Brenda Novak Auction

novakauctionAs you know, I love to donate to Brenda Novak’s Diabetes Auction and I’m doing it again this year.  I used to be an Executive Director for the American Diabetes Association as this is a cause close to my heart.  Diabetes runs in my family and I love helping Brenda in what she’s doing.  I think it’s important and her auction makes it fun for everyone. It has given me some wonderful opportunities and memories too.  Last year I was lucky enough to win Lunch with Thea Harrison and a couple of years before that, I won coffee with Claudia Dain.  Such fun!

As usual, I’ve made a donation too and this year, I’m giving away a chance for you to fly in to have dinner with me – or I can come have dinner with you and your book group like I did with these wonderful ladies from the Horseshoe Trail Book Club in Eden Prairie, MN!


Here’s more on my auction item:

Dinner with Bestselling Author Jane Porter

Jane Porter will fly to see you, AND take you, and your book club to dinner, or you, and your friends, up to 12 friends, on a mutually agreeable night in the next six months.  Jane will also bring books for all the guests, and fun JP reader swag for all your friends, too!

During dinner, you can turn it into a book club discussion, or a chat with Jane and her books or about publishing, or get advice on how to get published, or simply talk girl talk about men, life, and kids.


If you’re itching to have dinner with Jane at the beach, Jane will fly the winner of this auction item out to Southern California, for dinner with her with an ocean view!

If you choose to come to Jane, she’ll cover up to $500 of your travel expenses, and she’ll still treat you to dinner and send you home with a big tote bag of signed books.

Basically, this is dinner with Jane on Jane, so let’s make it happen!

So, that’s my item and I hope you’ll go bid on it as I’d love to have dinner with YOU!  Meanwhile for more fun, I’ve got a surprise beach giveaway for you!  For a chance to win, leave a comment here and tell me: Would you want to fly in to have dinner with me in California?  Or would you want me to fly in to meet you and your friends in your hometown?  Contest runs through Sunday and I’ll announce the winner on Monday, May 27th.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I would much rather fly to California to visit with you. I have only been to Cali once and that was 6 yrs ago! I really do have to make my way there soon. I have so many wonderful people I’d like to visit with … you being on the top of my list 🙂

  2. What an awesome and fun donation!

    It’s been over 20+ years since I moved away from Cali so I would definitely pick having dinner with you. Plus, I know it would be lots fun : )

  3. I would love a chance to get a “girls” trip to CA and a chance to talk books with you over dinner.
    And it’s just so nice of you to donate your time for a good cause. I hope you have a great fun time with the person who gets the dinner with you

  4. I would rather have dinner with Jane in California at the beach, and take my Mom who’ also loves Jane Porter. I would gladly drive since it is not far from me, only an hour or so.
    Now if you were still living in Washington Jane, that would be different !

  5. I would want to meet you in California since I have never been there but I would love to see it.

  6. I know my friends would love the dinner with Jane here, but I’d have to pick CA! What a generous donation for a great cause.

  7. Well, neither one of us would have to fly since we are both in Southern CA…not too far a drive from or to San Diego. I think it would be fun for my friends and I to meet you someplace up in your area. Make it a fun road trip! 🙂

  8. Jane,
    Hi. I would love to fly to CA to have dinner with you. How fun that would be.


  9. What a great auction item! Either way it is a win win for the person who bids the most. If I could figure out how to get my 12 closest friends all in one place(since they are scattered throughout the US) so that they could meet you and have an amazing time at a dinner. I think that is what I would choose. On the other hand what a great experience it would be to have dinner with you and get all kinds of great advice from you. Hmmm, I wil really have to think about this now. =)

  10. Though it would be great fun to fly back home to Califirnia, I think it would be even more fun to have Jane fly here so I could introduce her to my friends and give them the opportunity of meeting her. She is sooooo much fun and I know they would enjoy the time with her just as much as I did at the Author’s Tea in Portland. 😀 Now if I could only afford to put in a bid. :-

  11. I’d like to fly in to see you, especially since you are on deadline and injured. Hope you are feeling better and getting lots written.

  12. Since I’ve never been on the west coast, I’d have to choose to fly to CA. Thanks for a chance to win!

  13. Since I don’t like to fly I’d prefer you to fly to meet me and my friends. That would be wonderful.

  14. Jane, I would love for you to come visit my writers chapter in Northern Idaho! What a treat it would be for me to introduce you to this great group of writers and what an honor it would be for this writer’s group to spend time with you! We could learn so much and all over a scrumptious dinner! 🙂

  15. Hi! I’d love to fly out to see you since I’ve never much been to Calfornia and I live on the other coast fla. a small country town outside of Tallahassee. It would be so much fun to sit down and talk about your books and life in general. I think your doing such a good deed on donating on such a good cause! I wish I could bid this year but with so much going on around me I can’t this year! Have a nice weekend!

  16. I think it’s wonderful that you donate to this cause. My family also has a history of diabetes. I think the ultimate trip would be to go to California for the one on one dinner.

  17. I think you have made a wonderful donation! You are going to make someone very happy. I would prefer to fly to California. It’s been a long time since I have had a vacation. What a better way to spend it than with a wonderful author like yourself. Good luck to all! Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

  18. I would love to come to California and meet you!

    Thanks also for the info on Brenda’s Diabetes Auction…I have donated and bid on some fun stuff for the past 3 or 4 years after reading about it on your blog! One year I had the winning bid on your ARC of “Easy on the Eyes”, one of my faves!

  19. I have to say Jane coming to me and my friends because I’d love to meet her and introduce her to my friends.
    What an awesome experience.

  20. Since I live in Israel which is kind of far from California LOL I think it will be better for me to come visit you.

  21. You are so generous with your donations. Who ever wins that auction will be one lucky person!

  22. What a delightful dilemma to have…dinner with you or dinner with you and friends? I would pick having you come to us, so more of us could enjoy being with you. 😉

    Thanks Jane for all you do and the support you give so generously. Hope things are running smoothly for you and your family. Keeping you in our prayers.

  23. Since it is getting harder for me to travel these days, I would love for you to meet me in my hometown. What a wonderful auction for a good cause. Two of my brothers had diabetes and died many years ago.

  24. I think I would want to fly to Cal. because I have never been there before. Would love to have dinner with you.

  25. Since I live just north of you, outside LA, I would be happy to drive to you and visit the area :-). But, if you have the need to come up here… I would welcome that, too!I have a few friends who would have fun talking books and girlie stuff.
    Although, I am considering a move, so, if I were to head back to the East Coast, I would ask you to come to me…then I wouldn’t have to be so far away from my munchkins…

  26. Well since I live in California just up the coast line from you, either way would be great! However, I honestly think I would have you come here so my friends could enjoy meeting you too! A good thing should be shared!

  27. fly to CA–vacation from my guys, Yeah!

    But, I’d take either option. Unfortunatley, both are above my price range now, so I bought a raffle ticket.

  28. If I could get ya to fly here would be awesome have adinner with my self and my bookish friends

    Your awesome for donating to such a worthy cause

    have a great memorial weekend

  29. As much as I’d like to have dinner with you all by myself, I’m afraid you might get bored with just me. My friends individually are sooo much fun, but especially so when we get together!…and then add wine! And, I’ve told them how much I enjoy your books, and how talented a writer you are. They’ve seen my bookshelf…now, they need to see, meet, and enjoy you face to face. Please join us here for a fabulous friendly visit…you will also see what a treasure trove of girlfriend ideas you will glean from your visit with them…us.

  30. Jane, you rock for giving readers such a special opportunity! I’m looking forward to your Montanna Novella this fall.

  31. I’d definitely fly out to California! Especially since I just got to see you last week here in MN 🙂
    BTW, I can’t wait for The Good Wife!!!

  32. My apologies, everyone! I was pretty sure I’d already announced the winner but I now see that I didn’t – or maybe it didn’t post. I’m not sure.
    Anyway, our winner is –

    #19 Mary Norman

    Send me your mailing details, Mary and I’ll get prize in the mail to you!

    love to all,

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