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I need some advice, especially from those of you who live in the Greater Seattle area and get the million postcards and invites to my different events. 

Here’s the question:  Should I have a book release party after the Bellevue Barnes & Noble event for Mrs. Perfect?  Or have I become excessively annoying?  I feel excessively annoying. 

The facts:  It looks like the Mrs Perfect book launch at Barnes & Noble has been moved from Monday the 5th to Tuesday, May 6th, because Monday is Cinco de Mayo and according to bookstore data, Monday nights can be tricky for drawing a crowd.

The worry:  Say we’re now on for Tuesday.  Do I do the party?  Do you think I need a after party? I’ve done them at Ooba’s for every 5 Spot book but am wondering if doing a second party in one year (since Odd Mom Out was just in late Sept) is too much, or if the women here in Bellevue like the parties?

The idea:  If I did a party I was thinking it’d be a fun Hollywood theme with chocolate-tinis and yummy little desserts to celebrate the Flirting movie now being made (and just because I look Hollywood theme parties because I love movies and the idea of Hollywood).   I could go to and order cool film cut outs and cute little cocktail napkins (I so love to order party essentials) and make it fabulous, darling.

The decision:  Would those of you in the area want to come?  Or do you think I take a hiatus until the July ’09 book comes out.  Or should we just go for it and figure whoever comes, comes, and not worry about numbers…?

The truth:  You see, for all my bravery, I get nervous about an empty audience and a restaurant full of cocktails and nibbles and no bodies. 

I honestly don’t know what to do, and if my friend Lisa Johnson will scream if I go back to her and say, hey Lisa,  I’ve got another book coming out in less than two months.  Want to work really hard, for little pay, to host a party where I can be the star?  (And in real life she’d probably be cool, but in my head she’d be screaming, No, no, no, you ungrateful wretch, no.) 

The need:  Input so I can make a less neurotic decision.  So advise me!  Be my guru!  Make up my mind!

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