Anyone Feeling Clever?

Happy December!  I’ve been working with my editor on the backcover copy for my new women’s fiction book out in September from Berkley.  So far the title is my own working title, The Good Woman, and I’m hoping they keep it.  I thought I’d share the back cover blurb with you, but remember that it will probably change before the book comes out.  Editors have to get approval from sales and marketing folks on everything from cover art, to title, to that all-important back copy before the book his the shelves.

The backcover copy that we’re playing with right now:


Is it possible to leave it all behind?
Meg Brennan Roberts is a good woman…a successful publicist, faithful wife, and doting mother
of three.  She is also the eldest daughter of a large Irish-American family and takes her role as
the first born very seriously, priding herself on making the right decisons.  But the years of being
‘good’ have taken a toll.  While her career at Dark Horse Winery is thriving, Meg’s tired and
empty, and her husband has never seemed more distant.

After an emotional weekend with her mom and sisters during their annual Brennan Girls’ Getaway
at the beach house, Meg returns home with a desperate need to connect with her husband but
he’s distracted and pushes her away. Lonely, Meg accepts the opportunity to attend the London
Wine Fair with her boss, the ruggedly handsome vintner, Chad Hallahan.  In London, Chad
confesses that he’s attracted to her.

Shocked, Meg can’t believe someone like Chad would want her, and returns home questioning
her life and marriage.   Suddenly Meg wants to escape…but for more than a weekend this time.
When one risky decision leads to another, Meg’s world comes crashing down.  Meg’s sisters are
horrified, unable to believe that virtuous, do-gooder Meg would do so wrong.  Now with her
marriage in tatters, and her sisters shunning her, Meg must make the choice of her life.


Now what I need from you (and everyone that makes a suggestion gets entered to win a Regency Escape prize, which includes Mary Balogh and Elizabeth Boyle histoical romance novels, 2 Jane Austen movies, and more wonderful goodies) is a tag-line that could go on the front and back of the book that says something about sisters, since this is a sisters trilogy…and I’m so bad about this sort of thing.

Are any of you clever?  Want to pretend to be clever for my sake?    Here’s my best attempt:

Sisters…can’t live with them, but can’t live without them

You can suggest one, or three, or three hundred.  Anything and everything that might have something about being a sister in it, or being a Brennan sister will be added to the list.  Suggest something and you’ve got a chance to win the Regency Prize. And if this isn’t your thing, I get it.  It’s not my strength but I’m trying…I’m trying!

PS  This is a super short contest–just a day–as I’d like to compile a list to send to my editor by Friday afternoon!


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