LA Happenings

While in Southern California we spent several days in Laguna Beach, then several days with Ty’s parents in Oceanside before heading to LA on Monday. In Los Angeles we stayed at my sister’s in Mar Vista. Her house is so cute, and she’s built a guest apartment over the garage that’s so pretty and comfortable it’s like staying in a posh hotel suite. I always love staying with her. Kathy and I are eighteen months apart (I’m the big sis!) and I just wish I got to see more of her.

During my LA visit, I took some meetings with industry folks, discussing my career, my books, and their potential for film projects. One of my meetings was in Beverly Glen and the drive up the hill was spectacular. Endless blue sky. Euclaptus trees lining the curving street. The glaze of sunlight. The drive itself felt magical.

One of the highlights of my LA trip was lunch with friend and film producer, Lucy Mukerjee, at the very hot celeb hang out Chateau Martmont on Sunset Boulevard. Lucy, if you remember, was instrumental in getting Flirting with Forty made into a movie. Whenever I’m in LA, Lucy tries to take me to cool, fun places for lunch, places I couldn’t get in without her connections. While sitting on the sunny terrace having our lunch, a man walks out of the hotel into the sunshine and I swear he’s Edge from U2. U2 is my fav fav band–I even studied in Ireland in 1986 so that I could be closer to the group–and then a minute after Edge walks out, Bono follows. I confess I’m beyond star struck. This is huge in my world. Better yet, the Edge and Bono and their entourage–business managers? handlers?  journalists?–are seated less than 10 feet from us, facing us. I could hear their voices, their conversation and I felt like a little girl seeing a Diseny princess. Was this really happening?

The following evening I wrapped up my California trip with a book party at Leigh’s house (see photo above from our discussion). Leigh is a good friend of Christine Fugate’s and invited me over to meet her book group and friends. Christine drove up from Laguna and one of Christine’s friends that’s a film director who’d just flown in from New York attended, too. Everyone was so nice and its honestly surreal talking about my career, my themes, and my books. Most of the time I’m Jane the Mom, or Jane the Working Writer, but I do love meeting women and having the chance to talk books. Books are my world.  Well, books and boys and babies.

Speaking of books, I’m running another contest today which will end Thursday night at midnight. I’ll announce the winner Friday morning. Share something with me–what you’re reading, or what you’re planning on doing this weekend–and you’re entered. Prize will be a signed JP novel, a Starbucks gift card, a B&N gift card and lots of fun goodies. So come talk and you’re entered!

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