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Unless you’ve just been introduced to me for the very first time, you won’t be surprised when I play fangirl to my longtime pal, Megan Crane.  And I’m not a fangirl because she is Dr. Crane and holds a Phd in Literature, or because she’s damn funny, or even because she puts up with me, but I’m a fan because she writes.  

Megan’s heroes are to die for.  I LOVE them.  And her heroines are the perfect match for her heroes, too.

I don’t know how she does what she does, but CODY, her brand new bullrider story and the 4th in the multi-author American Extreme Bullriding Tour series is beyond delicious.  I love it so much and I had a little chit chat with Megan about her amazing hero (and heroes!) and that’s coming up.

Megan’s interest in bullriders go back a number of years, too.  We’ve been attending the PBR together for almost five years now, ever since we saw our first bullriding event together in Clovis, CA.  Of course, Megan and I did a little shopping before Clovis, too, stopping at the enormous Boot Barn in Tulare, CA to make sure we had the right ‘accessories.’

Welcome back to my blog, Megan, and let’s talk bull riders!

Thanks, Jane, and I had so much fun writing this book!  I’m so happy that I get to be a part of this amazing new Tule series, with so many authors I admire.  And I’m thrilled that readers are responding so well to this book!

Jane: I love Cody.  he is so strong and so 100% himself. Where did he come from?  how did you get the idea for him?

Megan: He just sort of appeared that way!

He was clear in my head from the moment we started talking about bull riders.  Probably because I’ve spent quite a few years daydreaming about bull riders, ever since you took me to my first PBR show all those years ago!  Cody is an amalgamation of all my favorites.  Plus, I just love a surly hero.  Watching them fall in love makes my heart happy.

Jane: I love how you pair opposites attract. I think you do it better than anyone else I know. Who came first to you Cody or Skylar?

Megan: I think they came to me at the same time.  I’d imagined Skylar and her pre-Cody situation a while back, when I came up with the whole, extended Grey family, so I knew who she was.  Or who she used to be.  And I’d originally planned to write her a different book.   But then the bull rider series came along and I decided to pair her with my bull rider hero.  And once I decided that, I knew her hero had to be utterly different from her fiance.  And it all sort of flowed from there.  Skylar’s in such a state of suspended animation in the beginning of the book.  She needs someone to shatter it all into unrecognizable smithereens—and Cody Galen is just the man for the job!

Jane: Tell me three things you like about Cody .

Megan: 1. He’s very, very good at what he does.  Everything he does. 😉
2. He has no idea how deeply he can fall in love and how it will transform him.
3. When he falls in love with Skylar, he falls hard and he learns from it, because that’s the bull rider way.  And then he gets back up with every intention of winning, because that’s what makes him a legend.

Jane: Tell me three things Skylar likes about Cody.

Megan: 1. He treats her like she’s a flesh and blood woman, not a shrine to her lost fiance.
2. He lets her be whoever she wants to be, not what she’s expected to be.
3. He might pretend otherwise, but she knows he’s a good man, because no matter how surly he gets, he’s always good to her.

Jane: In your mind, what are the attributes of a great hero?

Megan: I like my heroes edgy and dangerous and maybe not all that nice.  Because watching such tough, inaccessible men fall for the women who were put on this earth to wreck and redeem them just makes me happy.  The great thing about a rough, harsh alpha hero is that however powerful and hard he is in the beginning, that’s exactly how hard and powerful and true he’s going to love his woman for the rest of his life.  The more awful he is at the start, the harder and deeper he’ll fall.  And I love watching them fall!

I also think that great heroes are reluctant, maybe because they give their all no matter what they do.  I think sometimes these men know that once they fall in love, that’s it for them—so of course they do their best to avoid it!

Jane: Megan, I can talk books and heroes with you all day long!! And readers, be sure to visit one of these online retailers to download your own copy of CODY :
Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Amazon UK 

And if you love music with books, here’s a Megan Crane Bonus – Cody’s Playlist! :

“The Devil & the Huntsman”—Sam Lee & Daniel Pemberton
“If I Told You”—Darius Rucker
“Crazy for You”—Scars on 45
“Beryl”—Mark Knopfler
“Halo”—Tim McGraw
“Human”—Rag’n’Bone Man
“Broken Halos”—Chris Stapleton
“That Feeling”—Cragan and Moroney
“White Liar”—Miranda Lambert
“Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not”—Thompson Square
“To Be Without You”—Ryan Adams
“When I’m Small”—Phantogram
“Saving Grace”—Stellar Revival
“Colder Weather”—Zac Brown Band
“America”—Austin Plaine
“Out There in the Middle”—Robert Earl Keen
“Roller Coaster”—Bon Jovi
“Red Light”—David Nail
“Body Like A Back Road”—Sam Hunt
“Amen”—Nick Sturms

Megan, I have loved having you visit my blog and in case I didn’t already say it, I absolutely love Cody! In fact, I’m so excited about his story, I’ve got a fun giveaway for one lucky reader and it’s a box of my favorite Megan Crane reads! For a chance to win, tell me why you should be the one to win this ultimate Megan Crane fan girl book box! Contest ends Saturday with winner announced Sunday.

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