Many Many Stories Later

Still recovering from Mac’s fun party while writing fast and furious on Dragon’s Bride, my latest Harlequin Presents, that is due May 15th, and while packing for Tuscany (yes, I leave Thursday for Sharon Kendrick’s course at The Watermill!) and organizing the packing of Bellevue house and the move into the hotel on the 20th….yes.  Am feeling a little frantic.  Okay, more than a little frantic, but hey, that seems to be the Jane Porter way.

But in celebration of Sharon Kendrick’s fantastic looking course and my current Harlequin manuscript which I am loving writing, I wanted to do a special contest where I’m giving away the 1st Harlequin Presents I ever wrote, The Italian Groom, and the very last one I wrote, the 2nd book in my royalty duo, His Majesty’s Mistake, and you’ll have a chance to see how I’ve grown or changed as a storyteller over the years.  There will be 10 winners and along with the books you’ll get fun gift cards and pens and notepads and nail files and other JP reader goodies.

Want a chance to win?  Tell me 5 things that bring you happiness–and it can’t be people this time!  If you mention a person or family member you will be disqualified!  <g>  I want to know what you do when you need a pick me up, or what makes you smile, or what you cherish…

I’ll share my 5 happy things now:

1)  fresh flowers

2)  dancing like a mad woman to Adele’s Rolling In The Deep (playing it very loud)

3)  that first cup of coffee every morning

4)  remembering my travels and trips over the years

5)  the joy I find in books….particularly my beloved Georgette Heyer!

Your turn, now!  Contest runs through Thursday night, and the 10 winners will be announced Friday morning!  Good luck and have a wonderful week!





  1. 1. Coffee!
    2. Books, books and more books!
    3. rain
    4. snuggling with my black lab (she’s not a person… even though she thinks she is so this doesn’t disqualify me… right?? 🙂 )
    5. comedy movies and sometimes romance movies

  2. 1. Reading on the couch
    2. Raunchy comedies(Bridesmaids, Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
    3. Shopping for makeup
    4. Traveling/mini road trips
    5. Snacking

  3. 1)Salted caramel mocha from Starbucks, even though it is seasonal.
    4)Peanut butter

  4. 1) fires in the fireplace…with the window open to the sound of rain
    2) the beach
    3) books
    4) baking
    5) naps

  5. 1. Coffee!!!
    2. Days when I have NOTHING planned…enough said!
    3. The Pacific NW
    4. Freshly cut flowers in the house
    5. Chocolate

  6. 1. painting
    2. drawing
    3. dark chocolate
    4. watching favorite shows on t.v.
    5. sleeping while it is raining

  7. 1. Sunshine, especially during the winter months.

    2. Weekends and other days off from work.

    3. Reading, I always have a book going.

    4. Fresh flowers, even if I have to buy them for myself.

    5. Soft serve ice cream.

  8. 1) The sound of birds chirping in the morning

    2) Getting lost in a good book

    3) Flowers in bloom

    4) Putting my headphones in and losing myself in my music

    5) That first sip of my black tea latte

  9. 1) Books with funny quotes — I had a great Oscar Wilde quotes book that I gave to a friend going through a difficult divorce;
    2) Listening to Coldplay;
    3) Watching a romantic movie or reading a romance novel that transports me to another world;
    4) Remembering one of my best vacations; and;
    5) A favorite scent …. coffee, chocolate, roses….all three together is especially good:)

  10. 1) The smell of spring
    2) long walks
    3) soft serve ice cream with sprinkles (rainbow of course)
    4) sun showers
    5) reading a good book

  11. 1) Books
    2) Enjoying Life
    3) Candles(love them)
    4) Believe it or not I love to clean. Nothing smells better than a clean home 🙂
    5) Writing

  12. 1. Reading for pleasure
    2. A hot cup of cofee in the morning.
    3. The hummingbirds that visit my feeder.
    4. A piece of German Chocolate pie.
    5. Coupons.

  13. 1. Baking. I love baking, especially for other people. Just made pineapple jam and coconut bread.

    2. Reading. I enjoy reading almost anything but the pure JOY I feel when it’s a really good book? Unbelievable. You know, the kind where you feel a little sad when it’s over.

    3. Movies. I love immersing myself into a movie (preferably in the theater without distractions). It can be a comedy, drama..epic adventure.

    4. Music. Especially those days in the car where a good song comes on and I just belt it out. Who cares what anyone thinks? 🙂

    5. The ocean. Walking in the waves. From Miami..unbelievably warm to Washington (you have to be a diehard or truly love ocean storms, etc out here) it doesn’t matter. I love the ocean.

  14. 1- Listening to a tape of rain and thunder
    2- a good book to read
    3-reminising about good times
    4-writing a good story( at least to me)
    5-singing ( even if it is to myself)

  15. Great post and oh my goodness is your baby boy cute!

    1. Off to see a sad friend who called and asked for my help. We should all open the door for love and know the joy of giving it.
    2. Planning a short, impromptu trip to Barcelona.
    3. My kids crack me up.
    4. All my friends.
    5. Brave women like you who live the edict of “follow your passion”. 🙂

  16. My 5 happy:

    1) Photography….love taking shots of smiling subjects human or furry!!

    2) Blasting my favorite Duran Duran song when nobody is home and dancing like an 80’s fool!!

    3) Sand between my toes….

    4) Childhood memories

    5) A good lazy day that is raining cuddled up with a good book.

  17. 1. Waking every morning to a new day…every day that is given is a gift, we musn’t loose sight of that.

    2. Knowing that love does exist and can be in many different forms and sometimes may not be seen but heard, but regardless when and where it is there.

    3. Lilacs and hyacinths, the smell just sends relaxation and allows for a re-group, they are here for a short period of time so I cherish every sniff 🙂

    4. Quiet time, to grasp what may have been lost or just forgotten for a short period of time.

    5. The idea and thoughts of seeing so much more then my home town, my dreams and desires to see the world before my time is done here on earth.

  18. You do have a busy time coming up this month. hang in there, it’ll get done soon enough. And, then you’ll be in your beautiful new home before long. Have a fabulous trip too. My 5 things that make me happy are:
    1 the sound of seagulls at the ocean
    2. kittens, so tiny they fit in one hand
    3. watching romantic movie
    4. The smell of fresh spring air after the rain
    5. potatoes. Yes, as strange as it sounds, the smell of potatoes makes me happy. it takes me back to when I was a little girl and used to help my grandmother prepare dinner. She always had potatoes in her root cellar and I always went down to get them and helped cut them up. It’s one of the better memories from when I was young.

  19. 1. A fresh Jane Porter book 🙂
    2. Watching the sunset with my love
    3. A baby’s laugh
    4. Feeling sand between my toes
    5. A hot cup of Starbucks

  20. 1. Reading a really good book that I just can’t put down.

    2. First coffee of the day, preferably a latte from freshly roasted beans, best start to my day.

    3. The ocean – some things are just part of the soul.

    4. Time to just dig into a project and be solely focused on that. Housework does not count.

    5. I love my garden. Sometimes it’s digging in the dirt, sometimes it’s sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee and listening to birds or watching the deer (as long as they aren’t near the roses).

  21. Fun contest!

    5 things that make me happy:

    1. The smell of cinnamon rolls
    2. Relaxing with a great book
    3. The sound of the ocean
    4. The smell of rain
    5. Losing weight (contradiction to #1, I know!)

  22. 1. Reading, reading and reading.

    2. Taking a long hike in the woods or a walk on the beach.

    3. A baby’s laugh

    4. Wrapping up in warm blankets

    5. The look on a child’s face when (s)he masters a new skill

  23. 1.sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee,2.walking in my woooded neighborhood 3.reading a book 4.dancing to my favorite country music or Whitney Houston,Patti LaBelle, many others..5.going to church

  24. 1. Scrap booking supplies
    2. Pink tulips
    3. My cat’s nose when she has been sniffing pollen!
    4. Watching a body of water
    5. My blue blanket I bought while shopping with my sister

  25. Lot’s of things make me happy but I narrowed it down to 5:

    1. 70’s music, Loud so nobody can hear me sing.
    2. My morning attitude adjuster, a peppermint mocha
    3. Warm sand at the ocean
    4. An outdoor concert on a warm summer night.
    5. Of course a good book!

  26. Have a wonderful time in Tuscany, its a wonderful place-so jealous but I want to go out west somewhere to see mountains and all,never been’ll finish your writing…love your books.

  27. 🙂 this is a good task on a grey Monday (oh wait, the sun just came out!)
    1)reading the paper in bed with a cuppa in the early morning
    2)Going to class
    3)rainy mornings and sunny afternoons
    5)walks on Tiger Mt.:)

  28. This should be my every-Monday task, just to remind myself what things to “look for” in the week ahead!

    1. First cup of coffee at work Monday morning.
    2. Sunshine
    3. Fresh fruit
    4. A good book
    5. Time to read the good book

    Have a great trip/workshop…and oh my gosh, good luck with the packing!

  29. 1. coffee in the morning
    2. the sound of a cat purring in
    my lap
    3. naps
    4. the beach
    5. sitting in my favorite chair
    with a good book on a rainy

  30. Jane,
    I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your sweet little boy with us through pictures on your blog and facebook. I love watching him play and sleep and by such a boy! My own little boy will be graduating from high school in 3 short weeks. Wow! I’m excited for him but sad for me, that he’s grown so fast from sweet little boy to amazing young man.

    Anyway, to answer your question:

    1. Work in the garden
    2. Read a good book
    3. Listen to good inspirational music
    4. Hug my husband
    5. Look through photo albums

    While you’re running around like a crazy woman trying to get all your stuff done, don’t forget to take some time to take care of you 🙂 Hugs!

  31. HI Jane,
    Thanks for sharing those cute pictures of Mac in his pirate costume.
    5 things that make me happy:
    1.Being at Cannon Beach.
    2.Being in a bakery and looking at all the yummies, and ofcourse buying some of those to eat.
    3. Warm sunshine, not hot, but warm.
    4.When all the trees get their leaves back.
    5.Reading a really good book that I can’t put down.

  32. 1. The first sip of coffee in the morning.
    2. A good book
    3. A glass of wine
    4. Laughing until I cry
    5. Loud music and dancing in my kitchen.

  33. 1) cooking
    2) making Jams
    3) Tinkerbell and Tiger Lily my baby goats
    4) writing the end
    5) celebrating my friends signing that first contract

  34. What a great contest!

    1. Sitting on my porch at sunset or any time
    2. With a strong cup of coffee
    3. A book in my hands
    4. Or pen and paper
    5. And my dog laying at my side.

  35. 1. curled up on a couch reading in front of the fire

    2. sweet tea

    3. the smell of rain

    4. flowers

    5. watching a romantic movie

  36. Hi Jane!

    Can Mac get any cuter?

    1. Cooking/baking from scratch all day with no schedule.
    2. Smell of fresh cut grass, lilacs and roses.
    3. A bubble bath with a glass of wine and a book.
    4. A black and white movie and lots of popcorn.
    5. Walking through leaves in fall. The sound, the smell, the colors, the peace and quiet.
    6. I know one extra- picking fruits/vegetables from the garden, especially tomatoes and berries.

  37. 1. my doggies going nuts when I come home.
    2. sunflowers!
    3. going for a ride on the Harley!
    4. sunbreaks in Washington 🙂
    5. toes in the water, ass in the sand on the beach in Hawaii!! Miss it!

  38. 1. The sound and smell of the ocean
    2. Baby asparagus dripping with butter and salt
    3. A brand new book, just waiting to be read
    4.The daylilies in my garden
    5. Adding to my quilt fabric stash

  39. Fun contest, Jane. I keep hearing Julie Andrews singing, “These are a few of my favorite things…”

    So here goes.
    1. My morning ‘bucks. IE morning coffee, preferably Starbucks.
    2. My Pommy’s. I have three dogs that make me laugh like a crazy-woman.
    3. Watching the birds that live on the little lake behind my house.
    4. Football. Roll the marching band into that please!
    5. The blue sky. That’s because we transferred to a place where the sun never came out, but we managed to get back to our IL home after 8 years away, and I’m convinced those years in ‘exile’ were God’s way to make sure I appreciated the work that goes into making us a clear blue sky! Always brings me true joy!

  40. Great post Jane! My kids could tell you all five of the things I do. They think I am crazy when they catch me doing any of them. ” Mom how many times can you watch that?” ” You’re reading that again!?” and my favorite,” Mom really?” Here are my pick me ups:

    #1.Singing along to my playlist on my Ipod, loudly especially the Miranda Lambert song, Gunpowder and Lead.

    #2. Looking at the pictures on my wall of all the lighthouses I have taken pictures of to remind me of the Gulf Coast.

    #3. Putting my hand in my storage baggie of Florida sand to remind me of the goal I work so hard for and that’s moving back there.

    #4. Getting lost in a good book that I have read over and over again stopping only to run my finger over the parts I have highlighted like the phrase in Flirting With Forty,” I’ve spent the first forty years of my life trying to please others. Could I possibly spend the next forty trying to please me?” Then telling myself ,Yes I can.

    #5. And finally, plopping down on my belly on my palm tree comforter to spend the evening laughing at my Gabriel Iglesias videos.

    Ahhhhhh those are the moments. I love my teenage and grown sons but those are momma’s moments

  41. 1. A hot cup of tea
    2. The peace of the early morning
    3. The smell of a new book
    4. Fresh flowers
    5. warm chocolate chip cookies

  42. Things that make me smile…

    1. Driving PCH listening to 80’s music with the top down on my car, on a sunny day.

    2. A really good 2 hour massage.

    3. Making home-made Monte Cristo Sandwiches for dinner.

    4. Hiding under the covers with a great book on a rainy day.

    5. The sunrise view out of my “office” window – at 30,000 feet.

  43. 1.) The morning sun streaming through the windows.

    2.) Walking on the beach when no one else is there and watching the sandpipers run from the surf.

    3.) A perfect hot cup of coffee with pastry.

    4.) SINGING backup/harmonies for singer/songwriter Brian McKenzie.

    5.) Wandering a bookstore for the perfect new book.

  44. 1) A phone call with my best friend. Always feel so energized and loved after that…

    2) Chocolate!

    3) Starbucks Iced Coffee

    4) A completely organized and cleaned house, ha ha ha…

    5) A hotly anticipated new book!

  45. 1. A lazy day at home with a good book.
    2. Singing along with the radio in the car (even though I can’t carry a tune).
    3. Watching a good action/adventure movie.
    4. Lying in bed, listening to a soft rain on the roof.
    5. A long, leisurely shower where the water doesn’t get cold.

  46. 1) working in the flower bed
    2) beach vacations
    3) reading on a Sunday morning
    4) enjoying the quite outside on the patio on an early summer morning
    5) Nascar

  47. 1. singing my favorite songs when no ones around (I’m generous like that…because I can’t sing!)
    2. when one or both of my cats want to snuggle with me.
    3. sitting on the computer at 10:40 pm at night not wanting to start a new book…because the downloads are coming in little more than an hour. 🙂
    4. any time I get to spend on the beach. It’s been years since I’ve lived on the beach and I miss it so much.
    5. thinking and planning my next several vacations. always gets me excited and happy!

  48. 1. I love to do what I did today…go to a craft store (bead store today) and get a project going for a friend,or myself.

    2. I love to get outside and watch birds. I taught myself how to watch, identify and learn about the different birds wherever I’ve lived.

    3. I love to bake or create something in the kitchen.

    4. Always love that first, fresh cup of coffee, especially off the camp stove. Gotta have cream though.

    5. I love to “idea shop” for home decor or gifts I might give sometime. This can be anywhere from fancy stores to thrift stores or antiques. Most fun if I can make any of these things myself for less $.

  49. Mac is quite the character! His pictures just make me smile! Thank you for sharing.

    1- fresh flowers
    2- something sparkly
    3- going for a walk
    4- glass (or two) of wine
    5- music – the louder the better!

  50. 1. Watching the sunset
    2. Reading a book- especially one I’ve been waiting to read for a long time.
    3. Chocolate- I’m crazy for anything sweet LOL
    4. The sea- watching the sea makes me so calm and happy
    5. The sound and smell of rain.

  51. 1 Taking a walk on a nice cool spring day
    2 Reading a good book
    3 Tulips and other spring flowers
    4 Chocolate
    5 That first cup of coffee in the mornings.

    1. Just have to add one more and that is babies, just had a new baby great niece born last night.

  52. Jane,

    Wow, you have a lot going on. I know that you will make it all work out. Enjoy Tuscany, take lots of pictures to share with us! My 5 things that make me smile or bring me happiness are:

    1. Butterflies!
    2. Books!
    3. Soft Serve Ice cream with sprinkles or a really decadent piece of chocolate (depending on what it is available)
    4. Singing or whistling loudly and I am afraid off key.
    5. Playing with my cats/kittens

    Hope your week goes smoothly!

  53. 1. Walking along the beach – beach-combing.
    2. Reading a great book.
    3. The smell of rain on a hot Summer’s day.
    4. The first mango of the season.
    5. Watching a DVD on a rainy afternoon.

  54. Aloha Jane… these are five things I could think of tonight that bring me joy ~

    1) Those little white birds that follow the riding lawn mowers when they do yard work (looking for the bugs that get spit out as the mowers move) – they even follow the guy that does edging with the weed wacker and waters the plants! They crack me up!!

    2) Any kind of drive that involves listening to reminiscent music blasting, like Boston’s “Don’t Be Afraid”

    3) Running into old compadres I have not seen in a decade (just happened Friday)… such small, small world we live in

    4) Getting lost in a movie that totally changes my perception and perspective on life as it is

    5) Listening to live music at a concert where I can feel the energy

    * (oh, and the smells of popcorn, steak on the grill, and fresh cut grass) 🙂

  55. Hi Jane,

    1. Waking up on Saturday morning and realizing it is the weekend!
    2. The smell of outdoor fires and leaves in the fall
    3. Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”
    4. The first time I can put my toes in the sand after the 9 hour drive to Outer Banks, NC
    5. Ireland

    Have an outstanding trip to Tuscany, enjoy some fine wine for me!


  56. Hi Jane,

    I love the pictures of Mac. He’s just so yummy!

    5 of my favorite things are:

    1)a cup of coffee in the morning
    2)a strawberry cupcake
    3)sun showers
    4)a cool breeze on a warm day
    5)the sun on my face

  57. Hi Jane,
    We just got back from my son’s wedding in chilly RI, always nice to be home. Enjoyed Mac’s birthday pictures, he is one doll!
    1) I love planning vacations and short weekend trips.
    2) Spring.
    3) Planting my gardens.
    4) Beach.
    5) Cooking.
    I hope you have a fun trip to Tuscany, be safe…Ruth

  58. 1. chocolate-any kind, anywhere.
    2. my cat-so optimistic.
    3. a hand-written thank you card.
    4. a new book in a beloved series.
    5. the sound of water (beach, rain, any kind0>

  59. 1. The end of a long run.
    2. Saturday afternoon sitting on the front porch.
    3. Watching Dancing With The Stars.
    4. Finding a new author.
    5. Vacation!!

  60. Love the pictures of Mac, he is super cute.

    1. The smell of fresh cut grass.
    2. A water view, any body of water.
    3. Sleeping in.
    4. Reading.
    5. Camping.

  61. Hi Jane!
    5 things that make me Happy:
    1. A day with nothing planned
    2. A book store when I have time to just wander and look until I get tired
    3. Chocolate Cake
    4. New Candles
    5. The first day of a new Cruise

  62. My five happy things are:

    1. Books
    2. Cheesecake
    3. Flowers
    4. Watching a good tv show
    5. The smell of fresh baked bread

  63. 1)Watching the birds at my feeder
    2)Fresh flowers
    3)Feeling the sunshine on my skin
    4)The smell of rain in the desert
    5)Practicing yoga

  64. 1. Clean sheets on the bed
    2. Sleeping in on the weekends
    3. watching a funny movie
    4. a delicious meal at a great restaurant
    5. walking barefoot on the grass

  65. My first and formost happiness and pick me up:

    1. Great Sex

    2. Long walks on the beach

    3. Kisses from horses

    4. Photographing in general

    5. Reading, Reading, Reading

  66. 1. My cat, Loretta, running to greet me when I come home from work.
    2. The sun coming out on a day that started out dreary.
    3. Loose, comfy old jeans.
    4. Fluffing clothes as they come out of the dryer.
    5. A good cup of tea!

  67. 1) Sunshine makes me happy/smile
    2) Butterflies remind me of good times
    3) a picnic/BBQ in the park
    4) cup of hot chocolate/white or dark
    5) driving in the rain with the street lights shining on the rain

  68. 1. Spending hours in a book store
    2. Walking on the beach
    3. Romantic comedies
    4. Watching old photos
    5. The color of brand new leaves on the trees in spring

  69. I would have to say mine would be the following.

    1. My love of books and reading a good book.
    2. Going down to the shore (or beach) my sister & brother in law have a shore house so I go alot especially from Memorial day until labor day.
    3. working on my needlepoint.
    4. Going to a favorite store and just looking around.
    5. The summer or the spring (especially summer because I’m at the shore more often)

  70. 1. Being able to spend a selfish amount of time reading a great chick lit or rom com.
    2. Going to the gym and working out. This is new for me. I used to hate to sweat and exercise. Now, it’s a big deal if I don’t get to the gym.
    3. Shoe shopping.
    4. Pinterest.
    5. Taking pictures.

  71. 1. A day off from work
    2. Wandering up and down the book shelves at the library
    3. A good movie
    4. Mexican food
    5. Playing a trip to Greece that I will take some day!

  72. 1. Reading a book
    2. Children’s laughter
    3. Watching a sunrise/sunset
    4. Daydreaming about winning the lottery and all the good things I would do
    5. Making a lists of places I would love to visit

    Have a great week, Jane.

  73. 1. The first coffee of the day.
    2. The beach, at sunset
    3. Books
    4. An outfit that fits just right:)
    5. Planning a trip

  74. 1. Coffee
    2. Vacations
    3. Long walks on the beach.
    4. Date nights
    5. Bubble baths with a good book in hand.

  75. My 5 Happy Things would be:

    1) Books

    2) Reading said books

    3) Beautiful Spring days

    4) A good game of pool

    5) Last, but certainly not least, my Cats!!

  76. 5 things that make me happy:

    1. Yoga
    2. Work – (I am an interior designer and love what I do)
    3. Learning to cook something new and it turns out amazing!
    4. Getting lost in a book and having the time to do it.
    5. Travel

  77. 1. Dark Chocolate M&M’s
    2. My dog Bridgette
    3. A clean house
    4. Flowers blooming in the yard
    5. Reading a good book outside

    Gosh Jane, Packing on top of everything else. You are wonder woman. I would be in major panic mode.

  78. 1 Reading a good book with no interruptions
    2 Good food
    3 Taking a walk and enjoying the scenery
    4 taking photographs of things in nature. I’m a sometimes hobby photographer
    5 Buying myself a pretty boquet of flowers now and then.

    It’s simple things what can i say lol Safe trip!

    Lisa B

  79. 1. Tim Horton’s xlarge coffee with 2 cream/2 sugar.
    2. French music
    3. Croque Monsieur (so delish!)
    4. How my yard looks after I’ve finished Spring planting
    5. Indie films

  80. Hummm too many to list.
    1. Starbuck’s
    2. Smell of a new book
    3. My hammock
    4. Stars and the moon, yep here in Texas everything is bigger!
    5. The sound and smells of the beautiful ocean.

  81. Take me to my happy place.

    1.Prozac shelf where live my Georgette Heyers, Agatha Christie, Ellis Peters, other Golden Age Mystery writers and Biggles.

    2.Video shelf with my special movies. e.g. Sense and Sensibility with Alan Rickman, Three versions of Pride and Prejudice and It’s a Wonderful Life.

    3.My vintage HM&B’s I can spend hours just reading the blurbs on the back to remind me of the pleasure they gave me.

    4. Going to a cinema by myself so I can just totally immerse myself without worrying if my companions are enjoying it or if I’m laughing in the wrong spot.

    5. Long distance driving. This is where I often create stories in my mind.

  82. !. napping
    2. a great sale
    3. looking at old photos
    4. the smell of new books
    5. watching the boxer dogs play and love on each other.

  83. my happy 5:

    1. visiting beautiful places [just returned from a cruise to Progresso + Cozumel]

    2. finding a new lipgloss

    3. pedicures

    4. finally having a tan and getting rid of my Indiana white color

    5. warm chocolate melting cake!

  84. Oh, this is fun!

    Five Things That Make Me Happy:

    1. the color orange

    2. ‘playing with,’ rearranging the books in my home office

    3. a box of books arriving from

    4. reading, curled up with my Boxers

    5. having that first cup of strong black coffee on the screened-in porch and watching the birds early in the am

  85. Great pictures, Jane!
    1. Seeing the first Hummingbird of the spring.
    2. Spending time with family.
    3. Books Books & more Books!
    4. Sunrises
    5. Chocolate

  86. Great contest. My 5:
    1. reading one of my keepers
    2. the birds chirping in the morning
    3. our local lizards doing their push-ups in the sun
    4. iced tea with lemon
    5. a hike through the desert

  87. Here are my 5:
    1. Being at the beach
    2. Watching Harry Potter movies
    3. A cup of hot chocolate
    4. White Flowers
    5. Hiking

  88. Hi Jane!

    My 5 things are:
    1) Books!
    2) Fall weather
    3) Baking
    4) Chocolate
    5) Music

    Hope you have a great trip to Tuscany (so jealous)!

  89. 1. Baking
    2. Looking at beautiful snow in front of a cozy fireplace (with book in hand!)
    3. Nature
    4. Music
    5. Coffee!!!

  90. My five happy thing right now is:
    – Reading
    – Baking
    – Singing
    – Swimming
    – Hot apple cider 🙂

  91. Going on a hike and getting to the top of the trail; eating ripe strawberries picked in the field still warm from the sun; looking at the sunshine sparking on the lake ripples; the smell of baking; and of course, reading a good book.

  92. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for sharing your 5 happy things with me!! Our winners are:

    #51 Dea Lyn Ogata
    #52 Lisa-Rose
    #71 Tammie M
    #40 Amy Kennedy
    #36 Danielle Peck
    #30 Annette Jenkins
    #26 Andrea Coventry
    #21 Stacey Fry
    #20 Kelley Ciampa
    #6 Heidi

    Shoot me your mailing info, ladies and we’ll get these prizes in the mail to you soon!

    love to all,

    1. Oh my gosh, I’m SO EXCITED! Thank you SO MUCH Jane!!! Have a fabulous time in Tuscany, and thank you so much again!!! <3

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