Katherine Garbera’s inspiration for a Wicked Bad Boy

Katherine_Garbera-mediumLast week I met Katherine Garbera‘s billionaire hero, Sebastian Warren from No Rest For The Wicked.  What an interesting experience it was!  He’s hot and delicious and completely intriguing.

With over sixty books to her name, Katherine Garbera always has awesome ideas for stories and I invited her to share more about the idea behind No Rest For the Wicked.

Katherine Garbera on the ‘why’ behind her bad boy story…

Sebastian had everything ripped from under him when his car crashed and his best friend died. Left grappling with a lot of questions as to why he’s still alive and Judd isn’t, he runs as fast as he can to ignore them.  He’s living his life for two now, making sure that Judd didn’t die in vain.  He sleeps with twice as many women, doubles up on danger and races through life because that is the only time he can forget for a few moments and truly feels alive.

Everyone deals with grief in different ways and I wanted to explore loss/death causes a change that we really can’t control.  When I as in high school there was a horrible accident that left one student dead and the other severely injured.  The injured boy/man sat next to me in World History and walked with a cane when he returned to school.  He’d changed almost overnight from the fun loving guy to someone who was more somber.  But he’d flirt with me sometimes and I saw a glimpse of the boy he’d been before.  From that moment I think I wanted to write about a damaged man.  I really love exploring that dichotomy.

The appeal of Bad Boys is that they are tempting.  We are all told to be good and play by the rules and they don’t.  They take what they want, they invite us along for the wild, crazy ride that life can be.  And we go for it.  In romance novels they appeal because they can and will be redeemed.  They will be find a sort of redemption in through love and for me at least that damaged part of them can be healed.

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Katherine Garbera’s No Rest For The Wicked is available now!

Billionaire Sebastian Warren has one simple motto: live fast and don’t look back. He’s never met anyone who makes him want to change. Until he meets enticing, fascinating Celeste Beacon.

Celeste believes that there’s a heart of gold beneath Sebastian’s bad boy image, so she challenges him to overcome his demons and be a better man.

Will Sebastian lead her down a path to wickedness, at his own peril – and hers? Or is Celeste the one woman who can finally bring him peace?


Thank you, Katherine, for popping in to share with us!  Readers, you simply Must read No Rest For The Wicked!  It’s deliciously entertaining and totally delivers on the promise of bad boys.

I also have more fun for you with an awesome Happy Endings giveaway!  For a chance to win, tell me what you find most appealing about bad boys and you’ll be entered to win this great prize!  Winner announced Saturday.



  1. No Rest For The Wicked was my favorite of the International Bad Boy series. I’ve always loved bad boys. They seem to bring the excitement that most people usually don’t have in their lives. I can honestly say I have had some really fun times with some bad boys.

  2. Bad boys are always up for a good time, sexy as hell, rule-breakers and underneath it all they are genuinely loyal people.

  3. I tend to be more of a good girl, so the forbidden bad boy was always tempting. I married a good guy–he’s too introverted to be bad. Lol

  4. A Bad Boy sets his own rules, does not pretend to be a saint, is never afraid to stand up for what he believes is right, can handle any situation, can take charge of tough situations and believes in himself (psychological, I know…). But girl, they do have a sex appeal. I mean…mmmmm 😉

  5. Every one likes to have so bathing naughty in their lives… And a bad boy is naughty is all the right ways!!!

  6. There is a little bit of bad boy in all guys, even the sweetest ones you know. They may not express it but it’s under there, waiting for a change to spring out.

  7. Love a bad boy! Love their independent, possessive nature. Also that moment when the right woman brings out the hidden gem in them.

  8. Bad boys seem so appealing because they are bold and unafraid to do what they want. Women gravitate towards bad boys because they know bad boys will protect them and defend them. Its sexy when a men is fearless, it feeds our primal instincts.

  9. Bad boys are sexy as hell but underneath all of that ruggedness they show there is always a loving man underneath. You just have to break through that outer shell to get to the treasure within while being taken on one hell of a ride along the way.

  10. bad boys have an air about them that seems attractive; they dress sexy also.

    they take you places you wouldn’t go or think of going. It is exciting.

  11. I think what I love most about bad boys is that vulnerable side that you only get to see when they love you.

  12. Hmm.. Bad boys with tattoos?? YUMMY!! I like a bad boy with well done and placed tattoos. He doesn’t have to be mean, he just has to look bad

  13. Bad Boys have the most gentle hearts underneath their tough exteriors and most of them have Knight in Shining Armour Syndrome give them a damsel in distress and the’ll rise to the occassion in brilliant form!

  14. I like bad boys because they’re usually just good boys in disguise. 😉

    Tough exterior, with a soft gooey middle. Thanks!

  15. I think that is trying to change them into “good guys” is what makes it so appealing or everyone saying he’s a “bad boy” don’t go for him! Thanks for the chance!

  16. I think you always want what you shouldn’t have and knowing this makes you want them more, besides they are a lot of fun.

  17. Me personally don’t go after bad boys or find them appealing but in a book I like them because you don’t know what they’re going to do next and they keep things interesting

  18. There’s something about a Bad Boy that appeals to every woman that I’m aware of. For me, it’s the attraction of the”wickedness”!! What I mean is, any woman can be attracted to him for the boldness. But for me it’s the fact that I’ve always been told”NO”! Bad Boys are like a forbidden fruit, one that deep down every woman knows they want a taste of…..

  19. Bad boys always seem so tough and sexy and don’t have any cares in the world except having a good time. They are fun for a little while but not keepers lol

  20. What is there not to love about bad boys? I think it’s just the excitement of someone your parents warned you about.

  21. I like bad boys because they take chances on things that I would never think to take a chance on. I always was afraid of taking chances excxept when it came to my career. I tend to have low self-esteem except when doing things in my career. I often wish I could take chanves and be bad at times.

  22. I love Bad Boys because they tempt you to break the rules. Since I was a good girl, the excitement of rebelling was like a drug.

  23. I love a bad boys dominance and self assurance, you know things that could be a huge turn off in real life. Tattoos are a plus!

  24. Bad boys are more fun and adventurous. They are the kind that Daddy did not want on his property because they weren’t good enough for his little girl.

  25. Fake bad boys are fun. (Think ford on lost!) They are fun to watch or read, very entertaining, but not interested in real life. LOL

  26. Bad boys know how to have fun They also know how to treat a female. They also tend to bring a side out of us we didn’t know we had. They make life interesting.

  27. I love bad boys, in part for the danger, in part for the mystique and in part because it’s the “unknown”

  28. I think the lure of the bad boy is that we are always told to stay away. You always want whats forbidden! Loved this book by the way. Fantastic read

  29. I love that bad boys think that they are unredeemable until they find that special someone that makes life worth living again.

  30. I love that bad boys are not run of the mill. Most of them have tats, rugged good looks, an air of mystery, and an underlying story to be told.

  31. I think it is the idea that they are all about the adventure and can make an ordinary person do things outside there comfort zone.

  32. At least in books, the bad boys can change. I’m not so sure about in real life. However, they do seem to know how to live life with no regrets.

  33. Bad boys are just awesome they are upfront and honest and tell it like it is. they grow to be awesomely amazing men

  34. I love bad boys because life is never boring. With them life is full if excitement and interest. They also usually have a soft heart.

  35. For me it seems like bad boys really have hearts of gold and they just need the right woman to bring that out.

    Sounds like a book I want to read, Katherine…thanks for writing it. Thanks Jane for the suggestion!

  36. Bad boys are such risk takers. I admire people like that. I am very careful and rarely look before I leap into something.

    I read NO REST FOR THE WICKED and I loved it. 🙂

  37. Bad boys let you walk on the wild side, and you always want to be the one they’re willing to be just a little bit good for 😉

  38. So good to know you all love bad boys as much as I do! Loved all the comments and it was hard to pick a winner again but this time, our lucky name for Happy Endings is:

    #42 Shae Ambler

    Congratulations! Send me your mailing address asap, Shae and we’ll get goodies on their way!

    Happy Reading, everyone!
    Jane xoxo

  39. I have replied to email and i am so very grateful for your kind generosity i am so excited i squealed like a little girl , thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx

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