Short & Bittersweet

My youngest son Ty has a way with words.  He has since he learned to talk.  If I have children being clever or saying something poignant  in my books its probably because son Ty said the same thing in real life.

This morning was one of those moments.

I was sitting on the bottom step of the staircase zipping up his black skateboard sweatshirt covered in little skulls and he says to me, “Mom, you’re getting fat.”

I glance down and my stomach is hanging out between my white sweatpants and turquoise t-shirt.   There was a fair amount of belly there.   “I know, honey.”

He gives me a sympathetic smile.  “At least you know its working.” 

I just hope he’ll be as supportive when I go to lose the baby weight.


  1. Ty’s words remind me of my son. The outfit does too. 🙂 So sweet. Congratulations on your little surfer to be!

  2. Jane,
    That was priceless!! And you are beautiful no matter what…especially when you are with child!! And especially in your children’s eyes!! Hope you are feeling better!!

  3. Where do you go to lose the baby weight? Would someone not post-pregnant like me to be allowed?
    I have been in the dumps for a bunch of reasons and gained 10 lbs. in the past few months. I know I am being stupid when I eat the ice cream, chips, whatever, but I do it anyway. I am hoping to snap out of it soon.
    Seriously, a baby “tummy” is a beautiful thing, and a loving son giving his mom a lift is heartwarming. Thank you for sharing a precious moment!

  4. Your son is too funny. I can just picture the expression on his face as he said this. I’m sure that he will be supportive, especially if he gets the little sister that he’s wanted. Hope that you are taking it easy.

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