Friday Already?

I’ve been writing so much, and working such long hours, that time kind of blurs together and I’m amazed that its already March 18th…that we’re at another weekend…and soon the start of another week.

I’ve been working hard on revising my women’s fiction proposal which has meant shifting books/stories around and starting the series in a different place, with a different sister, and a different conflict.  (Which essentially boiled down to putting book 2 first, and moving book 1 to middle, etc).   I really like what I’m writing but its definitely got an edge to it.  The people that have read it like it, which is good, yes?  Now I just need to get another 25 pages or so completed, tackle the synopsis again and then shoot off to my agent so she can get to my editor.  I would LOVE to have a new contract, and pub dates and stories to share with you, but its a complicated process this time since I’m shifting into new territory with a deeper story line and the 3rd person narrative.

In some ways the writing has been a great escape from the world at large.  I’ve been so saddened by the devastation in Japan.  Having had numerous Japanese foreign exchange students live with us while I was growing up (with one staying permanently and becoming my Japanese sister),  the three months I spent in Japan in college, the years I taught Japanese history to my 7th graders, the fact that my sons are studying Japanese in school has made the destruction and loss so very painful, and personal.   I respect and admire Japanese culture tremendously and wish there was something I could do besides pray and send money.

With Ty in Hawaii for Spring Break Mac has been keeping us all busy.  We Skype with Ty almost every day, and Mac’s favorite thing to say to Ty is “Daddy, home.  Come home.”  It’s sweet and poignant and fortunately he has discovered his brothers can’t resist him when he takes their hand and makes them come play with him, or hold him, or wrestle.  Mac is all boy and the wilder the chase, the rougher the wrestling, the happier he is.


I need to get into my story today as the next two days will be spent in Corvallis, Oregon at Jake’s ODP Water Polo Regional Championship games.  I wasn’t going to go–how do you take a wild 23 month old in the car for 4 1/2 hours and then keep him safe by a pool all day?–but the amazing Jamette Windham is coming over at 4:00 am tomorrow morning so I can jump in the car and make Jake’s first game.  It does mean I won’t see Mac until Sunday afternoon, and I’ll miss son Ty’s lacrosse game.  It’s tough making choices…which child do you support?  which activity do you attend?  which event will you miss?  But hopefully every boy knows Mom loves him completely, unconditionally, forever.

I’ve got 3 awesome mystery gifts sitting here in my office uncollected from my last contest.  (People, don’t you come back to check and see if you won?!?)  I will give away all three Monday morning.  So tell me how your week was, and/or what you’re doing this weekend and you’re entered to win!  I hope you know how much I appreciate each one of you, and thank you for your friendship and the time you spend with me here!  Have a wonderful weekend.  Be safe.  Love hard.  Laugh a lot.  🙂

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