Smart Puppy

It’s November 7th and I’m still trying to get settled back into a productive routine and it hasn’t happened yet but I’m not giving up.  I vowed last Friday that starting Monday morning, every morning M-F I will get into my garage and do twenty minutes cardio.  Every morning, 20 mins minimum.  If I want to go longer, great.  If I only want to do 20, wonderful.  But I have a bike out there and a treadmill and workout DVDs and I have to do 20 mins of true cardio exercise.  And I did it today.  It didn’t happen at 8 or 8:30 but by 8:45 I’d climbed on the bike and put in my 22 minutes.  It wasn’t an easy little cycle but it chilled me out and met my goal.

Time to meet goal #2:  writing 10 pages today, and every day M-F, so by the end of the week, I have 50 solid pages for Kit’s book, the second book in my Brennan Sisters trilogy.  I tried several times last week but got distracted and frustrated and side tracked into easier things.  But no more easy.  Time to put on my battle gear and be disciplined and smart and get stuff–the important stuff like writing new pages–done.

Speaking of smart, one of my readers in Kirkland, WA has a very smart puppy.   The thirteen week old mini dachshund has excellent taste in books…nibbling on Odd Mom Out in his free time.  Good dog!


I have a third goal, too…and that’s to lose some weight.   I  had to buy all new clothes for the honeymoon since I spent the summer and Fall sitting and writing and not exercising.  The honeymoon didn’t help in the weight department, either, so no more Halloween candy, time to go healthy.  Time to remember how delicious vegetables are.  Hmmm.  I will one day, won’t I?

Do you have any goals?  Want to accomplish anything?  Share with me!  I have a special Cozy Fall prize for one of you…a soft fleecy pink robe, a special Pacific Northwest teapot, books by the fabulous Megan Crane/Caitlin Crews, Trish Morey, and me, and more great goodies.  Talk and you’re entered.  Contest ends Friday and winner will be announced on Saturday.  Have a great week.  I’m off to write!


  1. Weight struggles… blah! I feel your pain! The thing that irratates me is that I feel so good when I excerise and eat right but I quickly forget that when chocolate is put in front of my face. I started exercising again too. I’m walking with my black lab. She’s a great walking partner… very motivating! Good luck to you!

  2. I also need to lose weight. That is my number one goal in life. I know I need to do it, I just lack the motiviation. I think that I should do it for the good of my family, I should do it for myself. Maybe today will be the day to at least turn on the WII and dance with my kids.

  3. I need to loose some weight and get in better health. I haven’t been watching my diet like I should so I’m sure my blood sugar is probably too high.I’m going to try and do better.

  4. I have some goals, similar to you! I need to get my rear in gear and drop 40 more pounds by next year and I AM going to do it! I am also going to get to the gym 3 times a week too, wish I had something in my home. I am 7 weeks out of a long awaited surgery and now can begin excercising, so the goal can become reality! I dropped 30 pounds before going to NY in June, and am now ready to get serious again! (those 30 have not come back either, they are NOT invited!) I will do it so I can look good in my new body! Am feeling good, especially without the pastas, potatoes and starchy carbs. Fruits and vegtables make me feel the best. I found a great cookbook that has various salad recipes with protein and not too fatty either! GOAL: pre-wash/rinse lettuce, wrap in wet papertowels so it is ready to make a salad. The rest is easy! Then I can curl up with a good book and not feel so icky!

  5. I try and walk everyday for at least 30 minutes if not an hour. I can tell a difference if I don’t. I get in one of those “can’t think straight” moods and I end up eating junk. Keep at it- you will notice a difference!!

  6. My goals! To definetly exercise more. I have gotten quite lazy and not working out. I love how you made a goal and is sticking to it. I am definetly going to try that. 5 more weeks until finals. Time to get my english paper finished and study study study. The children are doing good in school and work is work as always. Ive started to work on my book, which has always been a dream of my to write. I can’t wait to get into that more. My baby’s father just got possibly sad news today. He has to go to the doctor thursday and get an ultrasound on his breast. They told him it may be a tumor or breast cancer. Praying that it all comes out ok. Well Jane, I better stop rambling. I could go on and on about my goals and whats happening. Hope you are enjoying married life.

  7. Hey Jane,

    What a great idea set small goals daily that is what I have to do.
    I am going to Hawaii in April 2012 for my 25th wedding anniversary first time can’t wait but I am trying to lose some weight so that I look somewhat hot in my bathing suit and not so self concience….small goals and yes vegtables are very good tasting (I think)! Good luck with your goals!

  8. Jane,

    I took 3 weeks off from working out due to asthma problems and then the October snow storm on the East coast knocked out our power for a week and cancelled school. So my goal is to get back to the gym. I did that today and felt great. Now let’s hope I can do it again tomorrow!! Also, in this storm, a tree fell on my house and one across the yard. They are being removed tomorrow. Let’s hope nothing else gets damaged! It would be nice to get my life back to normal with the workouts and Hope you are getting some writing done!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Big goal hanging over my head and weighing down my shoulders is getting the Golden Heart submission complete and together. This includes finishing the deep edits/umpteenth draft of The Book and writing the dreaded synopsis. It doesn’t help that I’m self-discipline challenged…

    Those are excellent goals you’ve set! I’m confident that you’ll continue to meet each and every one. Huzzah! 😉

  10. Hi Jane, I’m sending the best vibes for the cardio exercise and the ten pages a day! The weather is perfect for writing. I can hardly wait to read what you’re up to as well!

    Thinking of you,

  11. HI Jane,
    I am pleased to report that since March I’ve lost 57 pounds on Weight Watchers and a couple days a week of easy walking since I need a hip replacement. It’s been quite a journey, and I still want to drop some more, but I’m feeling great and enjoying the chance to buy new clothes. I’m not even afraid of the holidays coming, whoohooo….

    Your goal of writing ten pages a day is awesome. I’m a “five day – five pager”…I think I will try to bump it up this week. You’ve inspired me! Good luck w your writing. Can’t wait to read your next book.

    Lyndee 🙂

  12. Ha! That’s my book and my friend’s puppy. Isn’t she adorable?

    My goal is to read more. I have a million books waiting for me at the library and I just can’t wait to dive into them.

    Another goal I have is to start planning a fabulous fundraiser I am working on for Young Life of Auburn. Can’t wait to see it come together.


  13. My biggest goal is to get this house into shape! I have been seriously slacking in the housekeeping department and I have a ton of stuff to catch up on. I also need to set myself a weight loss goal. I think I will follow your lead and maybe take at least a 20 minute walk each day and a little on the elliptical machine 🙂

  14. Wanna clarify…that’s five pages a day for five days, or twenty five a week, lol. Sounded like I was saying one page a day. Yikes, not worth sitting down for that little bit, lol.

  15. This year my aspirations were to Simplify, Get Focused, and Take Action, and one of my many goals was to find a creative outlet.

    This summer I started taking pictures at the farmers market, just for myself. Well, the pictures resulted in a book, that I self-published, and then just this past weekend launched and hosted a book signing, and sold out of the book!

    And I now have my photography hanging in a gallery, and have sold three in the first week!
    So creative outlet? Found! And a portion of my proceeds will go to benefit the local farmers market non-profit. Yay! Concept to Fruition – three months!

    Simplify, Get Focused, Take Action!!

  16. Hi, Jane, I have several goals I’m forever pursuing: exercise more, write more, practice the piano more, and clean house/do laundry more. I found a pair of dh’s dirty underwear on Beethoven’s head–on the bust of Beethoven on the piano–dh’s way of telling me it was time to do some laundry… Next he’ll leave me a message in the dust on the coffee table…
    Hugs and happiness to you!

  17. Goals:

    1 eat healthier
    2 exercise regularly

    (both should lead to losing weight, which is the real goal, but I want to do it right).

    3 rough draft of thesis by Jan 1st

  18. I don’t really have any goals right now. I know, that sounds really horrible. I want to lose weight but I’m pretty happy with my weight. I already work out all the time because I’m addicted it. I have trouble with eating healthy though. I love my sweets and junk food. I always try to read at least four books a week so I guess that could be a goal. =]

  19. Hi Jane, I am also working on weight loss. I have just begun a “couch to 5k” program from iTunes, as well as counting calories. I am not at all athletic, but need to lose about 25 pounds, and have always thought that it would be great to be able to run a mile without stopping, so here goes! Wishing us both the perseverance to reach our goals!!

  20. I have the same goal Jane, lose weight. I joined Romance Biggest Winner in July and have lost about 22 lbs so far. I use my fitness pal on my iphone and desktop to track food and exercise and weight. It’s helped A LOT! This weight loss round ends Jan 5th but Ashley Marchh who put it together is starting another one right after that you can join if you want. It’s made up of authors and readers and they are put into teams. The teams have helped me too. You can check out the blog here Next round is going to be better since we know more what to expect. I am definitely doing it. I have 8 more lbs to lose in this round but want to lose at least 10 more and maintain. I do Wii Gold’s gym and Zumba for Wii plus use the my fitness pal.

    I’ve never attempted to lose weight before but i’m doing it slow and steady.

    Lisa B

  21. You have the motivation and strength to write and to lose weight, since you are ready now which is great. I hope to start exercising and walking each a.m. since winter is when I sit too much. Lovely photo of the dog.

  22. Hi Jane,

    My new goal is also to work out. Before my kids I had plenty of time to work out and enjoyed it very much. So after 4 months I´m back in the gym and loving every minute. So my new goal is to hit the gym one time a week and slowly get it up to twice a week.

  23. One goal is to finish up with my classes this semester. I just started back to school this Fall, so I’ve been trying to get into the swing of classes, studying, homework, midterms! And I also have a goal to lose weight. I went to the gym yesterday and plan to go again tomorrow. Once I’m there I am happy to be there, it just takes some convincing on my part to go there to begin with. Good luck with your goals Jane!

  24. Hi Jane 🙂 I am in training for a half-marathon and my goal is to make it there – ha! I also would like to relax into the holidays and make adequate preps ahead of time to stay less stressed. One day at a time…

  25. My goal is to finish the first draft of the second book in my Gourmet De-Lite mystery series. It’s not due till May, but I have a second book in another series due in June so…

    I’ll join the weight wars, too! I’ve been pretty good about doing cardio four days a week. I’d like to add weights and keep it up even through the holidays! When I tend to get lazy. We can do it, right, ladies?

  26. I feel your pain about gaining weight. I do it every winter. I call it my winter fur. The extra weight keeps me warm in this upstate NY weather … or at least that’s what I tell myself 🙂

  27. I need to clean out my garage. That is one goal of mine. Another is to take more walks so I can have a bit more exercise and sunshine each day. Wishing you all the best with your writing and your weight loss/exercise goals.

  28. Keep up the good work with the exercising. The results will show and you will have more motivation to continue. Personally, I don’t think you need to lose any weight. You look great the way you are 🙂

  29. You seem like a strong woman and you will reach your goals with no major problems. Just hang it there and take baby steps. As a matter of fact I do believe 1/2 of all posters here have made comments about loosing weight. I’m so Xcited I do believe I will start on my own weight loss program starting tomorrow morning. Good luck to everyone in the goals.

  30. Weight loss…sigh… however, I am unlucky enough to be on strike (and have been for the past 10 weeks) and while the strike pay is measly I am walking (plodding) a picket line four hours a day and have lost 8 lbs with no change in diet. I started today to cut back on desserts so hopefully I should see more weight drop. I’d like to do more cardio-efficient exercise, but I am sore from the walking on cement and not sleeping well due to stress, so I’ll take what I can get.

    The only other bright side to striking is I have more time at home. I am using that time to quilt and have started writing again.

  31. My goal is to get back on the treadmill. I haven’t in months and I need to big time. All the work I did on the treadmill and now I am just going soft. I also need to stop buying cookies , baking brownies and buying holiday candy.
    Why can’t the sweet things in life not stick to my belly and thighs.

  32. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    My goals are to take the dogs for walks more often, floss everyday and try to eat healthier.

  33. Don’t be hard on yourself about your weight. Make sure that the exercise routine that you do is fun for you. If it’s something that you don’t enjoy, or look forward to doing, it will be harder to stick to it. I know that I have to switch up my routines or I get bored. I also make sure that I have great music to listen to. It definitely keeps me motivated. Keep up the great work

  34. Hi Jane!

    I have two of the same goals as you – exercise, and eat healthy/lose weight. Things are always so busy that adding these things on top of everything just seems like SO much…especially since eating like I always do is so much easier and finding time to exercise means giving up some reading, which I absolutely love. I need a motivational buddy! You in?! 🙂

  35. Write on, Jane!
    WIth the onset of standard time and dark evenings, my goal is to get on the exercise bike and grind out up to 60 minutes. I always walked outside that long, so I should be able to make an hour on the bike inside.
    When I see candy or other temptations I have been trying to talk to myself and say “candy is for kids, candy is poison for me, say no now” and it worked today! I ate a healthy breakfast, lunch and even a real dinner instead of snacking on junk all day so I couldn’t eat at dinner (which of course set me up to go on a binge). I won the self-control game today and feel stronger for it, and more able to repeat the success tomorrow.
    Self-talk is very helpful!

  36. I need to focus on my house…ugh!
    It is a nasty realization that it doesn’t clean itself. I read and lounged all week-end – R&R from being sick with a cold. Now I need to conquer! Good luck, Jane.
    I marvel at all you can do.

  37. You’re doing good with your goals. I really should set some for myself too. I need to get off the computer by 8:00 and get my workout going too. It seems more and more, I’m getting later every day and then some days I get so late, I just skip working out all together and it’s showing. If I don’t do something soon, my clothes won’t fit. They are tight as it is right now. I can’t afford new ones either. My other goal is get Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. I don’t like the crowds at the malls and picked over merchandise. i wish you the best of luck with your goals. I know you can do it. You’re an incredible woman.

  38. Hi Jane,
    I have been trying to loose weight too. I have been calorie counting and have amazingly lost 9 pounds already in 3 weeks. It is really easy – portion control is the key! I use a great app to keep track of my calories. If you are interested, let me know & I will forward the name of the app.
    Good luck.


  39. HI Jane,
    My goal is to get out my ruts. I am trying to learn new things. I took a cake decorating class. It was so fun. Next I am taking computer classes. Should learn a lot there since really all I can do is type!

  40. Similar goals. I was doing fantastic losing weight. I had lost 30! pounds and then I had a disastrous vacation at my father’s.. LONG story short: Gained ten pounds back and have only lost another 5 in the last month…just lost my mojo.

    Here’s to all of us and meeting our goals whatever they may be.

  41. My daughter needs to watch/cut down on carbs for health reasons & I am trying to do the same in support of her (plus I can really stand to lose weight too). I’m hoping by attempting to follow the same eating plan as she needs to that it will help us both. We’re also trying to get in 20-30 minutes of walking a day. It’s great to see all the motivation on your blog here. It’s always uplifting to read your message and all the comments.

  42. I normally don’t jump back in and comment but wanted to applaud everyone here who is setting a goal and trying to work towards it. It isn’t easy losing weight because it requires effort and discipline and committment but we can do it…in fact, we can do anything we set out mind to. We just have to keep going…keep trying…so, I am clapping for all of you, and giving everyone here a huge shout out. “You rock!” and “You can do it!!”

  43. why oh why is weight loss such a hard thing to maintain? I have lost and gained the same 20 pounds for years. I wish there was a magic pill that I could take that would make it so a person could never regain what is lost!!

    Jane, you keep on top of your goals! exercise, vegetables, and more writing will benefit all of us!!!

  44. I also want to lose a few pounds, but I also want to learn to enjoy life more and stop worrying about the stuff that is out of my control. I do need to stop stressing myself out over the littlest things.

  45. Oh Jane,
    y=our topic of the weight loss challange/battle is totally my topic..
    I have been working out 3 times a week for 50 minutes with a small private group & trainer.. now the majority of us are 40+, some 50+, our trainer is male, early 20’s and tough.. very good, but tough. There have been times I thought I needed 911, or someone from work to bring me the Oxygen tank! I have lost 13 lbs, regained 3, since I had “fallen off the wagon”.. for 2 weeks,what’s easy about 5:30am classes!!I have since restarted , only to get the flu and miss 2 days! ah.. so wed I will be back, determined to stay on track ( and burn the Halloween candy I snuck 🙁

  46. Hmmm….my short term goals are: 1) Be a more cheerful person, it’s scary when my dreams seem so dark and gloomy, and my girlfriend says i’ve a dark aura and not the Mr Sunshine I keep hidden inside
    2) Go exercising more, I can empathise with everyone who wants to lose weight but has yet to do so. I was really fat as a kid, and now many people around me say i’ve lost lots of weight….jogging up the stairs instead of taking the lift helps lots
    3) Change a job and forgo the bonus in December? Enough of being bullied by my General Manager, time for a change
    4) Assist my girlfriend in her final few months to graduation.
    5) Eat more veg and fruits and lots of raw salad (I hated it in the past)
    6) Read more female books, hated them in the past (loved reading thrillers with lots of action and violence). But have since changed
    7) Learn more from strong women (mental and emotional strength) and not egoistic males…

    You ladies ROCK!!!

  47. Hi Jane,
    I am trying to recommit to the gym as well! No particular weight loss goal but I know I feel better and have more energy when I am working out regularly. I am really busy at work with a big project, we are relocating the unit of the hospital I work on in 9 weeks and I am in charge of all of the staff education. I am hoping everything goes smoothly and am trying to not let the stress affect my attitude at home or at work. Good luck with getting your routine going! It will get easier every day!

  48. I’d like to make a dent in my reading list. Perhaps I should just quit my job, but that brings it’s own problems.

  49. Hey Jane,
    What nice answers to your question!
    ‘Simplify, Focus, Take Action’ will be my mantra during the end of the semester- a harried time for teachers.

    My exercise goal is 10 minutes a day without fail. So I salute you going for 20. My mother-in-law used ten minutes a day as her goal and totally transformed her body after a heart attack. Baby steps add up.

  50. I need to loose weight and exercise! I have got out of the exercise thing this summer with other things to do and my weight shows it. Right now I am doing so heavy cleaning in the house because I am having a big dinner at the end of the month, usuing that as an excuse not to exercise. Housework is exercise isn’t it. I have been scrubbing my kitchen from top to bottom, but that’s not the same as good old hard exercise.

  51. My goal is to get the study in our house picked up, cleaned out and functioning again. We are lost in an avalanche of paper, boxes of papers, books and random lost pens and highlighters. 😉

    Praying that your goals get easier to meet as you go through the week!

  52. well every week there seems to be some little goal to accomplish. whether it is organizing one room a week by throwing things out, touch up the molding around the house w.paint, excercise a little more then the previous week…i am happy at the end of the week if i have done all of the above and then start over the next week w.a new list of goals.

  53. I have to agree with the losing weight goal. I got knocked down with sickness last winter and recovery took a while. It also got me out of the exercise habit. This had me gaining weight and now I have started exercising and eating better. I started with 20 minutes too and added a minute a week which didn’t seem too tough. My goal was to lose just a pound a week so that didn’t seem to tough either and so far, so good.

  54. Jane,

    Squeezing in 20 minutes a day for exercise is a good way to start your day!

    I try to get 20 – 25 minutes of weight resistance or cardio on my lunch hour every day. I’m lucky to have a YMCA just a few minutes away from the office. My goal is to start adding another 20 minutes of exercise in the evenings, even if it’s just a brisk walk outside. Good luck to you (and me!)…

  55. Speaking of ruts and weight loss, my goal is to cook a greater variety of veggies, and present them in a more beatifully “decorated” way.

  56. Hi Jane!
    My goals are simple. I am trying to eat healthier and exercise more. It isn’t about losing weight; it is about feeling good about the body that you have. Several of us meet twice a week to workout. It is easier to keep up with if you feel like your letting someone else down if you don’t show up. Plus it makes working out fun when everyone is complaining and laughing together.
    Good Luck on all your goals!
    Tammie M.

  57. Hi Jane,

    Yes, one of my main goal is to exercise so I can feel better mentally. I know I should exercise for the health benefits, but maybe I will be more motivated to exercise so I can feel better mentally so I can handle some tough things I am dealing with in my life.

  58. I have made losing weight my priority goal. So far I’ve lost l0 lbs., but it’s a drop in the bucket. I’m keeping it realistic and continue to walk for my exercise and bowling each week too. That dog is precious, hope he doesn’t gain weight eating your book! Good luck with your writing and peddling, I would be stressed with constant deadlines. So happy you enjoyed your honeymoon…you didn’t put on the weight overnight, so take your time getting it off.

  59. Hi Jane –
    Thanks for the giveaway! Short term goals are attacking the fall leaves that need to be raked though here it November and there’s quite a bit still on the trees and also shredding ten years worth of old bank statements. There’s something very therapeutic about shredding old documents. Long term I have been trying to eat healthier by kicking my sugar addiction – it is a daily battle but a necessary one!

    Nora (

  60. Hi Jane!

    You are doing great with your goals, I applaud your commitment and perseverance.

    My main goals right now are to stay positive. I have had a rough few months with my husband fighting cancer and dealing with chemotherapy and my mother in hospice out of state and it has really brought me down. But I am learning ways to battle all this naturally without any medications.

    So that leads me to my other goals of losing weight. Usually I do the low carb high protein thing and it works great but now I am going toward the whole foods, plant based way of eating and NO SUGAR! It is so hard to get it out of my body but once I do I don’t crave it anymore. That is what I keep telling myself when those heaping bowls of Halloween candy call out to me!

    Exercising outside (walking or running) is also key for me as I feel much better when I get some outdoor time.

    Have a great, productive week!

  61. I set a goal last year to complete 6 half marathons and finished my last of the 6 this past weekend. It was tough!

    My next goal is to get back on track with healthy eating. I have slacked off a lot lately and need to get things better. For me, the exercising is the easy part…why do all the foods that taste so good have to be so bad for you????

    Next Friday, I am having surgery to correct some degenerative issues on my wrist and it’s going to be really hard to stay on track and eat well the first few days of recovery. I am hopeful that I can manage not to veer off course too terribly bad!!

    Best of luck to you in your weight loss endeavor.

    Lots of love to you and yours!

  62. Plans just confirmed today…my wonderful husband will retire from pharmacy next Monday, November 14 after 40 years of standing on his feet all day. Will love having him home. Bonus: no more lunches to make, no dinners to have ready at a 6:00!
    Now, will just have to help him adjust to working his retirement around my retirement.It’s play time! Woohoo!!

  63. It’s sleeting here today Yuck!! I so hate the depressing thought of winter. Losing weight is a constant struggle. I’m over 50 so I have to eat less and walk or use the Nordic Track. I can do the NT if I read a book while I exercise. I’m not so worried about arm flab and reading gets me motivated.

    I also need to go through all the school stuff and clothes that my children have left behind.

    I need to go through all of my stuff I’ve conveniently stored in the basement.

    I need to start thinking about Christmas gifts.

    I need to start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner…

  64. Hi Jane,
    I have some interesting goals and plans. My big goal for this holiday season is to enjoy it! Every year I have been tasked with a huge project which was due the first of December which always was late. So by the middle of December I was stressing like crazy. This year, the project is no longer an option so I am going to make it a priority to enjoy this year.

    I want to start working out again on a regular basis. I am tired of being tired all the time. My workouts energize me so this is the time to get moving again.

    Other than that, not too much. I want to keep my plate a little mellower…

    Michelle F in Denver

  65. You go girl!! Good for you.
    I was meeting my goal of walking but now that the snow and colder weather is upon us I can’t; our Treadmill is folded up in the back room as we are remodelling so hopefully I can start again soon.
    As I’m Diabetic I need this exercise!!

  66. What a cute little puppy…and yes, he has amazing taste for books! 🙂

    My #1 goal is the same as yours, and many others…to lose weight. It’s tough. I wish it was a tough to put ON the weight as it is to lose it, it doesn’t seem fair how that works!
    #2 goal, I am trying to give back as much as I can. Whether that be to charities, family, friends, whatever. Although times are not the greatest for my family right now with all of the bills for my husband’s schooling, I know there are always others who are struggling more. I have been able to make a few dinners for a lady who is undergoing chemo and radiation multiple times a week. She has 3 sons and a husband. So, it’s been great seeing all of these strangers come together and help her when she needs it the most. There still are good people out there and we all can make a difference. Whether it’s helping with food drives, adopting a family for Christmas, or giving away our old coats to the homeless – it all makes a difference and gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

    Good for you for sticking to your goals, Jane! I’m excited to hear you are busy writing…I can’t wait for a new Novel from you!!!

  67. Hi Jane,
    I am trying to keep my head above water with being back in school, exams, my job and my family. Exercising went out the window for a few weeks and I feel the difference. Need to get back to it as it makes me feel much better and clears my mind. However, it is not easy.
    I totally sympathize with you. Women have such a hard time to put themselves first, that when things get busy we keep doing everything else, but looking after our health. But let’s not get discouraged. We are all in this together.
    Take care!!

  68. I am trying not to snack in the evenings (which I seem to do 5-6 nights/week, on average) … still remaining off pop (for just over a year now I have succeeded) … am playing badminton five nights/week and moving my butt more on the court … and am trying to do situps in the evenings whenever my family isn’t nearby….
    Good luck, Jane. And way to go putting your goals in writing, as that makes it harder to break them (right?).

  69. Goals! To get my stress under control. I suddenly have high blood pressure but my doctor doesn’t think it is really caused by anything physical–he thinks it is because I am feeling so anxious over life. So I just want to be able to relax! I don’t want to be the 47 year old woman taking high blood pressure meds!

  70. I always feel better when I work in exercise. It is a great stress reliever.
    My goal is to lose 5 lbs before Christmas.

  71. Tying to get through this last quarter of pre-requisites with a decent GPA and then into nursing school. Those are the goals for now…

  72. Hi Jane,

    Don’t give up. You’ve had a lot of things happening recently so maybe you just need to make your goals a little smaller to get yourself back into the groove. My goal is by the end of the year to have my revision complete so I can submit.

  73. I definitely want to lose some weight and I need to find a job. Those are two goals right, I really like your’s Jane and I should try something like that. Have a great week. 🙂

  74. Wow. You are setting goals and getting serious and it’s not even January yet. Impressive! Love to hear you are working on your next book. As a reader that is always great news. Did myself just getting mentally geared up fir the holidays. It is tome to start making plans and getting things in order. I just love the holidays. Keep up the good work Jane.

  75. Jane,

    I think it is great that you are setting small goals. It makes them so much easier to keep.

    I am trying to be healthy and walk every day for at least 20 minutes. I tend to make goals to big and then get frustrated. So this time around on the losing weight bandwagon I am trying to make smaller more realistic goals and not beating myself up if I struggle some days, and just picking myself and move forward. With the holidays coming and most people gain weight during this time, my work has a maintain don’t gain challenge going on for the next 8 weeks. It starts Monday and will give daily tips and motivation in an e-mail, so I am hoping this will help me even more.

  76. hi jane: you go girl! thanks for sharing what you go through in your life;it gives us a forum to share experiences and “talk” about our lives; and lets us know we aren’t alone in what we do.
    i have numerous goals but i am focusing on a few at a time; i have a goal to lose some weight and tone up my muscles. the other thing is fundraising for walk that i am involved in for ccfa; i would like to best my last years’ goal. many blessings to you.

  77. I too am also trying to lose the weight. My goal is to stay active and find a way to burn some calories in the winter (which seems to be the time I love to pack on extra lbs). Other than that, I am trying to stay positive. Seems a little bit of depression has been slipping my way lately. Trying to get out of it the healthy way, by eating right, exercising, doing things with friends and family. It’s hard when holidays roll around, I really miss my mom and dad.

  78. I just purchased a new scale and it is right beside the bed, reminding me to ‘get on it’ before the rest of the day intrudes.
    I’m also working hard at not eating after 7:00 p.m.
    Just herbal teas.

  79. I want to get back into my workout routine too. Your post got me up and doing it this week! Thanks and good luck to you too. Just think… it’s only 30 minutes out of your life to do it!

  80. I really need to get into a work out routine, as well. I feel so much better when I do so. Another goal of mine is to get back into reading. I haven’t had a lot of time the past few months, but now as the weather is getting cold and rainy, I should be making the time! maybe I will head to the bookstore on Sunday and get some new reads to help with the motivation. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  81. Hi Jane,
    I hear you so well…reducing my weight and keeping it off has been such an uphill battle. I was doing well in the summer and then before I went back to work, it just fell apart. I really need to get back on track…my weight, my house, my kids, my husband…what is the secret to keeping it all together???
    Love ya,

  82. Hi everyone,

    I’m in Texas this weekend, at the Readers ‘n’ Ritas, and having a fabulous time! Sorry I’m a little late in announcing the winner. I’ve decided to pick a mystery prize winner also!

    Our winner is #37 Gay Passano
    and our mystery prize winner is #47 Liz!

    Shoot me an email with your mailing info ladies and hope you enjoy the prize!

    I’m headed back into another author panel now. Have a great weekend!


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