Debra Salonen: When BFFs Are Guys

ds3I’m in Hawaii enjoying a few fun days of summer with my crew before the boys head back to California and I get on a plane to Australia next week for a conference.  It’s been fun to unwind and relax a little bit and I’ve also managed to get some time to catch up on reading some really good books by some great authors.

I’m especially excited about Debra Salonen‘s newest addition to her Big Sky Mavericks series.  Montana Hero is out now and already getting some great reviews.  I have enjoyed this series a lot and invited Debra to tell us more about her books.

Take it away, Debra!


Are men capable of close friendships that go beyond the commercial and over-the-top bromances of buddy movies like The Hangover?


Can one hope a deep emotional bond exists for men who not dwarves, wizards or burglers?


Perhaps trying to compare a man’s idea of friendship to a woman’s is a hopeless task. After all, both sexes are hard-wired differently, right? Some suggest men aren’t as in touch with their emotions as women, which, in light of this video, might be a good thing. 😉

I’m kidding, of course. The real question is: Are men capable of deep, long-term friendships that share a familial-like bond? When called upon for advice and help–the icky, sticky love and romance kind–will they have each other’s back?

I think the answer is yes. And I hope my readers agree because that’s the premise behind my three new Big Sky Mavericks books. This “series within a series” introduces three new heroes to Marietta, Montana. Fearless, kick butt, front line wildfire hot shots who consider themselves brothers-in-arms and best friends. But they’ve each reached a turning point in his life (although for different reasons). When one moves, they all move. No questions asked.


Flynn Bensen (MONTANA HERO) is the responsible one–the rock. A “hero” haunted by a mistake that cost a woman her life and gave Flynn a serious case of PTSD. When opportunity knocks, opening the door to a new, less hands-on–or so he thinks–job as head of Crawford County Search and Rescue, Flynn jumps at the chance to make a fresh start in the same town where his brother, Ryker, has fallen in love and made a new life himself. Flynn hopes to make Montana his forever home, too. He doesn’t expect to meet the woman of his dreams on the first day at his new job. Kat Robinson is wrong for him on too many levels to count, but that doesn’t make him want her any less.


Bold, brash and brazen Tucker “The Full Mountie” Montgomery (MONTANA ROGUE) has gambled everything on his new Marietta, Montana, enterprise: Mountie’s Marvelous Zip Line and Enduro Course. Screwing up his ankle before the first pole is in the ground was not part of the plan. Neither was meeting Amanda Heller, NYC society girl with problems of her own–demanding parents and a feisty grandmother who has no intention of handing over the reins of her life to Amanda’s mother. Tucker grew up on the Bayou. He learned the fine art of bartering from the grandparents who raised him. He’s willing to scratch his beautiful roommate’s back if she’ll help him with an itch of his own. But can roommates-with-benefits survive a summer fling without falling in love?


Justin “The Goat” Oberman climbs. Any mountain. Anywhere. People call his passion a death wish. He figures maybe he just hasn’t found something–someone–worth living for. When his best friends move to Montana, he’s right behind them, accepting a dream job that turns into a nightmare when the CFO turns out to be Nicole Richards, the one woman he’s never been able to forget. The one who blames him for the accident that left her paralyzed. Is this second-chance love affair doomed from day one? Justin says, “Yes.” But his friends–newly in love and looking at life through rose-colored blinders–disagree. “Nikki’s in your life again for a reason, Goat. Remember what you always tell new climbers: Don’t look down and never give up.”

Do you know any men–father, brother, husband, friend–who can claim a long-lasting friendship that has survived marriages, moves, divorces and distance? I’d love to hear your stories. Maybe one of them will show up in Justin’s book, which is still in the conceptual stage of production.

Thanks for reading and thanks so much to Jane for hosting me! Safe travels, my friend!



For more info on Deb and her books, please drop by her Website. Her current bio and links to her books are available on her author page here: Amazon. And Deb loves to connect with readers on Facebook & Twitter and through her weekly FIRST KISS: TUESDAY  Blog.

Thanks for sharing, Debra!  Readers, look for Montana Hero next time you’re treating your kindle to goodies.  This is a wonderful series to lose yourself in!  I’m also giving away a special prize in honor of Debra’s new release to one lucky winner.  Have you read any books in Debra Salonen’s Big Sky Mavericks series already?  Is there one mentioned in this blog that you’re particularly looking forward to?  Share your thoughts in a comment and you’ll be entered for a chance to win!  Contest ends on Tuesday with winner announced Wednesday.


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