Random Happiness

I haven’t been blogging a lot lately.  I’m sure you’ve noticed.  But things here at home have consumed me.  Being a mom has meant I’ve had to focus my energy on the kids and the writing has been pushed to the side for the time being.   It’s okay.  That’s how it goes.  I don’t know any writer, or woman, who doesn’t have to juggle hats, and sometimes juggle incredibly fast.

This morning I was checking email early and I had an email from Amazon.co.uk saying if I was looking for a great romance they were now shipping Not Fit for a King by Jane Porter and it made me smile.  I read it and thought, That’s me!

Sometimes I forget that all the stress and work and time actually results in a real book.  Books that thousands, if not millions of people, read.  By the time each of my Harlequins have been picked up by the various foreign countries, it has more than two hundred thousand plus copies in print.  If you consider that I have over 27 Harlequins in print, that’s a lot of books.  Approximately 5.4 million books.  And that doesn’t count my women’s fiction or my most recent releases.

But numbers really don’t mean anything to me.  Money hasn’t ever impressed me.  I’m not dazzled or wooed by fat contracts.  So what is important to me?  People.  You.  I’m dazzled and overwhelmed by my readers.  I’m dazzled, overwhelmed, and so very grateful that my readers have also become friends.  I don’t want or need a Jane Porter Fan Club.  I want and need real people dealing with real issues, around me.   I try to write real issues in my women’s fiction books, and create real escapes in my Harlequins.  I love both genres.   And this morning’s email from Amazon made me feel a little glow of happiness.  My newest book is out in the UK!  Hurrah!  I want to celebrate.

To celebrate, I’m giving away ten copies of Not Fit for a King, along with special holiday treats and goodies. Want a chance to win one of the signed books?  Just talk to me!  I miss hearing from you.  My fault, I know, but chat with me, and fingers crossed, you’ll be one of my lucky ten to win!

Oh!  And contest runs through Sunday.  I’ll announce the ten winners Monday morning.



  1. What a great post today Jane. I feel the same about money, doesn’t mean alot because love is the only gold. It’s tough raising boys, I also had three but we survive and end up fortunate that they ‘got’ most of what we’ve tried to do. You’re a real busy gal, lotsa hats and you wear them well! Hang in there, this too shall pass…Ruth

  2. What a fun e-mail for you to receive! Congratulations on the release in the UK. I see your title Random Happiness and I think how so many little things bring me happiness. Last week was a great week with Thanksgiving. I enjoyed being with many of my family members and just being together made me very happy. And the oreo tuffles that my daughter made me everyone very happy!

  3. I know the feeling of juggling many hats. It seems that you do it well! I look forward to reading Not Fit For A King. Even if I don’t win a free one! 🙂

  4. Boy do I know what you mean about the juggle, Jane. I may have my Christmas cards sent and my presents all bought, but the house is on Day 5 of being a wreck because the decorations aren’t all up yet because I’m too exhausted to do more than an hour or so a day of work. Oy. At least I got rid of my daughter’s weekly extracurriculars so that I’m down to only five days of stepping-and-fetching.

    It’s the small steps, right?

  5. Hi Jane,
    I have just finished reading the novella in Mistletoe wishes and I really liked it and it made me so homesick for beautiful Venice. While I was reading I was seeing it in front of me covered by snow or as I have seen it many times foggy and misterious.
    I wish you a good week and I hope you can find some time to keep writing to give all of us good stories that lift the spirit even when life is really crazy.
    Take care.

  6. What a beautiful post…my eyes misted over. It’s hard to be mom,
    wife, friend,and your own person.
    I know you have a satisfaction of seeing the results of your efforts in your books, but you should be so proud of what you do as a mom. One of things I enjoy about your blogs is that you are just like us and you let us see that side of you. You have
    good and bad days just like us all. Smile, breath and recite the Serenity Prayer. That alwaays helps me.

  7. Hi Jane,

    I have been busy shopping, wrapping, cooking, decorating and cleaning. UGH … I love the holidays but they are so busy!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!

  8. Nothing gets me more in the Christmas spirit than decorating my house, sitting by the fire and sipping hot cocoa. You must be excited to spend your first Christmas as a married woman. BTW … I love your son’s haircut. He looks so adorable.

  9. Hi Jane! Glad to see you’re back to blogging! Getting consumed by things at home is definately something I get especially with the holidays coming up in addition to the usual routine. It’s been cold and gray here for the last few days but the sun peeked out this afternoon. It was great to see the sun, it almost made me forget it is so cold out! Started a large training project today at work with our first real class and it went well!!! I think I will be able to relax more now, something I am sure my husband and kids will appreciate. Enjoying a little time home alone with a new Debbie Macomber book! I would love to read your new book next :)!

  10. You are so loved by your fans because you are very real and down to earth. My daughter met you back in June in NYC. She has gotten me into your books (my other daughter is reading your books now too). We are all going to try and see you in Anaheim, CA for next year’s Romance Writer Convention.

  11. I’m right there with you. Being a woman is a lot of work and many things to do at once. people often say to me what can i worry or stress about since I don’t work. There are many things like my husband’s job which constantly seemed in jeopardy. will the bills get paid on time? We never know from one week to the next. Will my parents be sick and I have to run out to help them? That’s why i can’t work. I have to be available at a minutes notice for them. Yesterday was a very stressful day for my husband at work. he backed a car into another and now has to pay for the repair. The money comes out of his paycheck which is very small already this week. So, now the worry is will we even be able to buy food this week. If it’s not one thing it’s another. he’s very upset about this too. it was an accident. Two others up there (one mechanic and the service writer) have done the same thing and neither had to pay for repairs. So, he feels being singled out at the moment. Anyway, enough of that. I’m happy you got that email today announcing one of your books. That has to bring a smile to your face. I know it would for me.

  12. I love reading real escapes and real issues. You really hit the nail on the head for both of those in both your HQ books and your women’s fiction books. Thank you for the great stories!

  13. Jane,

    The reason and way you write is what got me into your books. I constantly tell people that your writing makes you feel you can be stronger as a woman. You are real…a mom first and foremost and a wife and a writer…You are amazing. Flirting impressed me but meeting you and getting to know you changed me. I am stronger now. I have my doubts, of course, what woman doesn’t?

    Thank you for always sharing what you are thinking and feeling. It makes me (us, I’m sure) feel less alone!

    Love ya!!

  14. Hi Jane, it’s so great to see you blogging again! We thought you were probably busy with your new husband and family.

    I love your books because you dig down inside of yourself, and write about the things women think about, but maybe can’t even discuss with their best friend. Plus, I can enjoy faraway places with you, and never leave the comfortable chair in our house.

    I am so glad you do something you love every day.


  15. I read all of your posts and blogs almost daily. I can relate on so many levels. All of this dreary weather that we have been having lately and all of the stress of the holidays makes life so crazy. I absolutely love everything you write and can’t wait for your new books to come out. Still need to order one of your Harlequin books. Thanks for entertaining me 🙂
    ~Melissa Davis

  16. I love how your blog came together. Real life happens, and it’s because you know this that your books are always so great. Your voice comes through, every time. Getting that email must be a little like hearing your own song on the radio – Yes, it’s really YOU!

    Here, there is a mix of the quiet before the storm of the holidays & upcoming birthdays, and the chaos of moving elderly family members. I keep asking myself, will I remember this when my kids are trying to move me to a retirement center or assisted living? I hope so. It is a hard thing to do, watch parents age and have the child become the parent. I wish our society was in a better place for the aging population – healthcare, transportation, housing, everything. Instead, even under the best of circumstances, it’s a tough road.

    I hope your son is healed or healing and life is getting back to normal on that front.

    Merry Christmas!

  17. I completely understand about being busy and having to push some of the “fun” things aside. This holiday season is so full of excitement and joy, I just want to savor every experience!

  18. I remember when my daughter was young I was so busy with everyday things, especially during the holidays. Just enjoy the craziness because when they get older and move out you will wish they were there. Congratulations on your release in the UK, how exciting. Wishing you lots of happiness with your boys and Ty.

  19. Hi Jane!

    I love reading your blog because you are so open and honest about everyday struggles and we all go through them. I met you in February in Tucson and I have to say that your down-to-earth demeanor made our visit with you xtra special! Thanks for being you!

  20. Congrats on the release Jane. I enjoyed your blog and want you to know that I love your books and share them with my friends and family. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. May each day bring a new smile to your face.

  21. Jane,

    Glad you got the email that made you smile. You deserve to have a great day. I hope things get easier/better with the boys. Being a mom isn’t easy, but it is one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have. Have a great day. Hugs

  22. I will never forget being able to meet you at at Vromans book store in Pasadena. You were so gracious, and obviously grateful for your many fans who attended. You are a very special lady to all whose lives you touch!

  23. So wonderful when the stars align – that you were feeling overwhelmed, but the universe gave you a smile with the Amazon email suggesting you purchase your new book.

    My husband tells me that I am easily amused, and I’m grateful that I am. It’s the little things in life that make us pause, and adjust, and reassess, but it all brings us back to our family and those who we’ve connected with throughout our lives. You’re right. It is the people around us that give our lives purpose.

    Congrats on the new release and the staggering number of books sold!

  24. Hey Jane,
    I just want to say how awesome I think you are. I don’t follow a lot of authors, but I can’t imagine there are many that interact with their fans as much as you do! I enjoy getting your Christmas card every year and love seeing your kids grow!

  25. Hi Jane,
    I figured you had been juggling a lot lately, but I think you do a wonderful job.
    I don’t know how you are able to turn out the wonderful stories that you do turn out. I think you are just a very gifted writer.
    I don’t know how any woman does it all and doesn’t fall apart at times. I am just about at one of those falling a part times. My husbands job is high stress and lately he hasn’t been able to leave that stress at the office. The girls, even though they are both about grown run me ragged at times. My parents are getting older and I have to take care of some of the things they can’t do anymore. I am in the process of decorating my house and my mom and dads house for Christmas. I feel like I am always racing against the clock and the clock is going to win.

  26. Hola Jane!
    Hope you are doing well. As a working mother and wife I know what it is like to have alot on the plate. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It can get crazy, but if it wasn’t I would be seriously bored!

    Yesterday my 9 yr old told me she was in the school christmas play 12/7/2011. Her part is a sheep and needs a costume by Monday, yikes!

    My sister wants me to drive into San Marcos, Tx from San Antonio for their annual Christmas Festival. I have to go into work on Saturday for 4 hrs, Company party from 12-3. End of the season volleyball party at 5pm. (we won our zone undefeated and took 3rd in city out of 30) and then a very good family friend is having her annual christmas party at 8pm.

    Somehow I will make it happen. I still have to go X-mas shopping on Sunday, then gift wrap. I am sure I will have an adult drink somewhere in between. Hope you have a good week.

  27. Hi! Congrats that your book is in the UK. and doing so well. Were all in the same boat juggling a job which I’m still looking so I’m in a bummer mood, doing odd jobs but no kids either in my home daycare, I enjoy the holidays but losing my mom around this time I get moody, it was easier with small kids but they are older doing there own thing-but been keeping busy baking my banana bread and cookies for gifts and for holiday parties, if i’m invited to any-getting a divorce is not fun especially when he doesn’t want to sign the papers, so its at a stand still, oh well, I have until May thats when Marian graducates from high school, then I’ll just deal with it then. So thats about all thats going on with me-I do have acouple good friends that keeps me in a jolly mood-ones a cowboy who’s in a christian worship group and he goes around to other cowboy churches so I only see him once in awhile but he writes me letters or e-mails me, its nice to have some inspiring words that keeps me in line with God! Have a good evening and I hope to be one of the ten winner—your the best

  28. I loveeee your books so much! I’ve read all the modern books but I need to read some of your harlequin romance books. I’m not really into that genre of books but I know if anyone could make me like them it’s you. =]

  29. Hi Jane,
    I enjoyed reading your post and thanks for the great reminder that it’s the people in our lives that mean the most.
    I just got done paying bills….never fun for me because I don’t like to watch how fast my money disappears. I’m making ends meet though, and that’s important right now.
    I am getting together with some girlfriends Friday night and I am making strawberry cupcakes. It’s a new recipe and I hope they turn out as good as the picture looks.
    I can’t believe that X-mas is so close – tomorrow being Dec. 1! Wow.

  30. I LOVE it! I’m so happy for you that you woke to an email recommending your Not Fit For A King! I have 4 Timeless Holiday Shopping Tips:

    1. If It Doesn’t Fit, Leave It. Unless you’re certain that you or your gift recipient can wear it on Christmas, don’t buy it now.

    2. It’s The Product Not The Price. If you’re not familiar with the brand, don’t be tempted by cute packaging at a bargain price unless your gift recipient collects cute boxes.

    3. Don’t Drink And Shop. Remember why they give you free drinks in Vegas! After a glass of wine, think twice about shopping at a store or online.

    4. Before You Check Out. Take a lap around the store and consider your items. It will make you more likely to discard impulsive picks, affirm your choices, and count towards your daily exercise requirement.:)

  31. I can see how that email would make you smile. I always appreciate how you share your positive attitude with us. It always lifts my spirits and reminds me to count my blessings.

  32. Jane, I’m glad that email came this morning, to give you a jolt of happiness. It’s so nice when somthing like that happens:)

  33. Hi Jane
    I have just finished One Christmas Night in Venice, and LOVED it of course!!! I cant wait for another book!

  34. Ok so this past couple of weeks have been a bit tiring. I had a stranger look back at me in the mirror and we had a great conversation. Believe me this old hag was very brutal and honest. Well no more complaining. I’m taking a day off from life and getting my hair and nails done. Total gym was delivered and now is set-up in the room. Need to start dropping a few (ha like maybe 60 lbs)pounds. Keeping my fingers crossed, lord knows I dont’ want to see or talk with that scary old woman again who visited me in the mirror.

  35. Hi Jane! So good to see you blogging. I can’t even imagine how you handle it all and all I can say is you must be one heck of a juggler! Circus worthy! 😀

    We got our first snow of the season yesterday, about 3 inches worth and that’s nearly unheard of here in the south. The kids didn’t miss any school so that’s good because they don’t schedule many snow days for us and every one risks pushing graduation back :/ It was a balmy 20 degrees when we got up this morning…winter isn’t even technically here yet but I’m already wishing for summer.

    Great big hugs to you and the boys!

  36. Great post Jane. Sometimes it’s hard to stop for a moment and think about all the fun stuff in life. The stress of everything around us prevents that.

    I had a random moment of happiness this morning when I walked my dog. It was a crisp clear sunny fall day and all the good things in my life caught up with me while I just enjoyed the walk.

    I wish for more moments of happiness for people as we enter the holiday season. Hopefully being with friends and family is how we remember the time, rather than the stress of cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

  37. Hi Jane!
    Thank you for the wonderful package 🙂
    I have to say that you are the ultimate giving, caring & sharing person, as if your books were not enough for all of us, you do fun things for all of us who love your books with your prizes.
    I love this blog, and reading about what others are doing and hearing you share your stories about your “boys” 🙂
    Enjoy this upcoming holiday season with your new hubby & kids!

  38. I can relate with the juggling of life and writing. Trying to be a good mom to four kids, be a good student in my MFA program, a good wife, and try to work on my own writing…I can’t do it all. Something always seems to get neglected. I guess you just do the best you can with the time you have available, huh?

  39. I got the same email because I get a lot of books from Amazon UK. I do not believe in delayed gratification so if a book I want is available across the pond, I can’t wait for the 6-12 months it takes to get here. It must be interesting as an author to see your book come out as a Mills & Boone and then as a Harlequin later in the year!

  40. Jane I’ve missed your blogging I check it always, glad you’re back! I love your books, they always make me smile and think.
    Hope you holiday was happy!
    Thank you.

  41. Jane

    Such a nice post.

    My kids are older now so it isn’t as busy here.
    Pretty soon I’ll run out of hats!

    Hope the holidays are happy for you all!

  42. i am glad for the random happiness that you have brought into my life. whether i read one of your books, catch up with you on a blog, or just see what you are up to on your facebook page; it always brings a smile to my day. thanks for always sharing yourself with so many of us…take care.

  43. Jane,

    Isn’t amazing how somthing totally cool and unexpected can change your whole mood and outlook.

    Even though I am not a mom, I feel like I must wear many different hats at work and sometimes that can be overwhelming.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and others responses. We are going through something and it is nice to realize that we are not alone.

    Take care…..Merry Christmas!

  44. Jane;
    You are so down to earth and honest about life. Being a mom, wife, and working, whether out of the home or at home, is a daily juggle and a challenge. You are one of the few successful moms out there who is honest and humble. Looking forward to reading your new book soon. Maybe Santa will slip it under the tree for this mom. Merry Christmas!

  45. Hi Jane! Have been juggling quite a bit myself lately, but hope to get a little recharged these next few days while my daughter is with her dad. Worked over 12 hours today and it’s now midnight and the alarm is set for 6:45, but I remain optimistic that I’ll fit the recharge in sometime! 🙂

    Take care!

  46. What a wonderful surprise! Congratulations. Keep it up my dear, it is always a pleasure to read one of your books. XO

  47. Jane,
    Those book numbers are amazing, and all the readers they represent. I am happy to be one of them because your books make a real connection to us readers and we eagerly wait for the next one. The fact that you have this blog makes the connection so much closer – I feel like I have a friend who is a successful author but still takes the time to keep in touch and allow me into her busy, jam packed, and rewarding life. Thanks , we love you and admire you for your accomplishments but even more so for your good heart that is so apparent in all that you do!
    I also love this time of year, and though it gets crazy at times, it is magical and special, not just for children but also for us grownups who remember being a child and experiencing the beauty and wonder of the season that now it is our turn to try to provide to others. This IS the most wonderful time of the year, god bless us everyone!

  48. That must be a really good and affirming way to start a day in a very full and busy life. I am happy for you :). Tommorow is Dec.1 and the 24 day long highlight of the year (along with birthdays and holidays)for the kiddos (and me). We pull out all Danish Yule stops and celebrate the Nisse, the (soon to be) returning light and each other. Its my favorite time of year. And come Dec.25 when its all over, I am just quite relived to see it all bag in the box again for another 11 months. But until then – Glædelig Jul!

  49. Glad you are blogging again, I enjoy reading it! I’ve been busy preparing for Christmas. Love this time of year, but boy, is it crazy! I’m sure I’ll need a vacation afterwards. I enjoy getting a Christmas card from you and your beautiful family every year. You are so great to your fans…we are very grateful! Have a great rest fo the week!

  50. My life has been a bit crazy this week. Got called back for an abnormal mammogram, working and trying to get ready for finals. On top of all that, my family has come down with a stomach bug that I don’t have time to deal with, let alone get myself. Looking forward to having some relaxation time soon!

  51. It is nice to see you blogging again. As a mom, I understand how hard it is to juggle everything and how sometimes the littlest things provide the best rewards. Thank you so much for writing and putting out great books that mean a lot to me.

  52. Hi Jane,

    A great post. I also received that email from Amazon and then went and read the blurb, checked out the book, fantastic!

    Congratulations on the release of NOT FIT FOR A KING?

  53. Congratulations on your new book Jane! I hope you had a lovely holiday. Raising children is all consuming and not easy. When our daughter was born I thought you were making a big commitment since you would be putting the child first for eighteen years. Imagine my surprise when she turned eighteen and I found out that you are never done.

  54. Oh Jane I know where you are coming from. I have so much to do right now. Have not done my Christmas shopping yet. Have a big dinner planned this weekend for my sister’s birthday, so I want get anything done until that is over. Was sick this past week and still not quite up to where i should be and my Christmas tree is still not up yet. I just try to take one thing at a time and if it get done so be it. Not going to stress over it.

  55. I’ve missed reading your posts, but hadn’t realized how long it’s been! I’ve been consumed by my kids as well. It is such a crazy time. Anniversary, two birthdays, Thanksgiving & Christmas, all in a month!. I’ve been helping my 5th grader a lot, too. HUGE writing/Social Studies project he’s had to do (I did a similar one in 8th grade!)…I feel like I am in 5th grade!. Trying desperately to convince him this is fun, not work. So much fun, compared to WORK.

    Kicked off the season last night with Rudolf…our Elf showed up this morning & tomorrow Santa & my twins b-day…phew…need to kick back and read:)

    Congrats on your numbers, btw!!! That is HUGE, BE PROUD!

  56. Hi Jane, this is actually carole’s husband,jim.She is the one usually reading your blogs,but she is busy juggling tasks with getting daughter ready for school and helping me get ready for work (i’m, a ups driver and this is the crazy part of year)I probably deliver most of your books without even knowing it! Take care and enjoy your family!

  57. I’m glad you got a happy e-mail. I hope you take a moment to Celebrate Yourself and realize how important your books have been to millions of people (no gender discrim. here.) Glad you’re back posting. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that you were busy and taking care of everybody else!

  58. I can totally relate, I love the Christmas season, but everything lately has been a little off. You always seem to be able to count your blessings, which I try to do as well. I realize there is really no one on earth I would switch lives with, overall, no matter what problems are coming up right now, so I am a lucky woman!

  59. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Jane. I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed our books and look forward to any new books you write!

  60. Congratulations and best wishes. Your attitude is always positive and upbeat and this wonderful outlook influences me. You manage to accomplish so much and are a very special person.

  61. I thnk this is your best post ever. I love how you are so down to earth and that money and fame has not changed your values like it does to most people. So I have two more until finals so I am studying up a storm as well as working. My children are doing good in school and work is just work. Im sooo busy these days I just want a long relaxing break. 🙂 Well Jane you have done a great job at juggling all of your duties. Motherhood is just wonderful. I would never change it, I struggle daily with my 3 but I never had a mother so Im still learning. Have a great week.

  62. Hi Jane,
    I got so excited for you as I read your blog…how awesome for you! As many have said, I love your books because you are a real person who understands the trials and tribulations of a women/mothers’ lives. I relate so well to your books and your romance novels truly do let me escape from all of my stress. Much love to you!

  63. You still are an awesome person in my mind, Jane. You are kind, giving, caring and considerate.

    Christmas is coming and I’m excited even though our kitchen renovation is still in progress and we are eating and cooking out of the living/dining room.

    Congrats on the book release.

  64. Jane I am so proud to be one of your fans and one day soon when my schedule allows( fingers crossed) I will fly(never flew before) up to one of your events(California). It will be a chance of a lifetime on many levels.It always makes my day to read about all the juggling you manage. Good for you! Good for all your family. Kids need to see that great things take great effort and yield great rewards for those willing to work. And you do it, all. I can imagine how tired you must get sometimes but, I can also see you snuggled up with a book reading to your little Mac and cheering for your older boys at their events.Amazing.When I get that “oh I’m too tired” feeling after I get home from work and have two hours before class I think of you and sit down for a game of UNO as my five sons, one nephew and I battle it out the hamburgers and fries cook.I always feel so much better at class, relaxed and accomplished that today I did what I needed to do.Thank you.Not to be too big of a baby but semester break is coming up and a new book sure sounds great. I might have time to read it. Happy Hollidays!

  65. That must be such an amazing feeling to see your name on a book. Especially after you know all the blood, sweat and tears that go into each book you write. No book is easy. I’m so proud of you not giving up… it would be so easy to do that with all that you have on your plate.

    We just got home from a trip to Oregon that was wonderful and now we are gearing up for a fun Ski and Wii Christmas here at home.

    Love ya and hang in there!

  66. Jane- Congratualtions on your new book and your very happy email! Yesterday I bought an Ebelskiver pan–it makes round scandanavian pancakes that you can fill with sweet or savory. The weather has turned cold and blustery and it made me happy thinking of biting into those warm, cream-filled puffs.

  67. Congratulations on your new book! Over Thanksgiving I took advantage of long flights by re-reading Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect. I fell in love with Marta and Taylor all over again. Both women are so amazing, I would love to read about how they deal with Eva and Jemma in their teen years. I grew up in Bellevue (in California for college now) and I think people would be surprised by the wild underage parties often thrown by parents of the most affluent students. Anyway, congratulations again and I look forward to reading your new book! I would love to win one of the ten signed copies of Not Fit for a King to add to my Jane Porter collection!

  68. Hey Jane – thinking about you! I hope this holiday season can be full of fun, laughter and good times! You deserve the best!

  69. This is what impresses me about your blog and why yours is the one I read the most. Here you are a celebrated and famous writer but listening to you is like talking to one of my girlfriends. I beamed with happiness at the birth of your son and with your marriage..I read your books and your posts about your life.

    And with all the fame and fortune you have it’s wonderful how down-to-Earth you are and so warm..nice to see.

  70. What a fun way to really see that your hard work goes so far!
    I can’t believe it’s already December and am really looking forward to the holidays 🙂

  71. Jane – I can’t read the next book, as I have said in the emails I have sent you…I have read all of your modern lit books as well as Flirting with Forty, and I have just finshed A Dark Sicilian Secret and In Dante’s Debt! You have inspired me to read again and I just can’t get enough of your wondrful writing!!! You have opened up a closed chapter in my life that I am so happy to have found again! Hope you and your family have wonderful holidays and when you find the time between the family and everything life has to offer, us your fans will be waiting patiently!!! Thank you

  72. I can’t wait to read your new book. I’ve had a sad week. Two funerals to attend. Ready for some happiness.

  73. Hi Jane,

    I love reading harlequin novels and I love your books, reading about how you juggle everything as a mom n writer I kinda thought of my mom. No, she’s not a writer, she is a businesswoman, a single parent and, mother of two children, me and my much younger brother. Although I’ve grown now, but I still fought my brother from time to time and she’s always our referee.
    I kinda get an inside sight of how hard it must be for her, so thank you for that.
    Keep writing amazing stories, I can’t wait to read your Not Fit For A King, although getting a freebie wouldn’t hurt.
    Happy holiday…..

  74. Hi Jane ~ That must be a great feeling!

    I’ve been staying busy too. It seems like the minute we clean up Thanksgiving dinner, the Christmas madness begins! Every night, I make my to do list & e-mail it to myself, then spend all day darting from one place to another around town. I don’t know how moms who work outside the home get it all done!

  75. I’ve missed you, Jane! Welcome back to Blogville!
    I haven’t been on the blogs as much as I’d like lately either. That “real life” keeps diverting me too! Alas, my kids are all grown up now, but they and my husband still represent a great deal of work for me! And I know I am lucky to have that work, believe me.
    Have a super weekend, Jane, and I hope you get to do something YOU would like to do – not something you need to do but want to do.
    Happy December!

  76. Love this blog! I feel the same way about money…it’s not what matters the most. The things that do matter most, you can’t buy!
    Planning a fun Christmas party for children in a couple weeks. It will be a fun-filled night of treats, games, Christmas movies. The best part of it all, instead of a gift exchange, we doing a toy drive. So excited about this and about getting the kids involved in giving! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  77. So good to see you blogging again, Jane. I love your books and I’m determined to take more time to read since I enjoy it so much. It is time consuming being a mom and wife but we have to have “me time” or we just lose it! Thanks for all your hard work.

  78. I remember the days of having little ones — I think I was more organized?? LOL — but now they are all grown up and I just accepted a full time position in a different line of work after working part time for a few years — this will be a quite a change in my life in many ways — especially this time of year — kind of adds to all the holiday craziness!! (should be fun!!)

    Best wishes to you and your family during the Holidays!!

  79. Hi everyone,
    I’m playing catch-up with errands and work and doing mom-stuff today. It’s so great to hear from all of you! Here are the winners –

    #31 Jessica
    #81 Jennifer Licha
    #62 Jill F
    #13 Linda Mc
    #39 Asa Maria Bradley
    #53 Susie Q
    #25 Lyndee H
    #33 Mary M
    #3 Linsey
    #41 Stephanie Caballero

    Shoot me an email, ladies, with your info and I’ll get the prizes in the mail right away!


  80. Thanks very much Jane! E-mail to you has been sent. Congrats to all the others who won Jane’s book today. 🙂

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