What’s Next for the Sheenans?

Readers have been asking me what’s next for the Sheenans?  The good news is that there is quite a bit!


I love this family.  I am really attached to them and not at all eager for their stories to end.  The good news is that there are still 2 more Sheenan stories to come, with Cormac and Whitney’s out in time for Christmas.  I’ve been rewriting his story after I was on a flight to Seattle and sat next to—no.  Can’t tell you.  It’ll ruin the surprise.  But let’s just say I’ve re-imagined Cormac’s story and changed it almost completely…making it well, magical, and perfect for Christmas.  The title is changing, too.  It’s now called A Christmas Miracle for Daisy as it’s become a holiday story that will be out in November.


After Cormac in November, we will have one more Sheenan story in early 2016 as there is a mystery in the Sheenan family which has contributed to the mother’s unhappiness and it’s time that family knew the whole truth.  That mystery story, and mystery Sheenan, will conclude my Taming of the Sheenan series.

It’s going to be hard to let this family go, so the good news is that the mystery Sheenan has an intriguing story that ties in with the ranch invasion on the Douglas property, that took the lives of McKenna’s family.  So as I conclude the Sheenans, I’ll be launching the first of the Douglas Ranch stories.

If you’ve been reading my Sheenan series, you briefly ‘met’ Quinn and Rory Douglas in Trey and McKenna’s story, The Kidnapped Christmas Bride.  Quinn and Rory are fascinating men and I know my readers will love their stories, too, especially as it allows us all to spend more time in Marietta, Montana.

Are you sick of my Montana stories, or still looking forward to more?  Let me know and one of you will win a very special Montana prize package that includes a print copy of The Taming of the Sheenans anthology along with Montana treats, reads and more!

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