I Heart Lilian Darcy

I’ve had a strange couple of months with regards to blogging and social media.  I’m finding it hard to do.  Don’t have a lot to say.  Find my thoughts (and me!) incredibly boring.  When I’m actively writing I don’t have a sense of outward things…just my story, and my family.  And trying to continually find something meaningful to say feels false, as I don’t always have meaningful things to say.  I’m a terrible reality TV junkie…love romance novels…love popcorn.  Love anything with sugar, butter and flour.  Love being lazy and disappearing from the world and being nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Not even air or space.  I know it sounds crazy.  I am crazy.  Hopefully in a good way.

And because its been hard to blog, I think I’m going to do some photo blogs and short blogs and I Heart blogs, where I just tell you about someone, or something, I love.

And I’m going to start right now by telling you I love love love Australian author, and my amazing Aussie pal, Lilian Darcy. I met Lilian years ago (can’t even remember when!) and immediately was entranced.  She reminded me of my cousin Annarie Lyles and I grew up idolizing Annarie for being brilliant, clever, witty, insightful, decisive.  Lilian is all that and more as she’s one of the best writers I’ve read, and her romance and fiction novels sweep me away.  Lilian writes with truth and passion, emotion and intelligence and I can’t imagine my world without her.

So this blog is an ode to someone I don’t get to see often–maybe once every couple of years–but she’s one of the queens in my world, absolutely heroic in every sense, and she’s so good at critiquing my work and pushing me to be a better writer.  And best of all, Lilian is someone who loves me back.  If you haven’t read her, do.  If you’re on Facebook, like her author page.  Here’s to Lilian Darcy…my friend, and one of the keepers of my heart!

PS  And what is a new blog without a prize or two???  Tell me someone you love…a friend you cherish…and you’re entered to win one of two I Heart Lilian Darcy prizes, which include a couple of my books, and Lilian’s books, and chocolate and lots more fun stuff!   Contest runs through Sunday night and I’ll announce the winners on Monday, and as I have several prizes that have gone unclaimed, I imagine I’ll giveaway a couple bonus prizes, too!



  1. I love my bff Emily and my hubby Jay. I could not make it in this world without them! They are my rocks!

  2. My sons (who are now 15 and 16) are truly among my very best friends. I genuinely enjoy their company and their ability to make me laugh to the point of almost wetting myself 🙂 My world is so beautiful with them in it!

  3. What a beautiful and heartfelt post. Just lovely. A woman whose friendship I treasure forever is someone very special, since she is inspiring, positive and always has a great sense of humor.

  4. Hi Jane,

    I love my husband!! I used to think this was corny, but he is my best friend. He is the first person I want to share something with. Does he get on my nerves sometimes, of course. I still love and cherish him the most!!!

  5. I adore my niece. We get along so well and have so much fun hanging out when we get to see each other.

  6. I love my BFFs! (Won’t narrow it to one, as they read this blog too, LOL!) They are there for me, through thick and thin. They have known me since high school and know all (okay … most … of my dirty secrets). When one asks if we like her new haircut, we honestly say yes or no, giving reasons. (“If you don’t want to know, don’t ask” is one of our mottos, LOL!)

  7. i really cherish my daughter and my sons;…and i am also cherishing and remembering a very dear friend of mine who passed away yesterday morning…marjorie was a friend and co-worker i had the pleasure of being around for 16+ years. she will truly be missed; most of all by her husband of 45 years, lonnie…

  8. I love my sister Carol. I’m the youngest of four girls. Carol is exactly 18 months older than I. Yes, I’m the 47 year-old baby. Carol has always been my big sister, protector, best friend and even my partner in crime. We’ve had this weird connection for as far back as we both can remember of knowing when one of us were thinking of each other. I’d be thinking about Carol and all of a sudden the phone would ring and she’d be on the other end. We always finished each others sentences and we always thought alike, almost similar traits of twins.

  9. Some people think It’s crazy, but my best friend is my ex-husband. I can still talk to him about anything, even problems I have with my new husband. Tracy has always been there for me no matter what happens. We married young and realized we were just meant to be friends. So, after the divorce, we remained friends and better friends then in the beginning. I couldn’t live without him in my life. We email every day. We don’t talk as often as before because his current girlfriend isn’t acceptable of it. But, he says he won’t let her end our friendship. he is my true friend since I was in my teens and now in my 40s nothing will change between us.

  10. Hi Jane,
    I love your blogs. They are never boring and always “real”. I also love sugar, and things with butter and flour…mmmmm. I think people can relate to you so easily, and that’s what makes reading your blogs fun. I love when you ask what people are reading – I get read book suggestions. I like when you ask to list a few things that you like, love, or make you feel a certain way.
    I will check out Lilian Darcy’s books.
    I love my brother because he always makes me feel special and loved. I love my lifelong girlfriends that I go to the beach with because they make me laugh and feel valued.

  11. For the past 20 yrs plus since i met him my husband has been my best friend. We met in the Army in Saudi Arabia and hit it off as friends first. Always easy to spend time with.

    I like your idea. I don’t think your posts need to be complicated and thought provoking in the way you head hurts. Throwing out simple ideas can be fun and easier for me to answer. It’s great!

    Lisa B

  12. Hi Jane,

    I’m such a reality tv junkie too. My husband says it’s a waste of time and it’s fake reality but I find it entertaining none the less 😉

    Hmmm, what do I love? Geez, where do I start. Just so this post won’t turn into my own novel I will give you the one thing that I love the most in this world … my kids. I have the best kids on the planet. I have Joey who is 20 and in his second year of college, Samantha (who would’ve been 18) who is my daughter in Heaven, and Bella who is almost 2 and my adopted daughter. God has truly blessed me with the best children and I love them all dearly.

    I hope you have a wonderful day … and, for the record … you are far from boring. I look forward to reading your blogs 🙂

  13. I have to say that now, more than ever, I am really loving my husband. He’s always been Mr. Wonderful, but I’ve been having a rough couple of months being sick, and he has really stepped up and taken over a lot of the jobs I do around the home. And more than that he has really made me feel loved and cherished, just when I need a little pick-me-up.

    I also [heart] Jane Porter 🙂
    Can’t wait for your next book!

  14. The person I love more than anyone else in this world is my husband. We have been married for over 40 yrs now and he is my rock. I don’t tell him as often as I should, but he is my everything!

  15. I love Jill, my college roommate. I haven’t seen her in twenty years, but recently reconnected on Facebook.

  16. I am blessed to know and love my friends Judy and Nancy. They live far away in NE and WY, but they are really close to me since they also live in my heart!

  17. Hi Jane,
    I absolutely cherish all those in my life who like to read just like me. We share book stories, opinions, and even swap books.


  18. Hi! I love how so honest yu are and down to earth-I’ve read acouple of Lillian’s books and love how she writes and love to see the outback one of these days, so many places I want to visit…I love my cousin Joanne, I haven’t seen her since 1989, the year I got married, she’s a fighter a 2 time cancer fighter, right now she and her husband are going thru a divorce, and i miss her alot, she lives in New Mexico and for lack of money I can’t visit her, she’s been on my mine the last few days, and hasn’t returned my phone calls. My home daycare is picking up, getting a baby in May, so with alittle luck and prayers…maybe I’ll get more…I want to go to Chicago in July but if i can’t then I’ll try sometime later,its my 40yr. class reunion its no big deal but thought i’d kill 2 stones at one time, see family and a few friends…anyways, Joanne was a sister that I never had, we went to Italy together and had so much fun, and went to see family on the farm in Missouri and did so many crazy things together, she got married on the day we had the big blizzard in chicago, Jan.13th and I was one of the bridesmaids…she has gone thru so much and she writes childrens books and paints the pictures, she is so talented…she always makes me feel good and we lift each other up with laughter or a spiritual poem or a word. She’s my best friend, just wish i could talk with her or visit..I will one of these days for sure thats my plan.Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. I’m lucky enough to have some friends that have been friends since we were 13 and in 7th grade, with braces and bad haircuts. They know me better than anyone, and they always have my back. They’ve seen me through cancer twice, and have called me when they need me, too. Which I think is the true sign of a friend, they know they can rely on me and I know I can rely on them, no matter what. Marie, who almost shares my birthday. Liz, we can’t quite figure out when we met, we just know it ‘had to be after’ a certain date. And Tina, who I met at day camp, with our horrible camp nicknames of Tigger and Muffin. Love them forever!

    Really, there needs to be a special holiday just for celebrating our girlfriends, don’t you think? In college, that was known as Friday LOL, but now with kids and families and living in different states, Friday just doesn’t work.


  20. I cherish my friend Carol. We have known each other for many decades and I am so thankful for our friendship. Carol is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. She has a great laugh, she adores all animals but especially her beloved cats, and she is calm and collected…even when we’ve gotten lost and have no clue as to how to find our way back to someplace familiar. She’s a gem and I love having her in my life.

  21. This week I am really loving my husband. I have been soooo sick and he has been so good. I haven’t had a bad cold in years but this one put me to bed for a few days. Today is the best I have felt since Sunday. Anyway he really took over and took care of me and I appreciate everything he did so much.

  22. My friend Kris has been with me through thick and thin and even though we don’t live that close to each other anymore we still keep in touch and get together every now and then. She’s been a blessing to me.

  23. This may sound a bit corny, but I have 3 best friends. My husband, my mom, and my BFF. I love all of them so dearly and don’t know what I’d do without any of them. They love me for who I am and vice-versa. I am beyond blessed to have these special people in my life! 🙂

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  24. I love my husband, he spoils me and loves me right back, flaws and all =) What more can I ask for! Oh, I love our babysitter too….she’s why I still have a shred of sanity left!

  25. Today was a really bad news day so I’m really loving my husband for being there for me. He loves me and part of me still can’t believe it.

  26. Oh Jane, your blog is never boring. But, I can understand how difficult it must be to feel that you must have your “creative spark” turned on. I really like hearing about the snow at your house or Mac or just anything. Can’t wait for your new book. I am blessed that I have many people that I love. Right now my sister is leading the pack. My mom is having some problems and it is so great to know that my sister and I have each other to guide us through this phase of our lives.

  27. I love and cherish my friend Debbie. She has really become more like a sister than a friend. Thank you for making me think of her, it always makes me smile!

  28. Instead of writing about my family, who I adore..I choose Paula. She is my best friend and we have never met! We have known each other over 10…wow! 10? years through the internet. We have shared pictures of our families, sent photos, mailed boxes…shared graduations, weddings, and the births of grandchildren. She is a dear friend who I love very much. Some day we hope to meet but for now we share our lives in every other way possible.

  29. My friend was actually a boss I had years ago. She is no longer my boss, but still my friend. Work was tough, but we both worked hard & bonded over it.

  30. I would have to pick my mom who is the one who insists the family gets together even though we are all a good distance from each other.

  31. Hi Jane… what a great blog… and your blogs are never boring, always something new and interesting.

    I have two very special friends; one I met when we were two and the other in my late teens. Two very different people who are not friends themselves but are very important people in my life. I absolutely adore my children, almost all grown up now. They are the best part of my life. And my Mum who is slowing down but is such a rock and so very dear to me.

    I was headed to Chapters today to buy a book for the weekend and I’ll check out Lilian Darcy… thanks for the recommendation!

  32. My best friends are my daughters (20 & 15). I know that seems strange, but I laugh with them and they are the ones who are there when I’m having a tough day.
    I love all the women who’ve responded who say their husband is their bff. I’m jealous, but think that is wonderful.

    Blog what makes you happy kiddo, who cares if it’s 5 lines or 25? Have fun with it or why do it? :o)
    And I have to agree with Sandy M, I’ve found some great books from your blogs, from your suggestions and the suggestions of the other readers. How cool is that?

    enjoy your friday
    peace out

  33. Without a doubt, my MOM…she is a truly amazing lady that is so completely selfless – I am grateful & soo lucky to have her in my life!

  34. My best friend since kindergarten. We’ve been through it all over the years. It is fun to look back and remember the days when we would hold wedding ceremonies for our stuffed animals in our backyards. And play for hours in the fort in her backyard and the above the ground swimming pool pretending we were stranded on a deserted island and we had to figure out how to survive. Such fun times, and such imaginations we had! Now are are busy with work, school, kids, pets, etc, but we still make time to get together and make new fun memories.

  35. I cherish my best friend. She is always there when I need her and she shares my love of romance books.

  36. Hi Jane,
    My best friend moved out of state, got married, had a baby and started a new life. We can go weeks without talking or texting but the second I get the phone call or text, I realize how special she is and how special our friendship is. I am truly blessed to have her in my life. She has seen me through the worst times in my life as have I. I love her like the sister I never had but wished I would have. I am lucky to call her my friend.

    Have a great weekend Jane. We are truly lucky to have great friends in our lives!
    Michelle F.

  37. i would have to say mu husband…i cant even imagine life w.o him. he is the most caring, easy going, great listener, best friend, husband, father, provider for our family. plus he is lucky to have me 🙂

  38. I have so many favorite things and people… I will list a few from the top of my head…
    1. My family
    2. My friends
    3. Books and the authors who write them.
    4. I don’t watch a lot of tv but I do love American Idol, One Tree Hill, 2 Broke Girls, and lifetime movies.
    5. I also love time with my sisters

    You are never boring. I look forward to your books and blogs and especially the pics you share.

    Hope you are feeling better from your migraines.


  39. I agree with the others, that you are never boring, Jane. You are very easy to relate to. Now… maybe if you wrote on your blog every single day you would be boring, though I am sure you’d still come up with interesting subjects!

    I love and adore my boyfriend whom I met two years after my second divorce. At that time I was feeling completely “DONE” with men. Little did I know that there was still room in my broken heart for new love. And little did I know that there was such a wonderful man out there who could love me like I needed to be loved. We both feel incredibly lucky and are the best of friends. It’s wonderful being madly in love!

    Thank you for taking time to share your life, even when you’re busy and tired. The gifts you are kind enough to send to your readers are great, but I think your blog posts and books are the best gifts, really & truly.

  40. Hi Jane,

    What a nice post. It got me thinking about my dear old friend from back home who I see maybe once a year if at all possible and we just reconnect when we meet like only a couple of days has gone by.

    I love having really good friends that I always can count on in good and bad situations.

    Thanks for making me think about my good friends.

  41. I love my grandmother. Her kindness, caring and compassion are like none other that I have ever seen. Besides, she is a great cook. Talk about comfort food and knowing you are home! My granny-nanny is the best!

  42. My husband and my three sons are my very best friends. We know each other inside and out and still enjoy our times together. My sister is also my best friend and also one of my critics, the same is said of my friend Lori and Carol. They are my close group and keep me going as I deal with some health issues at this time. Life is good and the positive attitudes gets us all by…honesty and laughing at ourselves. So glad you checked in today Jane…love ya, Ruth

  43. I love my bff that I have know since I was five years old. I have been calling her some lately because she has been off work for some surgery. We never get together very often but still keep in touch. This is bad because of the busy world we live in makes it hard to get together with old friends.

  44. I have 4 best friends that will do anything for me and eachother. We’ve been friends for 10 years.. It’s great.

  45. I love my children. I love to read. I love the fact that in a few years I will be done with college and have a career. Minimum wage does nothing for 3 children. I love this website because you talk to your readers. Thank you for the great blog and trust me you are never boring. 🙂

  46. I love this post!!
    I also love my kids even though teenagers sometimes make it very hard to love them. 🙂

  47. I had never heard of Lilian Darcy before..so I am really excited to read her work now!! I love hearing authors recommendations!

    Someone I love and cherish- My Grandma. Even though she passed away a few years ago, she is still in my heart and mind every single day. She taught me to be loving, caring and selfless. She was the one who took care of me on a daily basis while my parents were at work. I loved being at her house, spending the night, being spoiled. 🙂 She loved doing things for others-and often. She was the most loving lady I have ever met. I try to be more like her everyday. I miss her.

  48. I love my “sister” girls. I do not have biological sisters but 10 years ago I found some, Carol and Jo, my best friends. I just moved 3 hours away from them and miss them terribly.

  49. Jane,

    I love the fact that you write about what’s on your mind. The things you say are in turns funny, thought-provoking and heart-warming. I’ve had the pleasure of reading Lilian’s work and enjoy it very much.

  50. I love my grandpa. What an inspiration. All of the hard times he has went thru and he still only talks about the good in everything and how those trying times made his life better. Such an optimistic, hard working, loving guy.

    Would love to win this and get to read some books from a new author! I’m in need of some new material! 🙂

  51. I absolutely, positively LOVE, LOVE, LLLOOOVVE chick lit. Give me a romantic comedy or mystery with a love story and I completely escape. I mean, I totally. Check. Out. I live vicariously through the protagonist, pine over the guy, become wistful when he blows the girl away, and cry my eyes out every chance I get. Nothing keeps me sane more than reading the next chapter of a great love story!

    1. Oh man. I feel so foolish. Apparently, I misunderstood what you asked for. I gave you a what do I love instead of a who do you love. The who would be my Grandma Rose. She is currently in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s and is quickly getting worse. It’s hard to see her struggle with illness. The mind is such a hard thing to understand to begin with, much less try to figure ways to heal it. I will always remember my grandma as the loving woman who taught me to sew, love hard and give til it hurts.

  52. Jane,

    I am truly Blessed to have a group of very special friends, some have been friends for only a few years and I have one friend that has been my friend since the second grade.

    Two people that I treasure and can’t imagine my life without is my mom and grandma. They both are amazing women.

    Thanks Jane, for all the great things you do for us, and I always look forward to your next book

  53. I love my family, my husband and my two daughters, my sister who is the only one of my original family who lives close. I love my family who lives in Italy, my two adorable nephews whom I don’t get to see often enough. I love the friends I left in Italy and the new ones I made in Canada.
    I love and still miss my Mom every day even though she passed 15 years ago.

  54. I love life and the many people in my life. Of course my family and children hold a very special place in my heart, I just also realize how blessed I am to have such great friends and acquaintances.

  55. Someone I love? Just one? That’s tough. My husband and children are at the top of the list of course but I think today I’ll talk about my dear friend Mandy. I’ve only known her a couple of years but she’s probably the only girl-friend I have that I can truely be myself with. She brings out the best in me. She allows me to be me without judgement and that is a gift of immeasurable worth.

  56. Wow. I can’t pick one. I love the fact that I am sitting alone at my sun-filled kitchen table writing (or taking a break and surfing the web) finally settled in my new home on my own and in the neighborhood that I share with most of my support system. So that’s a lot to love. 🙂

  57. It’s hard to pick one….I am very blessed in the people I love department. But, the first who came to mind was my son’s teacher. My son is special and it takes extordinary patience to be his teacher, because it’s hard for him to learn in the “traditional” and especially the “no child left behind” way. She always goes the extra mile and keeps me in the loop. I don’t know what I would do with out her. I’ll be sad when she’s no longer his teacher, but I know I have a friend for life.

    1. Allie, your post is lovely…I hope you have told your son’s teacher how much she means to both of you. She will treasure your kind words of appreciation and they will sustain her during the times when the public ridicules the teaching profession.
      All the best to you.

    2. That is awesome and so rare. I’m glad your child has such a good teacher. I have a kid like that too and sometimes it’s a struggle.

      Bless her and you.

      Lisa B

      1. You’re right, unfortunately, it is rare:(. I have four kids…so sometimes I feel like I’ve seen it/them all. I’m blessed that this this child got this teacher.

        Thank you for your sweet comments. Good luck to you too!

  58. It has to be my mom. No one more loving and inspiring than her. She would do anything for anyone and truly had a heart of gold. Miss my mom so much.

    Love this post Jane! Would love to read some of Lilian’s books!! Have a great week!

  59. My mom! No one has given me more love and taught me so many valuable lessons in life. She has sacraficed so much for my brother and I and has always put us first. She is my rock and I don’t know what I would do without her.

  60. Ah, the Love of my Life is my Hubby…and of course our sons and their wives. And we all know “it’s the little ‘things’ that count”…so that would be our darling 2yr.old grandson! The special women in my life(Linda,Teresa,Betty, and Debbie) are my “three o’clock in the morning friends” … the ones I can call anytime about anything and they are there for me without question, but with lots love, support, concern, laughter, and occasionally wine or ice cream! In addition, they enjoy celebrating our family’s joys with me and don’t try to “one up” me or each other!Thank you for the book suggestions written by your friends. I read on your fb that you had read “Hunger Games”and couldn’t put it down.A young friend loaned
    me her copy awhile back and I couldn’t put it down either. Looking forward to the movie. (Just ‘previewed’ my comment but the time is an hour off! It’s still Sunday 11:21pm)

  61. I am so lucky because there are so many people that are amazing and that I love in my life! Family, friends, husband…who can pick one! I wouldn’t be able to live without my sister though 🙂

  62. Hi all, sorry I’m late announcing the winners today. I got a new prescription for my migraines and it’s thrown me off a little!

    Thanks for sharing about your loved ones!! I’ve picked two winners for the main prize –

    #28 Carolyn W.
    #34 Kim

    And I also picked 3 bonus winners –

    #60 Sally Johnson
    #19 Melinda Garza
    #2 Teri

    Congratulations! If the five winners could please shoot me a private email with your address, I’ll get your prize in the mail very soon!

    Also, Kim and Carolyn, when you send me your address, please also include your preferred t-shirt size!

    Thanks and enjoy!!


  63. Congratulations to all the winners. Jane, I hope your new meds make you feel better soon. Migraines are the pits!

  64. I am happy for all the winners!
    Sad that you are not feeling on top of the world Jane. Hope and pray that the new medicine will work for you.

  65. Awww Jane, hope you feel better soon. A couple of the moms from my kids’ school swear by peppermint oil for migraines. Dab on temples and under your nose. You can get the pure food grade oil on Amazon.
    Good luck with the new meds. Migraines are the pits. 🙁

    1. And if you do use the oil, ask your doctor first in case there are any interactions with the medicine you need to be aware of.

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