Featured Author: Megan Crane

You  know I love my Megan.  She’s not only a fantastic writer friend, she’s one of my ‘real life’ best friends and I adore her.  We met in NYC at the launch party for Grand Central’s 5 Spot line in the Fall of ’05, had dinner with our mutual editor, Karen K, and over time became friends.  I started in romance, and ventured into chick lit/women’s fiction, while Megan started in chick lit/women’s fiction, and ventured into romance.  We both now write  romance and WF, with Megan’s romance alter-ego being Caitlin Crews.

Caitlin has lots of fantastic Harlequin Presents out again this year.  She’s truly one of Harlequin’s rising stars and I’m a huge fan.  I’m also a huge fan of her book, I Love The 80swhich is now available in the US and I’ve asked her to join us today to tell us more about her new North American release.

Megan, how did you get the idea for I Love The 80s?

A while back, while procrastinating, I ended up watching a bunch of 80s videos on YouTube.

It was so much fun. I still know all the words to “Club Tropicana” and “Wham! Rap.” I still get chills when “Save A Prayer” starts playing. How could you not? I wallowed in my long-dormant crushes on singers like Simon LeBon, Sting (circa Dream of the Blue Turtles), and George Michael (well, who knew he was on the Other Team?  I sure didn’t.)

And I thought, what if one of them had died way back in the day, at the height of their glory? And what if one of the teenage girls who were So In Love With Them They Owned The Six Foot Poster and All the B-Sides grew up still loving them that much? And what if one fine night, that obsessed fan girl (now, say, in her 30s) found herself transported through time to New York in 1987 and got to meet this man of her dreams–who only she knew was destined to die horribly in just over a month?  How would she save him–could she save him–from his fate?

So, obviously, I had to write that book.  I Love The 80s is the result–and it’s finally available as an e-book in the US!


What is your favorite thing about your book?

I can’t lie: I’d love to go back in time and have a Grand Romance with one of my teen crushes!  I loved writing about it.

What do you like to read?

EVERYTHING.  Nothing I like more than being carried off by a good book.  If you’ve read one recently, let me know!  I want to read it too!

What has writing taught you?

Writing has taught me everything.  How to be patient, how to be determined.  How to fight, how to bend.  How to table expectations and seek the magic in ordinary things.  How to grow.  How to love.  How to dig deeper.  How to do more than I think I can.

But I think the same is true of any hard thing you love.  The loving it, the doing it, gives back to you exactly what you put in—and then more than you can hold.

Why do you write?

I don’t know how not to write.  Stories don’t leave me alone.  And there’s nothing I love more than the telling of them.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate, forever and ever amen.

 Mountains or Ocean?

I live on the West Coast so I don’t have to choose—which is great, because I love BOTH mountains and the ocean.  And I really love the combination.  It makes my heart glad.

Cat person or dog person?

I’d have to say I’m a dog person.  I have two.  But you should know that I also have three cats…

Sweet or salty?

Both!  Salted caramels, for example, thrill me.  As does kettle corn.


See why I love her?  Megan has the best listening ear, the most loyal heart, and an incredible mind.  She’s a leader, not a follower.  She thinks out of the box.  She’s passionate about her family and friends.  And she’s been my rock these past 8 years, and I want everyone to know her, so please check out Megan’s website and her Facebook page and like it, so you can learn more about her, her zest for life, and her wonderful books.  (Side note -One of my favorite interviews with Megan was here with Teena Hackett here: http://tabbytypeinn.net/spreading-joy-a-candid-talk-with-megan-crane/ and I am absolutely crazy about her honest, touching, real, and powerful blogs on Project Joy.)

I have 2 awesome prize boxes that include signed copies of Megan’s No More Sweet Surrender (Harlequin Presents by Megan’s alter-ego Caitlin Crews), coffee, chocolate, JP swag, and an ebook copy of I Love The 80s.  Cool, huh?  But that’s not all!  Megan is a generous gal and she’s giving away an additional 5 ebook copies of I Love The 80s so we will have a total of 7 lucky winners. 

Want to win?  Tell me if you loved the 80’s.  Do you remember the 80’s?  I do.  I had seriously big (really big, hot roller big) hair, and I was fiercely devoted to shoulder pads and had huge shoulder pads in everything…sweaters, blazers, blouses.  Skinny, acid-washed jeans.  High heels. Short skirts.  Glorious.

Talk to me…and Megan!…and on Saturday we will announce the 7 winners.

I love Megan.

I Love The 80s.

And I love you.  🙂

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