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I’m getting ready to head to Portland, Oregon early this afternoon and it’s going to be a busy weekend as I have a conference to attend in downtown Portland, a booksigning Saturday night in Beaverton at the Borders, and then my oldest son has a two day water polo tournament at the T-Hills pool in Beaverton.  Surfer Ty flew in just for the weekend to help me get everyone where they need to be while providing some entertainment for my youngest son.   Ty’s flight from Hawaii was delayed by several hours last night and he didn’t arrive at the house until one in the morning.  I was, needless to say, asleep.

If you’re in or around Portland Saturday please join me for a 5 pm dinner at Bugatti’s before the book signing, or if you can’t come for dinner, just head to the Borders Bookstore (2605 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton, OR  97005) for the signing that’s from 6:30-8 pm.  I’ve got tons of fun reader goodies already packed in the car and I would so love to put faces with your names! 

For those attending the Celebrate Romance conference, I won’t be putting in an appearance until Sunday morning at this point due to kids stuff and pregnancy stuff.  I’m running on less energy than I use to and can’t pull the long days I once did.  However, I will be at the hotel from early Sunday morning until the conference ends and look forward to seeing everyone then.

Lastly, three of the six blog prizes I gave away in the last week have gone unclaimed.  Karen from Boston–you won the Oscar Peeps blog contest–email me with your address!  And two of you from the Mac The Monkey blog contest never sent me your address and I’ll have to give those away to others Monday morning if you don’t shoot me an email soon wth your addresses.  I’m only going to sit on prizes for a week before I’ll give them away to others.  If you saw my house, and my dining table, you’d understand. 

And speaking of prizes, I’ve got a weekend contest with one more wonderful heavy red glazed XOXO mug, a copy of Anna Campbell’s amazing hot, intense, brilliant, new historical, Tempt The Devil, a Starbucks drink card, and tons of others goodies.  If interested in winning this great gift, share what your weekend plans are, or what you’re reading now, and you’re entered.  Contest runs through Sunday night midnight PST and I’ll announce the winner Monday morning, as well as draw some extra winners for any prizes that have gone unclaimed.  So fill me in on your plans and/or your reading and you’re entered!

Have a great weekend everyone.  The snow is melting here.  I’ve got Surfer Ty’s company for the next three days.  I’ll see Kari Andersen in Portland along with some of my favorite writer friends.  And I’m going to be juggling mom and author hats, but that’s perfect.  This is how I like life.  Should be a happy few days.


  1. My weekend plans are always the same. Clean, cook, read. LOL. Well, except for last weekend. I went and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic. Personally, I loved it.

    I’m reading a historical novel right now. ENVY the newest in the Luxe series by Anna Godbersen. So good. That series is a really good one.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. havent had time to read lately. how i wish i lived in your area for the book signing :O( plans for the weekend- hopefully go to ikea to finish furnishing the new crib and some painting.

  3. You’ve got a busy one planned. Keep up with those vitamins and get the rest you need. Bad time to get a cold! Safe travels to you and your water-boy.

    This weekend my daughter is getting her ears pierced. She’s 10 and is finally getting up the nerve. She’s been counting down the last two weeks and I, for one, am glad the time is nigh!! She’ll be so cute with them and it’ll be an event for sure. My mom and sister are coming down from Thousand Oaks for the big event.
    My son starts little league this Saturday, as well so we will be hopping for sure!!
    Take good care.

  4. Hi Jane!
    We have a busy weekend planned too! Tomorrow is my birthday and since I share the birthdaay with one of my older brothers, we always go out for supper together with our families. We also have a soccer tournament for my oldest son, a surprise birthday party for a coworker and the Maple Sugar Festival tomorrow…and we think we can do it all…

    Sunday we will rest!

    Hope you get some downtime while Surfer Ty is in town! Have a good weekend…

  5. My weekend starts now, as I am not working today and the sun is shining-how good is that? What would be even better is I get the job I just interviewed for this morning, but in the meantime I took a vacation day and am going to walk around the town and enjoy the beautiful, crisp day. Maybe I will even hop on a bus and go downtown, I am all on my own.
    Jane, your weekend sounds fab and I will tell my nieces in Oregon to try to see you!

  6. How I wish I were going to be in Oregon this weekend! Maybe, after Baby Mac joins us, you could mark your calendar and make an appearance in Boise???

    This weekend we are going to the skate park…my husband, LOVES to skateboard as does our 9 year old daughter…and we are going to paint my bathroom a soft and sassy pink! And, Sunday we are going to “toast” to friends and family!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  7. So this is the weekend with almost no definitive plans, I am amazingly ecstatic about it. Last weekend we had friends in from out of town and ton to do and next Saturday I literally have invitations for 5 different events all on Saturday so I’m just really looking forward to a weekend where we can do what we want when we want!!! WOOHOOO!!

    Not reading anything right now. Having a hard time focusing unless it’s work related so have actually started knitting again for the first time in well over a year!!!

    Have fun on Sunday! I was really hoping to go to CR again- haven’t been since Vegas – and it’s so close but I just couldn’t swing it. Financially, and even energy-wise. After dealing with illness off and on(the whole families) I’m just exhausted and have found I have to really pace myself. Have fun!

  8. Going to see Legally Blonde the musical! I’m super excited to get dressed up and go to a play. My mom used to drag my sister and I to plays when we were kids and she always made us wear dresses. We hated it. Now that I’m older, I love it.

    I’m for sure turning into my mother! Which is an honor.

  9. This weekend I am supposed to meet my new nephew, born just nine days ago. Now they are predicting some messy weather so I hope it doesn’t mess up my plans. I hope everyone has a great weeekend.

  10. Jane…Although I am incredibly jealous of Kari this weekend:) I will be preparing for my candle party tomorrow that I have on Sunday since it is about 1.5hrs from my house. So all of Sunday will be dedicated to this candle party and then Sunday night is a really exciting conference call with the same company.

    We recently joined a gym and I have been going faithfully for the last few weeks. I am hoping to not embarrass my children too much this summer when we attend the pool there:)

    Have a FABULOUS time with Kari this weekend and travel safely!!

  11. Well, it is yet again my weekend to work! My son has a play off basketball game tomorrow and I am actually taking a knitting class before I head to work! I am reading Stori Telling, by Tori Spelling and I have to say, I am finding is quite entertaining. I have always liked her!
    So that is about it! Have a fun weekend with Surfer Ty!


  12. Hey Jane! I am planning to try and make it to your book signing this weekend! It all plans on if my husband is home in time to watch our kids! Other than that, I really need to get some Spring cleaning done. Ugh!

  13. Tomorrow, I have a Dish Network repairman coming to work on my satellite and then I have an appointment to have my taxes done. On Sunday, I will visit my parents.

  14. Plans for weekend..
    Get over prep for having had CT scan on Friday.
    Saturday- take kiddo to volunteer community service picking up trash in the city for the National Honor Society.
    Saturday night- storms expected in area sounds like a good time to rent movies.
    Sunday-get Sunday paper and spend a lazy day around the house. It is suppose to be real cold here highs only in the 40’s. Saturday it is supposed to be 76 degrees what a difference a day makes.

    Jane you need to make a trip to the other side of the country one day. Say Tallahassee, FL or somewhere around the Gulf of Mexico. No way I will ever get to one of your signings on the other side of the country.

  15. I’m play catchup once again this weekend… I’m sure there will be yarn work involved… I’m not reading anything right now – but the hubby and I need to do some serious detoxing.

  16. Well I will be spending the weekend taking care of my husband. He just had a vasectomy today and he plans on milking it all weekend and next week. I didn’t give him a bell, but he’s been paging me with the phone. Aww, this will be a long weekend!

  17. Friday volunteering at Art Buddies at Whittier Elementary School in Minneapolis. The rest of the weekend will be pretty low key, just admiring the snow, trying to stay warm, Facebooking, blogging, finishing the Twilight books, eating, running errands, and relaxing.

    Happy Weekend!

  18. Attending a Night at the Races / Tricky Tray event that the local 8th graders are running to raise funds for their project graduation. I donated a votive candle flower arrangement & have been doing an ongoing fundraiser for them since December.
    Enjoy Portland!!

  19. I am heading out for a “Girls Night” with a friend tonight (Mexican for dinner (Abuelo’s) and the movie “Taken”). Then I’m spending ALL DAY tomorrow reading the book I downloaded on my brand new Kindle 2 (a Christmas present I just received yesterday…lol). The book I’m beginning with on my Kindle is Candace Camp’s “The Courtship Dance”. My daughter comes back to me from her Dad’s tomorrow night, then on Sunday it’s church, an open house at a model home in a subdivision I’m interested in moving to later this year, and then relaxing and hanging out with my daughter.

  20. I am hoping to see you Sat…family willing. I have to move my sons storage for him, he is stationed at Ft Bliss Tx and long story…the stuff has to be moved! Afterwards I hope to go see you at the bookstore. I am reading Stephen Kings new book “After Sunset”,they are accompilation of short stories that shake the soul to be sure.
    Save it to read after the baby is born, it is not for the faint of heart. Dont over do things in all the excitement of the weekend. Relaxing is so much fun too.

  21. This is the last weekend before the move to our new house, so we’re probably gonna be pretty busy. Cleaning the old place and then painting and moving boxes over to the new house.

    Right now I’m reading an old favorite: Silent Melody by Mary Balogh.

  22. Hi Jane!
    I just finished a fantastic romance book called A Rather Curious Engagemant by C.A Belmond.
    And the next book I have picked up is Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weingarten, a new YA novel. This weekend I am going to spend relaxing and reading. I have received so many books over the weeks to review for my review site..I hope I can keep track!
    Wish you a lovely weekend!

  23. Well, my plans this weekend are not real exciting, I am working a 12 hr shift both Sat. and Sun. If I wasn’t I would be at your book signing since you’ll be in Portland!! It’s sunny right now, I hope it stays like this for your visit here (but I’m not holdong my breath) You know how the Pacific NW is! :)Have a good weekend Jane!

  24. Have a great weekend. I will be seeing a friend, buying books, reading. We will be visiting with friends and on Sunday spending dinner with my son and his wife.

  25. Hey!

    I am studying all weekend. Not a lot of fun, but one of those necessary things. I am a student and spend quite a bit of time reading thick textbooks and trying to remember what I read. Hope that you have a nice weekend!


  26. I’m taking it easy this weekend. Hope to get some reading in – have to read Emma by Jane Austen for a class. It’s been on my TBR list for a long while now so it’s multitasking as both have to and want to reads. 🙂

    I’m also thinking I’ll watch a movie this weekend – haven’t decided what movie but it’s definitely on the weekend agenda.

    Have a good weekend.

  27. Jane,
    Save all your energy and take many naps. You do not suffer from brain fog, not being able to write. What you are suffering from is pure nesting syndrome. LOL
    The temp today in Texas was in the high 80’s, beautiful weather.
    Our kids are having some friends over. We will take the big screen tv outside in our patio. All the kids want to watch scary movies, popcorn, and Domino’s pizza. All the kids have so much fun doing this. There is nothing like watching a good scary movie outside in the dark under the stars. In the evening I will grab
    several hours to work on my screenplay.

  28. Today I went and spent the day with my sister. She lives about forty miles from me so when I go I spend the whole day with her and we go out for lunch. Tomorrow I will be clean house and cooking. Hubby works all weekend so its the perfect time to clean but I still have to cook and in my spare time I will be reading. I am plannig on startine Give Me A Cowboy tonight.

  29. Nothing too exciting this weekend. I have to work Saturday morning, but then have Saturday afternoon and evening to hang out with my 8 and 10 year old. Sunday will hopefully be filled with church, laundry and reading! I just finished ‘A Lion Amoung Men’ by Gregory Maguire and am about to start ‘Deadly Night’ by Heather Graham.

  30. Weekend plans include some shopping, cleaning, organizing my house and life! Reading, The Daily Coyote right now and expecting another snowstorm this weekend in New England. Oh and lots of long walks with the dog, while my daughter is still away with her dad.

  31. Jane, I really wished I lived closer so I could attend your Portland event and hang out with you and Kari!!! You girls are going to have fun and I know Kari will take lots of pictures!

    We have a busy weekend. Tomorrow morning we have dance and then my nephew’s birthday party. Tomorrow night we have a retirement party to go to also. Sunday will be my day to relax and clean up the house/catch up on laundry!

    Right now I’m reading While My Sister Sleeps by Barbara Delinsky. It may the first of a bookclub my friends and I are trying to start. Maybe even have an apperance by Jane Porter? (hint, hint LOL!)

    Have a great event and weekend!

  32. well i am coming down w.a cold…so i dont think my weekend will be too much fun! i just started reading water for elephants and i am sooo enjoying it.

  33. Possiby going to Yakima and maybe a little wine tasting but if the passes are bad then think I’ll just stay in and watch movies and read. Reading James Patterson right now. Hope you have a great weekend with all of your boys. Get some rest for yourself.

  34. Ah, the weekend is fortunately plan-free at this point! Nice to have those once in a while, huh? Lots of play time with the puppy before the snow comes so I can some of his energy out, and probably some good movies with the kid and hubby.

  35. Souds like you will have a great weekend! Busy!!
    Mine will be cooking, sewing, reading (Kristen Hannah’s new one) and resting. If the sunshine is out washing my filthy car from the mountains and snow!

  36. HIya Jane hope you have a great weekend. I will be spending all day Saturday at the gym watching my kids play basketball and then we have family fun night. Then Sunday we are having some friends over to watch the nascar race.

  37. My Emma had pups a while back and we will be having lots of company this weekend because it is time for the pups to go to their new homes! I’m waiting anxiously to have my house back to ‘normal’ and to have it be actually clean. I have only been able to spot clean my kitchen floor because of the puppies constantly sleeping on my laminate!

    I’m reading Emily Giffin’s ‘Baby Proof’ because I have already read everything of yours!

  38. Wow! I’m exhausted just reading about your plans for the next few days.
    I’m actually looking forward to a quiet weekend. Some reading, relaxing, and hopefully not much else.
    Enjoy your weekend with Surfer Ty, tell Kari I said hello, and try to catch a nap here and there.

  39. Hi Jane! I have to work this weekend. I’ll probably also be doing laundry and housecleaning. Have a great weekend!

  40. Hi Jane,

    Hola and have a nice weekend!

    I always work on Saturdays. I work at an office/art supply store at love it! I love to draw and do crafty things so working there is right up my alley! After work my hubby and I are going to an Engineer’s Week show that is going to be about Wind Energy with a polish buffet for dinner.

    Sunday, I plan on going to church and then visiting my mom at the rehab center she is staying at while she recovers from her hip surgery. Then Sunday evening, I plan on watching THE AMAZING RACE. It is one of my favorite reality shows!

    I just finished reading Sherryl Woods new book, THE INN AT EAGLE POINT. It is a fantastic novel about family loyalty and getting second chances at love.

    The book I am reading now is LORD OF LEGENDS by Susan Krinard. It starts off with a compelling mystery that I can’t wait to see what happens.

  41. I was up in Ptld. last weekend and my brother and his wife I stopped in at Borders to check the date of your book signing. I’m bummed I missed it by one week. This weekend I’m so glad I’m going to rest and work on applying for other jobs. I need a change and anyway the per diem work (which is what I do) at my hospital is drying up so it’s time to branch out. I would like to work the nursery or intensive care nursery next. Reading- I’m just getting started on “Cocktails for Three”.

  42. Sounds like you have a busy weekend! I have been sick since Wednesday, so I plan on SLEEPING a lot. At least I hope I get to….

  43. plans…got work done after school today so this weekend is for spending time with tom and boys doing whatever they want to do, can’t wait!! hope ty has a better flight going back and the boys enjoy his visit, as do you.

  44. I LOVE Portland! Lucky woman. Having grown up in Oregon, I miss driving up to the “city”. Have a great time. I wish I was there. 🙂

    My daughter is spending the night at a sleepover so my husband and I are having ourselves a sleepover! 😉 I am reading Beach Music by Pat Conroy and LOVING it.

  45. I’m getting 4 new tires for the car today and getting an alignment. It’s needed it for a while now with all the snow we’ve been having here in Ohio and today’s supposed to be a fairly clear, if cold day (25 degrees). But I’ll feel better knowing the car is safer when I’m driving the kids to school and after-school activities. Enjoy your time in Portland. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  46. The boy and I are just setting out this morning to do the grocery shopping. Woo hoo! But tomorrow is a trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens to take pics for his special school project. And then we’re going to watch the husband dive – he’s going through his certification this weekend and the boy so badly wants to dive but he’s only 6. Right now I’m reading an old Barbara Taylor Bradford book that I came across in our book swap library at work. Looks good – family saga and the like. Also, I’m preparing my MS to enter in a couple of contests where some Harlequin editors will be juding final rounds. Hope it finals, but of course, won’t know until May.

  47. Hi, Jane – I agree with Kim – #40 – that your weekend sounds exhausting. Make sure you put your feet up as much as possible and take some power naps in between scheduled events.

    We just returned from a week’s ski vacation with my two daughters and their families. My weekend plans are making the most of the next two days as it’s back to the work grind on Monday morning. Plan to take in some retail therapy this afternoon at Promenade Shops in Saucon Valley, which opened a few years ago, but I have not had time to visit yet, then I’ll stop at a local indoor farmer’s market with a wide variety of stands from bread to pet supplies, so that should be fun. Tomorrow calls for snow so I am hoping to read at least one of the books I took on vacation, but never opened – The Edge of Winter by Luanne Rice and Nora Robert’s Going Home.

    Hope you and Ty celebrate some romance of your own during your book event in Portland.

  48. Hi Jane,
    Have fun in Portland, and don’t forget some relaxation time–good for you and Mac.
    Unfortunately I have strep throat, yucky! But that leaves me more time to read Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah (another NW writer with ties to Hawaii!). Now I am going to play yet another round of Go Fish with my son David. See you,

  49. My daughter and I have a night and day planned just for us. We have a hotel room downtown, are going swimming, to the local pottery store, PF Changs for dinner and room service in the morning for breakfast.

    This is our first ever girl night and day. She is 6 and is very excited. She told me no cell phone or laptop. We will see how I survive 🙂 I am also looking forward to our time alone as life gets so hectic sometimes it is nice ot step back and enjoy it.

  50. Jane,
    It’s sound like you’re going to have Great Weekend. With Ty being there. And busy weekend. With the book signing and the polo tournament, wish your son
    & his team luck.
    I wish I were in Portland this weekend be at the book signing.
    We are just hanging out this weekend. Keeping busy, doing some organizing. Get out and take the dog for a walk. It may rain tomorrow, hopefully do some reading.
    Have Fun!!

  51. This weekend I will be coming to your book signing! I am so excited to meet you. I just started reading your books last year and I love them! It never takes me more than 3 days to finish one, so that says a lot! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful weekend here in Portland!

  52. Lazy weekend here. May go out and shovel some more on the patio – maybe not. 8″ on Thursday and now it’s COLD – below 0 tonight.

  53. Hi Jane,
    Hope you find time in your busy weekend to breathe and take a much deserved moment for yourself.
    As for me, Saturday will be filled with hanging out with the kids while my hubby is at football practice, running to the mall and Costco.
    Sunday is my daughter Pilar’s 7th birthday, so plans are church, lunch then a movie of her choice. I can’t wait!
    I have been reading “Homicide Special” by Miles Corwin, a true crime novel about the elite Robbery Homicide Division of the LAPD, which my father-in-law was a Detective in for over 25 years. Lots of interesting stuff in that book.

  54. Ahhhh…the weekend! For me it’s a farmers market, clean house, reading kind of day. I love when I don’t have any demands or ‘have to’s’. Sunday I do have to work then I will be meeting friends for a jewlery making get together. We design, make and enjoy new fun things that sparkle. And of course we have to enjoy the Sweet Potato Queens margaritas. Has anyone every tried them? Quirky but delicious.

    Have a fun weekend. Don’t forget to have a little ‘me’ time. And as an intrigued fan, keep writing! XO

  55. Hi Jane! I plan on staying inside and getting some much needed sleep this weekend! Have a great weekend and make sure you take time out to relax!

  56. Most of today was spent “spring cleaning” the bathroom. Not too exciting! lol The rest of the weekend should be a little better. I plan get some reading in.

  57. I’m hoping to finish I See You Everywhere about the relationship between 2 sisters that pretty much parallels my sister and I. I finished most of the chores today, so tomorrow I get to get a massage and take my babies to the dog park! Gotta stay relaxed as I’m a teacher and our state-mandated testing starts this week! Yikes!

  58. Jane,
    Hope you have a good trip to Portland!

    My weekend plans have included reading your book, Flirting with 40 and just generally lounging around. I’ve been on the run the whole past week and just needed the weekend to relax. I am so enjoying the book and almost finished with it.


  59. Hi Jane,

    Wow you going to have a busy weekend, I wish I could attend your book signing but just a little to far to travel. As for this weekend I had planned on working around the yard on Saturday but instead I went and bought a new car, a Durango. Oh well there is always next weekend. Take care and get plenty of rest. Oh almost forgot I’m reading Kim Edwards The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.


  60. Not much planned for the weekend; just the usually stuff. I have been crocheting a lot lately, so hopefully I will finish up a scarf I have been working on and start on a new on. Crocheting is great for stess. I have also been into makeing necklaces…so may I will start on a new one.

    I have started reading “a Version of the truth” and so far so good.

    Hope you have a safe and fun trip 🙂

  61. Hiya Jane! Thinking of you on your busy weekend in Portland. We drove south to Centralia on Saturday to visit 2 litters of Golden Retriever puppies, boy were they cute! We lost our Golden 2 weeks ago and are broken-hearted and hoping that a little pup might help mend our hearts a bit. My husband and 6 year old son decided not to ski today so I’ve got them to myself ALL DAY!! Yippee… plans either, I love it!

  62. Hi Jane,

    I’m not usually the spontaneous type, but late Friday afternoon all 3 of my kids ended up at a friend’s house leaving my husband and me with an opportunity to go out on an unplanned date!! What a treat! Part of the fun lay in knowing we could go anywhere and do whatever we felt like doing…We felt young and free! (Not at all like the ‘old’, tired parents of teens we often feel like). Not as much reading this weekend, but still feeling relaxed and cozy all the same!!

    Enjoy your time in Portland with your friends & readers, and most especially, your boys and man!!

  63. My plans right now are to look at the snow falling! I live in Georgia where we rarely get snow. It is a real treat to watch it fall.

  64. Just got done reading a Mary Balogh novel – Thief of Dreams (very good). Went to the dog show here in Detroit. My daughter wants her very own Pembrook Welsh Corgi. We talked to a lot of the breeders and are thinking of rescuing one. They are very cute impish dogs with a lot of energy.

  65. Since we’re building a garage and house, I’m in charge of the lunches for the men and keeping everyone in line and on the line…lol

  66. I just finished Claudia dain’s the Coutesan’s Daughter, and next up is the new Susan E phillips.yum!!
    Hope you are feeling ok Jane!!

  67. Hi Jane,

    I hope you have had a great time in Portland.
    I’ve to admit mine hasn’t been that brilliant due to a bad cold. So really, most of the weekend has been spent in bed(or at least not very far from it). Yesterday, I didn’t even feel like reading! Today I’m a little better and have re-read most of Kingdom of Dreams by J.McNaught.

    I found my first copy of this book in a tiny second-hand book store in South America, but it’s now so worn that I’d to get a new copy. The year I spent in S.A was brilliant, but I’ve to admit the first month was exhausting. I didn’t know a word Spanish and the people around me didn’t speak English or any other language we could communicate in. 4-5 weeks into the experience I was quite “desperate” to find something – anything – a book, or a TV show – in English. Imagine my joy when I not only found one, but two historical romances by Judith McNaught (never mind that I’d never heard about her or her books up to that point) in English. 🙂
    Needless to say in Europe I ended up ordering all her historicals. Sorry, this turned into a much longer post than I intended!

  68. We just got back from a family vacation at Disney World. Needless to say, I am pretty exhausted. So my weekend has been filled with unpacking and doing laundry. Need a vacation from my vacation. 🙂

  69. Hey Jane!

    My mom came down this weekend to watch my son’s basketball game. We had a great time together window shopping and going to lunch. The day is beautiful although a little cloudy. I’m still trying to also catch up on laundry and do a little (well, a lot) of work as well as trying to tackle my office. I’m taking baby steps and it’s slowly getting into shape. Have a great Sunday!

  70. I worked Friday and Saturday night and slept. Sunday I’m watching the curling final for the Scott Tournament of Hearts.

    Do enjoy your weekend Jane.

  71. Hello!

    Friday night was my daughter’s 14th birthday “Death by Chocolate Extravaganza – Sleepover -palooza”. We had chocolate fondue with an “edible arrangement” her almost 12 year old brother made with strawberries, pineapple & Peeps! There were chocolate chip cookies, pretzle rods, pound cake, bananas and marshmallows to dip as well and cup cakes. As well as assorted chocolate candies. All 10 girls had a great time. Our oldest neice brought a special guest — the life size cut out of Edward Cullen we gave her last month for her 16th birthday. He isn’t a very good party guest as he tends to glare and linger and he isn’t very good at making conversation.

    Saturday was spent recouperating! Our son’s god-sister spent the day on Saturday until her dad met us for dinner and to collect her on the way to taking her & our godson to the Milwaukee Bucks game.

    Sunday was relaxing and reading. I ma reading “The Little Lady Agencey” by Hester Browne. A delightful book. I accidently read the third book first (The Little Lady and the Prince) when I found it in “New” books at the library. Now I am catching up.

    Take care Jane (and everyone else!) Make sure you get enough rest!

  72. Hi Jane,

    It’s Monday morning, so I’m not entering the contest. I just wanted to say thank you for dinner. It was lovely meeting you Saturday night. I hope the weekend didn’t wear you down too much.

    Ann Friedrick

  73. Hello Jane,
    I just wanted to enter your contest. At this moment I am reading The Girl Who Stopped Swimmng by Joshilyn Jackson. I was fortunate to have a free weekend. I read Gemma Halliday’s Alibi in High Heels this weekend. It was great!

  74. Hi everyone, sorry to be posting late. I’ve had a hectic day but am now at my desk. I’ve drawn the winning number and it’s #72, Robyn L. Congratulations, Robyn! You’ll love Anna’s new book and all the fun goodies. Please shoot me an email with your address so I can get your prize out in tomorrow’s mail.

    I also have two other winners of prizes that went uncollected last week. These are going to be Mystery Prizes so hopefully you’ll have fun discovering what’s in your padded envelope! My two bonus winner are:

    #45 Ed (I do believe you’re Ellen D though…formerly Ellen F, yes???) you are one of the Mystery Prize winners! Shoot me your address please.


    # 30 DS, you are the other bonus winner of one of the Mystery Prizes. Congrats to you, too! Again, please send me an email with your mail address and I can get the big envelope of goodies out in the mail.

    Best to all,


  75. I loved your presentation :).

    From one bookish girl to another.

    The right man is hard to find, but once you have him don’t let him go.

    Tammie of Night Owl Romance

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