The Fallen Greek Bride

I got my book finished last night and sent it in to the editor.  I loved writing it but it’s a long story and I can’t wait to hear what my editor thinks!

Now I’m going to catch up on other things like sharing with you the March ’13 cover for RT Book Reviews Magazine.  They’ve done a really nice spread inside featuring my February and March releases – The Good Daughter, Be Mine, Cowboy (novella in My Cowboy Valentine) and The Fallen Greek Bride.  I’ll see if later there’s a way to get the article on my website if any of you who don’t subscribe to RT would like to read it.

RT also gave The Good Daughter and Be Mine, Cowboy 4 Star reviews and The Fallen Greek Bride was a RT Top Pick with 4 1/2 Stars, which is really nice.  Here’s a snippet of the review –

“Porter makes her larger-than-life characters appeal by stripping away the opulent façade to reveal the base emotions everyone understands: hurt, anger and, most of all, love.  Add breathtaking vistas and a couple whose explosive intensity is evident on every dramatic page, and you have a winner.” – RT Book Reviews  TOP PICK! 4 ½ Stars

 To celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of  The Fallen Greek Bride and a copy of my novella, Be Mine, Cowboy, along with a Starbucks drink card and more JP goodies.  For a chance to win, talk to me.  Tell me what your plans are for this weekend and then check back next week to see if you’re a winner!


  1. Love the RT cover! Yay for your upcoming releases. Can’t wait to read all three.

    I have my niece tomorrow. Our plans are to make the trek to her futsal game and then a visit to the Books-a-Million. I love that she is a reader.

  2. Great news on the magazine spread for a well deserving person. This weekend I’m staying inside and trying to keep warm…except for teaching my Jr. Church class on Sunday.

  3. I’m so excited about you books coming out. I can’t wait to read them. Congratulations on the magazine too. If anyone really deserves that, it’s you. I’m also happy to hear you got your latest book writing finished last night. I hope you have some peaceful and restful days coming up. Not too much planned for my weekend. We have a couple modifications left to do on the kitty wheelchair and hope it will be ready for use this weekend. Every time we take it over to my friend’s house to try it out, we think of something else that would work better. I’m glad my husband has the patience and knowledge to make things. He’s been doing all the hard work designing it. I’m just doing the pretty part, padding and washable cover.

  4. Sadly my plans are attending my godmothers funeral. Not how I planned on spending the weekend, but sharing family time and celebrating her life will be the upside.

    1. Sorry for your loss, remember all of the great memories you have of her and that you will always treasure in your heart.

  5. Congratulations on finishing your book and the cover girl shot on the magazine. It’s raining right now and looks like we might have a rainy weekend, so I think it will be a weekend to stay inside and get some things done around my house. Enjoy your weekend, Jane.

  6. Jane,

    This weekend I have laundry, basketball for my son, an oil change for my car, and dinner plans with friends…of course the weekend starts tonight with dance team for my daughter and the bake sale for her 8th grade trip. I am really looking forward to next weekend though when my daughter and I travel into NYC with her dance team for a workshop and to see Newsies on Feb 3rd. Hopefully we can find some time for shopping too! And then it’s time for your Event in Cranford 🙂

    Hope you are relaxing before your trip!!


  7. Congrats on the great reviews, Jane. I guess my weekend is going to include reading one of your books. 😉 I was so excited to see you are coming to NJ…until I realized I’ll be in TX while you are here. Oh, well. Maybe next time!

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  8. Congratulations on finishing your novel. Your photo on RT is wonderful and you are a special woman. I will be busy with sons and their babies this weekend. Enjoy your weekend and best wishes.

  9. This weekend we are going bowling & to the movies. None of us are very good bowlers but we have fun & laugh a lot. Not sure what movie we are seeing. I usually let the kids pick. Congrats on your accomplishments. Lots of love to you.

  10. Since we have freezing rain and everything is iced over, I’m staying in. I plan on reading, watching tv, and drinking some hot chocolate. I’m hoping we don’t lose our electric or we won’t have tv, internet, hot water, and heat.

  11. Hi Jane!
    Congrats on finishing! Great cover…My only plans are taking the kiddos to a Birthday party on Sunday, which entails getting a gift before….My girlie wraps up her GS cookie pre-orders today, and there is rain in the forecast up here in the South Bay, just north of you…
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Congratulations on all your wonderful news! I am hanging with my brother and his wife tomorrow afternoon and meeting with my writer pals on Sunday morning. I love weekends!

  13. Taking my 5 1/2 yr. old daughter to dance tonight in her dance company’s half-time performance at a local high school basketball game … She’s SO excited! Tomorrow begins with football for my 8 yr. old son … Love watching him play! Then dance rehearsals for the little princess, and baseball practice for my almost 11 yr. old son … They’re revving things up for an upcoming tourney. After that, we’ll head off to a dear family friend’s for a super-fun birthday celebration. We’ll wrap things up for the day with date night for my darling hubby & me …if we’re not passed out from exhaustion, that is! 😉 Sunday will be a day of rest for all of us!

  14. Congrats on finishing the book. I do hope you can just let down & relax, maybe take a long soak in the tub :).
    I will be working at least part of the weekend. It’s end-of-year and so many reports and deadlines (W-2, 1099, Contribution statements, statistical reports)to do. And hubby is feeling very poorly, so won’t take-in a movie this weekend — maybe I’ll get to read while doing laundry :).

  15. Well, tonight I am meeting with my friends, Cheryl Hill (I think you know her, lol!!) and Jennifer Crow to discuss your book “The Good Woman” over dinner. Oh, what a great conversation that is going to be! The rest of my weekend will be spent playing with my children and getting together with my parents, brother and his family to celebrate my dad’s birthday!

    Hope that you have a great weekend, too!

    P.S. I have also been asked to go to Bozeman next month to meet a certain talented author!! I am floating on Cloud 9 with anticipation of this meeting! I feel so blessed that I have been invited!!

  16. Congrats on finishing (at least for the time being :)) your latest novel. Hopefully your weekend will be better than mine. I’ll be resting at home trying to kick whatever my system has been fighting for the past 3 weeks. Being/feeling sick is yucky. 🙁

  17. I got called in last night and was at the hospital until 2am, I’m going to sleep and get ready for my trip to your other home! I’m going to visit Hawaii in march!! The covers look great, I’m waiting for my other Jane purchases from amazon. 🙂 Also, it’s my sons 14 th birthday, so I’m going to plan a small party for him.

  18. Dog training in the morning, then my grandson’s birthday party, then a massage! Wooo hoooo!

    What about you? Are you celebrating finishing the book?

  19. We are babysitting for my stepson’s son tomorrow. He will turn one next month, and is so much fun to be around. Maybe on Sunday we will catch a movie…looking at seeing Silver Linings Playbook. Other than that, not much else planned. I hope you have a fun weekend celebrating the fact that you turned your book in. I’m happy it is a long story…more to enjoy. And that would be awesome if you can post the interview to this website. Love the magazine cover! Have a great weekend.

  20. We are having the college students from church over to night to make s’mores on our firepit. Then Sat my sil and mil are coming in town to shop. 🙂 It’s going to be a fun weekend! I can’t wait to read your books!

  21. Another busy weekend. There will be basketball games, school open housse and prepping house for Super Bowl party. My husband has decided to celebrate his 9ers being in the bowl that he is going to paint the house. Yay for me!

  22. Congratulations Jane! I just started reading Nora Roberts Boonsboro series and I will be shoveling snow! Yay to the reading, yuck to the shoveling! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  23. Plans: read. nap. bike ride. read. nap. walk with neighbor lady and dog. read. eat homemade soup. nap. watch movie. read. sleep.

  24. Congrats on all of your good news. I plan on trying to get some cleaning done but hubby will be home so I want get much done. Also try to get some reading in.

  25. My plans this weekend include staying warm and hibernating during this winter weather. I am thankful to have commuted home safely over the mountain. Meditate. Read. Relax.

  26. I’m very excited for this weekend. I’m in GA for a work class for a month and I drove home today. I missed my parents and puppy so much. It’s so good to be home!

  27. Congratualations on finishing the book and the great reviews & picture on RT.
    I am looking forward to going home tonight to dinner already made (beef stroganoff …love my crock pot) finishing the book I’m reading and starting a new one! Nothing but reading & relaxing for my weekeend.

  28. I’m hoping it’s not too cold this weekend (record cold yesterday). I want to get outside for a bit. Other than that, I’d like to read and bake.

  29. Great cover photo, Jane! Congratulations on finishing your book! The roads are icy here in Charlotte so I plan to hunker down, read, write and enjoy life. 🙂

  30. Work, a trip to the library, and probably grocery shopping. Hopefully finally getting our puppies leash trained. By the way, you look great on the magazine cover.

  31. it’s snowing right now, so that may change plans. have to take oldest (boy1)to SAT’s in the morning, then boy2 has basketball and fusal, boy3 just goes along for the ride. later boy1 has lacrosse. In between, I’ll make lunch. lol. If they’re canceled, I’ll stay in and read.

  32. Hi Jane,

    Congrats on finishing your book. How exciting. Hopefully you can get some much needed rest. Tonight I’m going to a passion party. It should be interesting. I’ve never been to one. I also have my book club meeting on Sunday. I can’t wait. I love my meetings and spending time with my girls. I can’t wait to see you in less than two weeks!!! xoxoxo

  33. My plans for this weekend are to attend a workshop put on by my local writing chapter, COFW. I hope this workshop is as great as the one you did for us!

  34. Can’t wait to spend the day scrapbooking with my friend at an all-day crop put on by the PTA. Sunday is my son’s last Pinewood Derby as a Cub Scout. Family fun!

  35. That’s a great cover and congratulations on the wonderful reviews. We are getting our son ready to go back to college this weekend.

  36. This weekend I will be planning adouble birthday party for my boys and house hunting… Also filling out the invitations and mailing them out 🙂

  37. I was so tickled when I opened my magazine yesterday and saw you on the cover!

    I’m planning on staying inside this weekend and trying to stay warm while reading. 😉

  38. Taking my granddaughter to a children’s concert in the morning and relaxing the rest of the days.

    Congratulations on finishing your book!

  39. Hi Jane!
    Congrats on the great review in RT! That is so exciting! Also on finishing your book!
    Weekend plans include my son’s science project, his basketball game and a surprise birthday party tomorrow. Church on Sunday and all in all what looks to be a great weekend!
    Hope your weekend is fabulous too!

  40. This weekend, I’m grading papers for my college courses and finishing up the last part of my rough draft for my third YA!!! Not anywhere near being a final draft, but I’m okay with that. :o) Am also taking La Petite Adult (age 5) to basketball practice and a Star Wars/Lego birthday party–but only if her sniffles today don’t turn into a full-blown head cold. :o(

  41. I am supposed to be relaxing this weekend after putting in quite a bit of OT this week. Instead, I got suckered into working more. Feel pretty bad…our hospital is full. Tons of sick patients and lots of staff out sick. Not a good combo. Hopefully I won’t be next! Hoping next weekend I can relax with a good book… It’s been too long! 🙂

  42. All four of us are going swimming tomorrow.
    And then we are going up to the mountains to play in the snow on Sunday.
    I hope you have a great weekend now when you have finished writing the book, “The Good Wife”.

  43. Whoohoo, doing a happy dance for you! I am so glad that you finished the book! I know it will amazing.

    I actually just starting subscribing to the RT Review and I am hoping that your cover will be my first issue. I was able to view the article online and it was so good!

    My weekend will be crazy as usual going with a friend to more creative card type stuff in the am and a much needed hair salon visit in the afternoon. Sunday is brunch with a friend, family stuff’ but in between I am going to snuggle with a blanket and good book since it is supposed to rain all weekend.

  44. Hola Jane!
    Hope all is going well. Tomorrow I will be getting together with my mom, sister, 3 aunts, 3 cousins – all girls luncheon. We try to get together on a monthly basis and just hang out and celebrate birthdays. We are just doing Dec’s as we were all so busy during the holiday season.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  45. Love the cover, Love your books! Today is my birthday so I am about to go out dancing with friends. Tomorrow, I am hanging out with my family.

  46. Spending time with my husband, he works out of town all week, and is only home on weekends. We may go to a movie, not sure which one yet.

  47. Just going to stay in the warmth. We’re in a cold snap here in Indiana.

    That is great that you are in the RT magazine. I hope the publicity pays off in book sales!

  48. My biggest plan this weekend is to stay indoors & away from the wild weather we are having. It just seems to be all extremes lately.

  49. Congrats Jane on your upcoming releases. The cover looks amazing. I’m still recovering from the Flu so I’ll be taking it easy.
    Carol L.

  50. I want to go to cut my hair because chinese new year is only 15 days now and want to buy other new year’s stuff

  51. Jane, I am so happy for you with the RT Book Reviews cover and article. You look beautiful and it is a well deserved honor. I so hope you can borrow the article and post it here, so we can read it. Or is there a place to buy the journal?

    Congrats on the new book being sent to the editor. That must be a great feeling!

    I am spending the weekend trying to get well. I have lost my voice completely. Ugh! Take care Jane and again great news from you. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Congrats on your wonderful news!!
    This weekend I’ll be going to my Son’s HS that he graduated from almost 3yrs ago but plays each year in the jazz band which performs during their silent auction to raise money for the band kids to go on a trip and perform in different venues. His GF is a Sr this year so he’s supporting her trip. I’ve always helped the band by donating books in baskets and crocheting an afghan in the Skl colors. It’s an honor that the band director asks my Son to join them every year. I’m very proud of him and love his GF. It will be a fun evening.

  53. Hi Jane,
    Congrats on the great reviews of your books!
    I am working on report cards for my 5th graders this weekend, but I am going to take a break and meet a good friend for lunch and a movie. I loved your Facebook comment about finally getting to watch all your TV shows that you had recorded and leaf through magazines. What a great way to relax after you have been so busy writing .
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  54. Birthday supper for friend tonight, followed by three loads of laundry. Sunday will hopefully find me tidying up, as well as redoing more shelf paper (mactac) in my kitchen. (I’ve done 21 of the 52 shelves/drawers so far….)

  55. Congragulations! You are a wonderful writer and you truely appreciate your readers, which is wonderful for us. This weekend we are going to VEGAS. For the first time ever, I admit I have nervous, I have never traveled or been on a plane. But I am really excited! Enjoy your weekend Jane.

  56. Hi Jane,
    From Tucson– I just heard you will be at the Tucson Festival of Books this March. YEAH!! Looking forward to hearing you speak.

    This weekend I am doing financial aid forms for my sons. They start college next year. So I’d appreciate something to cheer me up.

    1. I feel your pain! I’ve been doing the same thing lately as we get ready to send our daughter to college next fall.
      Good luck! 🙂

  57. First, congrats on the well deserved 4 1/2 stars and doesn’t that RT issue look great with the featured author? Taking the weekend to recuperate from this cold/flu that’s been with me since before the holidays — just reading, watching videos and taking it easy.

  58. Congrats, Jane, on the nice article and good book reviews!

    I feel like I’ve been hibernating this weekend. My husband is away and it’s gray and chilly. I’ve settled into some comfy blankets and read and watched TV most of yesterday.

    For a few blessed hours last night, my teenage daughter was home (on a Saturday night!) and we curled up together, computers on our laps, and listened to music and pinned places we’d like to travel someday. It was so fun.
    It’s a simple memory that I’ll always cherish.
    Sometimes, it’s the simple, unexpected moments that mean so much.

    Good luck with your upcoming releases and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  59. Congrats Jane!! Well deserved! This weekend I am doing the dreaded…getting all my paperwork, reciepts, etc. in order for taxes. I think this is the thing I hate doing the most. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  60. Kuddos on the great review, Jane! I’ve spent part of my weekend reading Flirting with Forty! (Enjoyed it on many levels). The reading was in between caring for my daughter who got the double whammy of the flu and strep. Also, I’m baking for my hubster’s birthday.

  61. Congrats =). It sounds great. I’ve spent my weekend watching two movies in the cinema, doing some university stuff, sleeping very long lol and spending time with my parents.
    Have a nice rest of the weekend.

  62. Spent the day with my girls at the Science Centre for Family Literacy Day. We had fun and met many interesting authors. We have tried to instill the love of reading in our girls since birth and it looks like we were successful. They love books.
    Happy to hear you finished the book and can now relax with your family.

  63. Congrats on the great reviews! I’m not surprised at all! 😉

    This weekend I did some major house cleaning. The kind that took all day long. In reward, today is my lazy day- reading, catching up on tv, bubble bath and that’s about it.

  64. Jane,
    Gorgeous RT cover and love the cover for The Fallen Greek Bride. Can’t wait to read it! Hope you are doing better this week.

    Spent time with the nephew and went to have his picture.

  65. Hi Jane I am so excited about your new books coming out! How exciting a 4 1/2 rating and wonderful review. My son Nick is going to be 17 (that’s my baby) on Monday so family party with pizza and cake Saturday night! Have a great weekend!

  66. LOVE the RT Cover….going to pick up that issue for sure!
    This weekend was spent not only doing household errands and chores, BUT I worked out a novel I had been writing that basically had me tongue-tied (couldn’t figure out a few things)….things are all settled, and right on track!
    Lisa McManus Lange

  67. I’m here to announce the winner of my latest blog contest! It’s….Donna E D #17!!

    Donna, shot me an email with your address and I will get your prize box out to you ASAP!

    Thank you everyone for all your great comments, too. You are the very best of the best!

  68. Hi Jane! I’m so sad that I missed this, but I spent my weekend driving to and from Tucson to move my 93 year old Yia Yia’s (that’s Grandmother in Greek!) baby grand piano. Yes, I’m proud to come from a Greek family and can’t wait to read The Fallen Greek Bride – it sounds fabulous (as all of your books are!). Now I HAVE to get it!!! I’m glad to know that you’re feeling better too! Have a great rest of the week, and take care!

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