Jane’s Orange County Reader Tea – Feb 10th

My reader tea in Orange County on Sunday, February 10th just went from Post Tea to seriously posh tea at the Resort at Pelican Hill.  We had so many RSVPs come in that we needed more space because I hated turning away my readers who wanted to come so check out our new tea digs….!

I was here back in July for a tea with my fellow Harlequin Presents authors, and it was so lovely that I’m delighted to take my readers and friends there next Sunday!

Are you able to join me?  Is your name on the RSVP list?  I must turn in a hard head count on Wednesday so please let me know ASAP if you’re going to attend!

And what is a new blog post without a fun contest?  I’m giving away a Valentine treat box filled with wonderful reads and surprises.  It’s a two day contest and the winner will be drawn and announced on Monday, Feb 4th.  Lots of cool fun things and great books, too, so tell me in the comments below a great book you’re reading now, or finished recently.  I just finished Black Hawk by Joanna Bourne and I loved, loved, loved it.  Joanna Bourne is one of the most talented writers I have ever read.  She truly delights me and I can’t wait for her next book!  Who can you rave about?  What’s delighted you?  Tell me and you could win this fantastic Valentine surprise box!


  1. This locale looks wonderful and very special. I am reading and enjoying The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. Memorable and great.

    1. I can’t wait to read your latest book! I have read almost all your other ones. Congrats on your latest one!!

  2. I just read an amazing book called “Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware” by Cristyn West. Omg it was an explosive story!! I am usually pretty good at guessing an end of a book, but this one had me floored. I don’t usually read mysteries either but this one is a MUST READ!! I was literally out of breath at the end, that’s how good it is. And the best part, didn’t put it down from page one, that good you have to finish it 🙂

  3. Jane, I am so excited about the Tea next Sunday! I am confirming with my gals to make sure noone is backing out. This is such a wonderful thing you do for us, and I know the new Jane Porter readers I am bringing are going to to love you even more!

    I just finished reading 2 books by Maisey Yates “A Royal World Apart, and At His Majesty’s Request.” I understand there will be a third book. I just love her wit!

    Safe Travels this week and see you next Sunday!

  4. I have been reading Lisa Kleypas’ Friday Harbor series. I am waiting fo the 3rd one to come out. Loved them all. I am also reading Jennifer Probst Marriage series, great as well. And I am impatiently waiting for The Good Daughter release. Not many days left!!
    Have a great book tour.

  5. HI Jane! Have a safe, fun trip. Wish I could attend the reader tea but it’s just not possible. I am finishing up a book written by Brenda Jackson right now; it is called One Winter’s Night. After that, I will read something by Tonya Kappes; love her. I am so excited to have finally pre-ordered my copy of THE GOOD DAUGHTER; can’t wait to get it!

  6. I’ve read several books lately that I loved: How to Eat a Cupcake by Meg Donohue, Forgotten by Catherine McKenzie, and The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling. They were all fantastic! I also read a little book called The Good Woman by an amazing author, Jane Porter 🙂 Can’t wait for The Good Daughter!

  7. I haven’t read a good one lately, but I will be reading tons of great ones soon: Sarah MacLean’s, Jodi Picoult’s, Lisa Gardner’s, YOURS!!


  8. I’m delighted by the sunshine. I’m delighted by LES MISERABLES. I’m delighted by CLOUD ATLAS by David Mitchell.

    It’s all pretty good actually.

  9. Just finished reading Hollywood Secrets (Book #2 in the Hollywood Headlines series) by Gemma Halliday. I’m liking them just as much as her High Heel Mysteries series. Going to start #3, Hollywood Confessions, today.

  10. Just started Odd Mom Out. Sure picked a lovely spot for the tea, wish I could fly out and join everyone (it’s snowing here in the east today). Have a safe flight, world traveler!!

  11. I just finished a book but i wouldn’t call it fabulous so i’ll go with a recent one instead. Return to Sender by Annabeth Albert. Fun and sexy!

    Lisa B

  12. I just finished Matched & Crossed by Ally Condie. I’m waiting for the last book Reached to be returned to the llibrary. It’s young adult dystopia. I’m dying for the last book!

    1. Oops – hit the wrong key!

      I’ve just finished REVENGE OF THE CRAFTY CORPSE by Lois Winston and FONDUING FATHERS by Julie Hyzy. Laughed myself silly at REVENGE! Anything by Julie is always an excellent read.

  13. Yes! I have RSVP’d for the tea and I am really looking forward to it! The venue looks fantastic! As for reading, I am currently reading “Marked” by Elisabeth Naughton, the first in her Eternal Guardians series. I typically read women’s fiction, romance, and mysteries, but I’ve ventured into the romantic paranormal realm here and I love it.

  14. I just finished a great book called The Secretary’s Seduction. Have you heard of it? Just playing. I really enjoyed it and loved that it was regular people and not royals. 🙂

  15. I just finished reading Prince William: The Man Who Will Be King by Penny Junor and I read it downloaded to my phone….first downloaded book. Yay! I am now reading a regular book, Son, by Lois Lowry. Can’t wait to read what your commenters are reading here. I always get such good suggestions from you Jane and the others. Thanks!

    Oh how I wish I could come to tea with you!!!

  16. Recently read Myrna Mackenzie’s THE SOLDIER, THE PUPPY AND ME in an anthology with Carole Mortimer and Nikki Logan called A PUPPY FOR CHRISTMAS. Felt it was quite realistic … could feel my heartbeat going faster at certain times … felt the puppy’s actions were believable … and I liked how the townspeople were part of the story too.
    Hope you’re having a great weekend, Jane, and many thanks, as always….

  17. I am reading Christmas at Shadow Creek by Roxanne Rustand. Yep didn’t get all of my Christmas books read yet. I enjoy them any time though.

  18. I recently read World Enough and Time by Emma C. Williams. It is a story of an intelligent witty teenage girl, Anna, who has a rare condition that results in some physical deformities. The story is about her coming of age, but it’s also about the life of any other teenager. The story is a beautiful example of how we’re all different, and also how we are all the same in the fundamental humanity that binds us. It’s a great story for children dealing with differences and it’s beautifully written.

  19. Hi Jane,

    I’m reading Teri Brown’s “Read My Lips” and then it’s TJ Browns
    “Summerset Abbey”.
    I have some reading to do before tea in Portland 🙂

  20. I just finished reading Christine Feehan’s ‘Dark Predator’. I love a variety of reading genre and looking very forward to reading ‘The Good Daughter’. Hope you have a great but safe trip!

  21. I just finished ‘Beautiful Creatures’ by Kami Garcia. Thought it was a great book and cant wait to read ‘Beautiful Darkness’. Currently Im reading the 6th book of the Chicagoland Vampires series ‘Biting Cold’ by Chloe Neill. Also a great series. And I have a few of your books on my Goodreads to-read list, too 🙂

  22. Hi Jane

    WOW! Wish I was going to the tea!! Fabulous place! I just read a YA novel by Lisa McMann called Dead to You. Fantastic read – read it in a day!

    Have fun at the tea!

    Lisa McManus Lange

  23. Just finished Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis; up next is Rescue Me (the third in the series) and The Good Daughter! Have a fun and safe trip! 🙂

  24. I just came back from NJ. We probably passed each other over the airspace. Really bummed that I couldn’t leave later. Reading Susan Andersen’s “Playing Dirty” right now. I started reading her about the same time I discovered you and I’m still reading both of you! I have to say that over the years, my reading list has changed but there are still a few constants. Enjoy your time with all your readers!

  25. I read The Parent Pact by Laurie Kellogg. It left me wanting to read more of her books about the secondary characters.

  26. I just finished Delilah Marvelle’s Forever a Lord and I loved it. She is a wonderful historic romance author. I’m really excited for Kit’s story on Tuesday too. Thanks for the contest Jane and I hope you had a great weekend.

  27. I just finished reading “The Observer” by Chris Hackett. I am still a little upset about the ending, otherwise it was a good read

  28. Oh wish I could join you for tea but it wasn’t possible this time. What a beautiful spot you have!! I hope you all enjoy!
    I am reading The Pilot’s Wife by Anita Shreve. I like it so far. Just can not imagine going through what Kathryn is going through.
    Have safe travels!!

  29. Wow! What a beautiful location for your tea. I sure wish I lived out there to go. I am currently reading The Latin Lover’s Secret Child, by who else, but the incredible Jane Porter.

  30. I just finished Delusion In Death by J.D.Robb, love her books. Now I’m reading one of the new Harlequin Kiss line books, The Downfall Of A Good Girl by Kimberly Lang. So far I’m enjoying the Kiss line.

  31. Just finished Carolyn Brown’s Just A Cowboy & Mislitoe Cowboy and working through the Janet Evanowich series with my sister.

    Waiting for my copy of The Good Daghter so I can hide and read all night!!

  32. I just finished A Discovery of Witches… I ordered it when I pre-ordered The Good Daughter and Kristan Higgins’ The Best Man. I really like A Discovery of Witches — it was extremely well written and well-researched. The characters and story are engaging, and interesting and I have just ordered the sequel. Otherwise, I am delighted that my daughter who has been living in Prince Edward Island is coming home this week to stay for a couple of months before she heads out to her new job in British Columbia… I’ve missed her SO much. I’ve only got my 20 year old left at home and I wish I could turn back time and have them all at home…

  33. That’s awesome that you will have a great turnout for this tea party!

    Sadly, I haven’t been reading anything lately, can’t seem to get interested in anything but waiting patiently for your next one.

  34. What a beautiful setting it looks like for your event. I would recommend Ruthie Knox. I recently read and really enjoyed her story Ride With Me.

  35. Hi Jane,

    I hope you’re staying warm while on the east coast. I’m reading The Good Daughter. I have to say, it’s such a great book. Thank God my local book store put them on the shelf early! If only I was in Albany to have you sign it 🙁

  36. I’m reading the two most recent Stepanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich. I find her characters delightful, because sometimes I find myself laughing out loud. My friend Kim’s going to the tea, and she’s really looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to you possibly being in Indy in the Fall.

  37. Oh Jane, that venue looks beautiful. Lived in OC for over 20 years and have never had the pleasure! I can’t wait.

    I am currently re-reading The Good Woman. My Kindle says I’m 67% done with it so I shall plow through so I can get to the The Good Daughter. 🙂

    I put down “Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. It’s a very good book, but oddly enough, it’s easy to put down and come back to your spot without back-reading.

    Anyway–can’t wait to see you! xoxo

    (no contest)

  38. Those tea sandwiches look lovely. Looking forward to receiving The Good Daughter on my kindle tonight/tomorrow! Clearing my evening schedule for reading time! Congrats again!

  39. Hi Jane-

    I am reading the new Janet Evanovich book “Notorious Nineteen” ; a fun and easy read while I watch my son at his MMA class.

  40. Hi Jane!
    What a beautiful setting! I am sure it was a great time. I have just discovered the NY Blades Hockey Series by Deirdre Martin. I have read the first two so far. I love finding new authors to help tide me over while waiting for new books from my favorite authors.

  41. I just finished reading Karen White’s new book After the Rain. It was amazinggg. I read it in less than a day. I just wish it was longer, haha. =]

  42. I haven’t read much lately.
    My family has been passing around the cold bug in my house.
    I had been hoping to go to the tea in Roswell, but it is a bit too far away for me. I was excited until I realized Roswell was north of Atlanta. I live almost on the Georgia- Florida line. Maybe there will be an event a bit closer sometime.

  43. Just read Susannah Cahallan’s Brain on Fire, really interesting read. And before that, a little guilty pleasure, John Taylor’s (of Duran Duran) autobiography…loved that too! Looking forward to getting my pre-order of your latest book hopefully later this week!!

  44. I’m currently reading Samantha Grace and definitely will say a fans of her book 😀

    Btw I already download few of your books and will read it soon

  45. Hi everyone,
    I’m checking in from New Jersey, just before my event tonight. It’s going to be fun connecting with friends, old and new! I’m a little late announcing the winner but here we go –

    #33 Kris Dickinson

    Please email me your mailing information and I’ll make sure your prize gets in the mail soon!
    Hope all is well with you. I’ll check in again with photos soon!
    Jane xxoxoxo

  46. I started reading some of Jaz Primos books. It’s the vampire series which is not his typical writing style but find it very interesting! 🙂

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