Settling in…Sort of

I’m in my house…barely!

It’s a juggling act still, trying to get settled when we’re having contractors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, heating specialists, and audio/visual techies in virtually every room.  My office, though, is pure chaos and I can’t write until it’s unpacked and organized, and sadly, I can’t even get to my office to unpack and organize when I’m needed in every other room to make decisions.  Help!!

One of my boys, too, has decided not to move with me and it was a very sudden, shocking decision…at least for me.  I’ve never not had my boys live with me but son Ty didn’t want to leave Bellevue, and his dad was willing to move back there from Arizona so hopefully it will work out for him.  Right now it’s hard to be okay with the decision but eventually I will adjust to life without him in the house.

I desperately want to hear from you!  Fill me in!  Tell me what’s going on.  I’ve got 3 great fun surprises…gift cards galore…and contest ends Friday night at midnight PST, with winner announced Saturday morning.  Check back Saturday to see if you won.

Have missed you!

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