Decathalon Mom

Trying to parent in and around the Odd Mom Out book tour has been interesting at best.  I’ve spent a lot of the past month holding my breath and praying that we can just avoid disaster.  I’ll settle for chaotic.  Messy’s great. 

During the month of October I finally accepted that okay, average, passable, fine, norm, and mid-medium are, well, good.  If the kids were alive, not crying, not trying to hurt each other or themselves, and getting to school 90% of the time on time, then we were being successful.

Now it’s November 2nd and we’re into a new month.  The book tour is  starting to wrap up.  I’m beginning to think about the book that’s due in 6 weeks.  (The one I haven’t even started.) 

I’m thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s. 

I’m thinking about not doing a book tour for Alpha Mom in May.   

I’m thinking about not eating so much Halloween candy tomorrow.  Those little candy bars are really sneaky.  One, two, three and the next thing you know your jeans don’t fit.  Doesn’t seem fair.  Halloween only comes once a year.

Speaking of Halloween, I can’t believe it’s already over.  We never even decorated this year.  All the boxes of decorations still line the upstairs hallway waiting to be put out.  Now I have to drag the boxes back to the attic.

Maybe I should just pull the Christmas boxes down now.  Maybe if I pull them out this weekend I might actually get around to the festive stuff before it’s January ’08.

Maybe.  But with a book due by December 15th, not likely.

I suppose there’s always next year.  Or maybe I just need a wife.

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