my pen name . My hubby got a “new” Harley last weekend and I have yet to go on a ride. Also have a birthday party for a sweet one year old this afternoon!

    It is difficult to be everywhere you need to be and kids hopefully understand. My hubby and I have had to split up when our two have had things on the same day and the same time. It’s hard but we always video tape it so the other can watch it.
    Take care!!!

  67. Jane,
    You sound very busy. My plans for the weekend are to just stay in and read and watch movies. Long week last week and just want some home down time. Have fun on your weekend trip to see your sons game. Hard to choose which event but good to spend alone time also with each one of them. Safe Travels.

  68. Hi Jane.
    Mac is a cutie. He is growing so fast.
    I’m glad the weekend is finally here. It is a beautiful day here. Spring is in the air. I hope to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.
    Hope your weekend is fabulous. Good luck with the new projects.

  69. Mac is such a handsome little fella! I’m excited, my sister is flying in from Nashville today. I haven’t seen her in over three years. Of course, she’s been sitting on the tarmac for the past 45 minutes and I’m pacing the floor!

  70. going to hang out with my boyfriend, and take a drive: the weather is so nice out. the boys have went with their brother to a movie and to eat, so we all are busy. sarah is resting from having an upper respiratory infection; so having her brother out of the townhouse they are sharing is a blessing for her. 🙂 take care jane!

  71. I have enjoyed this past week because my son was home for Spring Break. He goes back tomorrow, and we probably won’t see him until mid-May at his GRADUATION! 🙂

  72. It’s been a draining week at work, lots of overtime on little sleep. Somehow my insomnia always seems to coincide with the days at work that are the busiest. 🙂 This morning was spent taking my daughter for bloodwork and a two-hour glucose tolerance test. The fasting and stress of sitting there for two hours waiting to draw blood the second time gave her a headache and the orange drink she had to drink made her stomach hurt. So when we were all through, momma had to take her to Panera Bread for breakfast as a special treat. I always enjoy reading your blog – it’s very soothing and comforting after busy, stressful times, especially.

  73. Last weekend my daughter MacKenzie had to have an emergency appendectomy. She was so brave. We sat in the hospital for 8 hours before they could get her into the OR. I’m so glad it’s over and she’s one the road to recovery. So after last weekend’s unexpected events, I do not plan on doing much of anything. It’s rainy and cool here, all I want to do is rest. Happy weekend everyone!

  74. I admire you being able to write so much while being a mom to three young boys.
    My weekend? I have plans but they’ve gone out the window. But the weather is fine, and everyone is happy and safe, at least in my part of the world, so that is a huge blessing with all this instability.

  75. Hey there! The week was tough but this weekend has been great. I’m visiting my parents and just throughly enjoying the time spent with them. We’ve been shopping and driving in the country. The fields are a beautiful green with the fresh, new, spring grass.

    Hope you have a good trip and enjoy the weekend too.

  76. The videos from Japan were heart wrenching. It was unbelievable to see what distruction can happen in a matter of seconds. I too wish there was something more my family and I could do other than prayers and send money. We had some tsunami warnings here in OR after they hit Japan. There was some damage to peoples boats in some areas, but that is an extremely tiny price to pay after seeing what could happen.

    This weekend the weather is beautiful here in OR! I can hardly believe my own eyes! Sun has been out and no rain (well, so far.) Kids were able to play outside while I caught up on some reading. Not really going on a vacation for spring break. I will be traveling to CA for 2 seperate trips for work (if that counts.) Not really much time for fun, just work. I hope you had a good visit to Corvalis! You are a great mom, don’t get down on yourself!!

  77. Hey Jane!! Happy weekend… they come way too quickly and also end way too fast! I don’t know, it’s just been a really great week in general.

    Last week was ridiculously insane at work, so I spent most of my off time just crashing. I still don’t have my car (RRRrrrrr) – unbelievable!! Makes planning stuff kind of difficult. I am at the mercy of everybody else’s schedule since they are my ride. Insurance companies in Hawaii are a different breed than the mainland ones. They have nickle and dimed everything with this car repair to include a rental car; so I didn’t even get one because that money will have to go towards the car repairs they also aren’t covering. Hopefully this week! Fingers crossed.

    I did get some fantastic news yesterday that I made a good enough score on my Navy Chief’s exam. So now I am eligible for the Chief’s selection board. This drags out the fun and anticipation now until the end of July to see if I get promoted. It feels good this time though and different. Maybe this will be lucky #7!! 🙂

  78. Tonight (saturday) my man and I went to see a high school play of “Grease.” My friend’s daughter was in the band. It was really, really cute…and fun. Tomorrow will be all about my homemade pot roast and mashed potatos. My man says I make the BEST mashed potatos. And, sometime tomorrow I will be sitting down and scheduling my coming week. I am unemployed right now, so it is too easy to simply lay around watching television. I am scheduling in some cleaning several times a day. And somewhere in there I will have one hour of nothing but writing. Been putting it off for too long.

    Jane, I am looking forward to reading any new book you come out with. Good luck with all of your to-do’s regarding your publisher and all. BTW, your little boy is way too cute.

  79. Good luck with the new series Jane. It sounds different and intriguing. As our kids were growing up we couldn’t go to everything they did and I did feel guilty but I found that now that they’re adults they tend to remember what you did do, not what you didn’t. We will be seeing some friends today that we haven’t seen in a while.

  80. I am always excited to hear you are working on something new! I am so looking forward to reading the new series!
    This weekend I have been slammed with work. This is a busy time of year for my business. I’ve been putting in 14 hr. days. The weather has been nice this weekend, so I take advantage of it (since I work outdoors) I’m tired, my back is killing me and I am looking forward to a break! I have a baby shower for my neice today. I am really looking forward to that. After that, I think I will relax in my cozy pj’s and bake some cookies.

  81. It was Spring Break for a lot of visitors to MT, so lots of neat people came into the Deli where I work. They were headed to or from Big Sky to ski. I had such fun visiting with them all and finding out where they are from. One intriguing couple of pilots for a private plane were stocking up for lunch on the way back to Mexico City – non stop in the private plane!! What a life! 😀
    I have lots of fond memories of trundling along with our girls in Club Volleyball during their H.S. years, so I can just picture you, Jane, in that hotel and @ the games. Enjoy the ride! It goes by quickly.

  82. I spent the weekend helping some friends do some spring cleaning in their barn. I was able to help them get through most of the stuff that needed to be donated and the stuff that needed to be trashed. I also raked their back yard so that their puppies would stop dragging in so many leaves!!

    It was a very busy few days but I was so happy to have helped them get things more organized!

    This morning I met with one of my best friends for a long walk and girl talk. It was a great weekend!

    Mac is getting so big and so very adorable!!! I love to see your pics!

    Hope you had an awesome weekend!!


  83. Hi Jane!
    Temps in the 40’s and pouring rain today, so much for “sunny Southern California”! Nothing to do but curl up with a big mug of tea, read, write and watch movies all day. Probably our last storm for the season, so might as well enjoy!
    Love reading your blog, thanks for sharing with us…I think it’s so important for women to have “community” where we share and empathize. This has been lost a bit since the days we gathered at the river to wash clothes together, LOL. Thanks for creating a place in cyberspace for us to do it in modern times.
    Sending much love and light! =)

  84. Hi Jane. It has been a busy weekend. I have been decluttering my house and doing yard work. We have had warm weather all weekend.

  85. Hi Jane,

    It has been a great weekend. My 14 yr old daughter came in 3rd place for Math & Computer Science at the Regional Science Fair in Sacramento. I am so proud of her 🙂 So today, I took her shopping and we had an amazing mother and daughter bonding time.

    I feel so grateful for all I have. I hope you had a great weekend too.


  86. Great week! Found an awesome karaoke bar and spent a great night singing! I hosted a dinner with family recipes and people still cant stop talking about it. I just wish the world had it better. I had Japanese exchange students too. I wish I kept incontact with them!

  87. Crazy weekend for us! Matthew’s school auction was Friday night and then Saturday morning I took Jacquie to Tiny Tots. I spent most of Saturday afternoon cleaning and unpacking(from our recent Delaware trip). Then Saturday night we dropped Matthew off at a friends house for an overnight, took Jacquie with us to a new Thai restaurant in Madrona we have been wanting to try, and then after I put her to sleep a friend came over to hang out at our house so John and I could go to our first movie together in MONTHS!

    We saw The Lincoln Lawyer which we loved! Then today I took the kids with me to a friends house to help with a newsletter, rushed home to catch up for an hour with friends passing through Seattle that we hadn’t seen in almost 8 years, then had a birthday dinner for John with his mom and sister!!! Just a typical busy, over scheduled weekend for us! 😉

    Hope all the games went well!!!


  88. Hi Jane-
    Busy weekend: helping at church, mother/daughter fashion show, date night with hubby, helping kids with homework & time on the treadmill! Spring break starts in one more week…yeah!

  89. Hi Jane!
    I think it’s amazing you can still be at your sons’ games/tournaments. I know it’s hard to chose…but at least you are there! I remember having to chose which of my childrens games to attend, it’s hard. I just tried to take turns.

    Had a busy weekend working. Tomorrow I get to rest and have a couple days off. The plan is to take my grandkids to a movie and out to lunch. Start out their spring break on a fun note. I also have plans to go through the house for a garage sale. Ugh, not motivated to do it, but it needs to be done. We’ll see how motivated I am tomorrow! lol

  90. Oh, the agony of trying to juggle multiple kids and their events! And with an injured hubby to boot! Somehow we manage. That’s what we do as a MOM. It has been raining steadily all day today and all last night. I love the sound of the rain on my roof. As much as I enjoy going to church on Sunday, it was really hard getting out of bed this morning! I just wanted to snuggle in bed with hubby. Coming home to a warm, dry house made me thankful all over again for our home and all the blessings I have in my life. That keeps us balanced.

  91. Wrapping up the weekend on Sunday night- did a mega-amount of laundry this weekend. After some heated discussions, my boys folded their clothes. I’m thinking of their future success in life when I work hard on getting them to share housework. Had out of town relatives for dinner- distant ones that I don’t know too well and we had a lovely time with them.

    Lots of stuff.

  92. ROugh couple of weeks. I lost a friend (a member of book club you didnt get too meet,but she loved the way you write). Then my brother was in the icu for a week. Now he’s in rehab-
    sounds like a book. But Friday night was a much needed girl’s night out. Lots of laughs. Saturday was devoted to my kids (to quote my son, “best day ever!”) I spent Sunday with Susan Elizabeth Phillips:). Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  93. Hi Jane,
    It was a busy fun weekend! My husband and I celebrated our anniversary on Friday, daughter’s play on Saturday night at the high school, and played a little golf yesterday. It was a fun and relaxing weekend. I even did a little reading; what a treat!

    Have a great week!

  94. Well, it was a good weekend. Had lunch with my stepson and his girlfriend and it was an enjoyable time. Watched the doves build a nest on our plant stand in the backyard and woke up this morning to see an egg in it. We had a storm last night (and I really worried about the nest, but it survived fine) and I loved listening to the rain and wind as I was going to sleep. Now it is the start of another work week. The weekend always goes by too fast.

  95. had a lazy weekend with laundry chores; didn’t even cook much, yikes.
    so happy you could go watch the Polo

  96. Went to a baby shower, a wedding shower and a retirement party. It was interesting to see all these different phases of life!

  97. My server was down for the past couple of hours so apologies for not posting winners sooner!

    The three winners are:

    #8 Kristen

    #27 Sandy

    #81 Jenny W

    Will the three of you please shoot me a private email with your mail address and I’ll get you your wonderful prizes?!?



    PS Let me know which of my books you’d love to have and I might be able to tuck it into your mystery prize before I mail it…

  98. You still checking this thread? I’ve been AWOL, I know, but had Liberty States Fiction Writers great mini-conference this past weekend and day job crazy has tied me and my time and my sanity up in knots. Can’t wait to hear success in the book proposal area. Sounds like you’re biz-ey, biz-ey, biz-ey as always.

  99. I always come to back to check not only to see if I have won but I have to stay on top of thinks when one of my favorite authors are concerned !

    Please enter me for the draw !


  100. I hope you enjoy your weekend ! It is hard to choose what child to spend time with, but soo important to have those individual times with them.

    This weekend, if the weather cooperates I plan on working in my garden. I also just recieved my copy of Kristin Hannah’s new book “Night Road” and will be glued until I finish 🙂

    I wish everyone a great weekend !

  101. Rec’d my box of goodies today and I was stunned by your generosity. It was Christmas in April for the family. Thanks so very much.

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