Many Many Stories Later

Still recovering from Mac’s fun party while writing fast and furious on Dragon’s Bride, my latest Harlequin Presents, that is due May 15th, and while packing for Tuscany (yes, I leave Thursday for Sharon Kendrick’s course at The Watermill!) and organizing the packing of Bellevue house and the move into the hotel on the 20th….yes.  Am feeling a little frantic.  Okay, more than a little frantic, but hey, that seems to be the Jane Porter way.

But in celebration of Sharon Kendrick’s fantastic looking course and my current Harlequin manuscript which I am loving writing, I wanted to do a special contest where I’m giving away the 1st Harlequin Presents I ever wrote, The Italian Groom, and the very last one I wrote, the 2nd book in my royalty duo, His Majesty’s Mistake, and you’ll have a chance to see how I’ve grown or changed as a storyteller over the years.  There will be 10 winners and along with the books you’ll get fun gift cards and pens and notepads and nail files and other JP reader goodies.

Want a chance to win?  Tell me 5 things that bring you happiness–and it can’t be people this time!  If you mention a person or family member you will be disqualified!  <g>  I want to know what you do when you need a pick me up, or what makes you smile, or what you cherish…

I’ll share my 5 happy things now:

1)  fresh flowers

2)  dancing like a mad woman to Adele’s Rolling In The Deep (playing it very loud)

3)  that first cup of coffee every morning

4)  remembering my travels and trips over the years

5)  the joy I find in books….particularly my beloved Georgette Heyer!

Your turn, now!  Contest runs through Thursday night, and the 10 winners will be announced Friday morning!  Good luck and have a wonderful week!




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