Amazing You!

I’ve had an incredible couple of weeks.  After two years without a big book out…after eighteen months without a lot of promo and book events, touring or book club appearances, it’s so good to be back out in the public world, meeting readers, seeing friends, talking about the publishing industry, the changes in the book community, the inspiration behind the Brennan Sisters trilogy.  I am honestly on a high.  I sometimes find it exhausting traveling so much, but then I have a night like last night in Kirkland, WA where 65 readers and friends came to celebrate the launch of The Good Woman with me, and then I’m recharged and blessed.

Do you have any idea how lucky I feel to have you in my life?  Do you know that being a storyteller is important to me, but even more important is knowing that I get to be part of a community with you? That I have a relationship with you?  That through books, I now know you? Forgive me for being so mushy and gushy, but this month the sense of community and support has just dazzled me.  I’m overwhelmed, and touched, and grateful.

Thank you to those of you who have taken time to come see me.

Thank you to those of you who’ve bought the new book and posted reviews.

Thank you to those of you who are hoping to read it soon.  Do read it soon!  I get so excited everytime I hear from you about the book…whether its good or bad, passionate or frustrated.  Writing and reading is how I form connections and bonds, and sharing books and stories with you helps me feel closer to you…connected to you.  I’m serious when I say that you really do matter.  I wouldn’t be here–published–if it weren’t for you.   I’m in print because of you and it wouldn’t be half as fun, or joyous, or inspiring, to write if I didn’t get to have you in my life, talking books, talking about life, sharing dreams, sharing heartbreak.

I’ve had a couple really hard days this week due to a personal situation (a parenting crisis), and I’d enter my hotel room and stand there reeling in shock, wondering what I’m doing on the road, what I’m doing juggling writing and parenthood, but then I’d walk into one of my events– Third Place Books on Monday, or the party last night in Kirkland, and see a room full of people—there for me–and it moved me to tears.  Good tears.  Happy tears.  You see, I honestly couldn’t do this without you.  I couldn’t.  And this is why I want to give back to you, and other women, love, support, connection, community.  We’re not alone.  Not ever.  All we have to do is look out, reach out, care.

Tonight I make an appearance at Warwick Books in La Jolla, in San Diego County.  The wonderful, talented, and generous Anita Hughes (author of the very successful Monarch Beach) is joining me and we will both be discussing our novels, and how we write, and what we’re working on next.  Anita has become a good friend as well as my neighbor, as she’s just a few miles from me in Dana Point.  All the details for tonight’s event are up on my website event page, or you can find details on Facebook, too.

So fill me in on what’s going on.  I have a special Good Woman giveaway for you, and the prize includes a signed copy of The Good Woman, a signed copy of Anita’s amazing debut novel, Monarch Beach, a Starbucks drink card, a California mug, and tons of JP swag.   This is a prize bursting out of the box and I’d love for you to win.  How?  Just chat with me by posting a comment below between now and Sunday night, Sept 23rd at midnight, and I’ll announce the winner Monday morning,  Good luck, and remember, you are amazing…a gift, a joy, and a VIP to me.



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