Thank you to everyone for your wonderful sister tag suggestions.  Loved them.  Love you.  You are the best of the best.  Feel so fortunate to have readers and friends like you.  Speaking of reading, I just finished a fantastic Georgette Heyer, Faro’s Daughter, and it was truly wonderful.  Faro’s Daughter and Arabella have to be my two favorites so far…and that’s saying something as I really love Heyer’s writing.

Later today I will be heading to Munich with my son Ty to celebrate his 13th birthday.  We come home Sunday so its a very short trip, but Ty didn’t want to miss school and I wasn’t thinking, so we’re traveling all that way to spend two full days in Germany, but hey, I’m the intrepid traveler, and the Christmas Markets will be gorgeous and I’m hoping we’re going to take the train to Salzburg for one of those days, too…

Surfer Ty is coming with us, and Mac and Jake will be staying home with my wonderful nanny/assistant, Jamette.  I’m lucky to have someone like her, who has known me for over 15 years, to manage things while I’m gone.  I’ve caught a bit of a cold, though, and am taking handfuls of zinc and vitamins and Tylenol to help me weather the trip.  And once we return Sunday, I’m only home a few days before Ty, Mac and I head to Hawaii for the holidays.  I really need to get back to writing but that might not happen until January when all the holidays are behind us and I can focus on nothing but the book.  If it sounds like a rush, it is.  I’ve been on the road every weekend for the past couple weekends and wasn’t thinking when plans were made, but what’s done is done and January and most of February are devoted to work.

I do have three fun holiday boxes sitting here for three of my readers.   Tell me which is your favorite Christmas Carol, or favorite thing to make for the holidays are you’re entered.  Contest will run through Saturday and I’ll announce the three winners on Sunday. Be patient with me, though, as I’ll be posting from the airport so it might happen early in the day, or later, depending on time zones and travel.

Have a wonderful few days and I’ll check in with you soon!

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