Weekend in LA

I’m at the airport waiting for my flight to LA after a particularly stressful few days trying to get ready for Megan’s wedding.

That’s right.  I’m a guest at Megan Crane’s Dana Point wedding this weekend and I’m stressed.  Pitiful, isn’t it?

First, I haven’t attended a big fancy first wedding in a long time.  I do divorces now, and those are more like wakes.  Definitely not celebratory in my crowd.  Now I know there must be happy divorcees somewhere, but they aren’t my friends.  My friends don’t trade up.  If the marriage ends, they’re definitely worse off financially and they’ve got the kids and jobs to juggle, too.

But this blog isn’t about divorce, it’s about a beautiful Orange County celebration kicking off  with a Friday night BBQ on the beach, a Saturday night wedding with reception in the ballroom, and then a Sunday morning brunch.   So I do need clothes, and not Hawaii surfer girl clothes, and not booktour clothes (after all, this is Megan’s wedding and her soon-to-be-groom is an artist) but pretty and nice clothes, and I have those, too, but in the Seattle style which is heavy and dark, and too heavy and dark for ocean front mid-March.

So I went shopping.  Twice.  A light new coat to wear over my cocktail dress Saturday night in the event that the ceremony is outside (they’re reporting scattered showers and 58 degree high on Saturday), and then a proper purse, not a briefcase or battered bag the way I do.  That also meant shoes that aren’t Reef flip flops to go with the dress, and after buying heels, nice heels from Nordstroms, my shoes were nicer than my dress and I thought maybe I need a new dress, too.

Once the wedding outfit was finally sorted out, I began to doubt my brunch outfit for Sunday.  What if my dress was too bare?   What if the brunch place is more casual?  What if everyone is in fun slacks and cute little skirts and I’m wearing a matronly dress?

Maybe this is why I don’t get invited more places.  Maybe everyone knows I’m a tad neurotic and spend four days packing for a three day event.

Just when I thought I was finally done, just when I thought it was safe to get a proper blow out so my hair will at least look styling, I realized I had nothing to wear to lunch with Lucy Mukerjee Friday in Hollywood.  We are meeting at the Mondarin Hotel, too, home of the famous celebrity studded Sky Bar, to talk about the Flirting with Forty movie as well as the options on Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect.  I was at a loss all over again.  What should I wear to a lunch in Hollywood?  What would make me look slim and smart and not Seattle but a little LA?

This morning I finally gave up realizing I’ve read far too many People Magazines’ style columns.  I’m a writer and a mom, not a celebrity.  I don’t have to look like a celebrity.   I don’t have to do anything but be there for Megan this weekend.

With my blown out hair.


  1. Have fun–sounds like a fabulous weekend! I’ve been dithering about what to pack too–we’re going to England for 2 days! I’m sure you’ll have better weather 🙂


  2. Jane-I’m sure that you will have a wonderful time. Who cares what you wear as long as you smile and enjoy yourself.

  3. Hey Jane – You already look like a celebrity allright so it doesn’t matter what you wear. Look at Britney shopping in a wedding dress. It’s LA – you can get away with anything. Just relax and have a wonderful time. I’m sure you will look stunning.

  4. It is so funny how us moms who finally get to go out and socialize in a different setting can obsess over things like clothes!! I do the same thing!! Next weekend my sisters, their spouses and me and mine are spending the weekend at our parents house that is 10 minutes from AC. We are going to AC for dinner and gambling on Saturday. The first thing my sisters and I were wondering were,”what do I wear”. Not “where do you want to eat”:) Have a wonderful weekend!! I am sure you look great!!

  5. You will have fun–I love Dana Point, and I just got back from a few days in LA too. I will say I OBSESSED over what to wear, too–I wanted to look LA cool and not Minneapolis winter schlumpy. But have fun—you always look beautiful!!

  6. Jane, it was great meeting you tonight after I have read so much about on Megan’s blogs. I had to leave a comment let all your fans know that you looked great! I hope the weather works with us all tomorrow…the wedding is going to be beautiful. I was so happy to see so many of Jeff and Megan’s friends have come to share this day with them!

  7. I hope you are having a great time, Jane. That is great for Megan…sounds like a wonderful weekend!


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