February Love

Those of you who’ve read my blogs for awhile now know I love February, everything about February as its my birth month and Valentine’s Day and President’s Day and everything pink and red and sweet and sentimental.  I love Valentine decorations and how wonderfully short the month is compared to January and March.  I love that you get days that hint at March and Spring.  I love Valentine’s Day itself, smack dab in the middle of the month, and a day I make about the family and heart candies and fun, loving cards.

I haven’t put up my usual Valentine decorations this year as everything is boxed and streamlined so that the Bellevue house will show properly.   As of yesterday we are also homeowners in San Clemente, California.   It wasn’t the seamless closing I’d hoped as Bank of America had refused to wire out the money from my checking account on Thursday due to the fact that I have several names from my previous marriage and my pseudonym.  (I’m legally Elizabeth Jane Porter but have always gone by middle name, Jane, not Elizabeth.)  It took endless calls, my California bank branch phoning in, too, plus faxing endless documents like my former marriage certificate, my son Jake’s birth certificate, my old will, my sons’ social security numbers (!!) to get the bank to finally put the wire through.  It was emotionally exhausting and nerve-wracking, and by the time we closed, I was kind of done.  But then my real estate agent in San Clemente sent me this photo below, it was of sunset just hours after we closed.   I know it was her way of reminding me that all the stress and hard work was worth it.

I’m writing today, at my desk most of the day since I lost time working this past week trying to finish getting my Bellevue house ready to go on the market.   Ty Gurney arrived from Hawaii to help me this week with Mac and kids so I can get revisions on The Good Woman wrapped up and return to Kit’s book before we head to California for winter break.  We’re taking the boys to Disneyland for the weekend of my birthday and then to see the house in San Clemente, which is only 35 minutes from Anaheim.   So excited to take Mac to Disneyland for the first time.  He’ll be three at the end of April and loves Peter Pan and pirates and rollercoasters and rides and parades…Disneyland is so magical through the eyes of kids!

But you know, when I think of this week and everything that’s happened, I keep remembering Ty Gurney’s amazing sandwiches.  Yes, his toasted turkey, avocado, swiss sandwiches.  They are so good.  He’s very generous with the avocado and I’ve never tasted a sandwich this good.  Even better is that he makes it for me every day for lunch.  I love that.  It’s such a comfort thing.  Makes me feel loved.  And when I think of the book, Love Languages, and how it says everyone has a way of feeling loves (through a gift, through an action, through a gift of time, etc) I know for me I feel loved when someone spends time with me, and someone does something for me.   But time…having time with someone is probably my favorite.  Time watching TV.  Time to go for a walk or a drive. Time together.

Do you know your love ‘language’?  Have you heard of Love Languages?   If not, you can find out more here:


as well as take the test to see what your love language is.  I think its fun to know, and useful for spouses, family, friends.

Share with me your love lanuages in the comment section below and you’ll be entered to win my special Valentine’s Day Love Box.  It’s a one day contest really.  I’m posting it now and will draw the winner’s name Sunday night by 9 pm PST.  The winner will have until Monday noon PST to send me their address, because I must get box in the mail Monday afternoon.  If I don’t hear fromt he winner,  I shall send the prize box to someone randomly off my reader mailing list.  So share your love language and fingers crossed, you’ll win!



  1. Congrats to you and Ty and the boys on closing on your home. I know it is hassle, but at least it is done. Yay! Taking Mac to Disneyland will be so much fun. My nephew works there. He is in the Star Wars show and he loves it. He used to be Tiger…we saw him one time as Tiger and it was really cool.
    As for the love languages, the one that strikes home to me is quality time. I love to spend quality time with my family and my friends. I love my quality time with my wonderful dog. I was happy to spend quality time with my mom and two sisters last night for dinner. We have so much fun and laugh and laugh when we are together. I feel very blessed when I have quality time with those I love. Happy Valentines day to you Jane!

  2. I took the test and the results is that I love quality time with my loved ones and that’s true. Especially because sometimes it is difficult to find time without distractions, even mental distractions, when your head is full of things and chores to do.
    Good luck with your new house, it sounds wonderful.
    Have a great Valentine’s day with your loved ones.

  3. Congratulations on your new home. I bet you can’t wait to get there. I took the test and my high score was Acts of Service followed closely by Quality Time. This is probably pretty accurate as I enjoy doing things for others and appreciate it very much when others do things for me. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day and I hope you all have a great time at Disneyland.

  4. I am mostly “physical touch”, as I enjoy touching my husband as he walks by, holding hands, etc.

    May your days be filled with ALL the languages of love, Jane….

  5. Congrats on the new house! My love language is quality time. I wasn’t surprised that it came out to be that one. Seems like every day is rushed, so time is a luxury. I hope you all have a wonderful time at Disneyland!

  6. Interesting. I had never heard of this. I took the test: 10 Words of Affirmation and 8 Quality Time. Hmmm….very true.

    I, too, love February. My husband and my daughter have birthdays and I love Valentine’s Day.

    I am happy you have your new home..but again, sorry to see you leave our state.

  7. My language of love is quality time. My husbands is a to do list with everything crossed off. LOL We’ve made it work for 23 years now:)

  8. My test showed that it was quality time and words of affirmation, which is truly how I feel about my husband. I am so glad that you asked us to take that test! But I already knew that I would be jumbled into two groups, as both mean as much as the other one to me. Congratulations Jane on everything, but believe it or not at some time you are really going to miss the snow! I know that sounds crazy, but you will! Lets just say probably right around Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  9. I’m with you Jane. My love language is definitely time too. Time spent with a special person equals beautiful memories. At the end of the day, that’s what’s most important to me. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and Valentine’s Day. Xoxoxo

  10. Quality time… that’s me! And it’s true, I adore having quality time with the people I love, my kids especially.

    Glad you got through your San Clemente closing… what an ordeal; red tape, paperwork and banks don’t make for a great combination. I hope that view that your real estate agent sent you is from (or near) your new home.

    Ty’s sandwiches sound amazing… I got a bread machine from two of my kids for Christmas and have been enjoying it so much… and now I’ve got a new sandwich to try on my homemade bread! What condiments does Ty use? Mayonnaise, hummus, salad dressing?

  11. Here are my scores:

    Your Love Language Personal Profile
    Your Scores
    10 Words of Affirmation
    5 Quality Time
    3 Receiving Gifts
    2 Acts of Service
    10 Physical Touch

    It may not be quite accurate, because on some of the questions, neither answer was applicable, so I just chose the one I wished for 🙂 I don’t enjoy his gifts that much (I would never let him know that). Every holiday all I ask for is books, and every holiday I don’t get books! 🙂

  12. My love language is acts of service, I know I am loved when someone takes the time to help me, to do something for me, to work for and with me:)

  13. My love language is quality time! 🙂 Quality time is SO important to me. My boyfriend and I are both red heads and apparently, (a psychic told me this) redheads enjoy doing things constantly– resting is no option! We always do amazing things together that are unique. For example, on Valentines Day we are going into Boston for a scavenger hunt, visit to the aquarium and ending the night with Sushi School! What could be better? We’ve done so much together in just two years I absolutely believe that our future is going to be amazing. We hike, paint, go to Barnes & Noble on Sundays, go on “adventures” and even went to the Price is Right where I was chosent to be a contestant!


  14. Congrats on your closing of the house for your lovong family! So excited for you! At the moment, I’m not feeling out of sorts for things that I thought were going my way just aren’t, so back to square one. Not in the best of moods this morning but went walking on the beach alone to sit and think, came back and was in a better mood. Went to our town’s Valentine parade and side-walk sale, and had fun looking at all kinds of goodies, bought some homemade soap,lavender and rosemary and a bar just plain lemon.Its quite cold here in north fla. so I built a fire and reading a book which I found at the library. I loved the photo, beautiful sunset! Have fun at Disneyland and a wonderful valentines day…willbe making cookies for my kids,(they are older 18-21)but I still do something special for them.I’m all for romance and love! Just don’t have someone special at the moment-have good friends who are guys, doing little things for them, got them off in the mail…nothing much else to say! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. I haven’t officially taken the test, but plan to. It will be interesting to see what I find out. I’m guesing that quality time and physical touch will both be strong areas for how I receive love. And when it comes to loving others I have a feeling that gift giving and physical touch will be my strong areas. Anxious to find out what the test says, though. Thanks for suggesting it! And have a fabulous Valentines Day, Jane! 🙂

  16. Congratulations on the closing on your new home. I took the test and mine was physical touch followed closely by words of affirmation. It rings very true to what makes me feel loved. Hope you all have fun at Disneyland!

  17. I took the “wife” test and got “Words of Affirmation” maybe i should do the “Parent of a teen” and see what I get? That sunset picture was beautiful by the way 🙂

  18. Congrats on the house Jane! I feel you pain dealing with banks, we had our problem years ago trying to build onto our house. Just the stress alone dealing with the banks is enought to drive a person to drink!!!!

    I think acts of service is my love language because I am always cooking and cleaning. I tried the take the test but none of the questions fits us.

  19. I plan to take the test, but I think I already know that quality time will be my love language. With all the kids out of the house for many years now, I do cherish the quality time I have with them during our visits.
    Congratulations on getting one step closer on your move to California. The photo of the sunset is beautiful.

  20. Quality time here. Must have been a real trying day for you getting everything to the bank, but you did it. You’ve got alot ahead of you, but you’ll get it. I’m so happy you’re almost starting a whole new life after you flirted with forty…good luck Jane…you’re gonna love the new place, the family in it and all your grand thoughts for the future. Happy birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day. Mac is gonna love Disney World. We went back there after many years and took our adult son and his wife with us and no matter the age, it is fun for all. Life is good and you are living it! All the best to you and your family…Ruth

  21. Congrats on the closing. No closing (except our first????), for us, has been easy. Still shocked that they gave you that kind of trouble….wow…not a good sign for recovery.

    Took the Love Language test….kind of wigged out by my score. Also, some questions…I didn’t like either option.

    Happy Birthday and Happy Valentines Day.

  22. Acts of service was my highest scoring love language with words right behind it. I will be interested to see what my husband’s language will be although I can guess and they aren’t the same as mine. May all your special days in February be happy ones.

  23. That was so fun to find out about the Languages of Love. I am blessed to have a husband who enjoys being with me, listens to me, encourages me, does things for me (like making my favorite rice krispy treats) and give me lots of hugs and kisses. What a guy! I learned a long time ago that no gift can make up for the time, help and respect a loved one gives you.

    How nice that Ty makes lunch for you and a super yummy lunch at that!

  24. You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, I’ve spent most of my time here just lurking and reading, but today for some reason I just felt compelled to say this.

  25. Ahhh Jane. So timely you are with this one! My boyfriend just finished an awful custody dispute with his ex-wife. It all started in early November so we went through the entire holiday season, including a couple of continuances from her, dealing with all of it. It finally got settled Friday so now it’s time to try to return to a semblance of normal.

    My language of love for him is staying positive and being as supportive as I possibly can be. I am so thankful for him as he is great at showing his love for me in many ways like cleaning the cat litter, washing the dishes, running to get me takeout chinese, etc. I’ve often guffawed at him for not showing his love enough and he always reminds me that these little things he does for me speak as loudly as flowers and other more commercial gestures.

    Kudos on the new house. That California sunshine looks wonderful! 🙂

  26. Jane,
    February is my birthday month and also my son’s. He is 8 on Wednesday. I have always loved my birthday. People may think its silly since I am an adult but really it’s one day that is all about me, I have to share mother’s day with all the other moms. Lol

    I feel loved when someone does something for me without me asking. Like when my husband makes me dinner because I am at dance class with our daughter and he got home first. Or when he called the massage place and made an appointment for me.

    Congrats on the new home!!!

  27. Yay Jane, Ty and family on closing on your new home! So sorry you had a hectic time with everything, but at least it all worked out in the long run. Now the fun part will be getting settled in.

    I took the quiz and ended up with Quality Time. Not sure that’s an accurate picture for me, but who am I to argue with the quiz?

  28. Hi Jane and a super congratulations on your new home! What a wonderful birthday gift!

    My love language is also time. I love when people want to spend time with me, when they choose to spend time with me. I love when my husband holds my hand as we walk. When he surprises me with dinner out, when he stands beside me and helps with the dishes after supper or just sits with me in the evening while I read and he watches whatever on TV. Just having him with me brings me so much joy! Even after nearly 20 years of marriage he is my very best friend, my heart.

  29. Jane,
    So thrilled that you got your dream home. Here’s hoping you house in Washington sells fast.

    I took the test and here are my scores
    5 Words of Affirmation
    3 Quality Time
    4 Receiving Gifts
    8 Acts of Service
    10 Physical Touch

    I had never heard about Love Language before.
    Thank you for sharing.

  30. My husbands love language is acts of service. My languages tied between physical touch and quality time. Very insightful book. I gave a bible study class one time about the 5 love languages. I think it’s a must read in relationships.

  31. Congrats on the new home. What an exciting time. Have a great trip to Disneyland.
    My love language is acts of service. I agree!

  32. Congrats on the new house! Sorry that you had to have such a rough time with the closing though, but very glad that it is all over with for you. The view and pic are beautiful! Happy Birthday month, enjoy every day. Happy Valentine’s day too!

    I have to tell you that you are about the 6th person to mention the 5 love languages to me in recent months, and there is one for singles, I think I am going to have to buy it now. Mine was basically a tie between Quality Time and Words of Affirmation. They were only 1 point difference, but I had thought going into to it that I would be more “balanced” between all of them, so I was surprised that it wasn’t like that at all.

    I can’t wait to hear all about Mac’s first visit to Disneyland! It is one of my most favorite places to go, and off and on for years now, I have had a annual pass. I still remember my first trip there when I was 5, and we were in CA visitng from Indy.

    Have a great week!

  33. Go figure, mine is physical touch! And no I am not talking the dirty stuff 🙂 I just love to snuggle with my hubbers, holding his hand or just being with him! I appreciate our time together. He is in the Navy, so our time together means the world to me!! Have a great bday, vday and congrats on the new house!!

  34. Congrats on your new home, may you and your family be blessed with love this Valentine season. I love physical touch, holding hands, cuddling and my favorite is kissing. In this world everyone needs to be loved and touched, it is therapeutic. When things aren’t going well in life most people want a hug to brighten up their day.

  35. WOW! you have so many wonderful things going on! Congratulations on your new home and big move. I hope you have a wonderful Disneyland trip! We took our son for the first time when he was 3 1/2 (and several times since) and can’t wait to go back for his eighth birthday this summer! My love language is Quality Time, which completely makes sense, since my husband can’t multitask well enough to pay attention to me while he does anything else, lol! Thanks for a fun, special contest!

  36. Hi Jane, and a BIG Congrats on all the wonderful things going on in your life!

    My language is Acts of Service – and my dh of 34 years has had to handle a lot of that for me in recent years. I had a hip replaced in 2010 and I still have to depend on him to tie my shoes or latch my sandals shut!

    We have always ‘labored’ toward each other though. Always getting the other something to drink or eat, or thinking ahead to finish a task to make life easier for the other. I wrote our wedding vows and the theme of our wedding service was Companions for Life. I’d say that we’ve managed to take care of each other using this Acts of Service dynamic throughout our marriage.

    Have a blast at Disneyworld. I know you will!

  37. Acts of Service and Quality time were my top two for points.

    Wow, congrats on the house..sounds like it was very stressful, but I’m sure it was totally worth it!!!! You guys will have a blast in Disneyland- especially Mac! Have a wonderful trip!

  38. I had not heard about the Love Languages before. It made for an interesting read. Quality Time stood out above the rest for me. So terribly important.

  39. Congratulations on the new home, Jane! I grew up in San Clemente and it’s a great town. I hope you love it as much as I do.

  40. Congratulations on the new home! How exciting!! I just love Disneyland, that will be such a great trip, with lots of memories made, I’m sure.

    My love language is definitely time and small actions – like the sandwich Ty makes for you. I think lots of little things add up to something very big!

  41. Yippee! Congrats toughing it out through that closing.

    I took the fun test on love language, got a three-way tie:
    acts of service
    words of affirmation
    physical touch.

    I do appreciate the details.

  42. Congrats on your new home and i hope it will be ‘home sweet home’ for you and your lovely family 🙂

    My 14 mos baby just can walk by himself..yay..and now he wants to run . lol

    and result for a little test that i took : Words of Affirmation 🙂 got the highest result.

    thank you for link, Jean. i’m gonna ask my hubby to do that little test 😀

  43. I would say mine is acts of service. I never cared about cooking but I cook and bake and try to find healthy meals to take care of my family.

  44. I too scored highest on quality time. Thank you for the giveaway. Thank you for taking time out of your crazy schedule to mail a gift to one of your followers. 🙂

  45. Acts of service and physical touch! My husband is making breakfast for the family now so I can rest in bed and greet the morning at my own pace… quite a luxury for a mom of three.

  46. Hi Jane! Congrats on the house! I just refinaced mine last year! They wanted to know where my IRS refund came from! I said the Dept of the Treasury? LOL. Had to get tax return and prove it~ very complicated. Anyhoo~ I also love february! My birthday is today! And I read the Five love languages about 7 years ago, I scored highest on recicving gifts ( I love presents). Anything can be wrapped in a bow and I will LOVE it. Next highest was acts of service. I love giving presents also. My daughter still wraps nearly everything she gives me~ Happy Birthday to you Jane! And Happy February!

  47. mines quality time! since moving and not knowing a single soul, we as a family has been spending more time together which has been awesome considering my oldest will be off to college in the fall. Btw, how did your son like UT in Austin?

  48. Sounds like a horribly stressful period of time you’ve just been through. Capped off beautifully by that sunset photo over the new place. Hope all goes well with the rest of the relocation and your ms.
    Avocados would be near the bottom of my list of comfort foods.
    Give me a really nice meatloaf or brisket for main courses and for snacks, nearly any form of chocolate. M&M Peanuts is near the top of that list.

  49. February is my birth month, too!Congrats on the new home…what an exciting adventure. I’m quality time, and I think that rings true…wish I had more of it. Have a great weekend.

  50. My husbands love language is service…mine is affirmation. Since my husband is a soldier we have withstood long deployments since 911. He is a reservist and usually has notice he is deploying, so he makes sure he has taken care of everything he possibly can…and arranged backup for the unknowns. Luckily we have access to the Internet, so he can cheer me on and support me, no matter where he is..and stay in contact with our teenagers

  51. Jane – It sounds like closing was pretty rough, but thankfully, it’s all behind you now. And, yes, that sunset picture makes it seem quite worthwhile! 🙂
    Enjoy your new home, your new life there.
    (I will miss your books set in Washington though)

    I have the love languages book on my iPad, but haven’t finished reading it and haven’t taken the test until today. I was a little surprised that my top language was physical touch, followed closely by quality time. I really thought quality time would be no. 1. They were only separated by a point though.

    Have a wonderful day, Jane!

  52. Words of affirmation and touch would be my two love languages.. I love expressing myself to the person I love in words and touch. I like when my husband does the same. It’s always nice to hear that someone loves and cares for you, but it’s great when they show it too.

    I hope your weekend is wonderful and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  53. Congratulations on your new home! Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day, Jane! It’s my birthday month as well. Mine is the day after Valentine’s day. I also love February. All of the pink and red hearts and homemade cards and cupids make me happy! Spending time with love ones is my love language.

  54. Hi Jane,
    Happy February! My love languages are quality time and acts of service. I love the book? One of my girlfriends gave it to me in a rough patch of my marriage years ago.

    Congrats on your new home. The picture had me yearning for home!
    Take care,
    Michelle F

  55. When my husband and I were dating, we took the test and were amazed that our love language was so similar! Physical Touch (me 9-him 10),Words of Aff (me 8-him 10),Quality Time (me 7-him 5) We were married on July 4th last summer! So every anniversary we will have fireworks, snowcones and a celebration wherever we go! Congratulaions on your new home!

  56. Quality time for sure! I love spending quality time with my children. We love having popcorn and watching movies together, or spending the day out. Honestly, if they are with me, I don’t care what we’re doing. I just love having them around.

    Good luck in your new home! Sounds exciting.


  57. Congrats on closing on your house! There always seems to be drama at closing. I scored equally on “Words of Affirmation” & “Quality Time.” My husband scored highest on the Physical aspect. No big shocker there, but it was very interesting and enlightening.

  58. I enjoyed taking the test
    My top one was Physical Touch
    I love to hold his hands, his hugs and kisses
    and the next highest was Quality Time I love watching movies and or just sitting by him and holding hands or just talking and laughing about our day
    You dont’ need the gifts to show love
    I might have to go and purchase that book
    I”m going to have him take the test and see what his answers are compared to mine..
    Congrats again on your house and Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday
    Thanks again that test was fun

  59. Interesting test. I don’t see my husband a lot so that might effect my answers. He’s a truck driver so i only see him about 10 days a month.

    7 Words of Affirmation
    7 Quality Time
    2 Receiving Gifts
    5 Acts of Service
    9 Physical Touch

    Very interesting. Little things are what make me happy and my husband is good at those. Miss him every day he’s gone.

    Happy Valentine’s day Jane!

    Lisa B

  60. Your words make me feel better about February which isn’t really my favorite month – although I love my son’s birthday in Feb. I grew up in Europe and we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at all. Now here in the US my feelings are still devided on it, most likely because I miss the history.
    As for the 5 Love Languages – I loved the book and so did my husband. So interesting to find out that how we express our feelings might not be understood because our partner has a different love language.
    Mine is words of affirmation. I knew that to some degree but it helped me to better understand it.
    Have fun in CA! We lived there for a while and we still miss it!

  61. Congratulations on your house closing and best wishes. Your post was inspiring and beautiful. Your family, new home and life is something to look forward to. Mine is words of affirmation which is meaningful.

  62. After taking the assessment, I need to read the book! My love language is quality time. I completely agree with this. I love to relax and hang out with friends. Often times, it ends up being watching tv together, but that is fine by me. If the gifts option was turned around, and more abut giving gifts, then I think hat could ave been my language too. Not to toot my own horn, but I love giving gifts and I’m extremely good at it. I remember the little things people say. So for Christmas everyone might get a bunch of little presents from me, but they’re all thoughtful and creative. The drawback to this… It’s hard to buy for me. I usually end up telling exactly what I want. Which takes all the fun out of it!

    Enjoy our house…after getting settled in. I just bought my first house last March and I love it!!

  63. Hi Jane,
    I went to the website you posted to find out more about the 5 love languages and I found it very interesting. I took the quiz and I scored roughly around the same for all but the physical touch one, with spending quality time being the highest scoring one for me.

  64. hi jane; congrats on the closing of your new home. i took the quiz and scored highest on the quality time. next was receiving gifts. they were only one point different. it was nice to read what my language of love represents in my life. thanks again for sharing. have a great day!

  65. Congratulations on closing on your home! That view, the beach, the sunset – that spells peace for me, and I know you’ll love it!

    And I agree on Disneyland through the eyes of a child. I took my nephews when they were 3 and 5, what pure joy that was! Then we took our kids a couple of years ago, they were a little older so it was different but it was still their first experience. It really is the happiest place on earth!

    I took the love language quiz, very interesting. According to the quiz, I’m all about the acts of service. I completely agree – like Ty makes your sandwich, my husband makes me my coffee. When he doesn’t, it’s a small let down, I look forward to it so much. The quiz also says I’m not gift driven, and again, I agree. I love a thoughtful gift, who doesn’t? But I don’t want something random just to get a gift. I’d rather hear some heartfelt words, get a massage for my aching back, and have someone clean up after dinner.

    Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! We were engaged on Valentine’s, giving us another anniversary to celebrate.


  66. That was really cool!
    Mine were Words of Affirmation and Physical touch these were the highest scores for me. I am going to have to share this with some friends…thanks for sharing it with me. Your Disney trip sounds like fun for all! ENjoy!

  67. I was Act of Service. I really didn’t like the quiz as I felt it kept asking the same questions over and over. Maybe the book expands the concept.

    What a beautiful view awaits you! Congratulations.

  68. Congratulations on closing on your house. I have the Love Languages book and really enjoyed it. My language is quality time.

  69. Quality time came up as my love language, but I wouldn’t have guessed that… that was interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  70. That’s a beautiful sunset. Seattle is a pretty place, but California sure is more sunny! I am happpy for all of you.

    I haven’t read the book you mentioned but I know that the gift of a loved one’s time is the greatest gift for me. Your hubby’s sandwiches sound delicious!

  71. Congrats on February and I hope this month is the best for you Jane. Just remember to breath and everything will work out, one way or another. Love language- I am not the person to share info about love with since I am in the middle of a divorce and besides the kids giving me love, haven’t had it for awhile. Hoping one day when I least expect it- it will find me again. Have fun at Disney. In a few years I hope to take both kids there, here in FL 🙂

  72. HI Jane!

    Congratulations on your new home and the gorgeous sunset you will view every night. I took the test and my high score was Acts of Service followed closely by Quality Time. This is probably pretty accurate as I enjoy doing things for others and love it when when others do things for me. Have an awesome Valentine’s Day!

  73. Congratulations on your new house. It’s always nerve wracking yet exciting to move to a new house.

    I think that my love language would be a combo of all. I guess you can say I speak may languages 😉

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and have a glorious week ahead. Happy love day on Tuesday 🙂

  74. I think when I was first married I cared a lot about presents, but I am past that now and realize love is more about time spent together. Also, my husband always put gas in the car because I hate the smell of gasoline – and that makes me feel loved.
    Your new house chosen together is going to be a very special place, and that view is awesome!

  75. Congrats on the house and what a beautiful view!!! Looks like I fit into the Acts of Service category. 🙂 Have a wonderful BDay and enjoy yourself at Disneyland!

  76. Hi everyone! I’ve snuck away from watching the Grammy’s to announce the Valentine Prize Winner plus 3 bonus winners of smaller but still fun prizes!

    The Valentine Winner is…

    #71 Michelle

    The three bonus winners are:

    #33 Julie
    #52 Jeff
    #77 Christine A

    Will the 4 of you please shoot me a private email with your address and I’ll get your prize out in Monday’s mail! And remember, Michelle, as the big winner…you MUST email me by noon Monday or I have to pick another winner for this prize!



  77. I know I’m late. But, I just want to say, what an awesome view you will have from your new home. Congrats to all the winners.

  78. Oh wow- Thank you Jane. I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I will be celebrating with the kids 🙂

  79. Jane,
    I received all of the goodies today….Thanks so much!!
    I can’t wait to read your book…”Not Fit for a King?”
    Enjoy Disney! 🙂

  80. Glad to hear that your new house is closed now. What a stressful you had with the bank. But good thing its over now!

    I live about 45 minutes to Disneyland and growing up going there all the time. I think Mac will love Legoland which is about half hour from where your new home because they have many rides for his age!

    Enjoy your trip to SoCal and Disneyland!

  81. HI Jane!
    I just popped in because I stumbled upon your interview on Author online magazine and it was great!
    If anyone else wants to see it go to authormagazine.org and click on the author interviews, scroll down to “P” and click on Jane. 🙂

    And the picture from the house is BEAUTIFUL!!!! All that soft California coastal sun.

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