I Heart Lilian Darcy

I’ve had a strange couple of months with regards to blogging and social media.  I’m finding it hard to do.  Don’t have a lot to say.  Find my thoughts (and me!) incredibly boring.  When I’m actively writing I don’t have a sense of outward things…just my story, and my family.  And trying to continually find something meaningful to say feels false, as I don’t always have meaningful things to say.  I’m a terrible reality TV junkie…love romance novels…love popcorn.  Love anything with sugar, butter and flour.  Love being lazy and disappearing from the world and being nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Not even air or space.  I know it sounds crazy.  I am crazy.  Hopefully in a good way.

And because its been hard to blog, I think I’m going to do some photo blogs and short blogs and I Heart blogs, where I just tell you about someone, or something, I love.

And I’m going to start right now by telling you I love love love Australian author, and my amazing Aussie pal, Lilian Darcy. I met Lilian years ago (can’t even remember when!) and immediately was entranced.  She reminded me of my cousin Annarie Lyles and I grew up idolizing Annarie for being brilliant, clever, witty, insightful, decisive.  Lilian is all that and more as she’s one of the best writers I’ve read, and her romance and fiction novels sweep me away.  Lilian writes with truth and passion, emotion and intelligence and I can’t imagine my world without her.

So this blog is an ode to someone I don’t get to see often–maybe once every couple of years–but she’s one of the queens in my world, absolutely heroic in every sense, and she’s so good at critiquing my work and pushing me to be a better writer.  And best of all, Lilian is someone who loves me back.  If you haven’t read her, do.  If you’re on Facebook, like her author page.  Here’s to Lilian Darcy…my friend, and one of the keepers of my heart!

PS  And what is a new blog without a prize or two???  Tell me someone you love…a friend you cherish…and you’re entered to win one of two I Heart Lilian Darcy prizes, which include a couple of my books, and Lilian’s books, and chocolate and lots more fun stuff!   Contest runs through Sunday night and I’ll announce the winners on Monday, and as I have several prizes that have gone unclaimed, I imagine I’ll giveaway a couple bonus prizes, too!


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