Random Happiness

I haven’t been blogging a lot lately.  I’m sure you’ve noticed.  But things here at home have consumed me.  Being a mom has meant I’ve had to focus my energy on the kids and the writing has been pushed to the side for the time being.   It’s okay.  That’s how it goes.  I don’t know any writer, or woman, who doesn’t have to juggle hats, and sometimes juggle incredibly fast.

This morning I was checking email early and I had an email from Amazon.co.uk saying if I was looking for a great romance they were now shipping Not Fit for a King by Jane Porter and it made me smile.  I read it and thought, That’s me!

Sometimes I forget that all the stress and work and time actually results in a real book.  Books that thousands, if not millions of people, read.  By the time each of my Harlequins have been picked up by the various foreign countries, it has more than two hundred thousand plus copies in print.  If you consider that I have over 27 Harlequins in print, that’s a lot of books.  Approximately 5.4 million books.  And that doesn’t count my women’s fiction or my most recent releases.

But numbers really don’t mean anything to me.  Money hasn’t ever impressed me.  I’m not dazzled or wooed by fat contracts.  So what is important to me?  People.  You.  I’m dazzled and overwhelmed by my readers.  I’m dazzled, overwhelmed, and so very grateful that my readers have also become friends.  I don’t want or need a Jane Porter Fan Club.  I want and need real people dealing with real issues, around me.   I try to write real issues in my women’s fiction books, and create real escapes in my Harlequins.  I love both genres.   And this morning’s email from Amazon made me feel a little glow of happiness.  My newest book is out in the UK!  Hurrah!  I want to celebrate.

To celebrate, I’m giving away ten copies of Not Fit for a King, along with special holiday treats and goodies. Want a chance to win one of the signed books?  Just talk to me!  I miss hearing from you.  My fault, I know, but chat with me, and fingers crossed, you’ll be one of my lucky ten to win!

Oh!  And contest runs through Sunday.  I’ll announce the ten winners Monday morning.


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