Kelly Hunter on the Appeal of Bad Boys

kellyhunterI’ve had my head down a lot lately, trying to get some serious writing done and while I do try to be good and not get distracted, sometimes a girl just can’t help it.  Especially if she’s got great author friends who insist on writing fabulously yummy stories about delicious Bad Boys.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Bad Boy books from Tule’s Holiday imprint, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.  It’s hard to ignore them.  They look so sinfully irresistible, standing there on the cover, whispering ‘come closer’.  And Kelly Hunter‘s bad boy, Caleb Jackson from Sympathy for the Devil fits the bill so perfectly!

It got me thinking about all bad boys and why so many of us find them appealing.  I pulled Kelly Hunter in for a quick chat about bad boys and here’s what she had to say:

Kelly on the appeal of the bad boy… I’m a big fan of a hero who lives by his own rules and doesn’t necessarily conform to social mores. He’s a game-changer. All that fire and passion, all his fierce loyalty and protectiveness – he’s exciting and unpredictable and I like that in a fictional hero. In real life I’d run!

When I write these guys, I’m aiming to get that super sexy, supremely confident guy to lay all his power (every last drop) at the feet of his heroine and say, ‘This is me, all of me. And I’m yours.’ The bigger the challenge the sweeter the victory.

Should you still need more convincing when it comes to the appeal of the very bad boy, I give you my favorite two bad boys of all time (superheroes included). I’d love to know yours so feel free to comment!

1. Sebastian Ballister, the Marquess of Dain, from Loretta Chase’s Lord Of Scoundrels

He’s big, he’s bad, he’s a total cad with an illegitimate son. He sleeps with whores. He needs a firm and loving hand, and, my, doesn’t he purr when he gets one? He’s fiercely passionate and a law unto himself. Occasionally he needs to be shot. A woman could indulge her inner disciplinarian with a man like this All. Day. Long.

2. Iron Man (Tony Stark)

At some point in one of the Avengers movies, Captain America says to Iron Man, “Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off and what are you?” And Iron Man replies, “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.”

You’ve no idea how much I love this exchange!

Our boy Tony is a reckless risk-taker who flirts with anything sentient, drinks to excess and he doesn’t like sharing his toys. He’s the poster boy for how not to manage fame, and that’s before you factor in the armored suit and all Iron Man’s wins and disasters. He’s the bad boy who so desperately wants to do good. He has a broken heart – literally – and he can’t fix it. No one can. Happily, he’s wrong, because I’m sure I can fix it. No, really. I can. At least let me try.

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Kelly Hunter’s Sympathy For The Devil is out now.

Caleb Jackson has a secret – as a reckless teen he seduced his big brother’s girl. The girl moved away, his brother moved on and Caleb tried and tried to forget it ever happened. Ten years later, Bree Tucker is back, more tempting than ever, and his big brother seems hell-bent on reeling her back into their lives.

Bree Tucker doesn’t want to take the Jackson photography job, even if every last one of them is as photogenic as sin. Caleb, in particular, is the kind of man a woman would happily lie, cheat and check her self-respect at the door for – she should know. But Caleb had only ever been responding to the lure of the forbidden. He’d never been seriously interested in her.

Had he?


And that is just part of the reason I love Kelly’s bad boy, Caleb!  What’s your take on the appeal of bad boys?  Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a fabulous prize pack from Kelly!  We’ll announce a winner on Saturday.

Kelly Hunter Bad Boy prize pack



  1. I love to read about them, I dated one for a couple of years, and I am thrilled NOT to be married to one now! I get enough excitement from my books when it comes to that now….

  2. I have always fallen for bad boys. I’ve had my heart broken many times, but I still can’t resist them. I love their attitude and the exciting lives they live. They have their own rules and no one can change them. I enjoyed Caleb’s story. He was a fun bad boy. I also love the bad boys in Debra Kayn’s Bantorus MC books.

  3. They are fun. I’ve always had a thing for them. My “first” was one and unfortunately my first marriage was to one. Fortunately, I married a good guy (who has just a wee touch of the bad) Couldn’t be happier.

  4. I’ve never loved a bad boy, but apparently according to the book boyfriend quiz, I want to. I don’t know what the appeal is other than risk and danger which is why it is better to read about it than live it.

  5. I dated a bad boy with a souped up 72 Chevelle. The first time he picked me up my brother told my mom she’d never see me alive again. Freaked her out. Funny thing is that bad boy turned into a real good man that I’ve been married to for over 32 years.

  6. I love reading about bad boys. The danger and thrill of their risky behavior is hot. The reality of dating them is never as good as the fictional tales though. But it is fun to live vicariously through the characters in a book.

  7. I love reading Kelly’s books. Haven’t had a chance to read this one yet but I’ll see if I can read it this weekend.
    What a great price pack. Love the ladybug

  8. Bad boys in books are better than the real life ones with all their issues. Its fun reading about them though!

  9. Bad Boys are great. They’re sexy, alphas, they can’t help but draw you in. It’s like a craving that you just have to quench.

  10. I did love a bad boy in high school and I always said I would love him forever.. Bad part was he never grew up.. My husband is part bad boy and part southern gentlemen

  11. Bad boys!!! I married one and he turned out to be a very decent man.we’ve been together 20yrs.still happy….i love to read….great prize!

  12. Ah, bad boys. Though I’m rather reserved myself, they tend to make me feel like I’m rebelling. My guy has a bad boy side, which I love. Who wouldn’t??

  13. I think we all love the bad boy but know that is not what we need in real life. Most have probably dated one at some time in there life but didn’t marry them. I know I did.

  14. I think everyone loves a good bad boy! It’s almost like they are meant to be forbidden which makes you want them even more

  15. I have loved this series. I think the appeal is that it is so far from my reality which is a quiet life. A girl can dream!!

  16. Who doesn’t love a bad boy??? It makes any book even more hot. Can’t wait to read this! Thanks for the opportunity for a great giveaway!

  17. It is much more fun to read about a bad boy than to actually have to deal with one! Fictional bad boys usually have some redeeming characteristics… real life, not so much! At least not the ones I have known.

  18. My very first boyfriend was a bad boy. They have a certain appeal but they’re definitely not good for the long haul! I’ve been married to a good guy for over 12 years now. 🙂

  19. I love fictional ones because I’m too practical to date one in real life. Although it always sounds fun!

  20. I agree about Tony Stark. Bad boys definitely make things interesting. 🙂 Your book sounds very interesting. 🙂

  21. As a teen I had an enormous crush on one … Tall, lean, like a blond god with bright blue eyes. He used to walk around campus in a full length leather jacket and was smokin’ hot. I worshipped but he was dangerous and thankfully I ended up marrying my safe, sensible and totally wonderful husband instead. For me bad boys are play toys but I’m happy to leave them on the shelf for somebody else.

  22. I might have dated a bad boy once, but I married the one with a heart of gold.
    I do love Tony Stark he might be bad, but he is so smart.

  23. There will always be need to love “bad boys” men that are not afraid to stand up for what they love or believe in, everyone has been on love with one once-book or otherwise! I really loving these new bad boy books!!

  24. bad boys are dangerous and forbidden which is why woman are attracted to them (in books). We want to walk on the wild side but I don’t think it would be as much fun in real life.

  25. Love bad boys in books and in movies it makes things interesting and it makes me want to finish reading the book to the end in the same day or the day after

  26. I like a little bad in my guy. It’s that little bit of bad that is intriguing to me. Tony Stark is a great example. Love him!

  27. Bad boys are fine as friends. I wouldn’t marry one. They bring some fun and entertainment into one’s life.

  28. I have never been interested in the bad boys. I was the girl that my guy friends told their parents they were dating. They would drop me off at the movies and they went out with their real girlfriends!!

  29. great book!! And Caleb is such an interesting character .
    Bad boys are attractive because there is an U forbidden factor that adds to the excitement . And most women want to fix them or help them .
    I believe that bad boys can be transformed !

  30. I love reading books with them in as the hero. In my life, I am happy I married a good guy. Bad boys are fun when you are young.

  31. I love bad boys, as long as it’s really just an image or a front. I still like them soft on the inside, just a tough exterior. And, of course, no cheating or abusive tendencies. Thanks! 🙂

  32. I think the Bad boy is so appealing because we are told from a very early age we shouldn’t want that. But wanting what is different, bold and unique is exciting

  33. Driving through Oklahoma and thinking about the one bad boy I dated. He rode a motorcycle & was way too old for me (14 to his17). Took me years to get over him, especially since he could kiss like no other boy. Never had another one again.

  34. I think it’s the idea of taming the bad boy that appeals to us. We know he will never be completely good, but that he’ll be good for us, and still be very bad in the bedroom.

  35. I think the appeal is that one may be able to “tame” the bad boy 😉 for me I always think there really is a good boy under that bad boy facade….great interview and thank you for the chance!

  36. Bad boys are fun and exciting. There’s just something about them being what you were warned not to date that attracts you and makes you want to date them.

  37. My first serious boyfriend was considered a bad boy by my parents. I, of course, defended him but our relationship did eventually end and I know that it was for the best.

  38. Hi Kelly and Jane,

    I enjoyed reading the blurb and synopsis for Sympathy for the Devil. And, what a title.

    As for loving a bad boy, I’ve not done that. But, if one did, maybe it would be for the challenge, something different or just love.

    I thank both you ladies for your time and generosity.

  39. Oh the appeal of the bad boy! The one we want to catch, but not really tame, except to have all that “bad” focused only on us now and not on others. There is a bad boy or two in the past, but ultimately, the bad part won and I moved on to real strength in my husband. He beats the bad boys every time. <3

  40. I love to read about them but never dated one. I don’t think I was the type of girl who could have attracted a bad boy. Not that I didn’t think about it.

  41. I dated a “bad boy” when I was in high school..but when I started college we broke up and I met the love of my life..He is a real “good guy”..We have been married for 45 years..<3

  42. I have bad boy written on my forehead, always have gotten involve with a bad boy one way or another, I even married one and after so many years married getting a divorce, he never wanted to grow-up and you get tired of that!

  43. I once went out with a “bad boy”–an ex-Marine with PTSD issues–but I didn’t realize it until AFTER he treated me poorly and then I realized “Hey, I think he has a girl on the side!” But boy, he was the cutest guy I’ve ever dated. Fantastically cute. Sigh. That’s okay. I’ll take my loyal and decent computer geek hubby any day of the week. :o)

  44. we knew them in school and watched them from afar. I met my husband on a blind date, he was such a bad boy or black sheep of the family. My mother warned me about him by pulling me into her bedroom, shutting the door and “filling” me in! I appreciate reading novels about guys like this, it keeps me young. Thanks so much for offering fans these awesome gifts/prize packs

  45. I think the bad boy sounds more exciting to most people, especially when you are younger. I like reading about them but don’t want one in real life.

  46. I think it is the excitement of living on the edge. Pushing you to be a little more daring. Bad boys that find the right person are marvelous, but very rare.

    Most don’t grow up. My dad was a bad boy! My mom and him have been married 39 years. Her parents even forbidden the marriage and three priest later found someone to marry them.

  47. I’ve always had a thing for the bad boys and married mine :)(9years married17 together)we have ups and downs but I still love my bad boy more than anything

  48. I was a Big Haired Texas Girl new to California. He had sun kissed blonde hair longer than mine. His name was Rocky. A six year tumultuous relationship followed. The highes were incredible. And the lows were everything that has ever been written about Bad Boys. Endless drama and tears.

    Being the Libra that I am I’m constantly looking for the Bad Boy with an extra serving of a good man.

  49. Totally love to read them–Sebastian Ballister and Sebastian St. Vincent are two of my favorites 😉 (Not sure I’d be up for the challenge of living with one in reality 😉 )

  50. Bad boy’s are more exciting. They make you think outside of the box and do things you thought you would never do.

  51. I love a bad boy. They are so much more exciting. Especially when the bad boy has a heart of gold just waiting to come out for that special lady! 🙂

    1. I stayed up last night and read straight through Caleb’s story. I really enjoyed it. Eli and Zoey kept driving me crazy cuz I couldn’t place them till the end and realized they were the couple in Honeymoon Trap.

  52. I love reading about bad boys as heros since they are sexy and hot . I love reading how a big playboy falls in love and change his ways.
    I also think many women has a fantasy of taming a bad boy and if we can’t do it in real life it’s nice to read about it.

  53. Hi everyone, I’m at a conference in Calgary but wanted to pop in quickly to announce our winner for this awesome prize pack from Kelly Hunter –

    #39 Larena Hubble

    Larena, please email me with your mailing details so we can get the prize to you.

    Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

    much love,
    Jane xoxo

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