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I told Mac today’s our last day in Hawaii until December so he’s decided to do some sun bathing of his own on the living room couch. He’s a nature baby, that’s for sure.Nude and naked are his favorite states of dress, although he’ll settle for a diaper when we have to go out and about.

My book is now in and my editor is reading. I know I’ll have some tweaks so I’ve just finished mailing all my research books and materials back to Bellevue so I’ll be ready to get back to work as soon as I get the revision letter. In the meantime I’ve got some events coming up–a Bellevue library book signing with three other authors on Saturday, so if you’re in the area, come see me! The event starts at two and I’ll be reading/discussing around 2:15 or 2:30 and then signing books right after. I will be having other local events in the next month so if you can’t make Saturday’s library fundraiser (they’re selling a very cool author cookbook and I’m included among their celeb author recipes) you will have the chance to see me again soon.

I’m doing one last Hawaii contest, and this prize does fit into my suitcase so here’s what I want from you—tell me which of my books is your favorite (and why, if you’d like)–and you’re entered. Contest will close Friday night midnight PST and I’ll announce the winner on Saturday and get the prize in the mail on Monday. It’s a fun prize and includes a Starbucks card, a B&N, a colorful sarong and some more Hawaii goodies.

(And last but not least, my two winners from the last blog haven’t emailed me and I leave Hawaii tomorrow and can’t take the boxes of wonderful goodies in my suitcase so… check the comment section at the end of the last blog on my website, and see if you are either of the two names picked. Otherwise, I will pick two random winners from my reader list and just mail the packages out in the morning on my way to the airport.)

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