Snow Play

What a week!  We’ve had days and days of snow and the kids have absolutely loved being out of school.  I haven’t been playing though as my deadline is less than a month away and I’m deep into this new book.  I really love this one, its complicated and intense, but also really fun as every day I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

I’m lucky I have great help with little Mac as he’s made the most of his snow days, too.  While Jake and Ty have been hanging out with friends, Mac has gone sledding and tramping through snow and throwing snowballs with anyone that will play with him.

Late yesterday afternoon I’d just wrapped up my writing for the day and was starting to make dinner when Mac begged to go outside and go sledding one more time.  The weather was supposed to change over night so we all agreed to go out.  I dressed Mac in winter clothes while Ty Gurney changed, too.  Son Ty had just gotten home and he headed outside with us, too.  Soon we were running up and down the driveway, and then hauling the sled over an icy 92nd Ave. It was almost five and the streets were deserted and the twilight was just gorgeous.  Everything looked so magical–the sky, the snow, and the lake–they glowed lavender, white and pewter.

It was so good to be outside away from my desk.  I hadn’t gone outside to walk in the snow at all this week, too determined to get solid work done, but last night’s hour of play during the beautiful dusk made all my hard work worthwhile.

Now I head to Ohio for an all day writing workshop and fingers crossed my plane can make it out.  The airport is full of people stranded from cancelled flights.  What have you been doing this week?  Fill me in, and tell me what you’re reading.  It’s time I bought some books for my new Kindle!  I also have a prize for one of you that comments.   Contest runs through Sunday night and winner will be announced on Monday.  Good luck and I’ll check in soon!

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