Faking Cover Art

Heading to Hawaii this afternoon but the cold/flu that’s going around has hit me with a whallop, straight to the chest.  I’m a congested, achy mess but I’m not the only one.  It’s everywhere.  Kids have it.  Friends have it.  Schools have it.  Tis the season, apparently.

Fortunately, I (mostly) finished packing for Hawaii yesterday and am nearing the end of addressing Christmas cards so those can go out by end of the week.  Hopefully.  Fingers crossed Ty will manage Mac on the flight this afternoon and I can sleep, or read.  Or sleep.  That’s actually all my little eyeballs feel like doing right now.

I haven’t been to Hawaii since mid-late August and it’ll be great to get back to the beach house and see Ty’s elderly bulldogs–Rupert and Mabel–and get the white flocked tree up in the living room and put all the sea ornaments on it.  We haven’t had a Christmas tree yet this year and I miss it.  I miss playing carols, too.  Need the holiday spirit!  Happily, in just a half hour I’ll be heading to Mac’s preschool to hear him sing in the Christmas program.  I can’t wait to hear 2 1/2 year olds sing Jingle Bells and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Mac’s been singing in his carseat all week and he definitely knows the songs…at least his version of them.

This week over at Facebook I asked readers on my author page if covers mattered when buying a book, and it did to most of them.  I’d say 90% of those that responded (and 57 people responded) said covers did matter, especially if the author was new to them.  I’m the same.  Covers are what catch my eye.  Covers are meant to.  I haven’t seen cover art for my new book, The Good Woman, yet but thought I’d share with you covers from my backlist.

Check out the two covers (and titles) below.  They’re the same book.  Two different titles, and two different versions of cover art for Tiana Tomlinson’s book.  There were more, but these two were part of the evolution of Tiana’s book.  Her book went through more covers and titles than any of my others.  I loved the title of Faking Beauty, but sales people didn’t, so the title didn’t stick, nor did the cover art.  They said the Faking Beauty cover art made the book look too much like “women’s fiction”, or literary fiction, which apparently I’d never be.

So.  I got the cover and title to the right.  And Easy On The Eyes is my worst selling book by far.  Hands down.  Terrible sales.  But it’s a book I really loved, and a book I still believe in.  I think I could have made different choices in places in writing the story, but they are small changes, not big.  So just out of curiosity, check out the two covers, and tell me which version (if any) of the book would you pick up?  Which version do you think you’d buy?

Tell me what you think, talk to me about cover decisions you make and if they do influence you in any way, and you’re entered to win a prize.  I have 3 mystery prizes here, and they are all good and fun and perfect for opening in December.   Contest runs through Saturday and winners names will be announced on Sunday.  Talk to me and the happiest of holidays!


  1. Covers really do make a difference with me. If I like the cover, it entices me to look at the book especially if it’s a new to me author. If it’s a bad cover, chances are I won’t pick it up too look further at it. The blurb is also very important. If the blurb isn’t good, I won’t buy a book either. Those are the two main things for me. I’m sorry I don’t read reviews for books. I like to make my own opinion on them. A few books I didn’t read as quick because of reviews, so I don’t read those anymore. Merry Christmas

  2. I like the cover for Faking Beauty. It’s a bit mysterious. How do you fake beauty? What are the secrets? Could I use these faking beauty secrets? The cover for Easy on the Eyes to me is about some super duper skinny girl. At a size 8 (which isn’t fat by any means but the media would like you to think it is) I don’t want another skinny minny rubbed in my face.

    I hope you feel better soon. There’s nothing worse than a sick mama!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I prefer the first one-faking beauty. I read and enjoyed this book but I didn’t like the title or the cover. It didn’t convey the book content accurately i think.

    cover art definitely helps me find new books-that is how I got drawn to you in the first place-the cover of She’s Gone country. I loved Shey so much I bought all of the other books with those characters even if the cover didn’t thrill me that much.

  4. Covers definitely make a difference when browsing books. To be honest, neither cover appeals greatly to me. Though by the time I read Tiana’s story I had read your previous books and didn’t give it another thought. But to a new reader, ehh. The red and black is too bold and the white not enough contrast, plus the “mesh”(I think) look on the white cover is too hazy. I think women like vivid colors, but more along the lines of teal, dark pinks, purples, etc. My two cents for less than half! 🙂

  5. I prefer the Easy-on-the-Eyes one (and it is sitting on my bookshelf even as I type this.) It reminds me of the Notting Hill movie opening, with Julia Roberts walking the red carpet.

    The Faking Beauty one looks like it belongs in the non-fiction/beauty tips section. (Hence the “a novel” being appended to the title which I find really pretentious and avoid those books like the plague. I’ve always wondered, do authors choose to add that or is that the marketing department?)

  6. Love the cover.

    I do believe covers help me buy the book. Not necesarily with Harlequin books, but with others, yes.

  7. Covers are always an important ingredient in choosing a book. Faking Beauty is lovely and appealing. Enjoy your wonderful time in Hawaii.

  8. Covers are importnant to me…but if I find a good author (like you) that I know I love, it really doesn’t matter much what the cover looks like. I prefer the Faking Beauty cover. Seems kind of mysterious and has me wanting to dig right into the book. I loved Easy on The Eyes, though, it was a great novel! Hope you and the family feels better soon! Have a great trip!

  9. Definitely loved the Faking Beauty cover best. It was subtle, whereas the other one felt like a second-year graphic art student who found a girl in her nightie and slapped it on.

    I only say this because I hate my covers. I write YA, and the two covers Mr. Big Publisher came up with sucked noogies. And the title for one of the books (the title I didn’t come up with) sucks BIGGER noogies. I felt the second book was so much better written than the first (and Publisher’s Weekly and Kirkus agreed!), but it only sold a third as much. Argh! I blame the title (and the cover). It read “chick lit” but it wasn’t and so it confused the readers.

    Next time, I’m getting it written into my contract that I get say-so in the cover–just the concept, not the tiny details. And I won’t sign the contract until I do! (Ms. Agent says only the Danielle Steele’s of the world get this privilege…but you can’t get to Steele’s level without getting some good covers/titles!).


    Happy Holidays, Jane!

  10. We were all in agreement in book club on the cover for Easy on the Eyes – we didn’t like it. It was our least favorite of all your stories so far.

    The Faking Beauty title is a good one. I like it better than the second one. EotE looks more like a teen novel than an adult one. If you had not been the author, Jane, then I would not have purchased it. I know the girls in book club would not have either.

    So, while it’s a bummer that sales weren’t good, I can see why simply based on appearances of the book and the title. Sometimes sales people do not always know what is best or what will sell.

    But we still love you!

  11. I loved Easy on the Eyes. The cover is very eyecatching. I love the bold red and only seeing half the face. It leaves a little mystery. The top cover is a little too much white for me. It is hard for me to see the person.
    Hope you have a safe trip to Hawaii and enjoy the holidays!!

  12. Jane I definitely like the cover that you ended up going with. I personally loved the book. But, then again, I love all of your books. I have to say that the cover to a book does influence if I buy it or not. However, it doesn’t totally determine if I buy it or not.

    I hope you have a great time in Hawaii. You have been so busy and deserve to get away. Enjoy the sun and surf. I wish I lived in warmer weather 🙂

  13. Hi Jane,

    I had a hard time choosing which cover and title I liked better. I liked both of them for different reasons. If I had to choose I would say that I liked the first cover and title better. It catches my eye more and draws me into reading what the book is about. Although that book had the lowest ratings, I thought it was a great read. I wouldn’t have changed anything about it.

    Happy Holidays,


  14. Cover makes a big difference to me and I like Faking Beauty, simple easy lines. Hope you feel better and have fun putting up the tree…it was beautiful last year, I remember. Lotsa soup for all and plenty of rest. When Mama is sick…the whole house is sick.

  15. Cover art/colors of spines do spark me to pick up a book, but to buy it it’s really about the synopsis on the back/inside cover. If there isn’t any information available, then I’m not going to research the author any further. As for the two covers you posted, I definitely prefer the Faking Beauty cover, but not necessarily the title. Faking Beauty as a title makes me think of knock-off make-up tips or something.

    Hope you’re having a great time in Hawaii! I miss being there, but not this time of year. Seeing Santa in shorts definitely would take me a few years to get used to!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  16. Covers are the first thing that catches your attention. Sometimes you cannot see the authors name, and it is the cover
    the gets you. That is what happened to me with Flirting w/ Forty. I love the Easy on the Eyes cover. I think it fits because Tiana was an entertainment reporter. The other one makes me think that she had plastic surgery done…like she was faking her
    beauty. Hope you have an awesome
    vacation. Happy Holidays!

  17. I like the cover for Easy on the Eyes better. It’s bolder which would catch my attention. The cover for Faking Beauty reminds me of a book I’d be more likely to find in the romance section vs. the fiction section of the book store. I do like romances, but the women’s fiction I find in the literary fiction section usually has a little more substance to it so I tend to gravitate toward that section of the book store more. I definitely consider your books women’s fiction or literary fiction. I think it’s interesting the sales people didn’t agree.

    I think choosing a book is kind of like checking out people you might be interested in. The outer appearance may draw you in, but you want the inside to match so the cover might catch your attention, but it’s the synopsis and then reading a few pages that are going to get you to commit to the purchase.

    Hope you feel better and enjoy your time in Hawaii!

  18. The cover of a book is what first draws me in. For your book, I would have chosen Faking Beauty. I know that the cover shouldn’t be top priority in deciding whether to read the book or not, but I do have to admit, if I don’t like the cover I don’t even pick up the book.

    Hope you’re feeling better & enjoying your time in Hawaii.

    Happy Holidays!

  19. Hi Jane,
    I hope you feel better. Sorry to hear you are sick. I hope the Tropical environment helps you get better really soon.

    As for covers, if it is an author I like, the covers don’t matter to me. I already know that I will enjoy reading the story. As for a new author, yep, covers do catch my eye/interest.

    As for your book, I like the Faking Beauty title better, but I like the Easy on the Eyes cover better.

  20. Covers will catch my eye but I don’t know how much they influence my choices. I know I’ve bought books that I didn’t like the cover at all but the story was one that I really wanted to read so I had to put up with the cover. I like Easy on the Eyes, the cover and the story. In fact, I should really pull it out and read it again. I hope you feel better though I’m sure the warm beautiful weather will help.

  21. You so deserve to go to Hawaii and enjoy yourself. I really don’t know how you juggle everything that you do. You really do it all!

    I have to say that I really like the first cover and title of the book. I think that it fits the story better. I would have purchased the book if it was that title/cover also. Then again, I am partial to reading your books so I would’ve purchased it solely on the fact that you wrote it. I thought it was a great book and look forward to reading more of your books.

  22. I like the title, “Easy on the Eyes” but I like the cover art for the other one better. The cover they went with just doesn’t seem to fit who Tiana is. I realize she was a celebrity but not the kind portrayed on the cover.

    Feel better soon and have a very merry and blessed Christmas- tropical style 🙂 soak up some sun for me 😉

  23. I like Easy on the Eyes. I think it goes along with the covers of the other books with the linked characters. I think the red is eye catching and would draw me to read the back blurb. The Faking Beauty would most likely not catch my eye. So much so, I would most likely not read the back cover.

  24. Welcome Home from Munich and Bon Voyage as you head off to Hawaii!
    Looking forward to hearing about Ty’s Birthday trip and then seeing photos of your sea bedecked Christmas tree. On to the covers…”Easy on the Eyes” is/was a winner…title and cover. I especially was drawn (pun not intended…originally) to the cover because it was so current and modern. The original cover shown here on your blog creeps me out. Wasn’t sure what I was looking at…gingham backside of a doll? And then I saw all the parts and…brr; would have thought it was a slasher of sorts. Have to admit, it might have looked better “in person” rather than on the screen. Really did enjoy “Easy…” and still like that cover. Anyway, guess this is why you have so many different readers! Looking forward to your new book coming out. Aloha and Merry Christmas to all your loved ones.

  25. Hi Jane, glad you made it home to the states safe and sound. Sorry, to hear about you cold.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    I bought EASY ON THE EYES but given the choice I like the other book title better. I think I would still have used a different picture.
    I liked the story but it was not my favorite.
    The Easy On the Eyes cover was just too uncomfortable. The model just didn’t look real.
    Maybe Faking Beauty should have been put on the picture they used for Easy On The Eyes.

  26. This is tough. I’ve read the book and loved the cover! I lost my mom when I was young – so Tiana’s struggle with altering the face that looked like her mom…hit me right in the heart! I am SHOCKED that it was your worst selling book…truly shocked.

    I read woman’s fiction & chick lit (which I am assuming they classified the Hollywood cover as). I love both genres, for many reasons. I do not think one is better than the other. That being said – I find your books to be more “women’s fiction”. I had a friend in my book club who HATED chick lit (she called it fluff) and she LOVED all your books. She was tough on books. This is weird to write, because she has since passed away…she was supposed to be at the dinner we had…but I digress. Sorry!

    I love the first cover. The red dress and flash bulbs do not represent Tiana’s story, in my opinion.

    That being said – I would have bought both books:).

  27. Covers make a difference to me, I find they identify the mood of the book.
    I prefer the Faking Beauty cover although it looks much more serious than the final cover.

  28. I like the Faking Beauty title and cover better (although I think the title color should be darker). Easy on the Eyes was my least favorite of your books, and the cover might be one reason why.

    The book looks like just another Hollywood story, and the subject matter was much deeper than that but the cover imprinted on me the wrong ideas on what the book was.

  29. I like the title of “Easy on the Eyes” but the picture didn’t really convey the content of the book…too much like a “paparazzi” shot. Oh well, you win some and lose some, btw: my husband likes the Faking Beauty cover! or uncover LOL!
    Merry Christmas!!

  30. i am attracted to cover art…but i also buy a book because of the author’s work.

    i LOVED your novel ‘easy on the eyes’ jane…i love the cover, too.

    ~merry christmas to you and yours

  31. Oh no, not the flu. I sure hope you’ll be feeling better soon so you can enjoy your Hawaiian Christmas. I hope you get some good sleep on the plane too. I also like the cover art on books too. it helps me decide what to buy. Sometimes I will just see a cover and then read the back to see what it’s about. If it weren’t for the cover, I may not have picked it up at all. I hate not having any book stores around my house. they closed down the only one we had and now if I want to get a book, I have to drive into Dallas to get it and the traffic makes me so nervous. So, I hate to say, I haven’t been doing much reading lately. Well, enjoy your trip and have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully you’ll be feeling better really soon.

  32. Hi Jane,
    sorry your sick, hope you get lots of rest and that Hawaiian sunshine cures you quick 🙂
    Covers matter to me , they draw my eye to it, but if the excerpt isnt good then aside it goes.
    I am surprised about Easy on The Eyes!! I loved the cover and story. Faking Beauty has a good look to it, I would buy both if you were not my favorite author!
    Enjoy your trip !

  33. Faking Beauty catches my attention more. There’s something refreshing about it, the colors pretty.

    For me, the problem with Easy on the Eyes is the eye-catching red. My eyes stay there. I didn’t even notice the papparazzi the first time, and the woman’s hunched posture was confusing.

    I’m sorry you’re sick. Hope you’re better soon.

  34. I too like the title of Faking Beauty but if I were to go by cover I’d say I’d choose ‘Easy on the Eyes’ the color red really draws me to the cover of the book. 🙂

  35. I love the cover of Faking Beauty. Easy on the Eyes is way over done – too many covers too many times. I was immediately intrigued by the sexy cover of Faking Beauty. Love all your books so I will read Easy on the Eyes in spite of the cover. Cheers and feel better soon, Hawaii should help!

  36. I probably wouldn’t have bought a book with the Faking Beauty cover without knowing the author The image implies sex only, and I think that book (or any of your books) was way more than that. Having said that…i buy any book with Jane Porter as the author at this point. I thought the title of Easy on the Eyes was good, but agree the cover could have been better and more representative of the book. I really liked that book, by the way…but you already know that I think you have a wonderful gift for writing.

    Sorry you’re not feeling well, but glad you’re headed for some relaxing holiday time.

  37. Hi Jane!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!!

    Covers are very important to me. I like both of the covers but I admit I would have taken a second glance at the first one. I definitely like both covers but the first is more intriguing. I admit though that I would likely have bought either of the two covers though because they were both very good.

    I am a bit shocked that this didn’t sell as well. It was one of my favorite stories!

    Take care of yourself :)And have a great trip!


  38. LOVE the cover!!! I can’t wait for your new book to come out. It has been forever since She’s Gone Country. I have to say when I first found your books the cover is what caught my attention. Although now i’d read your books no matter what the cover looked like 🙂

  39. Jane,

    Covers are a really big deal to me. If a cover doesn’t catch my eye I’m unlikely to buy it unless it’s from an author I already know is amazing. I’m pretty shocked that they made you change that cover! I love the cover of the Faking Beauty novel. Also, it’s crazy that they don’t think you write women’s fiction or literary fiction. You are such a great author! I love all of your books.

  40. I love, love, love this book and I cannot believe that it didn’t do well for you!
    I think the original title is the best and I like both covers. Not sure which one would draw in more readers, I am thinking maybe the second cover; at the end of the day your name sells the book to me, not the cover! I love your writing and highly recommend you to friends I know who read!
    Hope you feel better soon and cannot wait to read your next book.

  41. I bought and loved Easy On the Eyes. I was eager to hear more about this character that I had met in other books. In comparing the covers, I like Faking Beauty quite a lot, but the cover of Easy fits in with the other covers (Odd Mom, Mrs. Perfect) and connects them better. Long story short: I am enticed by covers and titles, but more so by authors who I love. You could have a white cover with Times New Roman font for the title and I’d check it out. 🙂

  42. Covers definately do matter to me. I am drawn to Easy on the Eyes becuase of the bright bold colors. Faking Beauty looks like a beauty book and not something I would pick up and read, it’s to light in color for my taste.

    Hope you, Ty and Mac have a great Christmas in Hawaii and please feel better soon. I’m sure the islands will help you feel better.

    Love you guys


  43. I guess covers really do matter because when I saw the second I loved it and thought, ooh I need to read that! I can’t believe I haven’t read that one yet actually.

    I think I like the colors and glamor of it. I love a good escape from my life.

  44. its the cover that 1st grabs my attention on any book! I dont read just one type of book. I have yet to buy the easy on the eyes book, but if I saw faking beauty in my local bookstore I probaly would have grabbed it. not sure why except maybe the whole celebrity/media angle didnt appeal to me on the cover.I have read several of your books now Jane have fun in Hawaii!

  45. Jane,

    Happy Holidays! Enjoy! Hope that you start to feel better quickly so that you can truly enjoy your time in HA.

    I am defintely influenced by covers when it is a unfamilar author, but not so much when I already know that I love the author.

    I just won a prize package, so I don’t want to be considered for this one. I just love everything you do for us, I am super excited to get my package in the mail!

  46. Merry Christmas! Hope you can get rid of your cold so you can enjoy the armth in Hawaii…i love the cover of Faking Beauty, I liked Easy on the Eyes-and enjoyed reading it, but Faking Beauty would intrigue me more and its sexy!

  47. Hi Jane,
    I hope you start feeling better soon!

    I read Easy on the Eyes & enjoyed it. Covers are important to me, but I would have read it regardless of the cover. For this particular book, though, I didn’t really think it was the best cover. It just didn’t convey the story the right way, I didn’t think. It must be a hard process, choosing just the right cover. That’s something the readers take for granted!

    Merry Christmas to you & your family!

  48. It took me a few seconds to figure out what I was looking at with the first cover. The second one is striking. I like covers, but I don’t know how important they are to me. I usually go with my go to authors & for the the new ones, I kind of rely on the synopsis on the back.

  49. I know your writing so I like it and would buy your books even if I didn’t like the cover. And BTW I really liked the Easy on the Eyes book. But I can tell you (in my opinion) why the Easy on the Eyes cover doesn’t work as well as the other one. When you look at that book cover it reminds me of a magazine ad or movie poster. It gives the impression of a quick, flashy, gossipy ,superficial hyped up article. Your Faking Beauty cover gives the impression of a relaxed, feminine, strong, sexy, positive story. And I think that is what your audience wants. A complicated, intense read, instead of a short, light weight article. Hope that helps.

  50. Firstly, let me point out that I’m male, and as such I may well be outside the major target demographic.

    Firstly, for various reasons, neither cover REALLY spoke to me. Some or all of what I say here will most likely be re-statements of comments above.

    The “Easy on the Eyes” cover was more noticeable to me. In part that’s the boldness of the images and the overall contrast. I was rather intrigued that, given the title, the artist actually framed the model’s eyes out of shot. To me, that’s a bit of a plus, simply because it makes me wonder.

    I, too, was a little put off by the mesh pattern on “Faking Beauty”. I’m also not too fond of the handwriting script (“Handwriting – Dakota” as it’s called on my Mac). That’s obviously just a personal preference, though. I also wasn’t fond of (and didn’t understand the significance of) the red line in the title. Those points aside, I found the “Faking Beauty” cover to be more intriguing than “EOTE”. Just not really enough contrast for my liking.

    Side note…what the heck is going on with her left breast? Is that a mis-placed nipple piercing? Heehee…

  51. Covers do make a difference to me. I really dislike the new cover, and I would not buy the book based on the cover. I do have Easy on the Eyes in my TBR pile, and will be moving it to the top. BTW, I love the cover for She’s Gone Country. Hope you feel better.

  52. I love the cover on Easy on the Eyes, love that red. I don’t buy a book for the cover but it is what catches my eye. I may have bought a few book for the cover but they didn’t disapoint.

    As far as that flu bug going around I had it Thanksgiving and was so sick. I went to the doctor on Black Friday. I usually don’t get that sick with things that are going around. I ran a tempt and I usually do run a tempt. Felt really aweful. I feel for you now because it takes a couple of weeks to really get over it.

  53. Hmmm….

    Faking Beauty is a catchy title and I would have picked the book up to read the back. I’m not fond of the person on the cover…I can’t figure it out. Easy on the Eyes isn’t a bad title but I think the cover art was deceptive for the story.
    So, overall, I like the first one better.

  54. I don’t judge book by its cover, but still cover that catch my attention will worth a try to read the blurbs 🙂

  55. Covers always catch my eye and titles are important as well. I prefer the title Faking Beauty, but I’m not too fond of that cover. I can’t tell what the picture is trying to convey. My first impression would be that it was a murder novel. It looks like a body on the cover…
    Hope you feel better once you arrive in Hawaii.
    Mele Kalikimaka!

  56. As a reader,Book covers may not play the biggest role in deciding whether to buy a book, but an attractive cover will make me pick it out from the shelf rather than a visually unattractive book.

  57. Jane,

    Covers are important to me when I’m in a book store. Mostly, I am now purchasing many books through Kindle, and I’m finding that the covers are not as important to me as they were previously.

    Of the two covers, I prefer “Faking Beauty” but the blue is too light. I find that I didn’t remember the title easily because of it. The other cover reminds me of a feel-good movie, and I probably would not have purchased the book unless I respected the author’s previous work (and I do) or it was recommended to me.
    I hope that you and your family have a safe journey and enjoy the holidays!

  58. Jane,
    I would say I usually buy books more for the author then the covers. I have bought all your books because it’s you and I loved the first book I read or yours. If I’m trying a new author than I would look at the cover and I like the Faking Beauty cover better. I bought Easy on the Eyes and have loved all your books.

    Hope you feel better soon. I’m sure Hawaii with the sun and beach will make you feel better soon.

  59. Hi Jane,

    I also have the Bellevue Bug. Hope you feel better soon!

    I do like the easy on the eyes cover. I like the color, the stars, and general feel of it. I agree that it goes well with the previous books. I like Faking Beauty as a title better than Easy on the Eyes.

    Covers have a big influence on me. That’s how I found Odd Mom Out and books such as Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married or There’s Cake in My Future. Fonts are usually big for me, if I see Scriptina, I tend to skip the book.

    Can’t wait for your next book!

  60. Hope you feel better Jane- I am just getting over the chest cold, no fun. I like the Faking Beauty cover more than the Easy on the Eyes cover. Something about the girl in red (though I love the color)the red stars and then all the black from the photographers (red & black theme)is just blah. Silver/gold or diamonds in a green dress and the girl needs to be in a different position than standing.

  61. Hi Jane!

    Jealous that you’re in Hawaii! Yes, covers do influence how I feel about a book. The more eye catching, the more likely I am to read! But, I do like “Easy On The Eyes” and it’s cover better than “Faking Beauty” and it’s cover. I LOVE red, so that probably has a lot to do with my feelings, and I’m brunette, so that may also factor in! The book was fabulous, no matter it’s title or cover!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!


  62. Hi Jane, hope you’re feeling better. I like the Easy on the Eyes cover. The red is eye-catching. The Faking Beauty cover is too hazy and blah.

  63. Jane, sorry to hear you are sick.. Hope you feel better soon! I can’t believe the book wasn’t a good seller..I like the “continuation” of the stories’ characters….finding out more about them & what happens next. I am a person who does notice covers & if they don’t interest me, I usually don’t even open the book to read the jacket synopsis. I do like the title “Faking Beauty” better, but not the cover. It looks too “cheesy-sex”-romance-novel than chick-lit. I liked the boldness of the Easy on the Eyes cover, but it makes her look like she was a movie star, rather than a news celebrity. So I’d have to say, over all, Faking Beauty as the title, and the Easy on the Eyes cover colors, except not a “red carpet” depiction.

  64. I hope you feel better soon so that you can enjoy Christmas in Hawaii!

    I like the title “Faking Beauty” but I don’t really care for either cover. Covers ARE important!

  65. I agree with the few,’Faking Beauty’ would be my choice too, however? only if I had two choices as you have done so, otherwise, er, not too certain I liked either, to be honest.Sowee?
    The second book cover looked a bit cheezie, no wonder the sales were what they were (not a professional here however). I would only read it because I read your book I adored (Forty) on my summer holidays last,lol.
    I see how challenging it is being a published author…ug,I feel for you.
    No wonder I rather Blog,lol.

    The best to you otherwise,Jane.
    Happy Holidays~

    Reading In BC~

  66. My Mom has always taught me to not judge a book by its cover, to look what it is about first. I like the “Faking Beauty” cover, it looks mysterious and sensual. I hope you feel better soon.

  67. I prefer “Faking Beauty” as well as its cover, though I did think the more “unreal” or stylized covers of Mrs Perfect and Flirting With Forty were better.

    I love all your books. Aren’t they “women’s fiction”? I thought they were. Or is “women’s fiction” a synonym for romance books?

  68. Covers not only need to stand out, but have that WOW factor. They need to be interesting & intriguing. A good cover will make me pick up a book, a great blurb, buy it.

  69. Covers are the thing for me. I would probably still a book with a bad cover from a author i know and love but a new to me author, probably not. I replied to that Facebook post. When i’m looking i’m looking at cover first. It’s got to appeal to me to be noticed. After cover it’s the back cover blurb. Annoys me when there isn’t one. Lastly i will sometimes open the book to a random page and read to see it grabs me.

    For the covers you have here. If i had to choose between the two. I would pick number one. Although i like the title to number two more and the cover scheme. I just don’t like the photo. It doesn’t do anything for the book at all. Cover number one though is nice but to soft. No color. No pop. I read this book and i enjoyed it but the cover did turn me off some. I remember hoping it was better on the inside than the cover was. It was of course.

    I hope your feeling better soon Jane. Get to Hawaii and relax and take care of yourself and Merry Christmas.

    Lisa B

  70. When I search for books in the library, book covers and titles are the first to catch my eye. “Faking beauty” sounds kind like a struggle many of us have trying to match up to the ever fickle, ever changing fashion of Society.

    Like the title says, it reflects many of us in our endless pursuit of fake beauty, with our strong focus on external beauty, and letting our internal beauty shine through.

    I would definately choose, “faking beauty” especially with the captions: “the kind of book you’ll want to share with your best friend”, oooohhh….so juicy to read and share with fellow readers

    “Easy on the eyes” feels like a heavy book, even heavy on the tongue just pronouncing it…the lady in the picture looked as if she was stooping down to fit into the picture, her smile felt fake and the colour scheme just felt totally wrong, in short, the cover just was not appealing…but the book was so delicious that I lapped up the pages hungrily.

    Have a blast of a holiday with your family in Hawaii, sun, sand, and lots of fun. I hope to go there some day, it’s the other side of the world for me…

  71. Faking Beauty is more eye-catching. It makes you wonder what is under the guazy material. Book covers can make a difference in buying a book, but so does the excerpton the inside cover.

  72. I loved Easy on the Eyes and can’t believe it didn’t do well! I think the new cover and title is a little deceiving, BUT it’s really attractive. I would definitely pick it up from the contemporary lit fiction. I actually thought it WAS a new cont. lit. book and got really excited! I think that if the cover featured a woman, and not a man it wouldn’t be as deceiving!

  73. hi jane. hope you feel better fast. i am having the same “cold” or whatever, so i know it is awful. i loved “easy on the eyes” story. i think the title “faking beauty” would maybe catch attention faster. i think they should have used the “fb” title and take the whole top of the “fb” cover and use the pic on the “eote” instead of the woman behind the mesh. i didn’t like the stars on the bottom of “eote” cover. so the top half of
    “fb” and then put pic of tiana on the bottom, minus any of the stars. have a wonderful time at the school program!

  74. The Faking Beauty cover and title look a little bit flimsy to me. I liked the Red on the Easy on the Eyes cover. Of course, the cover is just the eye-catcher. The synopsis on the back and the side cover tell me is there is an actual plot. I think your cold just needs a saline rinse (Hawaii style). A lovely merry Christmas to your family.

  75. Easy on the Eyes is one of my favorite of your books. I might even say my very favorite. I was so touched by the characters humility when I got to know them. Tiana’s story about her past and her attempts to keep her job are very real, that could happen in life. And, Michael O’Sullivan has so much in common with her when they finally get close. I just like them as people. As for the covers, I guess the red does catch my eye as someone else said, but I like your title. Hope you feel better soon Jane. Merry Christmas! judy

  76. One of my favorite things is to walk the aisles of my local bookstores and I have found so many new authors because their covers have caught my eye. It is one of the most fun surprises! I do like the cover for Faking Beauty better than Easy on the Eyes, but I can see why your team felt it hit much closer to women’s fiction than romance. I’m not sure Easy on the Eyes is a hugely romance cover either though. But your readers love you and love your books and I believe that they will pick up whatever you publish just because it’s yours. 🙂

    Merry Christmas – hope you feel better and that you have a wonderful holiday with your family in Hawaii!

  77. Covers are important to me, especially when I don’t have a lot of time to browse books. I will only pick up what catches – and pleases my eye. That being said: I don’t like the “Easy on the Eye” cover too much. It reminds me on Angelina Jolie, but that’s just me. I prefer the other cover over the two of them. I will not say it’s the best I’ve ever seen… but I think I’d at least pick up the book. I read “Easy on the Eye” because I had read other books written by you and enjoyed them. It was my least favorite, though, not saying it was bad, I just not cared as much for it as for the other ones, and I think that makes a big difference. My girl friends and I always talk about books and exchange ideas, authers, and so on. I remember vividly telling them about some of your books (which they then bought) and even giving them as gifts. I don’t think I ever suggested “Easy on the Eye”. Again, it was not bad or badly written or anything and I kept buying other books from you. It is just not one of my favorites and maybe more women felt that way.
    I hope you feel better soon, and Merry Christmas!

  78. Covers don’t really mean much to me. I think the big difference between the two is the books it links you to on the cover by your name. Flirting with Forty was a big success. That would attract me knowing I liked the book and/or movie.

    I typically buy books based on prior exposure to the author, personal recommendation or by reading reviews. Also the brief description of the books carries a lot of weight with me. Does it captivate me and pull me in? That has to be intriguing.

  79. I prefer the Faking Beauty cover. In general I don’t like real people on covers. It intrudes too much on how I picture the characters in my mind. The Easy on the Eyes cover looks too processed. The character doesn’t look interesting. I have the book on my shelf but haven’t read it yet. The only reason I bought it was because it was written by you.

    I like to think covers and titles don’t affect my buying decisions but one of my all time favorite books took me forever to pick up and read because the cover and title seemed too fluffy and juvenile.

  80. Hi. It took me overnight to actually decide which cover I liked better. I am going to go with Faking Beauty. It was softer, romanitc looking (?). I really didn’t care for the way the model looked on Easy on the Eyes (but loved the book regardless). If a cover catches my eye I will give the book a chance. Maybe I am missing out on a lot of great books by being a “cover snob”. Have fun in Hawaii. Can you see if you can find a surfer for me?

  81. Hey Jane – O yes – I love the mystery in a cover. Faking Beauty is a winner – I hope it goes. And by the way Happy Holiday’s to you and your very large family. And please give my best to your mother.
    I feel so sad for your mother, having been there my self.

  82. Hi Jane – Mystery covers are intriguing to me. That is my pick.
    I can’t wait for it to to come out. So what else is going on? OK – Happy Holidays to you and your very large family. And especially to your mother – how is she doing? I feel for her having been there myself. Please give her my best.

  83. Hi Jane,
    I’m so sorry to hear you are sick. I hope the plane ride to Hawaii was not miserable for you.
    I do like covers on books. I like both of the covers, but I think I like “Easy on the Eyes” cover better.

  84. I really love the Faking Beauty cover- I was kinda surprised with the Easy on the Eye cover and didn’t think it looked like a “Jane Porter” book for some reason. The book is AWESOME btw!

  85. hope you feel better soon Jane and enjoy Hawaii.
    I do pick alot of my books by covers. Even though I have ereaders I’m still reading alot of regular pbs.
    I have to say Faking it I like better because of the mystery it gives out. Easy on the eyes I have but heaven’t read yet but will soon. that cover I still like maybe because of the bright red with the background darker. The cover kind of tells you more.

  86. I definitely do judge a book by its cover! The books that grab me first always have cute cover art including such things as little dogs, handbags, cupcakes, fun colors, etc.

  87. Honestly Jane I really like the cover you went with. It caught my eye and it was a great story. Sometimes the cover catches my eye but I really love to read the back of the cover and thats what really interests me. You did a great job with Easy on the Eyes. Good luck on writing more books and dont get discouraged. Hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas. Talk to you soon.

  88. Hi Jane,
    Feel better soon:) Like many others, I would have chosen either because it was from you. But, I do like the EOTE cover, even though it may not completely depict Tiana; I loved her story and how her relationship evolved with Michael. I am always looking for more! I just got “One Christmas Night in Venice” and cannot wait to read it during my winter break.
    Love ya,

  89. Jane,

    I pay a lot of attention to the cover especially for new authors. For my favorites, I don’t put too much thought into the covers.

    Easy on the Eyes was an awesome book. I like the Faking Beauty cover though. I don’t think the red cover was bad, I just like the other better.

    Back to holiday preparations!! Hope you arrived in Hawaii feeling better and rested!!


  90. The “Faking Beauty” cover is better in my opinion. And yes, cover art does make a difference in whether I buy a book or not. If I had to make a guess as to why that book did not sell very well, I’d have to say that the cover wasn’t appealing to women in general. Now, my favorite cover art for your books was definitely “Flirting with Forty” …. the cover made me really WANT to read your book.

    I hope you feel better soon, Jane. May your flight to Hawaii be restful and stress free! Aloha

  91. Cover Art can affect my choice of a book initially but once I begin reading an author and like the stories, I don’t care so much. I just want to read the author’s next book, particularly when there is a series.
    I really enjoyed Easy on the Eyes. I just turned sixty and like books that have some depth to them. Since aging is somewhat on my mind, I liked the book’s message. I also prefer Easy on the Eyes to Faking Beauty.

  92. Yes, book covers make a difference. It would have not made a difference for your Easy on the Eyes as I already knew your books and I loved Tiana’s story. However, I discovered you because of the Flirting with Forty cover. I thought is was great and fun and as I had just turned forty I was curious about it.
    Have a great holiday time in Hawaii. I am sure that your cold will be history once you hit Hawaii paradisiac Beaches.

  93. I’m drawn to the first cover. If you were a new to me author, I would definitely pick that one up. I of course already know you’re fabulous! I like the title Faking Beauty too. I think it’s more relatable for women than a very glam woman with the title Easy on the Eyes. Congrats to your little one! Wish you a warm, fun filled, healthy Merry Christmas in Hawaii!

  94. Hi Jane

    I actually liked the Easy on the Eyes cover, but it wasn’t my favorite of your books. But it could be just that I could relate to the other characters more.

    I see your name and that is all it takes!

    Hope you feel better soon. That warm ocean air and the sound of the waves should help!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  95. I’m drawn to the RED color. I love bright book covers. The Faking Beauty cover I couldn’t tell Is she Pregnant? Her middle/ stomach area looks strange to me.

    Maybe there’s too much red and the dress should have been contrasting white…

    I like the Easy On the Eyes title.

  96. I trust you will start feeling better soon, Jane.

    I love covers and want them to be something that represents the story. I will buy even if the cover is not that appealing but a great cover pulls me in every time. A book is like a piece of art to me.

  97. Wow, what a difference in covers and titles! First of all, I think Easy on the Eyes may be my favorite of your books. And I LOVE the Faking Beauty cover. What the heck that you wouldn’t be women’s fiction? And what exactly is that supposed to mean?

    I admit, I’m not sure I’m a fan of the Faking Beauty title, just by itself, but the cover is great and goes with the title and it would get my interest. Easy on the Eyes with that cover, sounds & looks, well, kinda shallow. And really, it is not that kind of story at all. So I think the sales people screwed up. They should read the stories first, instead of putting the writer in a box. In either case, I love the story and ultimately that’s what matters.

    I hope you feel better! We all went through the same flu/crud, I was the last and I’m still coughing. Ignoring it for now LOL! And I hope the preschool concert was wonderful, ah those were the days!

    Merry Christmas!

  98. The Faking Beauty cover is fantastic and beautiful – I would pick up that book in a bookstore. I did enjoy Easy on the Eye very much but then I read all your Single Titles so cover doesn’t matter to me.

  99. I love the Faking Beauty cover! I wasn’t too crazy about the Easy on the Eyes cover, but covers are never deal breakers to me. I think the reason I didn’t care for it is because it looked un-natural and the model didn’t seem ‘real’ or someone I could relate to.
    I have been known to buy some books because of their covers. Some end up being not so great books. So, I feel like you never really know. I will always buy your books no matter what the covers look like because I know I love all of your work. Have a great time in Hawaii and I hope you all feel better VERY SOON!

  100. Hi all,

    I really enjoyed your input and thoughts on covers, and the two versions of Tiana’s book.

    I’d personally really liked The Faking Beauty cover, as it was an image of Tiana in Africa behind a mosquito net, and seemed rather mysterious and cool, but red is also my favorite color. I know marketing folks thought the red would pop on the bookshelves.

    And now, here are the winners –

    #86 Bad Mommy Patricia
    #18 CherylS22
    #48 NilaS

    and I’ve also decided to pick 5 bonus winners –

    #95 Stephanie ~ NJ
    #40 Lisa F
    #62 Yvonne Clayton
    #4 Tracy H
    #73 Mary Preston

    Shoot me an email with your mailing info and I’ll get prizes in the mail soon.

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts and I hope you’re all enjoying the Holidays!!


  101. Congrats to the winners. Thank you Jane for the holiday box I received this week. It was so much fun opening it up. I’ve been listening to the CD and look forward to reading the book. And I love all the other goodies too. Thanks very much.

  102. Congrats winners and happy holidays! 🙂

    Hey Jane, hope you’re feeling better. In answer to your question, I prefer the first cover for “Faking Beauty”. It actually faked me out so much I thought it was a new book coming out by you that you were previewing… lol, silly me – only to find out by reading further that it is different cover art for “Easy on the Eyes”. But I liked that cover too, otherwise it wouldn’t be on my bookshelf. All of the cover art for your books has been great; my favorite being “She’s Gone Country” ~

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  103. The cover of Faking Beauty makes me want to read the blurb on the back. I didn’t pay attention to the cover of Easy on the Eyes because it was one of your books, but based on the story, the cover doesn’t do it justice!

  104. Congrats to the winners! Merry Christmas to you and your family! So glad that Mac was so excited about seeing Santa, thats what christmas is all about the smiles on their faces and all the presents.My kids are grown,Kenny is 21 and marian is almost 18 so Christmas is a time to spend together, Kenny is going deer hunting and Marian and I may take a road trip to the beach but not sure of plans for I’m hoping that my cousin and his 2 friends who have been fighting the war thats over come visit so I’m waiting to hear if they are coming here for the New Year! Have a wonderful Christmas and hope your cold is getting better!I know one thing gonna do some reading and just enjoy this time of year!

  105. Congrats to the winners! I know terms must have specific meanings in the publishing industry but it’s kind of funny to think someone would say Jane Porter doesn’t write women’s fiction when Jane Porter’s readers are women!

  106. Easy on the Eyes was my favorite of all your books, I think! The cover is eye-catching too. I think covers change in seasons really. But that cover certainly wouldn’t turn me off.

  107. They are a little right about the cover not doing it justice. I loved the book.Only after reading the book cover to cover could I imagine what the cover should look like.

  108. I read Easy on the Eyes because I was researching your work prior to making workshop reservations. If I hadn’t been, I never would have picked up the book. Would have snapped up Faking Beauty in a heartbeat.
    Loved the book, but was bothered by the fact that the title didn’t seem to mean much. Also, had no indication that it was part of a series until I read another in the series. Confusing!

    Like cover art on both, but Faking Beauty is a little more appealing.

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