Katherine Garbera’s inspiration for a Wicked Bad Boy

Katherine_Garbera-mediumLast week I met Katherine Garbera‘s billionaire hero, Sebastian Warren from No Rest For The Wicked.  What an interesting experience it was!  He’s hot and delicious and completely intriguing.

With over sixty books to her name, Katherine Garbera always has awesome ideas for stories and I invited her to share more about the idea behind No Rest For the Wicked.

Katherine Garbera on the ‘why’ behind her bad boy story…

Sebastian had everything ripped from under him when his car crashed and his best friend died. Left grappling with a lot of questions as to why he’s still alive and Judd isn’t, he runs as fast as he can to ignore them.  He’s living his life for two now, making sure that Judd didn’t die in vain.  He sleeps with twice as many women, doubles up on danger and races through life because that is the only time he can forget for a few moments and truly feels alive.

Everyone deals with grief in different ways and I wanted to explore loss/death causes a change that we really can’t control.  When I as in high school there was a horrible accident that left one student dead and the other severely injured.  The injured boy/man sat next to me in World History and walked with a cane when he returned to school.  He’d changed almost overnight from the fun loving guy to someone who was more somber.  But he’d flirt with me sometimes and I saw a glimpse of the boy he’d been before.  From that moment I think I wanted to write about a damaged man.  I really love exploring that dichotomy.

The appeal of Bad Boys is that they are tempting.  We are all told to be good and play by the rules and they don’t.  They take what they want, they invite us along for the wild, crazy ride that life can be.  And we go for it.  In romance novels they appeal because they can and will be redeemed.  They will be find a sort of redemption in through love and for me at least that damaged part of them can be healed.

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Katherine Garbera’s No Rest For The Wicked is available now!

Billionaire Sebastian Warren has one simple motto: live fast and don’t look back. He’s never met anyone who makes him want to change. Until he meets enticing, fascinating Celeste Beacon.

Celeste believes that there’s a heart of gold beneath Sebastian’s bad boy image, so she challenges him to overcome his demons and be a better man.

Will Sebastian lead her down a path to wickedness, at his own peril – and hers? Or is Celeste the one woman who can finally bring him peace?


Thank you, Katherine, for popping in to share with us!  Readers, you simply Must read No Rest For The Wicked!  It’s deliciously entertaining and totally delivers on the promise of bad boys.

I also have more fun for you with an awesome Happy Endings giveaway!  For a chance to win, tell me what you find most appealing about bad boys and you’ll be entered to win this great prize!  Winner announced Saturday.


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