Carly Phillips Release Day!

I’ve known New York Times bestselling author  Carly Phillips for a long long time and I’ve been a fan even longer.  I’m very excited that she has a brand new release out today, Dare to Desire, and this story once again delivers her trademark hot, sexy characters and fun, fantastic plots!

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NY Times Bestselling Author Carly Phillips turns up the heat in her newest sexy contemporary romance series, and introduces you to the Dare family… siblings shaped by a father’s secrets and betrayal.
“One of my favorite reads this year.” HM Ward, NYT Bestselling Author on Dare to Love
Quarterback Alex Dare, had it all — an all-star football career and his choice of willing women — until injury forces him into early retirement. When he is offered a ground-breaking position with a rival team, he’s intrigued, but there’s a catch. He’ll be working alongside the same woman he callously hurt when she got too close for comfort. Social worker Madison Evans grew up in foster homes and knows what it means to have-not. She isn’t impressed by Alex Dare’s wealth or charm. Not since she fell hard for him once before, only to discover she was just one of his too-easy conquests.
This time around Madison refuses to succumb to Alex so easily. But Alex wants Madison. And if there is one thing Alex does well, it’s to get what he wants. Can he convince Madison to take a risk and dare to love?

Because enquiring minds want to know, I emailed Carly and asked her some very important questions.

Q.  Carly, which do you like better Beach or Mountains?

A.  Jane, the Beach


Q.  Carly, Historical romance or Paranormal?

A.  Paranormal (give me some shifters, baby!)


Q.  And Carly, the most important of all.  Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?

A.  Milk chocolate!


There you go!  A deep, insightful chat with one of my fav author gals.  Look for Dare to Desire on Amazon or Barnes & Noble today!  Carly’s giving away a copy of Dare to Love to one lucky winner!  For a chance to win, comment below and you’ll be entered in the contest.  Have you read books by Carly before?  What’s your favorite one?  Contest ends Sunday night and winner will be announced on Monday.



  1. I Love Carly and Her Books! I So Want This One BAD! My Favorite Book Is: Hot Item. But The Serendipity Series Rocks Too!

  2. I have read and enjoyed Carly’s books. It was many years ago. I should catch up on the latest ones. I was introduced to her books when Kelly Rippa mentioned one on her and Regis’s show. I knew I had to go out and get that book. I read quite a few after that.

  3. I don’t think I’ve read any of Carly yet, but I do have KISMET on my Kindle and HOT ITEM (print) sitting here on my desk. I am looking forward to reading these and to see if I like her as much as everyone else seems to. 🙂

  4. No I haven’t read one of her books, but I have Dare to Love, it’s in my read pile. But from what my reader friends tell me I have a feeling I will like the Lucky series the best!

  5. I am looking forward to reading Dare to Desire.Thank you for the opportunity to win.I enjoy reading Carly’s books.

  6. I remember the great promotion that Kelly Rippa gave Carly on her show.
    What a boost! I haven’t read her work for awhile, but would love to dip into her latest.

  7. Love the deep insightful questions!!! LOL Love the Milk Chocolate!! Love the Beach!! But I so hide from paranormal and love love love historical romance…
    Two out of three makes for a favorite writer of mine. haha

  8. Carly is a favorite of mine. I have read her stand alone books and her series: the Simple, Costas Sisters, The Hot Zone, The Chandler Brothers etc. It is fun to find out that she likes the beach and milk chocolate. Thanks Jane!

  9. Loved your chat. That was the perfect length for me to read and enjoy 🙂
    I haven’t read any of Carly’s books but I just love the cover. It’s very intriguing.

    And Carly, congratulations on the new release 🙂

    And Jane, congratulations on your new release today too 🙂

  10. I’ve read quite a few of Carly’s books and liked them all. Can’t say that I have a favorite.

  11. Gosh I think I’ve read her before but with a TON of books read since I was a teenager I can’t remember all their authors I’ve read.

  12. I’ve read several of Carly’s series and find them to be great fun – even tho she prefers milk chocolate I’ll still be reading her stories.

  13. I’ve read her stories and enjoyed them. I don’t know that I have a favorite but her most recent series is great.

  14. I love so much by her! I can’t pick a favorite…it would like saying who your favorite kid is, just can’t be done because you love them all for different reasons!

  15. Carly was one of the first romance authors I became acquainted with. Been to her site many times.

  16. Love,love Carly’s books. She has been a favorite author of mine for a long, long time.I love the Chandler Brothers

  17. Carly hooked me on her books with the Serpendipity series. I have Dare to Love on my iBooks next in line to read!

  18. I have not read any of Carly’s books. I will have to start. She sounds like a good author. Thanks for the head’s up!

  19. Ha, so many hilarious heroines. I’m going with “Sealed with a kiss.” Great that you are writing more!!

  20. I think all my readers have awesome taste! Carly’s books are terrific and it’s great that so many of you will be checking out her latest release. 🙂 And that brings us to announcements! Our winner is –

    #47 Em Lewis

    Drop me an email, Em, and let me know your mailing info so we can organize the prize for you!

    Happy Monday!

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